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"Alas, Brave New Babylon" new fiction by Matt Bracken

* * * 6th Annual Texas Cowboy Memorial Shoot: 2011 ~ Seagoville, TX (Planning Thread)

** TexasCowboy Has Been Called Home

*** IX- 9th Annual TexasCowboy Memorial Shoot Planning Thread

**** 6th Annual Texas Cowboy Memorial Shoot ~ Saturday 10/22/2011 ~ Seagoville, TX (finalized)

***** The 8th Annual TexasCowboy Memorial Shoot ~ Planning Thread

******* 7th Annual TexasCowboy Memorial Shoot - Planning Thread

14 Windows 10 problems… and how you can fix them forever

20 Linux Alternatives for Common Windows Applications

2016 TexasCowboy Memorial Shoot XI Planning Thread

31 Ways to Pray for Our Military

A Clean Barrel

A Window Opens Onto The Left Wing Conspiracy


Admin Moderator page

Alliance Defense Fund - Defending Our First Liberty

An Informational Essay For All Patriots (We must know our enemies and their tactics)

Antonio West

Anybody using Google Chrome for Linux? (vanity)

Appleseed Project - Liberty Training Rifle

AR-15's at the ice cream store

Barack Obama and John McCain on 9/11: Statements then and now

Barack Obama: "I don't come out of Central Casting" [youtube]

Barbara West vs. Joe Biden - video and transcript

Barney Frank is totally corrupt and clueless. YouTube

Barney Frank: "Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not in a crisis situation." - YouTube

Best Beginner Rifle

Betrayal of the Democratic Party

Beyond Guns: Democrats Introduce Bullet Control Bill - They Never Stop


Blackstone of the Absolute Rights of Individuals (1753)

Burning Down the House - YouTube video with classical music

Bush and I in the 111th Fighter Interceptor Squadron from 1970 to 1971 (my title)

Can Gun Control Reduce Crime?

Caption February 2011 Time Magazine cover

Cicero's Prognosis

Come and Take It

Commentary: Arnaud de Borchgrave Youth bulge

Computer Advice Sought (total vanity) bugfix

Congress Recognizes and Reaffirms the Second Amendment Right of Individuals "to Keep and Bear Arms"

Congressional Bombshell

Conservative Review - who are the real conservatives?

Criminals support gun control - YouTube video

Dealing with Dementia - - Asking for FR experience, advice


Family Research Council

FBI Focusing on 'About Four' Suspects in 2001 Anthrax Attacks (Fox News Story from March 2008),2933,342852,00.html

Federalism: Yesterday and Today

FR Ten Rules of a Gun Fight;page=61

Free Republic: 2 Weeks Left of Relevancy Unless You Fix It - see post 130

Freedom Keys

FReeper 9-12-2009 National Tea Party

Freeper HTML sandbox

FReeper PAC discussion thread

FReeper Ping Lists

Getting Your TEXAS Concealed Handgun License. Video with retired US Marshal. pt 1

GUITAR CHAT: Free Republic Guitar Society

GUITAR: Looking for a beginner's acoustic guitar recommendation.



How to Argue with a Liberal

How to delay the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update while still getting security patches

How to escape the age of mass delusion [6-8-2015]

How to Survive Hard Times

HTML Sandbox 2011

I'm so stupid I signed up and got the ZOT!

Iowahawk is some kinda damn genius

Jane Fonda: Obama Funder Jodie Evans Met With Taliban; Code Pink Gives Terrorists Direct Line to O

Jeff Head - November 2016

Join the FR Gun Club ping list;reftype=comment

Journolist - Journalists love transparency. As long as they’re not the ones being exposed.

JournoList: 157 Names Confirmed (With Organizations)

Keepers of State Ping Lists

Levin Chat

LOL Cats (best of)

Long Story Short


Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EST,WABC AM,November 10,2014

My experience as an Election Judge in Baltimore County

Nancy D'Alesandro Pelosi - MISS LUBE RACK 1955

New HHS Documents Show The Wall Street Journal Missed The Real Story In Its Azar Hit Piece

Obama Orders Launched Fast And Furious (Video)

Obama Was Early Investor In LightSquared, Refused To Establish Blind Trust

Obama, the African Colonial

Obama-Glo (this could be a classic)

Obamacare Is Dead and Here’s Why

Oops! Obama tells another nativity fib?

Operation Gunrunner was funded by the 2009 Stimulus Package

Organizations Expressing Support for House Passage of The American Clean Energy and Security Act

Our First FReeper Book Club: Atlas Shrugged

Power Line blog - mobile edition

Pray for our American Heroes [FR families]

Preclinical study suggests new approach to reduce COVID-19 death among the elderly

President Obama Visits Wounded Troops (guess how he "visited" our fallen soldiers)

Printz v. United States - Brady Law Fail

Re: humblegunner and the campaign to get him banned from FR.

Reagan: The Great Communicator

Reference HTML Cheatsheet

Review: Kyle Rittenhouse - The Truth in 11 Minutes (video)

S.277,SERVE AMERICA Act, Cost over $6 Billion to empower America to SERVE

Scientific impossibility: Did FBI get their man in Bruce Ivins?

Signatures of the Gun Culture

sniff sniff

So you want to buy an AR-15, huh?

Speed Test;tab=comments

Stroke of the pen - Law of the land (watch Obama use it)

Ten Commandments for My Daughter’s Potential Boyfriends [of course it never really works that way]

Texas Medical Association Calendar of Doom

TexasCowboy 5th Annual Memorial Shoot

The "Country" of TEXAS...(Check it Out)

The 2009 FreeRepublic Lexicon (Lingo, Dictionary, Lore Handbook) - UPDATE TIME!

The American Conservative Union

The Date of Revelation

The Doctrine of Freedom

The Obama Camp Tried to Delegitimize Natural Born Requirements Prior To Elections

The Rapture of the Church

The Ultimate Flame (mildly offensive)

The Virtual President on Gun Control (don't enable the predators)

The Vote Fraud Archives

theoretical stopping power of a firearm cartridge

These are 147 patriots who stood up for us when no one else would. Remember their names.

Three Chile Chile

Tips on how to be a good FReeper

Top 10 USB Thumb Drive Tricks


Try 10 OSes You've Never Heard Of

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints


What is a FReeper? (zot)

What the Second Amendment is REALLY for...

What's in your ready bag?

What's the difference between 0bama and God?

Where is God in the Constitution?

Windows 10's "Controlled Folder Access" Anti-Ransomware Feature Is Now Live

Xampp: Programming for the masses, C, MySQL & HTML together!

You Worry Me

^ * * * * * 10th Annual TexasCowboy Memorial Shoot - Planning Thread

~XI~ Texas Cowboy Memorial Shoot 10/16

~\/~ 8th Annual TexasCowboy Memorial Shoot ~ Planning Thread

~~ Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: ~~

~~ Testimony of Eugene Volokh on the Second Amendment, Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution