Since Mar 19, 1998

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'Twas the 12th of December

A Nation Divided: A Response to Jesse Jackson

A reason to take the vote from women

Al Gore's campaign of dishonesty

Al Gore: Innocent victimizer

Ashcroft's enemies are the zealots

Bin Laden, Beware: Here's how to break the spirit of the holy warriors.

Cheney on the Issues: He Was Right All Along; Gun Control: Strictly Symbolism

Chicago-Style Politicking Ruins the Electoral Process

Christian Student Dragged to Psych Ward After Dispute Over Blasphemous Play

Day of the Dummy

Don't Look at the Scoreboard

Fascism, corruption and my 'Democratic' Party

FederalReview Special Report! The Chad War: An Eyewitness Account

George Bernard Shaw - and a Lesson in Evil

Goodbye Piccadilly, farewell Leicester Square

Gore Bucks and Red W

Got Chads?

Harris's Harassment-Chivalry compels me to defend Florida's secretary of state.

I have been investigating Jackson's finances for the past two years ** GREAT Bill O'Reilly article**

If Anyone Asks, You Can Tell Em..

If Ashcroft Fails the Test, Who Passes?

In Defense of Racial Profiling

ISRAEL'S SACRED PLACES - Why The Arab Thrust To Seize Control of Them

Jean Lewis, former RTC Senior Investigator, comments on the closing of Whitewater

Jesse Dirkhising And the PC Agenda(mine)

Judicial Hubris

LBJ and the Greatest Degeneration

Let my hoodlums go! John Doggett hammers Clinton's 'unpardonable' final

Letter About Fistgate Circulates at Inauguration.

Mangled Ballots Resurrected

More an Okinawa Than a Vietnam?

Most companies supporting Scouts/Misleading media reports reflected homosexual-activist press relea

No Rights For the Right

Penny-Loafer Republican Populists Mob Gore's House; This Time G.O.P. is Playing Smarter Than in 1998


Poison we must root out

Political bias Rather obvious

Racial Witch Hunting!

Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks is a Bad Idea for Blacks - and Racist Too

The Ashcroft Nomination - Proof of Washington's Corruption

The Clarence Thomas You Donít Know


The Day Ayn Rand Died

The Democrats want to exterminate the Republican Party

The SECRET Clinton TV Show Pilot Outtakes! ** a FreeRepublic EXCLUSIVE **

The Ten Most Dishonorable Americans

The Willfull Court

They Just Don't Get It

Unanswered Spins: An Open List

What is Islam?

What is really responsible for this mess?

What Liberals Believe (we need a laugh)

Who KIlled George Washington?

Who's Afraid of Christians? The Media, It Seems

Why Muslims become Christians

Why Ted Kennedy Opposes the Second Amendment