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Rush Limbaugh's Tribute to Ronald Reagan

"--The KKK was the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party.--"[As read on Quinn & Rose Show]

"Bush did nothing to stop them (booing audience)"

"The city stole my car"

"What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa, Trump is Right."

'If Fred Got Two Beatings Per Day…' Homework Asks

'Jeopardy' Champ Ken Jennings Blasts Show

'Master' and 'slave' computer labels unacceptable, officials say (Swatting at the flies)

'We knew death awaited us'

'White girls are filthy': Wives of Asian men jailed for raping vulnerable British girls [tr]

(White) Man Beaten By (Black) Mob, In Critical Condition

1993: Murtha Called For Retreat from Somalia on House Floor!

1993: Murtha Called For Retreat from Somalia on House Floor!

2017: CNN reporter mocks Mitch McConnell for needing help with stairs, not realizing he survived pol

2017: CNN reporter mocks Mitch McConnell for needing help with stairs, not realizing he survived pol

5 teens face up to life in prison for I-75 rock throwing 'prank' that killed man (Michigan)

50 Good Global Warming Cartoons (Vanity)

57 Things I Need You to Stop Doing to the Women You Work With

58 percent of GOP not sure/doubt Obama born in US

A Hate Crime the Elite Media Missed

A look Back: Has the Real Islam Finally Stood Up!

A missed opportunity? [to uncover the 9/11 plot]

A Network's TacticFor Getting on Air:Protest Politics

A Test For 'Journalists of Color' About Their True Colors

A warning without warning

ABC booth audio (wifi hack) [humor]

ABC News Worries Hate Hoaxes ‘Discredit’ Muslims

Advice for the young women of Princeton: the daughters I never had [get married early]

African immigrants, black Americans at odds

Ahh Those Oh So Compassionate Liberals (Great FR Mention)

AIDS: The Fabricated Epidemic (Wow!)


Al Gore Gives Good Review To "Luther" (With Reservations)

All the Rage--Wanda Sykes death wish is but the latest exhibit of leftist bloodlust.

American Idol 2006--Live Thread

American Muslims Accept the Pope's Apology (and say they cannot control world bretheren)

An Open Letter to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi (Charlie Daniels)

Annapolis Survivor Tells CNN She ‘Couldn’t Give a [bleep] About’ Trump’s ‘Thoughts and Prayers':


Another 'Honor' Victim: Daughter, Raped By Brothers, Killed By Mother

Another Beheading from the Religion of Peace

Another one from Illiad that unless you're in IT you won't get. :-)

Another symptom of the problem: Detroit school board President Otis Mathis can't write

Anti-War Rally -- Live Thread - Sign: "9-11 was an inside job"

Apple Removes Popular Pro-Life Prayer App After Liberals Complain

Apple Removes Popular Pro-Life Prayer App After Liberals Complain

Arab leaders strongly condemn Russia carnage

Arabic Translator: Muslim Migrants Secretly Hate Christians, Seek to Outbreed Them

Arabic Translator: Muslim Migrants Secretly Hate Christians, Seek to Outbreed Them

Ashely Judd Rants About Tampons and Her Period - Women’s March in D.C.

Atlanta mom charged with murder after allegedly putting 2 young sons in oven

Baby yanked from couple for kisses on belly button


Banned by YouTube: Islamic Teachings, Cruelty From The Quran

Beer campaign earns Disney's wrath

Big-Tent GOP's Failure To Uphold Conservatism Caused This Mess (Rush Tongues Lashes RINOs)

Black man charged with murdering two White strangers in Oklahoma because of their race

Bolton's sin is telling truth about system (STEYN TAKES THEM TO THE WOODSHED!!)


Boy Suspended For Carrying Knife Into School (He turned it in, still getting expelled)

BREAKING VIDEO=> LaVoy Finicum FBI Murder Footage – With His Hands Up


BREAKING: Dem caught on film saying EXACTLY what she claimed Trump said! (Video)

BREAKING: Five explosions heard near Bataclan concert hall in Paris: Reuters witness

BREAKING: We Have Elena Kagan’s College Thesis

Burritos Made By White People - RACIST!

Bush Rainbow, Gore Cloud

Bush's 'war on terror' comes to a sudden end (HEY LIBS, YOU PICKED A TRAITOR, WIMP AND LOSER!)

But What about Justice for Zimmerman?

BWAHAHAHA - New York Times news desk hangs up over question about not being able to warn terrorists

CA: Don Cherry fired from Sportsnet following toxic rant

California Demands That Christians 'Evolve'

California Student Wants To Start "Caucasian Club"

Cambridge city council votes to add gender neutral birth certificates

Canada's multi-culti cult breeds hatred

Caption Cynthia McKinney (not photoshopped)

Cardinal Says U.S. Treated Saddam 'Like a Cow'

Carter dethroned

Catch Me If You Can - The hunt for an eBay scammer

CDC quietly lowers early childhood speech standards

Celebrating Gay Pride at US Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS)

City Tells Store Owners: Take Down Flags or Face Fine

Clinton vows to block bill criminalizing illegal immigrants

Coburn freely placing holds (Pet Projects Beware)

Collection point for Obamacare snitch posters

Colleges Struggle to Help Black Men Stay Enrolled

College’s Required Sex Ed Training Teaches Women Can Revoke Consent — The Next Day

Complaint about laundry line doesn't wash in Fort Lauderdale

Concerns raised over lack of diversity in SF school election results

Congressman: Classified Details of Iran’s Treatment of U.S. Sailors Will Shock Nation

Contemporary Opinions of Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address

Cops Raid Wrong Home, Taser Man (Sheriff's Deputies Break Down Wrong Door)

Country Music’s New Leaders Struggle to Get on Right Side of History

Court TV-Fox News Alert..Search Warrant executed at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

Covering up an Arab Trade in Black Slaves (This happens Today!!)

Crane collapse kills three at Ohio bridge site(Toledo)

Curtailing freedom:The high courthas blundered

CWA: School Tells Kids to Hide Pro-‘Gay’ Propaganda From Parents

Declaration of Independence Banned at Calif School!

Dem Buses, Dem Buses, Dem Wet Buses

Democrats have abandoned the presumption of innocence

Democrats Lose Challenge in Wayne County Elections Complaint (FReeper running for US Congress!!!)

Designed for Sex:What We Lose When We Forget What Sex Is For

DESPICABLE: Senate Passes $95 Billion Package – Here Are the 22 Republicans Who Voted to Put America Last

Destined for #1 on the Billboard radio charts in Israel

Detroit [newspaper] editor calls for murdering school-choice supporters

Diamonds Face Unlikely Competitor For World's Best Thermal Conductors

Disarming Iraq, or Disarming Iraqis?

Dismantle Whiteness’ Poster Causing Backlash On USC Campus

DNA Study Finds Ancient Egyptians Were European, Not African

Do You Have Any Idea Who I Am?(McKinney)


Donald Trump Tombstone to Be Displayed in Brooklyn Art Gallery

Due To Popular Demand, Microsoft Launches FontPack 04

EEOC wins discrimination case for Muslims fired for not delivering beer

El Paso, Texas Named Sweatiest U.S. City

Ellie Light Up on Wikipedia Now - NOT GOING AWAY!

Emails Confirm Why CDC Changed Definitions of Vaccine, Vaccinated

Embarrassing: Arianna Huffington on Fox News with no bra and a big a$$ vs. D. Limbaugh

Eminem raps about sexually assaulting and murdering a conservative journalist [Ann Coulter]

Enumerated Powers Act Seeks to Limit Role of Federal Government

EPIC: Trigglypuff Remix! (Official UMass Protestor Autotune)

ESG Scoring Drives Companies Into Sustainable Development, Aka Technocracy

Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find

Evidence Suggests Kerry's Silver Star Was Not Earned (UPDATED and more damning)

Ex-student senator at OU faces charges that she sent threats to herself

Exclusive: Here's The Full 10-Page Anti-Diversity Screed"Circulating Internally at Google

EXCLUSIVE: No. 3 at Justice OK'd Panther reversal

Execution delayed as doctors walk out

Exploring the Roots of Terrorism.....The Templars and the Assassins. The Militia of Heaven

F-word-filled 'South Park' film airs on TV -'Most vile movie in history'

Facebook told two women their pro-Trump videos were ‘unsafe’ [Diamond and Silk]

Fake News Exposed -- Reporter Tweets Totally False Claim Trump Supporters Booed John Glenn

Flashback: 'Lion of the Senate' Ted Kennedy's Weird Sex Antics Widely Known

FLASHBACK: Comedy Central, HuffPo Mocked Capture of Otto Warmbier


Flying Flags (Lone Freep action report)

FOR THE RECORD: CBS Memos Controversy on Free Republic

For those with scientific/geographic bent... A cool new tool from NASA!

Former State Housing Official Accused Of Stealing Funds

French Lessons (Our Oldest Enemy)

Frightened Christians lose battle over U.S. mega-mosque [Sterling Heights, MI]

From the Heart of a Muslim

From the Heart of a Muslim

Gag Order [Ninth Circuit: free speech depends upon minority status]


Gays Debate Radical Steps to Curb Unsafe Sex

Georgetown prof Jonathan Brown justifies slavery and the rape of female slaves

Georgia high school seniors expelled after posting racist viral video to social media

Georgia TA: 'Some white people may have to die...'

Georgia TA: 'Some white people may have to die...'

Girls Get Donations in Colo. Cookie Case

Golden Parachute for NPR Executive? Try $1.3 Million

Good grades barely matter in NYC’s new high school application process

GOTTA SEE THIS-War4Freedom 8/5/06-Bekaa,Bayada,Wadi al-Akhdar,Saleem,Hermel, Baalbek,Ouzai

Granholm gay rights order "a slap in the face"

Greenfield: Identity Politics Works Until You Run Out of Other People

Greta Thumberg's rant given Great Retort

Group offers $10,000 for US black teen's killer

Group offers $10,000 for US black teen's killer

Gunman kills two Detroit police officers

Hail and Farewell to 2005: Part Two ... Mark Steyn

Hannity bashes Free Republic


Have We Lost WWII Generation’s “Deep Knowledge?”

HELP NEEDED. Man to protest at soldier's funeral (Fred Phelps/AL Alert)

Here's a January 6 video they've never shown the public.

Here’s a Handy List of Atrocities for Everyone Glorifying Fidel Castro Today

Hillary Clinton says she was 'discombobulated' by Trump standing behind her in debate

Hillary Clinton: Homosexuality is not Immoral.

Hillary faces Twitter backlash after saying in debate that 'no individual' is 'too big to jail'

Hillary Goes On The Offensive Against Benghazi Victims’ Families

Hillary's E-mails are LIVE ON LINE!!!!

History's bloodiest siege used human heads as cannonballs (Siege of Malta in 1565 against Muslims)

Hobby Lobby’s ‘offensive’ decoration has gone bonkers viral — 33k Facebook reactions and counting

Holder's Black Panther Stonewall on voter intimidation

Homage to Catalonia and The Spanish Civil War

House moves to raise U.S. debt ceiling ($9,000,000,000,000)

How a Protestant spin machine hid the truth about the English Reformation

How far have we fallen. Communist Goals (1963)

How far have we fallen. Communist Goals (1963)

How Islamist facist treat children

How Team Biden is getting more and more corporations to do its bidding

How the Media Spiked Suttongate (Obama's crypto-muslim past)

How to be a Good Communist - by Nelson Mandela ("Great Statesman")

HTML Sandbox

Huckabee "Laughed Out Loud" at Prosecutors Objections To Clemency

HYPOCRITES (NY Post Re-Prints Edwards Contradictory Editorial)

I need The Link To this torture video (Saddam-era)

I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise.

Idiot Hillary supporters think her four giant mansions belong to Republicans. Hilarious!

IL union president: 'Vote early, vote often, whatever you can get away with…'

In 1911, they already knew what Moslems were

Incredible pictures: The moment lightning shared the sky with a rainbow

Indians have started to invent

Internet’s longest-running white supremacist site offline

Iraqi policeman gives his life to protect young democracy

Iraqis Assist Soldiers with disabled vehicle near Fallujah

IRONIC: Here's the Ben Shapiro Video That Fascist, Google-Owned YouTube Just Demonetized

Is Blanco Trying To Rewrite History?

Is the future of the Black race in the hands of White female teachers?

It's True: 'Liberals' Wanted Saddam to Beat U.S.

James Mattis: Military using 'annihilation tactics' against ISIS

Jeremiah Wrights Controversial AIDS Charge [KGB connection]

Jim Brown: The 3 Greatest People in My Life Were White (2 min video)

Jimmy Carter: Father of the Iranian Revolution

John McCain wants Google and Facebook to reveal who pays for political ads

Journalism fails when it misrepresents facts

Joy Reid Blog Mocked ‘Chubbed-Out Shrew’ Rosie O’Donnell, Backed ‘Kick-Ass Funny’ Donald Trump

Judge Dismisses Headlight Flashing Citation

Judge Refuses To Throw Out Trump Supporters’ Lawsuit Against San Jose

Judicial Watch: FBI caught 'red-handed' suppressing documents on Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting

Justice Department throws policewoman in jail

Kagan: Speech is free if government decides it has more value than 'societal costs'

Kerry Edwards Nixed Wendy's, Feasted Instead on 5-Star Fare

Kerry on National Defense (20 years ago)

Kerry wasn't too Swift on recent tour

Kerry's ''Misery Pander'' to Minorities Depends on the Audience

KFC Colonel Dupes UN Security (Col Sanders Look-Alike Punks The UN Alert)

Kristen Bell Is Worried Disney Princesses Are Teaching Her Kids Bad Lessons, and She Has a Point

Kwanzaa Was Concocted By A Deranged Felon Who Brutally Tortured Two Naked Women

L.A. Times Stunned by Diversity of Volunteers at Trump H.Q.

Lafave Deal Rejected

Larry Craig is not GayHe Has Restless Crotch Syndrome

Latino Group Airs Anti-White Ad in Virginia

Lavish tastes of card-carrying lowlifes (Some rotten eggs in N.O. evacuees)

Lawyer Says McKinney a Victim in Scuffle

Lawyers for 'Rust' cinematographer Halyna Hutchins' family released an animation showing how they allege Alec Baldwin fatally shot her

Lessons From Germany's 'Spring Offensive' 100 Years Later

Let's circle back, Jen? Damning newly declassified Pentagon after-action report says Biden WAS dangerously indecisive about Afghan withdrawal - despite Psaki cl

Let's Clear a Few Things Up

Lexophile learning

LGF: Rev. Wright Magazine Featured Obama on Cover with Farrakhan

LGF: Rev. Wright Magazine Featured Obama on Cover with Farrakhan

Liberals: How They REALLY Feel

Limbaugh May Have Avoided Speeding Tickets (FreeRepublic strikes again!)

Live Earth Concert Doesn't Rock (Mark Steyn On Algore's Flopped Global Warming Crusade Alert)

London convention celebrates 9-11: 'Either you're with the Muslims or with the infidels'

Londonderry, NH High School Refuses to Publish Senior Photo of 17yo Trap Shooter


Looking for Map of Cell Phone Purchases

Losing our grip: More students entering school without fine motor skills

Lou Dobbs and the History of Apartheid

Louisiana's State Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

Lying is cultural trait of Arabs, says Barak

Magic of Google 2001 Shows Obama May Have Been Involved in Muslim Organizing

Majority of women in U.S. unmarried

Man who shot Texas church gunman Devin Kelley says he's 'no hero'

Mandatory evacuation ordered for New Orleans (Please keep this post - BUSH ORDERED EVACUATION!)

Many Evacuated, but Thousands Still Waiting (Behind the scenes power struggle)

Mark Spivey: I wish world leaders had more of that kind of weakness.

Mark Steyn: We angry white males were right about the sniper

MARK STEYN: Bush said he'd do it ... and he did

Mark Steyn: Unlike JFK's war, Bush fights for Iraqi liberty

Massacre in BeslanIn the Name of Allah the Merciful and Kind

Math Journal Kills Research Study After PC Backlash

Mayor: New Orleans to be "chocolate" again

McCain: Hanoi Hilton Jailers Used Kerry Speech Against Us

Media Evil: CBS Portrays White Chicago Torture Victim as Black Teen Assaulted by Whites

Meet the real Chris Parry! [Warning: very foul language]

Michael Bennett Is Lying

Micheal Jacksons mug shot

Michigan Gov. Whitmer On Biden vs. Kavanaugh Sex Allegations: "Not Every Claim Is The Same"

More evidence of Louisiana government foul-ups

MORE Religion of Peace Rampages - Photos

MORE Religion of Peace Rampages - Photos

More violent rhetoric! MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace says Jeb! should have punched Trump in the face

Mother arrested for attempting to intervene in her 14-year old's decision to have abortion

Multiculturalism takes a hit

Muslim leaders condemn killers

Muslim newspaper ran cartoons 4 months ago (No outrage then...)

My Apologies, Maybe, To Duke Stripper Crystal Gail Mangum

My Apologies, Maybe, To Duke Stripper Crystal Gail Mangum

My neighbor's dog brought home a human skull, what

Myths of Martin Luther King

Nagin Chides Media Over Some Coverage

Nappy-headed? Now those are fighting words (IT AIN'T THE 'HO', IT'S THE 'NAPPY')

Nazis show no mercy to Serbian civilians / 70 years since THE KRAGUJEVAC MASSACRE of October 1941

NBC News Hid Information That Would Have Cleared Kavanaugh Of Avenatti Rape Allegations

NBC, Amazon Writer Openly Promotes White Genocide – She Hopes It “Happens Faster”

Nebraska Dem Party Official Mocks Republicans After Scalise Shooting: ‘Y Is This so Funny’

Need Guidance: Have Frontpage Need to Upgrade to More Flexible Software (Techie Question)

New details emerge in dog-shooting

New Scandal Erupts over NOAA Climate Data

New Turmoil as CBS Internal Docs Surface - Thread I (Rather Interesting!)

New Yorkers to Boycott NY Post Over "Racist" Cartoon

NFL denies Cowboys' request to wear decal honoring fallen Dallas officers (August 2016)

No Homosexuals at Obama's Ramadan : Why Not?

No Matching DNA in the DUKE case!!!!!

NOAA Radiosonde Data Shows No Warming For 58 Years

NoHo school budget cuts due to high white student percentage sparks outrage

Nolte: Joe Biden’s America Pays Putin $70 Million Per Day for Oil

NU: 2 hate crimes 'made up'(At Northwestern U.)

NY Times Ed Board: Fairweather Flood-Control Fans

Obama administration to order lenders to cut mortgage payments for jobless (WaPo changes headline)

Obama administration to order lenders to cut mortgage payments for jobless (WaPo changes headline)


Obama grant being probed

Obama Hid “Jesus” at Catholic University – But Allows “Allah” to Be Widely Displayed ...

Obama's Problem with White Voters


Obama: Lipstick on a Pig (Calls Palin a 'pig' and a 'stinky fish'?)

OBAMA’S LEGACY – Black Lives Matter Terrorist: ‘We Will Incite Riots Everywhere if Trump Wins’

Officer Shot at Dog in Room Full of Children, Wounding 9-Year-Old and Alarming Mom

Officials Wanted the Parkland Shooter Institutionalized in 2016

Ohio School Suspends 1st-Grader For Having Plastic Knife

Ohio University considers minorities-only gym: report

On Campus, Trump Fans Say They Need ‘Safe Spaces’

One little boy was shouting: 'Mama.' She couldn't hear him. She was dead

Open Letter from Charlie Daniels to the Hollywood Bunch

Opinion: The Muslim mind is on fire

Oppressive Knife Laws

Oprah 'Humiliated' By Boutique Snub

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown's Shady Way of Shutting Down Businesses: Sticking CPS on Parents


O’Keefe Video Sting Exposes Democrats’ Effort to Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

P.A. (Palestinian) Hatred for U.S.(or how their media encourages attacking Americans)

Palestinian Affairs: Death of an Intifada

Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat has died.

Palestinians Cheer Lynching of Suspected Collaborator

Palin Bullies: Exposed And Whining

Palin Speech: Official Transcript

Parents: White Teacher Should Not Teach Black History

Patrick Buchanan: The Unpardonable Heresy of Tucker Carlson

Paul Bremer - "The Tyrant is a Prisoner" Saddam's decades of terror are over.

People’s Republic of China Grants Trump An Honor No Foreign Leader Has Had Since Its Founding

Pfizer modifies formulation of its COVID jab for 5 to 11-year old kids, adds ingredient used to stabilize heart attacks

Pfizer modifies formulation of its COVID jab for 5 to 11-year old kids, adds ingredient used to stabilize heart attacks

Pittsburgh collapsed bridge's 2016 infrastructure funding reportedly diverted to bike lanes and green energy programs

Pittsburgh: Student’s mother beats up teacher for disciplining child

Planned Parenthood executives joke about decapitating fetuses in new video

PluggedIn:Homespun "podcasts" explore universe of topics

Politicization of the FBI Threatens American Democracy

President Clinton's Saturday Radio Address to the Nation [RE: Saddam WMD program]

Principal Resigns Over School Drug Raid

Professor resigns from APA, says woke ideology drives organization to harmful policies, ‘garbage therapy’

Programs to raise self-esteem fall woefully short

Programs to raise self-esteem fall woefully short

Progressivism: It's regulation, not socialism

Protesters Clash At Violent Pro-Trump Rally In California

PSNI treating Belfast 'Irish lives matter' graffiti as 'hate incident'

Publicly-funded NPR rejects ad for new film about abortionist killer because it contained the a-word

Quran desecration crock a win for Jihad spin docs

Rap Sheet: ***594** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

Rap Sheet: ***594** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

Read the Epic Social Justice Warrior Smackdown....

Red Cross bureaucracy causing frustrations

Red Cross bureaucracy causing frustrations

Reference HTML Cheatsheet

Reuters drops freelance Lebanese photographer over image

Rochester Hills man who fired at teen asking for directions found guilty by jury

Ronald Reagan Dies at 93

Ronald Reagan Dies at 93

Rosie won't be back on 'The View' [ABC said Friday she won't be back on the show...]

Rush's First Televised Address To The Nation: CPAC Speech

Russian embassy trolls US over Obama's new sanctions with 'lame duck' tweet


Saudi Columnist: 'We Have Bred Monsters ... We Are the Problem and Not America'

Says ANC Government Worse Than Apartheid Regime Over Dalai Lama Visa Flap [Cukoo Tutu, again...]

Scale – Tucker Carlson 2 Minute Video Had More Viewers Than All Cable News Programming Combined in 24 Hour Period – 72.7M vs 53.1M

Scalia: What a massive disruption of the social order this ruling entails.

Scan license plates so you can text flirty messages to cute drivers with GM’s new app

Scan license plates so you can text flirty messages to cute drivers with GM’s new app

Scan license plates so you can text flirty messages to cute drivers with GM’s new app

Scenic San Mateo County Beach Linked to Singer Chris Isaak to Become New Public Park

Schadefreude pics from Pa. (Pittsburgh)

Schoolgirl arrested for refusing to study with non-English pupils

Scientific Research Is Being Squashed In Transgender Surgery

Second IRS Whistleblower Probing Hunter Biden Comes Forward, Claims Retaliation

Sharia for Dummies

Sharp Rise In Superbug Death Toll (MRSA/C-Diff - UK)

Shreveport Cabbie Beaten (Where's the Hate-Crime charge here, huh????)

Silent Cal's Almanack

Sisters High School biology teacher fired [Nazi/Planned Parenthood Powerpoint Made Public]

Six Reasons the Plame Episode is a Farce

Small investors, Wall Street: Cycle of abuse


Sniper suspect is large white man; Shooter might be serial killer, sheriff says (Police profiling)

Someone in the national media is FINALLY interested in Man’s Country in Andersonville

Song in a minority key

Soviet Acknowledged Obama One of Them

Soviet Acknowledged Obama One of Them

Statement from The Brokaw Company: Bill Cosby Responds to Media Criticism

STDs hit record high: More Americans than ever are catching chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis

Student may be suspended for alleged racist remarks

Student silenced on religion sues (Ann Coulter thrown into Lions' Den: Lions torn to shreds)

Study says COVID-19 causes mental health issues, eating disorders

STUDY: Arizona’s ‘Dreamers’ Make Up 8 Percent Of State Prison Population

Subway Rider Busted for Selling a Token

Tea, Chocolate Chemical May Boost Memory

Teacher fired for racial remarks - Eastern Kentucky man sent e-mail to school staff


Ted Kennedy doesn't know who wrote "The Communist Manifesto"

Teen (rape) victim rejects Woolsey's apology (

Teeny weeny dissolvable bikini

Televangelist Creflo Dollar says his teachings on tithing ‘not correct’ but won’t apologize to followers

Televangelist Paul Crouch Attempts to Keep Accuser Quiet

Thank the Peaceniks for a Kick-Butt Military

That taboo topic - again -- Fetus aborted at 6 months because of a cosmetic deformity

The "Fake News" Crusade to "Protect" You from Free Speech

The 'We' Word: And the Tyranny of the Majority

The (Eastern) Roman Empire still dominates global space (No African Equivalent Says African)

The ADL’s Different World


The Black Heroes Who Took Down the Freddie Gray Hoax


The Bush "Guard memos" are forgeries! (Nonpartisan printing expert weighs in)

The Clinton View of Al Qaeda Ties


The Democrat Sharia Bill: Criminalizing Criticism of Islam

The Democrats' Own History With Race

The Democrats' Own History With Race

The Fall Of Islam

The Friends of Roland Burris

The Future of the Detroit Zoo

The Monster That Ate Wall Street (Newsweek admits the mess began on Clinton's watch)

The New York Times Fingers Judeo-Christians in Beslan Deaths

The Politicization of Motherhood

The Politicization of Motherhood

The Quran mentions beheading. Why does the U.S. press claim otherwise?

The real truth about Iraq

The Thousands of Fetal Deaths Recorded After COVID-19 Vaccines that Nobody Wants to Report and that Facebook is Trying Hard to Censor

The Trillion-Dollar Bank Shakedown That Bodes Ill for Cities[From 2000]

The Two Undoctored Joe Biden Videos Every American Should See

The Two Undoctored Joe Biden Videos Every American Should See


The War Against the Turk [Muslim]

The £20m [$30 million] jackpot [Details on end Uday and Qusay]

Theodore Roosevelt on Immigration - Suggested reading for his fan McCain (vanity)

top ten reasons why I am no longer a leftisttop ten reasons I am no longer a leftist

Tracey Ullman - Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch

Tucker Carlson: Fauci, the WHO, and mainstream media lied about COVID origins for more than a year

TWILIGHT ZONE: Mexicans Are Upset About Immigrants Bringing Crime To Their City

TWILIGHT ZONE: Mexicans Are Upset About Immigrants Bringing Crime To Their City

Twitter Initiates Mass Purge Of Prominent Alt-Right Accounts Following Trump Victory (War!)

U.N. Report: definitive evidence of Al Qaeda activity in Chechnya via ties to operatives in Bosnia

Understanding Sustainable Development (Agenda 21): A Guide for Public Officials

University holds segregated retreats to build racial tolerance

Up For Grabs: Sociologists Question How Much Looting And Mayhem Really Took Place In New Orleans

URGENT BREAKING: Massive two-block break, Lake Ponchatrain levee flooding downtown N.O.


US Uses Worst Weapon Possible Against Taliban

USDA Threatens To Shut Down Farm For Conservative Article In Break Room

vanity my interaction with those protest of the Covington high school kids

Vanity: Neil Cavuto gives UN hell

Victims of attack share their story (Long Beach Halloween attack, charged as hate crime)

VIDEO: Berkeley cops sit in patrol car and watch as Trump supporters attacked

VIDEO: Reactions to Podcast Movement 22 Groveling Apology for Ben Shapiro

Wahhabi Islam: General Overview

War Plan White

Watch Eric Holder Tell a Crowd to 'Kick' Republicans


We must show our opposition to Islam, says Danish queen

We Now Exist in One of Those Moments in Time (Russia's Lost Children)

Web has changed the shape of 'reporting' (Balt Sun Lurking; FR and NCPAC mentioned)

Weekend question II: Does "Obama rapes Liberty" cartoon go too far?

What I Saw in Dearbornistan--Crashing a Muslim extremist rally

What Kerry Left Out (NY Post editorial; Kerry's Vietnam record)

When children abort children: Jill Stanek tells story of cops dragging teen's mom out of clinic

When John Kerry's Courage Went M.I.A. (Senator covered up evidence of P.O.W.'s left behind)

When Physics Trumps Hysteria in Global Warming


When Vietnam vets came home (Soldiers being spit on is just an urban myth)

White Student Calls self African American

Who is Vera Baker — and why is she in Martinique? (Obama Affair)

Who will sue over Same Sex OWS Tents?

Why Can't She Take It Like a Man?

Why Did It Happen?

Why Is This Northern Pike Neon Green? Experts Have Answers

Why the Central Valley votes more conservative

Why Won’t Parents Talk About Helping Their Daughters Get Abortions?

William Muir's theory of Muhammad

Wisdom from the Koran

Woman [Had] Sex with Debbie Stabenow's (D, MI) Husband for Money Gets Jail

Women Can Smell a Man's Sexual Intentions

World Trade Center

Wounded Vet Buys Full Page of Army Times

Wow! Teacher Evacuates Classroom Because Student Is Wearing MAGA Hat — Calls Kid an... (VIDEO)

You may be a Kerry supporter if . . .

You Write The Caption: Roland Burris' Tombstone

Young church people must really love loud music?

Your Tax Dollars at Work (The U.N. discovers the cause of anti-Semitism: Jews)

Zimbabwe: How land policy in Zim led to ruin

[Arab "palestinians": "Death to America! Now Give Us More Money!"] Palestinians burn US/UK flags.

[August 5, 2007] Downside of Diversity:A Harvard political scientist finds that diversity hurts civi

{Alaska} Governor outlines natural gas {pipeline} proposal

‘Deepthroating Gretchen Whitmer’s High Heels’: CEO Issues Scathing Response To MI Police After They Ask For Free Ammo

‘Wax My Ass, Scrub My Balls’-- (Francis O'Rourke's Brilliant Poem)

“UAW-Union Ain’t Wanted”

“What the Young Man Should Know” From Harper’s Magazine 1933