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'Baghdad' Jim McDermott Took Cash from Saddam Ally

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A Few Of FR's Finest....Every Day....03-05-03...."Billthedrill - The Exclusive Inquisition"

A Reasoned and Articulate View of Islam

Andrew Sullivan: London Calling

Britain releases more evidence linking Osama bin Laden and U.S. attacks

Britain, Australia top U.S. in violent crime

Chapter Four, Freedom, Reason, and Tradition; The Constitution of Liberty

ENRON Contributions

From the Evil Empire to the Empire for Liberty

Gulliver unbound: can America rule the world?

Gun Sales Rise as Crime, Accident Rates Fall

His mission: remembrance; Bothell man dreams of museum to honor vets

How Corrupt Is the United Nations?

Info: Bacillus anthracis Spores Used as a Biologic Warfare Agent

Invitation to Free Republic Writers

It's Billthedrill's Birthday!!! Today! Thank God I'm younger....ah hell...we're all doomed.

Joe Scarborough is a world class lying scumbag

Left Critiquing Left

Live Free or Die ... Mark Steyn

Marx Without the Realism

New Year's Message

No Question About It - Saddam and the Terrorists

Not Getting America

Political Correctness - The Revenge of Marxism

President Clinton's Saturday Radio Address to the Nation [RE: Saddam WMD program]

Quotes and Facts on Iraq (Statements they try to forget, but won’t be forgotten)

Raging Against Self Defense: A Psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality

Remarks to the Commonwealth Club Michael Crichton (Theme: Environmentalism is really Urban Atheism)

Renowned Scientist Defects From Belief in Global Warming – Caps Year of Vindication for Skeptics.

Restating the Case for War (Christopher Hitchens on Iraq)

Rolling Back Radical Islam (long read)

Studies: Guns do no harm or have some benefit

Ten Neo-Confederate Myths


The Fall

The Ironies of War--What we have witnessed is unprecedented in military history.

The New Anti-Semitism? [Anti-Americanism]

The Next Attack on McCain: That he lied about the surge causing Anbar Awakening (vanity)

The Past and Future of American Grand Strategy [Bush critic gets it]

The Peace Racket: An Anti-Western Movement Touts Dictators, Advocates Appeasement—And Gains Momentum

The Peronista Presidency - Clinton showed us how low a president could go.~ Christopher Hitchens

The Tucson Massacre’s Hall Of Shame: Leftists Who Used Tragedy To Smear The Right

The Vision Thing:Convincing Americans to stick with a crazy Middle East.

Time Out of Joint: Western dominance, Islamist terror, and the Arab imagination

U.S. Data Since 1895 Fail To Show Warming Trend

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

US grand strategy and Iraq

Victor Davis Hanson: Better or Worse?--Should we believe the gloom of the Democrats?

Victor Davis Hanson: Symposium on Iraq. Why our new idealism is enlightened Jacksonianism

Victor Davis Hanson: Then & Now, Battles change us and stay with us

W. Churchill __ A sad look at a sick academic bubble. (this article is great, don't miss it)

Why I Became a Conservative: A British liberal discovers England's greatest philosopher.

Your Gun Show Loophole At Work