Since Sep 8, 1998

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Work - retired systems and operations analyst. Used to be in the biotech biz, the intel biz before that.

Hobbies - shooting, reading history, trashy science fiction, writing...stuff.

Politics - libertarian/constitutional conservative.

Military - U.S. Navy, 1970-80.

For my liberal friends:

"...impatient reformers, thinking it easier and shorter to get possession of the government than the intellects and dispositions of the public, are in a constant temptation to stretch the province of the government beyond due bounds."
J.S. Mill, "Principles of Political Economy"

"The totalitarian states can do great things, but there is one thing they cannot do: they cannot give the factory-worker a rifle and tell him to take it home and keep it in his bedroom. THAT RIFLE HANGING ON THE WALL OF THE WORKING-CLASS FLAT OR LABOURER'S COTTAGE, IS THE SYMBOL OF DEMOCRACY. IT IS OUR JOB TO SEE THAT IT STAYS THERE." - George Orwell, 8 January 1941