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A cold shower (Thomas Sowell) ^ | 1/31/03 | Thomas Sowell

Posted on 01/30/2003 9:47:34 PM PST by kattracks

Sometimes a phrase betrays a whole mindset. Someone quoted in the New York Times recently referred to the Bush tax cut as one in which "most of the benefits would be showered on the richest taxpayers." Keeping money that you yourself earned is called having benefits "showered" on you! By this reasoning, anyone who has the power to take something from you and doesn't take it all is "showering" benefits on you. Anyone who has a gun and doesn't use it to kill you is showering life itself on you.

Big spenders and big taxers never want to face the fact that wealth is not created by government, but by the people that the government taxes. Moreover, these are seldom simply people who "happen to have money."

Most people who have money usually got it by providing other people with something they wanted badly enough to pay for it. This is never called "public service" by the politically correct. Selling people what they want, in order to get what you want, is called "greed."

It's public service when you decide what other people "really" need and impose it at the taxpayers' expense. It's public service when you create hoops for other people to jump through -- rules to follow, forms to fill out, lives to be lived as you prescribe -- all for their own good.

Given this mindset, you can see why letting people keep more of the money they earned is considered to be indulging them with benefits that the government "showers" on them. It is like subsidizing sin.

Anyone who has read "The Federalist Papers" -- or who has read between the lines in the Constitution -- knows that the people who founded this country had a great fear of government's power over individuals. They knew that there are always busybodies who cannot be happy unless they are telling other people what to do and forcing them to do it.

Property rights were put into the Constitution to keep politicians on a short leash, instead of letting them roam at will over the land and treat the wealth created by others as something for them to dispense as largess and use to buy votes.

People had the right to bear arms, so that they could defend themselves, instead of letting their safety and the safety of their families be yet another playground for bright ideas about crime and criminals, such as unsubstantiated theories about "root causes" and pious hopes about "rehabilitation" of criminals and "prevention" of crime.

It is not just a question about the rightness or wrongness of particular notions in isolation, but the unending proliferation of these notions. Every little wonderful bright idea has its rationale. It will make us safer, or smarter, or more sensitive. Above all, it will make us more like the anointed who have thought up these grandiose ideas.

If they think it is more important to look out for caribou than to look out for people, then you must be a slob if you think people are more important than caribou.

When you add up all the requirements, restrictions, re-education, and re-diculous ideas dreamed by all the 57 varieties of busybodies, you end up hemmed in like a rat backed into a corner.

Literally from the moment you wake up in the morning and take a shower (with a government-prescribed rate of water flow) to the time you flush the toilet (also with a government-prescribed water flow rate) for the last time before going to bed, your life has been laid out for you.

Incidentally, the government also subsidizes water for farmers from federal irrigation projects, so that farms end up wasting far more water growing things like rice in the California desert, when the same rice can be grown in parts of the country where ample water is provided free of charge from the clouds.

But consistency is not the bottom line. The bottom line is having you and the farmers both being directed by the anointed.

To people with this mindset, the government all but owns us.

It is no more than a logical corollary that they own our money. Therefore it is just an irresponsible indulgence when tax cuts "shower" us with the money we earned.

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1 posted on 01/30/2003 9:47:34 PM PST by kattracks
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To: kattracks
Tom Sowell get's it.

Thanks again for another good post kt.



2 posted on 01/30/2003 9:51:13 PM PST by Lurker (Don't p*** on my back and tell me it's raining.)
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To: *Thomas_Sowell_list
3 posted on 01/30/2003 9:52:25 PM PST by Libertarianize the GOP (Ideas have consequences)
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To: Lurker
Sowell rarely disappoints, and he bodyslammed the Communists again.
4 posted on 01/30/2003 9:53:45 PM PST by JoJo Gunn
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To: kattracks
Nothing ever changes with the liberal establishment.

Liberals still believe, the hard earned money paid to the federal government by American workers, belongs to the federal government.

"What's mine is mine and what's your's is mine too".


5 posted on 01/30/2003 9:58:56 PM PST by Reagan Man
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To: kattracks
A little heavy on the sarcasm for Mr. Sowell.
6 posted on 01/30/2003 10:00:06 PM PST by mcenedo
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To: kattracks
7 posted on 01/30/2003 10:03:25 PM PST by Valin (Age and deceit, beat youth and skill.)
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To: kattracks
It's too late I suppose to have his baby.

One of the most brilliant men in America, and also one of our nation's best writers. Hey, President Bush! Are you going to give this man a job that fits his talents?

Sowell could straighten out this economy in eight months or less. Faster than I could have his baby. :-)

8 posted on 01/30/2003 10:27:44 PM PST by ChemistCat (...I am too busy to be insecure.)
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To: ChemistCat
"Sowell could straighten out this economy in eight months or less."

Maybe, but too may Freepers would call his policies "libertopian" and he would be undermined for following the principles of freedom.
9 posted on 01/30/2003 10:41:24 PM PST by Atlas Sneezed
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To: ChemistCat
Thomas Sowell is indeed a national treasure. It stems from his ability to see clearly, and his fearlessness about where hard evidence and sound logic will lead him.

In The Vision Of The Anointed, Sowell diagnoses the habitual statist as a man who sees himself as morally elevated above others -- a moral megalomaniac. Of course, this isn't a new condition. But the notion that such a self-evaluation entitles one to power over others is fairly new. The Divine Right Of Kings was benign in comparison.

Ultimately, the survival of the Republic will come down to the willingness of the ordinary American to flip the bird to those who would presume to regiment our lives. And if we do so in time, it will be Sowell, and a precious few others, who will deserve the credit for having persuaded us of it.

Freedom, Wealth, and Peace,
Francis W. Porretto
Visit The Palace Of Reason:

10 posted on 01/31/2003 5:04:14 AM PST by fporretto (Curmudgeon Emeritus, Palace of Reason)
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To: Beelzebubba
Naw. I think not.

He's too much the Constitutionalist and only economically a libertarian--as all of us ought to be, if we knew the fundamentals of economics.
11 posted on 01/31/2003 5:22:17 AM PST by ChemistCat (...I am too busy to be insecure.)
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To: kattracks
Anyone who has a gun and doesn't use it to kill you is showering life itself on you.

LOL bump!

12 posted on 01/31/2003 5:46:27 AM PST by facedown (Armed in the Heartland)
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To: facedown
I've been thinking all day long about the outrage of sending CALIFORNIA water at taxpayer grow rice in the desert!

My husband's grandmother was threatened with high fines and imprisonment if she didn't cut her water consumption by 10%. (Everyone in her area was threatened the same way.) Problem was, as a survivor of the Great Depression, she was already as frugal as a human being could be with everything that came into her home, including water. There was literally no way to cut her consumption 10%! A lawyer was needed to stand between her and a local government that sought to mindlessly control everyone in their power....

And they will send huge amounts of water into the desert to grow a crop that grows just fine in wetter places like Arkansas and Texas....
13 posted on 01/31/2003 2:37:51 PM PST by ChemistCat (...I am too busy to be insecure.)
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