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A Response from the American People
Sierratimes ^ | 11/26/02 | FlyingA

Posted on 11/26/2002 8:28:10 AM PST by FlyingA

Recently, we have come upon the writings of those in far away lands explaining the reason why “Jihadi” (holy war - as you refer) is to be waged upon the American people. As much as we appreciate the passion the author may have for the concerns of Islam, I believe many of the principles laid forth it their ‘manifesto’ show that when it comes to Real Americans, the author is misinformed, which in turn leads to hypocrisy. Many in far way lands would expect the typical American reply to be that of quoting United Nations resolutions, or entertaining an endless debate on the historical justification of the Jewish state in what you call Palestine. As this author will do neither, you may soon learn that many Americans agree with the opinions that follows.

Keep in mind, you followers of the Jihadi, that if the American government were determined to kill Muslims and destroy Islam, we are not Russia. Three nuclear subs can change a lot of history - and geography. With that in mind, our response.

1. (a: i-iii)Israel/Palestine: Throughout human history, wars have been fought among men over issues that simply could not be resolved peacefully. As a result of these wars, the victor acquired the land of the vanquished (Mohammed serves as proof of this). As the person or persons who wrote the statement appears to be astute of history, we do recall that after the Jewish people established the nation of Israel, the non-Jews were told to leave the area. Several wars waged on the Israelis (approximately 55 years ago, 36 years ago, 30 years ago, and 23 years ago, respectively) by your people followed. In each of these wars, your forces were defeated. In most cases, the victor (Israel) had the right to acquire territory. But in each case, American intervention prevented this from taking place. So as much as you lay blame on the Americans for the “attack” on Palestine, it is American policy itself that has prevented Israel from complete occupation and domination over all of Judea, Samaria, the Sinai Peninsula, Lebanon, Greater Syria, the Nile Delta Valley, and even parts of Saudi Arabia. If your goal is to keep Arabs lands in control of Arab people, the words we use to show such appreciation is “thank you”.

You seem to think the American people agree with the policy its government has taken towards Israel based on the vote of the American people. The fact is Americans would enjoy nothing more than to end much of the financial aid to troublesome countries such as Israel...

and the Palestinian Authority.

and Egypt.

and Pakistan.

and Syria.

and Saudi Arabia.

and Yemen.

and Turkey.

and Oman.

and even Iraq.

Is this becoming clearer to you, or have you simply chosen to ignore the fact that American taxes have not only supported these governments, but many of its people have helped build the infrastructure many Muslims now use for food, water, medicine and other benefits to Islam that are too numerous too mention?

If American policy toward Israel bothers you, perhaps you will feel better if the next time the ‘Zionist’ army starts rolling into your lands, we will simply change the channel, and let the winner call when they are done. [Here is a hint: Stop blowing up their children in busses, and they will probably stop killing your people in return. It is called peace.]

In fact, as you boast about how you sent the Russians running away from Afghanistan, we do recall the American weapons that were given to you which were key to your victories. We never heard a “thank you” for that, either.

We have been seeing more recently a general theme from the Islamic world of kill as many ‘infidels’ as possible, and then play the victim that their anger is visited upon you in return. With this attitude, there will be nothing but a continued cycle of violence that will only escalate. This escalation of violence could halted, but we will cover that later.

You wrote in section 1b: “...You attacked us in Somalia; you supported the Russian atrocities against us in Chechnya, the Indian oppression against us in Kashmir, and the Jewish aggression against us in Lebanon...” Last I heard, we were trying to feed people in Somalia - partly because the violence unleashed against ‘infidels’ (as you call them) caused a famine upon the land. There was food delivered to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, but the food could not even be delivered (Allah’s warriors at it again). I do not recall giving one dollar to the Russian army for their actions in Chechnya (but I do recall a few destroyed apartment buildings in Moscow prior to them saying ‘enough is enough’). And as for Lebanon: We suppose people should just expect military shells to be dropped on their homes, say, “Praise be to Allah” and do nothing about it.

You see, our culture doesn’t work that way. In fact, most of us actually do place a value on human life. Of course, you will disagree. After all, sending teen-age women back into a burning building because they were not dressed properly, sentencing innocent women to be gang-raped, and causing riots that kill over two-hundred people over a comment made in a newspaper are just some of the ways your culture is better than everyone else’s - I guess.

But let us get to the part where you are misinformed: You say that we, the American people are responsible because we choose to pay the taxes and support the government. Did you witness our last presidential election? It was clear that the nation was divided over whom to choose as their president. But (and here is a major difference between you and I) we did not blow any thing up over it. It was handled in a ‘civilized’ manner. Secondly, you assume that we voluntarily pay these taxes. We do not. If we do not pay our taxes, it may lead to this government killing us. Yet if we pay them, you say you will kill us. Where is Allah’s justice in that?

This is not the first time we hear the excuse that ‘since we pay taxes to the government’, we are responsible. Strangely that back on September 11, 2001, Jihad didn’t target those planes into the buildings where the taxes are collected, but where people who were only working to feed their families, have no choice in paying taxes (and not persecuting Muslims) were located. (Pentagon and other military targets not withstanding; after all, war is war).

Next, you wrote: “...(d) You steal our wealth and oil at paltry prices because of your international influence and military threats. This theft is indeed the biggest theft ever witnessed by mankind in the history of the world. ..” We have news for you: whenever we put fuel into our vehicles, we have to pay for it. Last time I checked, your governments (and your people) receive compensation for the oil, and it makes your leaders (and financial supporters) rich. If you think you are being paid a ‘paltry’ price, then raise the price and let the market dictate supply and demand. This is another issue in which you have been misinformed about Americans: If it were our decision, we would not be purchasing any oil from your part of the world whatsoever. Many of us would rather drill for our own oil. Others believe alternatives to oil should be used to power vehicles and other devices. Within ten years I am told, most of our vehicles will not even require oil - your oil - in order to operate as they do today.

You wrote: “...(f) You have starved the Muslims of Iraq, where children die every day. It is a wonder that more than 1.5 million Iraqi children have died as a result of your sanctions, and you did not show concern. Yet when 3000 of your people died, the entire world rises and has not yet sat down. ..”

Get Real. There was recently an election in Iraq. According to the Iraqi government, their leader received almost 100% of the total vote. If the Iraqi children are starving, perhaps it is time after 20 years to choose better leaders. After all, Iraq has some of the largest fresh water reserves and prime river valleys for agriculture outside the United States. Perhaps growing food on your own may actually feed those starving Muslims.

By the way, if this nation is so sick and corrupted, why do Muslims keep trying to come here? Yes, we are sure that some of them wish to kill us, and cause death and destruction that has become too common across the world - all traceable back to your ‘faith‘. Other Muslims (as they tell us) simply want to get as far away from you as possible. If this nation is so wicked, one way of making the world a better place is to tell your own people not to come here. Those that are here that agree with you should leave - as you tell us to pack our luggage and get out of your countries, our response is ‘check your taxis at the airport, turn that hack license in’, take the next flight out -- and take your jihad preachers with you.

What, will we hear complaints then about how your ‘civil rights’ are being violated?

You responded in Question 2: “...(1) The first thing that we are calling you to is Islam...”

Or what - you will keep trying to kill us? If this is the way you covert people to your religion, then you clearly lack the faith to allow a person to convert of their own free will. “Free will” by the way, is in fact one of the principles of this nation, and right now - the only thing allowing your people into our country and other countries. You see, a person is free to practice whatever religion he believes - so long as it is not harmful to others. Can we build a church in Saudi Arabia? Can we build a Synagogue in Pakistan? Are any Buddhist temples safe in Kashmir? Can a non-Muslim even visit Mecca?

Answer: No, they cannot. Yet a Muslim can visit Rome or Jerusalem. You preach segregation from others. Please do not preach ‘tolerance’ to us. Please do not preach to us that your religion is “ the religion of unity and agreement on the obedience to Allah, and total equality between all people, without regarding their color, sex, or language. ..” And you call us hypocrites??

You stated: “...(a)The freedom and democracy that you call to is for yourselves and for white race only; as for the rest of the world, you impose upon them your monstrous, destructive policies and Governments, which you call the 'American friends'. Yet you prevent them from establishing democracies. When the Islamic party in Algeria wanted to practice democracy and they won the election, you unleashed your agents in the Algerian army onto them, and to attack them with tanks and guns, to imprison them and torture them - a new lesson from the 'American book of democracy'!!!...”

Oh, has this become a racial issue as well? You want ‘Shariah’ - your Islamic law to rule all your people - all over the world. Then you want us to seek Islam. This means to us - you wish to rule the world. Sorry, you are not going to be elected. But since it is democracy you seek, we will make a deal: you can have Algeria - if you allow ‘democracy’ to take place in Iran. If you truly wish for an Islamic nation, convince your brothers not to leave their homeland, and you shall have it.

As you can see, there are cultural differences that we simply will not agree on. But it is not a reason for us to wage war upon you. Try to understand this: the world has grown intolerant of your holy war. Your followers murder people and themselves anywhere, at any time. Thus, people fear you. We choose not to live in fear. Therefore as you kill, you will be hunted and killed. Since your ‘soldiers’ choose not to wear the uniforms of any military organization (you hide among civilians), you will lead others to believe that all of you are the enemy. There are many of your people who do not believe in what you believe. But simply because of who they are, they must endure extra humiliation whenever getting on a plane, a bus or even driving on a road. Is this what you desire for your people?

Perhaps this escalation of death and destruction could have been avoided by not using the funds you have acquired from oil revenues for making bombs and training in methods of Jihad, but doing what others have done - funding political campaigns. There are many Americans who desire an end to the laws against drugs and our government’s actions against drug users who harm no one but themselves. There are many to do not desire much of the sickness that is in America. There are many Americans who do not desire the current system of taxes. There are many Americans that wish to use our own oil. And yes, there are many Americans (Christians and Jews) who desire our government stay out of affairs in your region of the world - and the whole world for that matter. Although these Americans may not be the majority here we are many. But again, we do not seek to wage war against innocence to force change. We do not wish to kill our own brethren against our own laws and the laws of our own God, only to cry injustice and kill more if and when a government responds to protect the whole of the people.

Yes, we the People of America wish to be free. We wish the same for your people. But under no circumstance can or will even the most desirous among us tolerate or condone the ruthless and indiscriminate murder of non-combatants in office buildings, buses, planes, movie theaters, in their homes, night clubs, churches, synagogues, commercial ships, and even non-Muslims who are so strong in their faith they travel to distant lands to help Muslims. Yes - you have sought to murder them as well. You have seen that America will respond to attacks against its people. You have also seen the Americans themselves will respond if threatened with more destruction. It does not need to be said that further acts against Americans will only cause further actions in our defense. Our president has frequently said this is not a war against Islam - yet you do not believe him. It seems you truly want a war against Islam. As those from your faith continue to wage war against the innocence of the world, I fear you shall one day have your wish. To conclude our response, you stated:

“...(6) Sixthly, we call upon you to end your support of the corrupt leaders in our countries. Do not interfere in our politics and method of education. Leave us alone, or else expect us in New York and Washington...”

Our response: “We call upon you to end your support of hatred against non-Muslims - and live in peace among men. Do not wage war in American Soil. Do not interfere with our way of life and our education. Do not make threats against us. Leave us alone, or else expect us in Medina and Mecca.

We hope this clears things up.

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

Psalm 23; Verus 1-6

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1 posted on 11/26/2002 8:28:10 AM PST by FlyingA
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To: FlyingA
Nice article, my version would be decidedly shorter, however.

"Knock knock knock"

"Who is it?"

"Invitation to meet Allah!"

"Hah, Achmed, veddy funny...... AHAHHAAAAAA!"


2 posted on 11/26/2002 9:42:58 AM PST by Paradox
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To: Paradox
Thanks Paradox

3 posted on 11/26/2002 9:45:59 AM PST by FlyingA
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To: FlyingA
I like it! It is definitely to the point. But you've held as premise the notion that Islamicists are rational in the same sense as westerners. That is decidely in error, as proven by their teeth constantly snapping and biting at the hand that feeds these people. Mohammedism thrives where it does because of a mindset of the adherants; Islam as in the Qu'ran is militant in scope, yet the society produced by Islamic dominance is usually a 'nanny state' of a totalitarian nature ... Turkey being the main and only exception.
4 posted on 11/26/2002 9:52:19 AM PST by MHGinTN
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To: FlyingA
I just say: Nuke 'Em....ALL OF THEM!!! OOPS I'm sorry, Am I being Politically Incorrect???
5 posted on 11/26/2002 10:38:21 AM PST by Mr. C
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To: FlyingA
The MOST excellent article I've seen to date...Thanks FA...


6 posted on 11/26/2002 3:39:35 PM PST by GRRRRR
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Bump/pingPong this one old bean


7 posted on 11/26/2002 3:49:55 PM PST by GRRRRR
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WOWOWOWOWOW what else can i say GREEEEEEAT ARTICLE Flying A good find thanx for the pingers GRRRRR
8 posted on 11/26/2002 8:09:04 PM PST by ATOMIC_PUNK
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To: FlyingA; jd792; hosepipe; dixie sass; Memother; chesty_puller; mhking; Japedo; madfly; ...
9 posted on 11/26/2002 8:10:38 PM PST by ATOMIC_PUNK
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Qwertyou UP
10 posted on 11/27/2002 4:44:37 AM PST by GRRRRR
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Hey thanks Guys.

Happy Thanksgiving.

11 posted on 11/27/2002 6:01:34 AM PST by FlyingA
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To: Paradox
BUMP to both the long and short articles. :-))
12 posted on 11/27/2002 10:08:07 AM PST by AFreeBird
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To: FlyingA
According to the Iraqi government, their leader received almost 100% of the total vote.

I didn't know they had an election. Who was Saddam's opponent? Or are elections run like other unfree countries such that there is only one candidate?
13 posted on 11/27/2002 10:18:01 AM PST by Jason_b
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