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The EtherZone ^ | Rich Smith

Posted on 10/31/2002 4:47:42 PM PST by N2Gems

I swear, about the only thing missing from Tuesday night’s "memorial" service for the late Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota was a torchlight parade around the stadium, with the 30,000 participants arranging themselves in such manner as to form a giant, flaming swastika on center field and then dispersing to smash the windows of nearby conservative-owned businesses.

Other than that, it was virtually impossible to tell the Wellstone public eulogy in Minneapolis apart from the 1935 Nuremberg rally that whipped German citizens into a frenzy of Nazi rage against the Jews. There was even a fiery, Hitler-like orator by the name of Rick Kahn, who at times seemed to come perilously close to calling on Wellstone’s Republican opponent (along with the entire Republican party) to curl up and die.

The service for Wellstone and his family and campaign staff who perished with him in the plane crash last week was supposed to be a non-political event. Of course, as you’ve no doubt heard in great detail by now, it turned out to be anything but.

However, that’s not what I want to discuss with you. I want instead to explore something far more fear-inducing, for what transpired there in the University of Minnesota’s Williams Arena is indicative of the increasingly dangerous circumstances we as conservatives are facing - and are, by and large, failing to prepare to defend ourselves against.

What has become crystal clear to me in the wake of the Wellstone event is that conservatives in America today are on the very verge of becoming the unmistakable equivalent of the Jews in mid-1930s Germany. And I don’t mean rhetorically.

It’s not just the fanatical outcry against conservatives heard at the Wellstone memorial that causes me to think this. It’s also the result of new polling showing Wellstone’s fill-in, former Vice President Walter F. Mondale, handily beating Republican challenger Norm Coleman.

This is astounding - and scary. The poll of 639 likely voters by the leftist Minneapolis Star-Tribune was conducted Monday. At that point, word of Mondale stepping into Wellstone’s still-warm shoes had barely begun to reach voters, yet those surveyed already had a carved-in-stone opinion and said they preferred him over Coleman by 47% to 39%.

You might be able to write this off to rigged polling or perhaps to mere wishfulness by Democrat cheerleaders in the local press. But to me, the poll data suggest it matters not to most of the surveyed voters who runs against Coleman. The substitute candidate could have been Webb Hubbell’s famous indicted ham sandwich for all they cared. The person they want to represent them in the Senate is anybody but Coleman.

Or, expressed another way, anybody but a guy who looks, talks or even remotely smells like a conservative.

Apparently, these Minnesota voters - like their counterparts in New Jersey who are said to by far favor the Democrat ringer in that state’s similarly corrupt Senate contest - simply hate people like you and me. Indeed, their hatred for us is the exact same virulent kind as that which reared up against the Jews in Nazi Germany long before the war.

Why do they hate us? I could write volumes in answer to that. But suffice it to say for now that leftists loathe conservatives and conservatism with a passion because both get in the way of their satanically inspired aspirations and generally make them feel inferior.

The Left’s parallels to the Nazis of yore don’t stop at their desire to see conservatives banished (or, better yet, turned into lampshades and other useful things that can be sold at trendy, upscale retail stores along Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood). If we’re the Jews, then Paul Wellstone is the Democrat party’s Horst Wessel.

Who the hell is Horst Wessel, you ask? An interesting fellow. As I tell you about him, you’ll immediately see why he was to the German Nazi party what Wellstone now is to the American version of the Nazi party.

Wessel was from an upstanding religious family, but forsook his parents and their faith in order to go live with a prostitute in the red-light district of the nation’s capital where, as a neighborhood leader of the Brownshirts in the days before Hitler’s rise to power, he worked tirelessly to impose Nazism. (The one thing about this that doesn’t truly correspond with Wellstone’s life is that Wellstone did not live with a prostitute - instead, by joining the Senate, he became one himself.)

In 1930, Wessel was murdered by thugs from a rival left-wing organization - the Communist party. This unfortunate incident quickly propelled the young scoundrel from obscurity to immense fame as the Nazi party’s ultimate martyr, just as Wellstone today is the ultimate glorified victim for Democrats nationwide.

Contemplate the words of William L. Shirer, author of The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich and see if this doesn’t apply to Wellstone: "...[T]hanks to Dr. Goebbels’ [James Carville’s] skillful propaganda, [he] became one of the great hero legends of the movement, hailed as a pure idealist who had given his life for the cause."

As luck would have it, Horst, who possessed musical talent (if you consider farting like mad after a meal of beans to be musical talent), had composed a ballad about the joys of Nazism. It was discovered among his effects following his brutish demise. It became known as "The Horst Wessel Song" (god, those Nazi’s were inventive when it came to giving names) which eventually was rivaled in popularity only by the German national anthem. In fact, Horst’s martial-sounding tune served as a second national anthem; the Nazis themselves proclaimed it their party’s official theme song.

And, as luck would also have it, Paul Wellstone was a big bean eater and so he, too, produced a ballad before he died. His was about the joys of Democrat politics. I have clandestinely obtained a copy of it. Here it is, sung to the tune of "I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing:"

"I’d like to rid the world of those, "who do not share my view. "‘Cuz abortion rules in public schools, "and taxpayers we must screw."

The song goes on for several more stanzas, but it’s obvious just from this small sampling why the Left would clamor to elevate the Wellstone ditty to the level of a "Horst Wessel Song."

So where does that leave us as conservatives? In deep, deep trouble. You might recall the words of Rep. Major Owens (D-N.Y.), a member of the Black Caucus who, after the Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives in 1994, warned in a thunderous floor speech that conservatives were coming to round up the old, the very young, the weak, the infirm, the insane (i.e., Democrat supporters), and everybody else who was non-white, not living in a mansion and not in possession of either a country club membership or a bedsheet with eye holes cut in it. Psychologists believe that the mendacious among us typically ascribe the evil in their hearts to innocent others. This is called projection. The Owens speech - like all speeches by Democrats from Bill Clinton on down the line - was an exercise in projection: he says we want to round up the huddled masses and treat them to a big dose of Zyklon-B gas, but, in reality, that’s what he and his Democrat colleagues actually yearn to do to us.

My advice: you’d better get ready to physically defend yourself, your loved ones, your homes and your possessions. We have, with the Wellstone memorial, crossed into new territory. The mask is off, the intentions are clear. The Left is moving into high-gear to lock us down and take us out. Most frightening when you think about it is the sheer number of our countrymen - fully now one-half of the populace - whose minds have been poisoned against us by decades of anti-right propaganda.

Since Tuesday, I have gained a much keener appreciation for how the Jews of Germany felt at around the time the Nazis passed the Nuremberg laws, effectively outlawing Jews. In Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Shirer recounts that, on a road outside Ludwigshafen, the government installed a sign that read, "Drive Carefully! Sharp Curve! Jews 75 MPH!" Put "Conservatives" in place of "Jews" and that pretty much sums up where we’re at as of this moment.

"Published originally at : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact."

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I'm keeping my powder dry just in case.
1 posted on 10/31/2002 4:47:42 PM PST by N2Gems
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Comment #2 Removed by Moderator

To: sauropod
I thought you might find this article interesting.

You read The Ominous Parallels, correct? Unfortunately, I still have mine in the queue sitting on my shelf.

3 posted on 10/31/2002 5:20:03 PM PST by MrConfettiMan
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To: N2Gems
This is chilling.
4 posted on 10/31/2002 5:21:58 PM PST by Otta B Sleepin
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To: N2Gems
Nuremberg was exactly what came to mind when I listened to the "memorial" service. It was absolutely frightening!
5 posted on 10/31/2002 5:22:19 PM PST by SFmom
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To: Jeff Head; Demidog; Noumenon
I thought you guys might find this article interesting, too.
6 posted on 10/31/2002 5:22:24 PM PST by MrConfettiMan
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To: N2Gems
Maybe the DNC can hire Speers' son and put the coup de grace on their Goebbles like propaganda operation.

The GOP has nobody but itself to blame, their failure to effectively utilize propaganda like the DNC does is just as dangerous to the security of this nation as the jackass party.

7 posted on 10/31/2002 5:26:06 PM PST by Rome2000
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To: N2Gems
Biggest difference here is the 2nd Amendment -- and we conservatives are mostly the ones who are armed.

"Everyone should have an assault rifle, 10,000 rounds of ammunition, and couple of automatic pistols and a really large caliber revolver or two" Bump!

8 posted on 10/31/2002 5:34:00 PM PST by CatoRenasci
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To: N2Gems
Paranoia, but that doesn't mean it's untrue. With the news media, the supposed watchdogs of democracy, fully on the side of the liberals, and indeed acting as the mouthpiece for the Democrat party, anything really is possible.

So, if Wellstone is their Horst Wessel and Carville is their Goebbels, then who is their Adolph Hitler, eh?

9 posted on 10/31/2002 5:35:58 PM PST by Batrachian
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To: N2Gems
Actions of the hyperactive Democrats at the Wellstone "Memorial" are enough to convict them of inhuman, insenstive offenses without critics using hyperbole of this sort. Comparing the rally to Nuremberg is serious enough, but potraying them as "kill you in the death camp" nazis only serves to paint conservatives as paranoid whackos.
10 posted on 10/31/2002 5:37:36 PM PST by DeFault User
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To: Batrachian
It isn't paranoia if they really are out to get you.

Besides, I would rather be a bit paranoid and be prepared than be complacent and get caught off guard.
11 posted on 10/31/2002 5:37:55 PM PST by N2Gems
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To: N2Gems
I was originally going to say "Great Title!", and then, "this is going a bit too far", but though I still think the latter I also think about items such as our proto-"re-education camps" (aka mandated "sensitivity training," if you step over the line and say something officially disapproved) and the extensive changes in American society I've seen in my own lifetime...

A couple of examples. Two pages from a high-school yearbook of mine carry the following headings:
At Weekly Meetings the Christian Youth Club Practices Christian Ideals
The Hi-Y Club Helps Promote Christian Character
Imagine the howls those titles, much less the groups themselves, would bring today. (In terms of my age, it's still years before I expect to be a grandfather; this yearbook is not that old.)

For the past decade and a half since I first saw this quote, I've felt an affinity for what the speaker experienced in the (linked) quote from the book They Thought They Were Free.

As the speaker says of himself, he's seen it coming and yet... he denies it and remains silent, because the time is not right. Nobody is listening, nobody acts, there is never a time to act. And so things continue to get worse and we've not begun to plumb the depths of what could, or will, happen here.

"1984" is probably the best vision of our future. (My copy has gone walkabout, how does it end? "And he loved Big Brother."?)

12 posted on 10/31/2002 5:38:04 PM PST by Eala
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To: N2Gems
OK, so who's their Hitler?
13 posted on 10/31/2002 5:48:41 PM PST by Batrachian
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To: Batrachian
>>So, if Wellstone is their Horst Wessel and Carville is their Goebbels, then who is their Adolph Hitler, eh?

Hillary. She is ten times more dangerous than her husband.
14 posted on 10/31/2002 5:53:30 PM PST by Finny
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To: Batrachian
Slick and the hildabeast hand out the marching orders.

I have always had my doubts that Hitler was the brain behind the nazi party. History suggests that he was just a figure head of sorts. The true evil of the party was below the surface. So, it is my opinion that there doesn't need to be a "hitler" equivilent. Anyone will do when enough hatred has been accumulated.
15 posted on 10/31/2002 5:54:40 PM PST by N2Gems
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To: MrConfettiMan; GraniteStateConservative; Pokey78; Coop

I have been saying this for some time.

Mercifully, I only followed the Wellstone Parteitag by FR thread. I do not think I could watch history repeat itself like this. The author gets a tad dramatic and is unduly pessimistic: Conservatives are not stupid enough to hand over their firearms. But still, the Wellstone Hitlerjugend affair opened up the eyes.

Remember 1984 by George Orwell? Remember the Minute of Hate? That's what that was. All dressed up in a whole arena singing Love Train and wild adulation for the Hillbilly Fuhrer and his consiglieres and capos regimes.

What you saw there was an undercurrent of hate. They couldn't even be decent to Trent Lott, whose record of ineffectuality should have made him a hero to the assembled Party Faithful. They booed him. He had come to pay his respects to a fellow Senator and they booed him.

This is the Party that Clinton built. Once, in the eighties, they were the party of Tip O'Neill, Jim Wright, and ineffectual if corrupt liberalism. Then they made a pact with the Devil, and Bill Clinton won two elections for them. He taught them to lie, he taught them to steal, he taught them to cheat, and he showed them that they could beat the rap.

Dishonesty pays. The Democrats learned well. They tossed aside common decency in favor of the Fuhrerprinzip, and this is what we are faced with.

However, I do not fear them. We have our firearms and do not intend to give them up. Also, they do not own half the population. They do own the allegiance of about a fourth of the population with the other fourth belonging to us. It's that other fifty percent that's up for grabs.

However, there is a tide in human affairs. People like the Clintons and the McAuliffes ALWAYS overreach. They cannot do otherwise. Bush understands this, which is why the populace as a whole admires the man and has chosen to stick with him. He doesn't overreach, and has chosen to deal with Democrats who are willing to deal with him, such as Breaux and Zell Miller.

But do not forget this incident, no matter what the outcome of the election. Fascism is on the march, and we'd best be alert about it.

Be Seeing You,


16 posted on 10/31/2002 5:55:55 PM PST by section9
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To: N2Gems
Those fascist bastards did not try the Kristal Nacht routine because we are an armed nation. They would have died in wholesale lots.

Those poor Jew people who suffered under the club swinging window breakersw had no arms nor much will to use them. We all know how that worked out

17 posted on 10/31/2002 6:12:38 PM PST by Lion Den Dan
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To: N2Gems
I know what you mean. The stage is set and we all have our parts to play. I believe we are at a serious cross roads in our country. I used to be the director of CAndlelighters (parents of children with cancer). Anyway there was this boy about 10 years old and a couple of months before he died, he started to wear this shirt with a picture of a dragon slaying a knight with the words "sometimes the dragon wins". After this display those words came flooding into my mind. I am afraid we have some very hard times ahead for us.
18 posted on 10/31/2002 6:46:14 PM PST by
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To: Lion Den Dan
Hey, my man, how ya doin'?
19 posted on 10/31/2002 7:08:59 PM PST by logos
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To: CatoRenasci
"Everyone should have an assault rifle, 10,000 rounds of ammunition, and couple of automatic pistols and a really large caliber revolver or two"

Great minds think alike bump.

Interesting to note how that image of torchlit Nazi rallies seems to have struck many folks at the same time. It's starting to become the dominant meme for the Democrats.

The more they show their true faces, the more their party deserves the name of Democratic National Socialists.

Should they manage to lie, cheat or steal their way to power, it won't be long before the killing starts.

20 posted on 10/31/2002 7:14:14 PM PST by Noumenon
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