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8/1/2002 | Jesus J. Chao

Posted on 08/01/2002 3:17:50 PM PDT by Dqban22


Jesús J. Chao

In view of the appalling betrayal of President Bush’s war against terrorism by members of the U.S. Congress and Senate by supporting Cuba’s terrorist regime we should expose to the American people the profound danger in which they have placed our country.

World renown and highly respected American investigative journalist and author, Claire Sterling, who is considered one of the foremost experts on international terrorism, wrote in 1981 a definitive report on this theme in her book “The Terror Network, The Secret War on International terrorism.”

According to her: “All of the world’s emerging terrorist bands in the 1970’s were indebted to the Cubans and their Russian patrons for that honeycomb of camps around Havana. None could have started without rudimentary training, and those who didn’t train in Cuba were trained by others who did.”

Twenty years later, the central and main head of the terrorism network is still the same diabolical tyrant, Fidel Castro. What Sterling wrote then, still applies and helps to understand the central role of Castro in today’s terrorist explosion and his relationship with the “axis of evil.”

Sterling mentions “in the summer of 1968, the Soviet Union forced Fidel Castro into a secret agreement whereby Cuba surrendered sovereign control over its foreign policy to the Kremlin and consigned its intelligence service – the Dirección General de Inteligencia - (DGI) to the KGB.

That same summer, the Soviet Communist Party’s Central Committee decided, at the KGB’s urging, to reverse its old policy of avoiding Palestinian entanglements. Arab Communists, meeting secretly in Moscow in July, were instructed to infiltrate, spy upon, and gain ascendancy over the Palestine Resistance. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union itself began to train and arm the Palestinians.”

This fact was well known in 1968 by our intelligence services as stated by John Barron in his book “KGB”, since the United States learned about it through penetration of the KGB. By 1970, promising Fedayeen were being sent to officers’ Special Schools in Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Libya, Iraq, China North Vietnam and Cuba where they received political indoctrination on Marx, Lenin and Stalin.

But, according to Sterling, Castro’s relationship with international terrorism was already strong and deep for over ten years before the Soviets got involved in the promotion of terrorism against the West.

Sterling held that “Castro had always wanted to export his revolution. No sooner did he come into power in January 1959 than he sent his first expeditionary force to Panama, where he flopped. He tried again three times that year, in Nicaragua, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, and sent a full battalion of Cuban ‘medics’ to liberate Algeria. Barely two years later, he had already bagged the future leader of Africa’s first successful Marxist coup, in Zanzibar… Few knew that ‘Field Marshall’ John Okello seized this small island off East African Coast in January 1964, after spending three years in Havana training for the job… His coup was flawless. It took just a few hours for his six hundred men – many of them Cuban-trained – to overthrow the Arab sultanate and proclaim a Communist ‘people’s republic.’ Thousands of non-black Zanzibaris, Arab and Indian, were slaughtered with deliberate savagery in next few days, and thousands more fled in terror…” The small island of 300,000 inhabitants became a base for Castro’s penetration into the African mainland.

Castro’s dreams of a Cuban presence in Africa were well advanced before the Soviet joined the game. According to Sterling, “as early as 1961, Castro sent a shipload of Cuban weapons to the West African Coast. Offloading in Casablanca, it took on a return cargo of guerrilla trainees from Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, the Congo, South Africa, Kenya, Tanganyika, Spanish Equatorial Guinea, and Zanzibar itself… From then on, Cuba would keep turning out professional guerrilla fighters for just about every new African state.”

When Spain withdrew from Equatorial Guinea, Castro’s man, Francisco Macias Nguema, came into power shielded by Cuban elite henchmen who kept him in power for the next ten years. About three to four hundred Cuban ‘counselors’ were at his side till the end while 50,000 of his 350,000 subjects were murdered (many with his own hands), and another 100,000 were driven into exile. Nguema paid himself a state salary of $5 million a year, and turned his once prosperous mini-state into a derelict non-country in the name of scientific socialism. He was drinking a glass of human blood a day by 1979, when he was overthrown and executed.”

Castro’s expertise running down prosperous countries into wastelands mired with slavery and misery worked in Africa as efficiently as it worked in Cuba.

Meanwhile, reported Sterling, “Castro was training the advance guards of the coming European fright decade – Palestinians, Italians, Germans, French, Spanish Basques – and forming guerrilla nuclei in practically every Western hemisphere state south of the American border. As far back as 1962, Castro’s camps were taking in 1,500 Latin American guerrillas a year. . ‘Any revolutionary movement anywhere in the world can count on Cuba’s unconditional support,’ declared Castro at the 1966 Tricontinental Conference in Havana”. It was then and there that the international terrorism network was consolidated under Castro’s leadership.

By then, however, said Sterling, “Colonel Kotchergine of the KGB would soon be supervising a new honeycomb of training camps around Havana for Russian – approved candidates from Europe, Africa, and Asia.” In 1968 the Soviets were underwriting the entire Cuban economy and, “as a part of the bargain, Castro also accepted five thousand Russian advisers, (growing to ten thousand later) posted in various economic sectors, the armed forces, and the DGI. Soviet Colonel Viktor Simenov of the KGB was given an office adjoining the director’s own at DGI headquarters in Havana. Twenty-five DGI agents a year (which later became fifty) would be selected with his approval for training in Moscow. All the DGI’s operational decisions, and its annual budget, had to be cleared through Colonel Simenov. From then on, Cuba would be the only Soviet satellite state whose intelligence service was directly subsidized by Russia ‘for extending its range of activities abroad.’”

“Anything Cuba did in aid of worldwide terrorism after that would have to be done with the Russians’ knowledge and consent, under their close supervision if not their express command,” stated Sterling.

Orlando Castro Hidalgo a Cuban DGI operative in Castro’s embassy in Paris, who defected in 1969, testified before the United States Senate Committee, giving a valuable opportunity for our senators to learn first hand of Castro’s involvement with the international terrorism network. Hidalgo’s duties in Paris at the time were “mainly to support revolutionary activities in Latin American and African countries. The candidates for training would fly over to Paris at Castro’s expense, and Hidalgo would then ‘provide lodging, money, messages from Havana, and visas to Czechoslovakia to camouflage the trail of guerilla trainees on their way to Cuba. He also had to screen young Europeans signing up for Castro’s ‘summer camps’… two thousand from France itself, another six thousand from elsewhere in Europe. Before they were allowed to leave for Cuba, they had to pass a final screening by a high-ranking DGI officer named Adalberto Quintana, sent to Paris specially from Havana.”

According to Hidalgo: “The same meticulous selection went into recruiting 2,500 young Americans in the ‘Venceremos Brigades’, which appeared the following year. A smashing success for the DGI (and KGB), the Brigades visited Cuba in ten contingents between 1966 and 1977. Under Colonel Simenov’s fatherly eye, they learned how to mount a truly effective campaign to destabilize the United States. The pace was set by the U.S. Weathermen, whose Bernardine Dohrn and Peter Clapp were invited to Havana midway through 1969 to meet a delegation from North Vietnam and the Viet Cong. Chicago’s ‘days of rage’ devoted to ‘bringing the war home’ followed within weeks of their return to U.S. soil. (The art of rioting was passed on to thousands of other Americans students through do-it-yourself publications as The Anarchists’ Cookbook. Drive a large nail through a plank if another lethal weapon is not handy, advised this manual, whose contents were copied word for word from lectures in Cuba’s guerrilla classroom.”

It is amazing to learn how short is the memory of the American Senators is, especially those who acquiesced to give a helping hand to Castro at the expense of our taxpayers even though Cuba is involved now more than ever in the sponsoring of international terrorism.

“Castro’s guerrilla camps in Cuba went on catering to capacity crowds. Palestinians in particular began to check in several hundreds at a time, as they would go in doing through the decade; both, Yassir Arafat and George Habash paid stately visits to Havana to discuss these ongoing arrangements.” In August 1976, the CIA estimated that three hundred Arab fedayeen were training in Cuban camps. George Habash was received by Castro in April 22, 1978, and requested training for five hundred more fedayeen in the PFLP. Arafat, who had maintained a PLO office in Havana since 1974, signed in the summer of 1978 a formal military pact with Castro that September (according to the Jerusalem Post, July 27, 1978; Economist Foreign Report, June 28, 1978).

Before long, however, affirmed Sterling, Cuban instructors in guerrilla warfare began to go abroad, fanning out over the great Arab arc sheltering the Palestine Resistance. Barely two months after the October Middle East War, Cuban experts in terrorist warfare arrived secretly in South Yemen. On June 26, 1978, after Aden was shelled by Soviet naval forces and severely bombed by Cuban-piloted Soviet aircrafts, South Yemen was openly annexed as a Soviet colony converting the country into a terrorist safe haven becoming the heart of Palestinian training network.

According to Sterling, “everybody who was anybody in planetary terrorism passed through South Yemen sooner or later, for training or shelter or both. That was true of the whole German underground…Japanese, Turks, Iranians, Armenians, Kurds, Italians, French, Irish, Dutch, Belgians, South Moluccans, the Polisario Sahraouis, the Dhofar tribesman of oil rich Oman. All received advanced instruction in guerrilla warfare from Cubans and East Germans.”

When Colonel Qaddafi went into the guerrilla training business for the Palestinians’ sake, the Cubans moved in on Colonel Qadaffi. In 1976, the first reliable account of Libya’s camp network reports that Cuban instructors were teaching Spanish Basques there just when a democratic government was struggling to take hold in Spain… Some 150 Cuban guerrilla instructors were installed in Libya by 1980 while another 200 were installed in Algeria to train Sahraoui guerrillas from the Polisario Front.

“Meanwhile, yet another platoon of Cuban instructors moved in on Syria. Some were detailed to the Syrian army, others to guerrilla training camps. The first of these were spotted in 1976; according to former U.S. Defense Secretary Melvin Laird, they were training Japanese, Germans, and Iranians terrorist as well as Arabs. Then came a massive infiltration of southern Lebanon …with the Palestinians entrenched there by March 1978, a Cuban team turned up at the port of Tyre.”

According to the Journal de Geneve, “Two months afterward, a second team of Cuban instructors arrived, engineers, and experts in setting up military bases and installing missile-launching ramps. All the equipment arrived in Tyre aboard Soviet freighters: SAM missiles, artillery, transceivers … At the end of an intensive eight month training period, the first group of terrorists was reportedly ready to embark for the Persian Gulf countries, carrying false passports, false work permits, and possessing perfect knowledge of the accents, ways, and customs of these countries. Preceding these revolutionaries, large quantities of arms were routed to the Persian Gulf countries through intermediaries traveling that route.”

Sterling stated, “The uses of Cuban expertise abroad, starting in the mid-seventies, grew clearer when plans for the Latin American European were discovered by Argentinean police around that time (1979). As we have seen, the top-secret Tucumán Plan, drafted under DGI-KGB supervision, involved the transfer in a body of the Cuban-sponsored Junta for Revolutionary Coordination, the JCR, to Western Europe. Its four main guerrilla bands- Uruguay’s Tupamaros and like-minded groups from Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile, all forced into exile with the advent of right-wing military regimes – were to work out of headquarters in Lisbon and Paris, for an orchestrated assault to the Continent. Castro had set up special camps for them, on a four thousand acre state near Guanabo (a beach about 15 Km. From Havana), providing intensive three-month courses in explosive, sabotage, weaponry, and urban guerrilla tactics.”

In her book Sterling states that “there is another and bigger side to the Cuban story abroad. Russia’s deal with Fidel Castro in 1968 included his armed forces as well as his intelligence service. Starting in the mid-seventies, he would send Cuban troops halfway around the planet on the Kremlin’s behalf. Between forty and fifty thousand of them were deployed around Africa and the Arabian peninsula by 1980.”

Twenty-odd thousand men were in Angolan alone helping the pro-Soviet revolutionary army junta, seventeen thousand Cuban troops were in Ethiopia, and the first wholly sovietized black African state. “To help install Colonel Mengistu’s Marxist-Leninist regime, the Russians had airlifted ten thousand Cubans from Angola to Ethiopia, another ten thousand from Cuba to Angola for its replacement. According to London’s Institute for the Study of Conflict, the Soviet airlift required about five thousand flights within seven months, flying all day and night, twenty four hours a day.” The airlift also rushed Cuban troops from Ethiopia to South Yemen in the cover of night, the following winter.

The trail of blood and suffering left by Castro’s exploits, especially throughout Africa and Latin America, has had no bearing on the American Black Caucus and other members of both parties that keep supporting Castro disregarding that his victims were both blacks and whites, Cubans as well as Africans. Che Guevara expressed in paradigmatic words the essence of Castro’s regime when he stated: “We must above all keep our hatred alive and fan it to paroxysm… hate as a factor of struggle, intransigent hate to the enemy, hate that can push a human being beyond his natural limits and make him a cold, violent, selective, and effective killing machine.“ This is the kind of regime our Senators and Congressmen want to support with our taxpayers’ money.

TOPICS: Foreign Affairs
KEYWORDS: castro; castrowatch; congress; cuba; terror; terrorwar

1 posted on 08/01/2002 3:17:50 PM PDT by Dqban22
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To: Dqban22
Sorry, but this is ancient history. Castro simply doesn't have the wherewithal to support any terrorist networks. Undoubtedly he'd like to be a player today but he simply doesn't have the resources. And there is a distinct disenfranchisement between "our" terrorists and the kind Cuba would support.
There are many reasons to condemn Castro but training al Qaeda ain't one of them!
2 posted on 08/01/2002 3:37:02 PM PDT by thegreatbeast
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To: *Castro Watch; *TerrOrWar; Cincinatus' Wife; Shermy
3 posted on 08/01/2002 5:07:51 PM PDT by Libertarianize the GOP
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To: thegreatbeast
The fact that you think Castro is, so, impotent tells me
that his propaganda machine is alive and kicking.

Cuba's Lourdes Radar Base, Terrorist Mohamed Atta and the Kremlin

Dr. Alexandr Nemets and Dr. Thomas Torda
Thursday, Dec. 20, 2001

1. New Data

According to the Russian news agency Ria-Novosti and the Pravda-run website, on Aug. 14, 2001, Russian Deputy Prime Minister (in charge of defense industry and arms trade) Ilya Klebanov and Minister of Defense (MOD) Sergei Ivanov denied media reports of a possible closure by December 2001 of the Russian radar data processing center – a well-known spy hub – in Lourdes, a suburb of Havana.

During his visit to Cuba this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin, accompanied by Fidel Castro, visited the Lourdes center of the Russian MOD. At a meeting with center specialists, Putin noted that their work is very much needed, "not only by the military, but also by the political leadership of the country."

Putin said at a press conference in Havana that both Russia and Cuba are currently interested in continuing the operations of the Lourdes base. According to Putin, this center serves the interests of the Russian military and also provides some information obtained for appropriate Cuban government agencies.

In a separate report, published by NewsMax and widely carried on U.S. websites, Orlando Gutierrez-Boronat of the Center for the Study of a National Option wrote on Sept. 20, 2001, that Cuban President Fidel Castro, during a visit to Iran, Syria and Libya in May 2001, held talks in Tehran with Iranian Supreme Spiritual Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Castro stated that "America is extremely weak today" and promised students at Tehran University that "the imperialist king will finally fall" because "Iran and Cuba have reached the conclusion that together they can tear down the USA."

The Castro regime, this report continues, has continued to harbor international terrorists, pursued a strategic alliance with terrorist states to create an 'anti-Western' international front, and directly engaged in terrorist attacks and espionage against Americans. In particular, Cuba's close relationships with Iraq and some Middle Eastern terrorist groups are well known.

Cuba today, Gutierrez-Boronat writes, continues to serve as a base for coordination and mutual support among trans-national terrorist organizations, including Colombian and some European-based groups.

It is also known that Cuba is active in bioweapons development. In October 2000, Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage and the Iranian Vice-Minister of Health participated in the groundbreaking for a biotech R&D facility outside Tehran. Experts expressed doubts about the supposed medical objectives of this installation.

The report says that there are links between Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network, the Iranian government and the Castro regime. Castro and bin Laden have worked hard to build a common front to bring down the U.S. and to develop biological weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

In February 1998, bin Laden announced the creation of an "international front" against the U.S. According to a document obtained by the PBS program "Frontline," bin Laden "regards an anti-American alliance with Iran and China as something to be considered."

But there may be more to the Castro-bin Laden connection than the Iran link. In a story dated March 4, 2000, the Associated Press reported that a young Afghan who had trained during the previous winter at a camp in Kunar Province, in northeastern Afghanistan, said he saw men from Chechnya, Sudan, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Cuba and North Korea. "The North Korean," he said, "had brought chemical weapons."

A third report, from the December 2001 issue of Moscow-based Sovershenno secretno (Top Secret), excerpted here, indicates that al-Qaeda has sleeper agents and sleeper cells all over the world. This organization has copied KGB tactics and has high-ranking protectors in several "countries of concern."

The following points from this report are of particular importance:

  • Baghdad protectors – For many years, Saddam's regime was the most serious supporter and protector of al-Qaeda. Baghdad knew everything about the Sept. 11 attacks in advance.
  • Iran has supported al-Qaeda in the following areas: joint planning of terrorist actions; training of al-Qaeda fighters in camps in Iran, Syria and Libya; financial support; and providing fake documents, telecom gear and explosives.
  • Ayman Al-Zawahiri, leader of the Iran-financed extremist organization Egyptian Islamic Jihad, became not only the closest associate of bin Laden, but also his successor and – as judged by U.S. investigators – chief planner of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. CIA analysts now have no doubts: Tehran knew in advance about the 9-11 attacks.
  • The Balkan track and "Borodin dungeon" – The notorious "Pal Palych" Borodin, long a Kremlin insider, also has had a definite connection to al-Qaeda, via a Swiss businessman of Albanian origin named Bedget Pakkoli.
  • Why did they close Lourdes? The Lourdes spy center was the largest such base in the Western Hemisphere. It allowed Russia and Cuba to keep the entire North American continent under electronic surveillance and to have access to phone conversations, other telecommunications, and the databases of the U.S. and its neighbors.

Former Russian Presidents Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin were much more pliable than Putin, but they didn't give up the Lourdes spy center. Putin himself, as a member of the intelligence community, knows perfectly well the value of the Lourdes base, but he had very strong arguments in favor of closing this station. The decision to close the center was taken just after the 9-11 terrorist strikes and wasn't accidental by any means.

American special services have information that terrorist Mohamed Atta, the key figure behind the 9-11 attacks, had connections to the Cuban intelligence services and in spring 1999 met with their high-ranking representative in Miami, Fla. – not far from the site where the future suicide squad got its flight school training.

The Lourdes base, in addition to secret missions, was also tasked with active tracking of air flights of all kinds throughout the U.S. The center had a full set of flight codes for the U.S. Air Force and civilian airlines. Once, in 1999, the center broke into the U.S. air traffic control system and sent – with the help of a powerful, 1,500-kilowatt transmitter – a fake flight signal, which almost caused a serious accident in the air.

In short, the Lourdes center had accumulated a huge database on U.S. civilian airline routes, schedules and procedures. Cuba very likely shared this information with al-Qaeda – which may explain the devilish professionalism behind the 9-11 attacks.

It seems that Putin understood that U.S. investigative teams could acquire – or had already acquired – data on the "Lourdes/Castro/al-Qaeda" connection, which became the decisive factor in the closure of the Lourdes facility. It should be mentioned here that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has close ties with Saddam's regime – as well as with Putin and Castro – and has been known to exchange warm greetings with leading terrorist Carlos "The Jackal," originally from Venezuela.

2. Conclusions

The following conclusions are clear: Information needed to carry out the 9-11 attacks went from the Lourdes center, via Cuban secret agents in Miami, to Atta and other members of his suicide squad. This became the decisive factor in the successful realization of the 9-11 strikes. The Kremlin knew in advance of this horrific plot and blessed the operation. Tehran also knew everything in advance – from its agents in al-Qaeda and from Castro himself.

In September-October the authors published in NewsMax, articles showing that the Kremlin and Russian Duma (lower house of Parliament) knew about the forthcoming terrorist strikes on the U.S. as early as July, and that the Duma's Economic Commission held hearings to prepare Russia for the "fall of America" – the title of an article published by Dr. Tatyana Koryagina in Pravda on July 12, 2001 – and to get as much benefit as possible from this foreknowledge.

(See Expert: Russia Knew in Advance, Encouraged Citizens to Cash Out Dollars and Russian Expert Who ‘Predicted’ Attacks Warns of New Ones.)

Now it is easy to find the source of the Kremlin's knowledge. Moreover, we conclude that Putin, Castro and Ayatollah Khamenei knew everything about the coming terrorist attacks by May 2001 or even earlier. And what of the source of the anthrax letters that terrified America for months?

The authors feel that now, with the Afghan war almost over, the Baghdad regime should become the next target of the global anti-terrorist campaign. It remains for Putin and Co. to show where their real support lies – behind President Bush, or behind Saddam.

Dr. Alexandr V. Nemets is a consultant to the American Foreign Policy Council. He is co-author of "Chinese-Russian Military Relations, Fate of Taiwan and New Geopolitics."

Dr. Thomas J. Torda has been a Chinese linguist specializing in science and technology with FBIS, and a Chinese/Russian defense technology consultant with the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Article Link from

4 posted on 08/01/2002 5:10:57 PM PDT by buckbonzi
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To: thegreatbeast
Castro's close relationship with Islamic terrorism started as soon as he came to power and is an ongoing development. Castro’s agents are still active all around the Middle East cooperating with every terrorist organization that threatens the Free World.

Two months after the 9/11 attacks, two Afghanis terrorists were apprehended in Grand Cayman. They were coming from Cuba on their way to infiltrate into the U.S. About the same time, terrorists from the IRA, based in Cuba, were detained in Colombia where they had gone to train the Colombian terrorists for the use of more lethal explosives on their urban attacks. Castro masterminded, financed and directed the international terror network for four decades and still is pulling its strings. Lets not fool ourselves, he might not have money to feed his people, but Castro has never been frugal when it comes to financing terrorism. Disgracefully, he always finds useful idiots as our representatives and senators who travel to Cuba offering him our tourists and taxpayers’ money.

IRA and ETA terrorist still have one of their main operational bases in Cuba. Important and dangerous transfer of biological warfare material, and an advanced research laboratory were sold to Iran. Evidently, the U.S. is in possession of important information about Castro’s menace to our country. Castro is trying to cover up his involvement, even though nothing gets done in Cuba without Castro’s permission.

Yesterday it was reported in the media that in a meeting of the Communist Party’s Central Committee, Manuel de Jesus Limonta Vidal was expelled from the Party. Limonta was the director of the famous Center of Genetic and Biotechnology Engineering (CIBG) until 1999. The center counts with state of the art modern facilities with biological warfare capabilities. Limonta, who was a member of Central Committee of the Communist party since 1991, is being charged with disloyalty because under his tenure certain biological specimens were transferred to Iran without consultation. Such allegations are false, according to biologist Jose de la Fuente, who was director of Research of the CIGB until 1999. “Those operations were made by direct orders of Fidel Castro, and his instructions were delivered by Castro’s personal assistant Chomy (Jose Millar Barruecos)”, according to de la Fuente.

5 posted on 08/01/2002 5:18:56 PM PDT by Dqban22
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To: Dqban22; All
The Web of Terror

Castro, the Carribean, and Terrorism

Castro Watch:

Castro Watch: for Castro Watch articles. 

Other Bump Lists at: Free Republic Bump List Register

6 posted on 08/01/2002 5:27:15 PM PDT by backhoe
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To: Dqban22; Libertarianize the GOP
Twenty years later, the central and main head of the terrorism network is still the same diabolical tyrant, Fidel Castro. What Sterling wrote then, still applies and helps to understand the central role of Castro in today’s terrorist explosion and his relationship with the “axis of evil.”

Fortunately, Bush and Reich seem to have an understanding of this fact.

7 posted on 08/02/2002 4:17:05 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Dqban22
Miami Jury convicts accused torturer for Cuba***In a historic decision, a federal jury in Miami Thursday convicted a former Cuban psychiatric nurse for lying about his role in the alleged electroshock torture of political dissidents on his application to become an American citizen.

While foreign torture suspects have been held accountable in civil proceedings in American courts, experts said Thursday's verdict against Eriberto Mederos marks the first time an accused torturer has been convicted on criminal charges in the United States.

''We have now set a legal precedent,'' said Richard Krieger of Boynton Beach, who hunts foreign torturers who have relocated to the United States. ``This case shows the federal government that they can prosecute modern day war criminals for immigration fraud if they lie on their immigration papers.''***

8 posted on 08/02/2002 4:31:10 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Cincinatus' Wife
"I have no quarrel with Castro's past support of the Cold War terrorists but he has neither the money nor the inclination to train Al Qaeda or the Taliban. His Soviet sponsors would not have allowed it. The Taliban would not have accepted help from Cuba either. Certainly Castro will do business with whoever he can find to trade with but he has no entre into the stateless Islamic Tide.

Call me naive but I think Castro is largely toothless now. Sure, it will be delightful to see him pass on from the scene but he really isn't much of a player in today's world."

My answer to the previous commentary send to me by e.mail

My friend, if you had read the contributions to this article you would realize that the pathological hatred of Castro towards the U.S. is much deeper that Bin Laden’s. In fact Bin Laden was an ally of the U.S. during the Russian invasion to Afghanistan. Castro’s hatred evolved since he was a child. His father, a Spaniard, fought against the Cubans during the War of Independence and hated the U.S., Cuba was the “pearl of the Spanish Crown” and most Spaniards never forgave the intervention of U.S. in the war on the side of the Cuban patriots. It most be noted that the Cubans played an important role in the War of Independence of the U.S. even when they were under the Spanish Crown.

If you had read the articles you would have seen that Castro’s support of Islamic terrorism started over 10 years before of the involvement of the Soviets. The military pact with Arafat was never rescinded and the last expression of Castro’s total support for terrorism was in his unqualified support of Iraq in case of a war with U.S. Do not underestimate Castro’s potential for mischief. He tried once to nuke our cities and, although he does not have that capability now, nevertheless he has the capability and the will to use against us biological, chemical weapons of mass destruction as well as the disruption of our electronic communications using Cuba’s cyber-warfare capabilities. Cuba also has the most powerful and battle proved army in this hemisphere except for the U.S. even though Castro is not able to send around the world 70,000 troops anymore, he is a most valuable asset for the international terrorism network providing them haven, intelligence, training and weapons.

Everyone must be aware that Russian President Putin was the Chief of the KGB and as such, he knows how dangerous and intractable Castro is. Putin’s disengagement from the most important spy base for the Russian intelligence services right after 9/11 without even consulting the Cuban regime, denotes without any doubt the direct relationship between Castro, Al Qaeda, the Russian Base and the success of the attacks.

This tiger, although old, still has big and powerful teeth and claws. Do not underestimate Fidel Castro. But, in the final analysis, we should ask ourselves if the American tourists and our taxpayers’ money should be used to keep in power a terrorist tyrant who has pledged repeatedly to destroy U.S.

9 posted on 08/02/2002 12:26:24 PM PDT by Dqban22
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To: buckbonzi
August 3, 2002

TO: The Editors at Sun-Sentinel
Subject: In reply to your TRADE WITH CUBA: Right Move, Wrong Way.

Dear Sirs:

There is absolutely no justification of any kind for doing business with Castro, either from a moral standpoint, or from an economic or strategic one. Castro has a record of not paying his debts. He owes millions to several European nations. If credit is extended to Castro by the United States, the American taxpayer will end up with the bill.

It is the function of free societies to flourish in just conditions and reject all forms of injustice. A society that embraces tyranny will come to suffer it.

So why some opportunists in Congress and commerce want to do business with the Cuban dictatorship? What is their agenda for America? Why do they support the tyrant Castro, and want Americans to do business with Castro, the Hitler of the Caribbean?

One congressman in every six is a registered member of Democratic Socialists of America, the largest United States affiliate of the Socialist International, including Charles Rangel, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters and 53 others.

Others, such as Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill., urge more patience. They argue that the travel ban should remain until Mr. Castro agrees to respect human rights, releases political prisoners and holds free and internationally supervised elections. Mr. Hyde said that Mr. Castro must continue to be treated as an "outlaw, and if we persist, sooner or later he will leave. It's Cuba that needs to change its policy."

Some say that the influx of American tourists and dollars into Cuba will influence their politics. This arrogant and presumptuous noble remark is nothing more than a cover-up for their greedy real reason.

For years, Americans have been quietly – and illegally – traveling to the island, risking fines and even jail time. A Cuban official noted that 3 million tourists visit annually from Canada, Europe and Mexico.

For years, the Cuban government has been doing business with Europe, Canada and Latin America, no amount of business or tourists has changed this totalitarian and repressive regime, haven for terrorists and exporters of espionage.

Why is it that discrimination is illegal against blacks and others, but NOT against the exiled Cuban community?
They have paid a high price in their search for freedom and justice leaving their homeland and loved ones behind. They came to this beloved country and developed a prosperous South Florida for the benefit of ALL. Everyone coming to SF enjoys the fruits of their hard labor and entrepreneurship, ALL including the Sun-Sentinel. No one wants the rural town that it once was.

All they want is a FREE Cuba and unite the families. Who can deny this right?

Rosa C. Bengochea, P.A.
Plantation, FL
10 posted on 08/03/2002 1:51:48 PM PDT by Dqban22
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To: Dqban22
China is just as bad as if not more so than cuba. Chicoms openly celebrated the destruction of the twin towers and distributed a video hailing the september 11th attacks.
11 posted on 08/03/2002 2:23:51 PM PDT by bok
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To: Dqban22
12 posted on 08/04/2002 6:24:25 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: thegreatbeast
Sorry, but this is ancient history. Castro simply doesn't have the wherewithal to support any terrorist networks. Undoubtedly


Castro can do whatever he wants while we watch the stock market bubble up.

13 posted on 08/04/2002 6:26:58 AM PDT by lavaroise
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To: bok
I agree that China is just as bad as Castro in relation to the potential threat to U.S. The Chinese in fact have installed in Cuba a state of the art spy base with cyber-warfare capabilities. The Chinese/Castro’s base is able to interrupt all electronic communications over the U.S. and intercept every kind of telephone call. With a base in Cuba and the control of the Panama Canal by the Chinese thanks to Carter and Clinton, the China/Castro Axis added another level of danger to our security because of the already lethal danger of Castro's alliance with the "Axis of evil. Those Congressmen and Senators who choose to ignore Castro’s menace toward the security of the U.S. in spite of his history of pathological hatred towards our country are unfit to represent the American people.

For those who do not care about our security but about the business potential, Cuba certainly is not China. The Chinese deliver quality merchandise and pay for their purchases. Cuba is an economic black hole, Castro hasn’t repaid anyone who has ever given him credit. Why should the American taxpayers assume the burden of keeping him in power?

14 posted on 08/05/2002 9:30:23 AM PDT by Dqban22
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To: Dqban22
Formal Complaint Filed By Judicial Watch.
“U.S. Food & Agribusiness Exhibition,” in Havana, Cuba
from September 26 – September 30, 2002.

(Washington, DC) Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption and abuse, said today that it filed a formal complaint with President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Attorney General John Ashcroft, Treasury Secretary Paul H. O’Neill and the Office of Foreign Asset Control (“OFAC”) to revoke the license granted to PWN Exhibicon to conduct a “U.S. Food & Agribusiness Exhibition,” in Havana, Cuba from September 26 – September 30, 2002.

Cuba is a U.S. State Department-designated state sponsor of terrorism. Since the September 11th attacks, Fidel Castro labeled the US-led war on terrorism "worse than the original attacks, militaristic, and fascist." During a 2001 tour of Iran, Syria and Libya, Castro was quoted by many of the world’s media outlets as saying: “Iran and Cuba, in cooperation with each other, can bring America to its knees. The U.S. regime is very week and we are witnessing this weakness from close up.” Cuba continues to actively support terror groups, including the Basque ETA, Colombia’s FARC and ELN, as well as Northern Ireland’s Sinn Fein.

The planned “U.S. Food & Agribusiness Exhibition,” in Havana is a frivolous and harmful promotional event. The U.S. government’s active endorsement and licensure of such activity, by U.S. corporations, in the capital of a terror state, during a time of war, is inconsistent foreign and trade policy – as well as prime propaganda fodder for Castro and his terrorist allies.

Expo participants reportedly include major U.S. agribusiness corporations, including: Archer Daniels Midland, Perdue Farms, Cargill, Hormel, and Tyson Foods, among others. According to 1998 campaign figures, agribusiness interests dispensed nearly $43.3 million to federal candidates and parties. Both Republicans and Democrats cater to agribusiness corporations seeking ways to circumvent the Cuban embargo. This may explain how the Clinton administration’s “Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000,” is allowed to take precedence over the Bush administration’s “war on terror.”

“It’s bad enough that the Bush administration licensed this trade expo in the first place, but if it now chooses not to revoke the license, then their hypocrisy on terrorism will be a national disgrace,” stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman.

Show organizer PWN Exhibicon International LLC (PWN Exhibicon) has received authorization from the United States government to conduct this event. E.J. Krause & Associates, Inc. will be responsible for the marketing and operations of the exhibition.

Representatives of government-operated companies and non-government-operated companies that have offices in Cuba will be attending the U.S. Food & Agribusiness Exhibition, including Alimport, Cuba's primary purchaser of food and agricultural products. According to Pedro Alvarez Borrego, Chairman, Alimport is looking to identify "…millions of U.S. dollars in new purchases…," and finalize transactions since "…many of the contracts for these new purchases will be signed during the exhibition..."

Key companies such as Archer Daniels Midland Company, Riceland Foods, Radlo Foods, Gold Kist, Marsh International, United Food and Pharmaceutical, Perdue Farms, Cargill, Boston Agrex, ConAgra Foods, Inc., PS International, Bushel 42 Pasta Company, North Dakota Farm Bureau, Reuven International USA, The Rice Company, Hormel Foods Corporation, Bunge, Northarvest Bean Growers, Tyson Foods, and Georgia Department of Agriculture are just some of the companies, organizations, state departments of agriculture, and state economic development offices who are planning to participate in the U.S. Food & Agribusiness Exhibition.

Take a good look at the participants.
The U.S has not lifted sanctions on Cuba, and these companies are already doing business at the expense of the Cuban and American people.
Oh yes, it is going to cost us plenty!
Government subsidies are paid by no other than the taxpayer!
Tell your Gov. Representatives that you do not want these filthy game of politics !!!
The above is sent to you by
Chachi Novellas Bengochea
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

15 posted on 09/19/2002 9:09:51 AM PDT by Dqban22
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