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Hey, FBI: So, denial really is a river in Egypt!
Jewish World Review ^ | July 10, 2002 | Mark Steyn

Posted on 07/10/2002 5:28:21 AM PDT by SJackson

I'm a dead white male, as you can tell from my picture. Suppose on Martin Luther King Day I went to the offices of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and shot the receptionists. How many nano-seconds do you think it would take before the attack was being characterized as racially motivated? Your top Olympic hotshot could ingest every steroid on the planet and he couldn't beat that time.

Suppose it was Judy Garland's birthday and I went to my local gay bathhouse and opened fire on the fetching young men handing out the towels. How many minutes would tick by before the word "homophobia" was heard?

Or suppose it was the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and me and my semi-automatic swung by the abortion clinic ...

Well, you get the idea. On the Fourth of July (hint) a guy went to the airport in Los Angeles, sauntered up to the ticket counter of El Al (hint) and fatally shot two people and wounded three. How many folks hearing the news on a quickie radio update honestly expected it to be anyone other than a Muslim male of Middle Eastern origin? Obviously, Underperformin' Norman Mineta, the scrupulously sensitivity-trained U.S. Transportation Secretary, would have been wary of jumping to conclusions. Were he running the LAPD, he'd have pulled in a couple of elderly nuns and Kelli-Sue, a trainee hairdresser from Des Moines.

But, fortunately for the final death toll, El Al has its own security and so the suspect, after firing 10 rounds, was himself killed. And whaddaya know? He wasn't an elderly nun but a 41-year-old Egyptian male! His name wasn't Kellie-Sue, it was Hesham Mohamed Hadayet!

This stunning development seems to have completely disoriented the FBI. I quote from The New York Times headline: "Officials Puzzled About Motive Of Airport Gunman."

Hmm. Egyptian Muslim kills Jews on American national holiday. Best not to jump to conclusions. Denial really is a river in Egypt. "It appears he went there with the intention of killing people," said Richard Garcia, the Bureau's agent in charge. "Why he did that we are still trying to determine."

CNN and The Associated Press all but stampeded to report a "witness" who described the shooter as a fat white guy in a ponytail who kept yelling "Artie took my job." But, alas, this promising account proved to be a prank. Saudi Arabia's popular Arab News suggested that Mr. Hadayet had made the mistake of doing business with El Al and that "the Israeli airline had been late in paying for two limousine rentals from the Egyptian immigrant's company." If a couple of late cheques were a motive for murder, Izzy's and Conrad's heads would now be stuffed and mounted in my trophy room. But, sadly, this cautionary tale about the Jew bloodsucker's commercial wiles proved also to be false.

That left the police with no leads. Nothing to go on. The trail's stone cold. All the FBI has is an Egyptian male, who'd complained to his apartment managers after his neighbours post-9/11 began displaying the American flag; who'd posted a banner saying "READ KORAN" on his own front door; who told his employees that he hated Israel, that the two biggest drug dealers in New York were Israelis, and that Israel was trying to wipe out the Egyptian population by flooding the country with AIDS-infected Jewess prostitutes.

Could even the most expert psychological profiler make sense of such confusing and contradictory signs? Beats me, Sherlock. But, as Agent Garcia says, there's no indication of "anti-Israel views or any other type of racial views." Orange County's Muslim Public Affairs Council has praised Agent Garcia for his exceptionally advanced levels of sensitivity. Any moment now, they'll be demanding to know why Governor Gray Davis has failed to visit a mosque to reassure Muslims.

Meanwhile, a London newspaper says that Mr. Hadayet may have met with Osama bin Laden's deputy on at least two occasions in Cairo. If last Thursday's shooting is the spectacular Fourth of July massacre al-Qaeda have been promising for months, then they're to be congratulated for a bloody slaughter on an epic scale never before seen in America except from incompetent grade-school psychos who steal Uncle Bud's hunting rifle but forget to take any extra ammo.

In a story headlined "Bin Laden Plans Fresh Terror For September," Britain's Observer reported yesterday that "terrorists are planning a series of spectacular attacks on American, British and Israeli targets to coincide with the anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center on 11 September last year." As spectacular as Thursday? Well, let's not get too ambitious ... Oh, speaking of the late Mr. bin Laden, whatever happened to that new video we were promised any day now? Well, apparently, that's been pushed back to the new fall season, too, and should be premiering the same week as the new romantic comedy in which I star as the world's most eligible bachelor unable to choose between Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz and so forced to make love to both repeatedly. I offered Osama a small part, but he said, "I've got one already."

Credit where it's due. Between September 11th and July 4th, there were no terrorist attacks on American soil. That's a longer period of peace than the British ever managed in the 30 years it took them to surrender to the IRA. Much of this 10-month calm is due to increased vigilance but some of it is also due to al-Qaeda's preference for hiring morons. If their glorious Fourth was really the follow-up to 9/11, then I'd say that's the worst-performing sequel since Dudley Moore made Arthur II.

But let's take the Feds at their word when they insist there's "no connection" between the LAX killer and any terrorist organizations. In its way, that's even more disturbing. Mr. Hadayet doesn't fit the poverty-breeds-desperation-breeds-resentment routine: He lived in a prosperous L.A. suburb and ran his own business. America had been good to him, at least when compared with the economic basket-case he emigrated from. On July 4th, he had plenty of reasons to get out the bunting and firecrackers. Instead, he went Jew-killing.

Osama and al-Qaeda are a small problem, which since September 11th has been managed about as well as can be expected. But the broader culture of "intolerance" in certain unassimilated communities is a potentially much bigger problem. You win wars not just by bombing but by argument, too: Churchill understood this; he characterized the enemy as evil, because they were and because it was important for the British people to understand this if they were to muster the will to see the war through. In Vietnam, the U.S. lost the rhetorical ground to Jane Fonda and co., and wound up losing the war, too.

It's critical that the same thing does not happen here. The organizations that purport to represent Muslims in North America and Europe have their own excuses for turning a blind eye to the torrent of hate from respectable sources within the Muslim world -- mosques, media, government. There's no reason why the FBI and other U.S. agencies should sign on to their fictions.

In the meantime, spare a thought for Thursday's victims, Victoria Hen, 25, and Yaakov Aminov, 46. Mr. Hadayet successfully orphaned eight children -- and a ninth on the way. Congratulations to another heroic Islamist martyr!

TOPICS: Editorial; Government

1 posted on 07/10/2002 5:28:21 AM PDT by SJackson
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To: SJackson
Good post, A rose by any other name...
2 posted on 07/10/2002 5:38:54 AM PDT by exnavy
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To: SJackson
Let's face it. The FiBbIes can't find their a$$es with both hands. They've proven it countless times. Had they been doing their job 9/11 would not have happened. They were way too busy murdering unarmed women holding babies and burning down buildings to bother with real terrorists. 'Sides, that's lots safer. If a woman's holding a baby she can't aim a rifle.

Boonie Rat

MACV SOCOM, PhuBai/Hue '65-'66

3 posted on 07/10/2002 5:42:21 AM PDT by Boonie Rat
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To: SJackson
Mark Steyn puts another HOMERUN into orbit!
4 posted on 07/10/2002 5:52:34 AM PDT by Agent Smith
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To: SJackson
MAYOR LARRY VAUGHN: You yell 'Barracudda,' everyone says 'Huh, what?' You yell 'Shark,' we've got a panic on our hands on the fourth of July. - "Jaws"

Everybody back in the water! No worries! Just an isolated hate crime!

5 posted on 07/10/2002 5:53:06 AM PDT by ctonious
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To: SJackson
6 posted on 07/10/2002 5:54:45 AM PDT by TLBSHOW
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To: SJackson
Oops, forgot this.

Click for the balance of Article

7 posted on 07/10/2002 6:02:04 AM PDT by SJackson
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To: SJackson
It (not the article but the whole situation) has all the tell tale odors pointing to POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

We have seen this all too many times for it not to be explained, at least in part, to this mental reasoning in our day and age.

8 posted on 07/10/2002 6:31:49 AM PDT by AmericanInTokyo
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To: SJackson
They (those in power and their spokespeople) do NOT want the American people at the grassroots to begin to form negative (and of course realistic) impressions opposed to Islamism and certain radical Arabs living in our midst.

Coming clean and telling what this really was (anti-Israel/Jewish terrorism on US soil) would be a CONTRADICTION to their massive TV propaganda program of "I Am An....American!" and Bush's visits to mosques.

One can see that political correctness has so fully crept into the new Administration's FBI just as it teemed there under Clinton. It is so obvious what is going on it isn't even funny. The TRUTH of the July 4th LAX Terrorist Incident is being sacrificed on the altar of kumbayaist political correctness.

But what they did not bargain for is a hard core and growing core of sophisticated observers (as evidence on this FR page) who are not gullible and who help spread potent counter arguments to show them off for what they truly are, embarrass them, and thwart their plans to paper these and other incidents over for the sake of their narrow agendae.

9 posted on 07/10/2002 6:39:58 AM PDT by AmericanInTokyo
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To: AmericanInTokyo; All
Has the "look & feel" of a terrorist to me:
Hadayat met al-Qaida's No. 2 man twice | July 9, 2002 | worldnetdaily
"While the FBI is still debating whether Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, the Egyptian who shot up an El Al ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport, was a terrorist, an Arabic newspaper in London reports he met twice with Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden's top lieutenant "
More About the LA Terror Assailant Hadayat (US media, where are you?)
DEBKA | July 7, 2002
New York Daily News | 7/08/02 | JANE H. FURSE
"The gunman who killed two Israelis during his Independence Day rampage at Los Angeles International Airport may have ties to Osama Bin Laden's right-hand man, an Arabic-language newspaper reported yesterday" | Monday, July 8, 2002 | Joseph Farah
"Personally, I'm getting a little tired of such coincidences. When and how do a series of "isolated incidents" begin to show a pattern to the FBI? Why is it that the FBI is afraid to add two plus two? "
News Max | 7-5-02
times india | 7/5/02
Ha'aretz | Friday, July 5, 2002 | By Amir Oren
Airport slayings intensify debate (Does anybody at USA TODAY have a clue?)
USA Today | 07/05/2002 - Updated 02:29 AM ET | Scott Bowles
Ha'aretz | July 5th 2002 | News Agencies

10 posted on 07/10/2002 6:48:09 AM PDT by backhoe
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To: Boonie Rat
The word from the White House is, DON'T OFFEND THE ARABS!

I sure would appreciate it if they would explain WHY NOT?

11 posted on 07/10/2002 7:02:25 AM PDT by B4Ranch
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To: B4Ranch
"Why not?" Because we're going to have to stage our strike against Iraq from one of the other Middle Eastern countries, that's why. We've suckered the Kurds in Northern Iraq before, and they don't want the shame of a second taking on themselves. I wish I could defend all we've done with regard to foreign policy -- Republican administration or Democratic -- but I can't.

Dubya is a straight talker, and I believe he will do what he says, if allowed to do so, but there's that bunch in Congress to contend with. He can talk all he wants, but unless they back him up, he's out on a limb with a chainsaw between him and the trunk.

12 posted on 07/10/2002 10:12:46 AM PDT by Constitutions Grandchild
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To: SJackson
Careful there, this post looks like ethnic profiling to me! Can't we all just get along? (SARCASM)
13 posted on 07/10/2002 10:34:01 AM PDT by F.J. Mitchell
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To: B4Ranch
The word from the White House is, DON'T OFFEND THE ARABS!

I sure would appreciate it if they would explain WHY NOT?

What's a few dead peasants between friends? The WSJ recently reported a case of Marines delivering American citizens seeking refuge back to their Saudi owners.

Connect the dots.

14 posted on 07/10/2002 10:42:59 AM PDT by AdamSelene235
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To: firebrand; Dutchy
ping for good article & links!
15 posted on 07/10/2002 10:47:27 AM PDT by Black Agnes
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To: AdamSelene235
Are the dots you are referring to 'oil' dots?
16 posted on 07/10/2002 3:07:09 PM PDT by B4Ranch
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To: B4Ranch
Are the dots you are referring to 'oil' dots?

Not really.

I'm more concerned about the sort of systematic institutional failure we are seeing in this country.

My definition of a decadent society is one that is aware of the correct course of action but is institutionally incapable of taking it.

Examples: FBI,CIA,public schools, the CDC, NIH, NASA,DOE,NSF,etc,etc.

17 posted on 07/10/2002 3:58:12 PM PDT by AdamSelene235
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To: AdamSelene235
We have a group of leaders who seeem to think we elected them for life, when that position only applies to the Supreme Court. Greed for power has brought socialism.
18 posted on 07/10/2002 7:38:18 PM PDT by B4Ranch
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