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We Are At War; Are We Prepared For It?
SELF ^ | 9/13/2001 | MHGinTN

Posted on 09/13/2001 9:44:48 AM PDT by MHGinTN

I'm hesitant to post a thread when the load on the server is so severe, but there are good Freepers going off half-cocked. I'm still to angry to post comments 'off the top of my head', and I see a few others are also. Here are a few thoughts to ponder.

We are at war with a subtle, determined, devious enemy. There is a fair likelihood that Osama bin Laden didn't mastermind this attack alone, that it was mastermind at least in part from Libya or Iraq, and Osama is their cover, to divert attention from the real cell of rot. Yousef, who headed the prep for the first WTC bombing that failed, is likely an Iraqi deep cover agent whose alternate identity of Karim is fabricated, so we must be very thorough because these terrorists may have also left false trails. We must be sure from where this originated, and then be thorough in our annihilating retaliation. Spitting cruise missiles into the Afghan desert or a Sudanese pharmaceutical plant may please the kneejerk quarterbacks, but it is a luxury we can no longer afford.

We are in a war that will bring many more casualties in America, make no mistake about that. To reduce the potential for casualties after we make our initial strike, we must prepare for the coming struggle against an enemy determined to slaughter innocent Americans and an enemy who believes they will be blessed if they die killing innocent Americans ... to these hate-filled fanatics, there are no innocent Americans. And make no mistake here also, when the fire comes from the sky upon these terrorists, it will be the American people sending those strikes and it will be the American people who will receive the outrage that follows. We are not prepared for that and if we are to be successful against this evil that has slaughtered so many of our fellow Americans, we must get ready, quickly, and steel ourselves for the long haul against these bastards.

There is much talk of the greatest generation ... their war lasted just at five years, but it was in fixed, pitched battles overseas. Our battles will be fought in airports, on train lines, in banks and hotels, and yes, right in the very neighborhoods we considered safe just three days ago. Targets of opportunity are everywhere in this vast land, and they're not all in the blue zones around biggest cities. This war will be, in part, fought in the heartland of America. We are not yet ready for that. Until we are at least preparing for that level of conflict, prepared to deal with catastrophic evil such as biological and chemical devastation, we are not ready to make our initial strike, our devastating first blow at the enemy, whomever that turns out to be.

When the deviant, bill clinton, fired off missiles at targets he knew would not be bloody in the main, he did nothing but steel our enemy. Now, we must become the hammer that beats that steel into oblivion. Recriminations will come soon enough, and I will be one of the first to point out the complicity of the whole Lott of pubbies who would not stand up for what is right ... but now is the time to prepare for war. May God grant us the determination to see this through, now, before it is beyond our capabilities to deal with it.

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Some of the same preparedness highlighted for the Y2K hysteria would now actually be in order: maintain a two week supply of food in reserve, with water and candles, etc; think ahead what strategic targets may be in your general area, around your community and prepare for evacuation or bunkering accordingly; perhaps a reserve electric generator and a stand-by for transportationa nd emdical aid is in order. The point is, the war against terrorism will be waged, to some extent, right here in America, so we the people must prepare for that eventuality, until our military teeth can strike at the heart of these demons repeatedly, to break off their fangs and cut the arms from their reach.
1 posted on 09/13/2001 9:44:48 AM PDT by MHGinTN (
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To: Bryan, Manny Festo, supercat, Luis Gonzalez, William Wallace, Eternal Vigilance
2 posted on 09/13/2001 9:48:38 AM PDT by MHGinTN
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Good one, Marvin


4 posted on 09/13/2001 10:07:55 AM PDT by rdf
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Good piece.


5 posted on 09/13/2001 10:09:35 AM PDT by Hugh Akston
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To: Manny Festo
The guy one cube over from me is Muslim.

He also has been here in the US since he was 10, and he wept openly when this happened, and he is scared crapless for what might happen to his family, and to him.

He is outraged against what is done in the name of his religion, and hopes we wipe out the Taliban and other terrorist organizations.

He is a good man, and a good co-worker.

6 posted on 09/13/2001 10:13:53 AM PDT by Hugh Akston
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To: one_particular_harbour, Prodigal Daughter
Bump for Manny Festo's bit.
7 posted on 09/13/2001 10:17:08 AM PDT by Hugh Akston
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I realize I sound like a broken record lately, but we must be clear who we are at war with. We are at war with a crazy international death cult. This is a Jihad.

Our enemies will die in the effort to kill us and subjucate our culture. They want to weaken us and demoralize us and get us to change. We must not capitulate. The only response to their Jihad is a Jihad right back at them. All Jihadists must die. Like the police must kill a sniper in a tower before he murders more passersby, we must kill all Jihadists. Taliban, Bin laden, Iranian leadership, Lybian leadership, Sudan gov't, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbullah and a handful of others are the enemies of the free world. They think by killing us they get into heaven.

The only appropriate answer to Jihad is a Jihad right back at them. We must declare a holy war against them like they have against us. By going after them with 100x the vengeance they have pursued us, we will win this war. When the masses of Islamics see how we will treat all Jihadists with ferocity, they will never dare support these groups again.

8 posted on 09/13/2001 11:02:00 AM PDT by monkeyshine
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To: monkeyshine, Jeff Head, Howlin, Willie Green
Monkeyshine, I don't disagree. These people thrive on martyrdom. We will be giving them plenty of martyrs. Let's just do it thoroughly, with an eye toward annihilation of such demnoic insanity, though we can never obliterate such demonic influence ... in the Book of Daniel, we read this same evil spirit was in operation in that region even in Daniel's day!
9 posted on 09/13/2001 11:29:27 AM PDT by MHGinTN
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To: Miss Marple, Lady In Blue, PhiKapMom, Teacup, Irma, Howlin, GUIDO, McGavin999, Billie
Something you may want to read
10 posted on 09/13/2001 11:40:57 AM PDT by deport
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To: Smartaleck, sinkspur, DainBramage, ravingnutter, lonestar, Reagan Man, self_reliant, Dog Gone
worth your time and consideration, imo
11 posted on 09/13/2001 11:42:38 AM PDT by deport
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To: MHGinTN, deport
I am worried; and I am glad I have FR to remind me of who the REAL enemy is -- and some of them are right here at FR. And they are NOT Muslims. They are the ones screaming for the heads of people they cannot even name.

I am worried for my children and grandchildren. And I am worried that this country is not up to what we are about the embark upon.

12 posted on 09/13/2001 12:02:22 PM PDT by Howlin
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This was a very good question, are we prepared to protect our interests? Are you armed and ready to fight off terrorist in your own city or town. The police are there, but they are there after the event, we must be prepared to take action during an event or just as it is getting started.

I am locked and loaded and ready to defend, if necessary, but then again, I have always been ready. If you do not have a CWP get one, if you do not have a handgun, get one, if you do not have a rifle, get one, if you do not have a radio, get one, if you do not have an emergency kit for at least 72 hours, then put one together. It is YOUR responsibility to protect your family, not the governments. PROTECT yourself and your loved ones. If the war hits close to home, we must be ready to turn them into martyr's without doing the damage that they wish to do!!
13 posted on 09/13/2001 12:05:45 PM PDT by Aric2000
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To: Howlin
I am worried about my children and grandchildren too, and they are not yet even born. If we don't clean up this mess now, they will have to.

I can name our enemy. Our enemy is Bin Laden, it is Hezbullah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Taliban, the Sudanese gov't, Arafat, the Iranian gov't, the Iraqi gov't. We didn't worry about the names of the citizens of Dresden or Hiroshima or Nagasaki. But they did not know the names of the 25,000 they killed this week, either. I am not saying to carpet bomb or to nuke them, but we know who these groups are, and we know where their training camps are. We should napalm these camps. We should let Israel step up their 'assissination' policy. We should invade and slaughter these people. All the Jihadists who go to the mosques and preach "It is your duty to kill Jews and Americans whereever they are" (which one Muslim Cleric broadcast over the PA television on the Friday that the Intifada began) are the enemies of the free world and must be killed. When the police see a sniper in the tower of the university, they do not seek to bring him to justice. They kill him before he murders again.

The commandment is "Thou Shall Not Murder". It is not a sin to kill someone who plans, executes and supports murder. Arafat is the leading terrorist in the world. So is Bin Laden. So is the Iranian gov't, Afghani gov't, Syrian gov't.

They are in a holy war. They cannot be appeased. We have aided Muslims for decades. We give aid to Egypt, to the Palestinians, to Jordan, to the Afghanis against the soviets, we saved Saudi Arabia, we liberated Kuwait, the carved up Europe so Muslims can have a home there too. We are not their enemies, but these Jihadists think that because we balance this support with support for Israel and the Jews that we are heathens. They think our culture is sinful, and they think it is good to die while murdering us. Sorry, these death cultists must be attacked with all the vengeance and ferocity that human endeavor can muster.

14 posted on 09/13/2001 12:41:06 PM PDT by monkeyshine
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To: deport
Something you may want to read

No, not something I want to read - something I may need to read, but I'd like to put my head in the sand. Thanks for the flag, deport.

15 posted on 09/13/2001 12:47:25 PM PDT by Billie
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To: Hugh Akston, MHGinTN
Thank you for the post and the flag. Most Moslem commoners are victims who can't speak out against the Moslem hierarchy. We need to be compassionate towards Arab victims, but not naive about the totalitarian system they live under and their many allies, including anti-American "Americans" who have weakened immigration policies to let terrorists immigrate or participated in immigration fraud. If we only concentrate on the Arab enemies, next it will be the Chinese or any other willing group.
16 posted on 09/13/2001 12:47:49 PM PDT by Prodigal Daughter
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To: MHGinTN, all
I've been reading a book Jewish Responses to Nazi Persecution, I think its out of print, but all should read this type of book at some time. I'm struck by some of the (true) stories in the book, Jews who had to hide from the Nazis or had to survive the ghettos often received lifesaving help from the person they thought would be the anti-Semite, and their own Jewish people sometimes were their persecutor (Judenratt).

If persecution comes to American conservatives, especially Christians, someday and we know it will come to all Christians (probably in our lifetime) we should keep in mind that we can never judge a book by its cover, the person who we think is a Christian might be working for the enemy and the Moslem or the atheist might stand with us when they are forced to make a choice.

Just think how many Arab Americans probably work for U.S. intelligence monitoring Arabic broadcasts. We have to avoid extremes of tolerating those who want to destroy us or destroying those who want to help us.

Thank you for the post.

17 posted on 09/13/2001 1:00:58 PM PDT by Prodigal Daughter
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To: deport
With the events of '9-11', many American's are prepared to wage a war against the forces of world terrorism. However, there are many other American's who aren't ready, or perhaps not willing to make the necessary sacrifices to defend America. They can't bring themselves to do what must be done.

Some of these people are pacifists and don't hide their opposition towards violence of any kind. Thats fine. Just stay out of the way. Far, far out of the away.

After what happened on Tuesday, if some people still aren't ready to defend their own freedom and liberty, and to protect their family and fight for their homeland, then they'll never, ever be ready. The American way of life and our national security have been threatened and placed in jeopardy. If some people can't comprehend the long term danger of what occured in NYCity and Wash-DC, then nothing will ever convince them otherwise.

The current political rhetoric by America's leadership, will soon give way to talk of serious and sustained military actions against terrorists of the world. It will be time for fighting. So Americans must choose to either fight, or get the hell out of the way and let those ready, willing and able to defend America, be allowed to defend her! We must expunge from the face of the Earth, those willing to committ horrific acts of killing and violence, against innocent and helpless people.


18 posted on 09/13/2001 2:14:46 PM PDT by Reagan Man
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To: deport
Thanks, De for the flag. It's an important and very sobering read.
19 posted on 09/13/2001 4:39:52 PM PDT by Irma
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To: Torie, Don Joe, Iron Jack
20 posted on 09/13/2001 5:38:12 PM PDT by MHGinTN
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