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EXCLUSIVE: Rumors Swirling that Fired Italian Spies Were Connected in Plot to Eliminate Trump
GATEWAY PUNDIT ^ | 5/25/2019 | Joe Hoft

Posted on 05/26/2019 7:52:14 AM PDT by bitt

Rumors are swirling that the recent firings of top Italian spies were related to Obama and a plot to set up candidate and President Trump in a Hillary email scandal.

Earlier this month Italian Prime Minister Conte asked for the resignations of four top intelligence officials after his call with President Donald Trump.

And now another Internet Sleuth has uncovered some shocking news related to the recent removal of these top Italian intelligence ministers from their positions as top spies in the government.

The story begins in January 2017 when Computer World wrote about alleged crimes committed by Italian Giulio Occhionero:

The Tuesday arrest of Giulio Occhionero and his sister, Francesca Maria, has brought to light what appears to be the biggest, and highest-profile, hacking of institutional and corporate accounts ever reported in Italy.

The siblings have been planting the Pyramid Eye remote access Trojan on computers using a spear-phishing technique over several years, according to the arrest order.

They attacked at least 18,000 high-profile targets, including former Prime Ministers Matteo Renzi and Mario Monti, President of European Central Bank Mario Draghi, as well as employees and heads of various ministries including Internal Affairs, Treasury, Finance and Education.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: PGR88

8 years holding the presidency for each party just pushes the pendulum of the federal courts back and forth. 16 years or more can permanently change the country like the 20 years of Roosevelt and Truman did.

41 posted on 05/26/2019 8:50:27 AM PDT by KarlInOhio (Leave the job, leave the clearance. It should be the same rule for the Swamp as for everyone else.)
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To: bitt

What to Know About Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s Visit to the White House

October 18, 2016

If Renzi does not secure a victory for his constitutional changes, he has announced that he will resign – although in recent weeks he has declined to repeat this pledge.

If he did resign, it could have wider implications for the European Union, reports Euro News, “because it would open the door to the possibility of the Euroskeptic Five Star Movement getting into power, who have made no secret of wanting to hold a referendum on Italy leaving the Euro”.

Once again - CIA Globalist thought they ruled the world. It’s time to throw sunhine on the Intelligence sewer...

42 posted on 05/26/2019 8:53:00 AM PDT by GOPJ (MSNBC bimbos stand WITH illegals against Americans and WITH China against our companies.)
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To: PGR88

Obama did all this when the polls and media all said she was certain to win. Just imagine the kind of stuff they would have come up with if she had been behind in the polls.

43 posted on 05/26/2019 8:54:43 AM PDT by Repealthe17thAmendment
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To: semantic

>>Soetoro, Clinton, et al are merely fronts placed in the public eye. The real power lies with those who engineered US involvement way back in WWI. The alliance of the 5 major English speaking countries, all originating from the mother ship, is the key to the puzzle.

What semantic said. Target the Beast’s brain, not its buttocks.

44 posted on 05/26/2019 8:56:56 AM PDT by Yollopoliuhqui (I took the red pill. Smarter-Faster)
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To: bitt

Sort of clears up the “Italian” connection death.

45 posted on 05/26/2019 8:57:17 AM PDT by Polynikes ( Hakkaa paalle)
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To: livius

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” Sort of...

46 posted on 05/26/2019 9:00:36 AM PDT by MrKatykelly (Hello)
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To: numberonepal

I am more inclined to think that transparency will prevent wars
more than cause them. Moreover, maybe transparency would justify a proper reason for going to war rather than powers that be deciding to pull the trigger.

47 posted on 05/26/2019 9:07:15 AM PDT by cornfedcowboy
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To: existentially_kuffer

He’ll have a basketball and a photo of him and his fat, cellulite ridden, thong assed stretch panted shrew of a first “lady”, boarding Marine One, on their way to gawd knows where to pillage gawd knows who out of gawd knows what. With a quick stop for lobster and bacon cheeseburgers. That’s pretty much it.

48 posted on 05/26/2019 9:07:57 AM PDT by smvoice (I WILL NOTI'm WEAR THE RIBBON8)
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To: defconw

She knew back in 2006 that he was not whom he claims to be.

This is why she hired a team of investigators to sleuth his origins in Hawaii and Indonesia. (She should have poked in MA, WA and CA.)

All records related to his enrollment, education and family were either missing or sealed. Her investigation did yield the Soetoro registration and the muslim garb dress. But that was all they chose to reveal.

She obtained nothing in Hawaii and Zero mocked her futile attempts on live TV.

49 posted on 05/26/2019 9:09:49 AM PDT by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies
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To: dp0622
"This is all happening though, I think, because Trump let
countries know that he was allowing Barr to release
all of those files at his will.

I believe it’s why May quit also."

I also think the same as you do.
If Trump allows complete disclosure of everything
criminal and rotten the Clinton's/Obama/Democrats have done
to their enemies and to America it will astonish the world.
The corruption will be mind boggling.
That's why the Democrats are squealing so loudly.

50 posted on 05/26/2019 9:20:20 AM PDT by StormEye
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To: bitt

Hillary Clinton’s only child, Chelsea, had her wedding at a Soros estate.

Who do you think Hillary works for?

51 posted on 05/26/2019 9:22:25 AM PDT by blueunicorn6 ("A crack shot and a good dancer")
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To: clearcarbon
"Makes you wonder how many Republicans in Congress and the
Senate were blackmailed during comrade dictator
obama's reign of terror."

I imagine they tried to blackmail them all but failed.
I figure they were successful with about 40% of them -- the
ones whose votes were critical.

And then there are the judges and other officials,
State and Federal.

52 posted on 05/26/2019 9:26:26 AM PDT by StormEye
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To: Yollopoliuhqui
But here's the thing: is it really a beast? That is, are the motivations purely about maintaining status, wealth, power & control? Or, are there educated, rationale explanations driving the major initiatives?

For example, to which programs are patriots primarily opposed? Open borders, migration & population replacement? What if advances in genetic science soon render physical differences and mental capabilities moot? That is, what if it's soon possible to genetically alter skin/hair/eye color and/or improve IQ? For example, just raising collective IQ one std deviation among certain targeted groups would essentially destroy faith based pathologies, solving perhaps the biggest problem facing Europe.

Or, how about free (aka unfair) trade? What if rapid advances in robotics and other types of productive output render moot the classic notion of full employment in various physically demanding jobs? How does an economy respond to such dynamics without creating social upheaval and disruption?

Lastly, what if the deep state becomes "our bitch"? Why can't it be controlled to do nationalist bidding? If that's possible, then why destroy the infrastructure? For example, just as Trump mounted a successful hostile takeover of the RNC, why not too the deep state?

The reason I raise these questions is two-fold: I'd like to see the conversation begin to focus on what's really going on, rather than respond to "look squirrel" in the guise of one Barry Soetoro. Second, I'd like to really explore why the deep state is so hellbent on altering western culture. Do they know something we don't?

53 posted on 05/26/2019 9:26:37 AM PDT by semantic
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To: semantic
"Second, I'd like to really explore why the deep state is
so hellbent on altering western culture."
Do they know something we don't?"

Good question!

54 posted on 05/26/2019 9:33:56 AM PDT by StormEye
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To: PGR88

I don’t think it was so much about helping Hillary Clinton, it was a matter of keeping an outsider non-politician from turning over rocks and discovering all the crap “Official Washington” has been up to for decades.

55 posted on 05/26/2019 9:39:24 AM PDT by JennysCool
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To: StormEye
I think many of the international elite truly maintain deeply held beliefs that nationalism is the primary driver behind WWI & WWII. That being the case, with mankind in possession of MWD that could literally wipe out global population, it makes sense they would be dedicated to erasing (in their view artificial) barriers that foster & inculcate tribal behavior.

My problem with this approach is why not put it to the test of public scrutiny? Why not present a series of proposals and allow the electorate to make (hopefully informed) decisions? And my conclusion is this is the point where the deep state habitually retreats back to its closed ranks by determining that we cannot collectively "handle the truth".

If that's the case, I could entertain becoming a RINO, as long as the deep state machinery was used for purposes of advancing liberty and freedom. IOW, take it over and make it ours ie the commonly educated, doing our bidding instead.

56 posted on 05/26/2019 10:15:56 AM PDT by semantic
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To: PGR88

Because whoever holds power also holds the keys to the proverbial file cabinet, all the intel, data, reports, etc. Obama knew if H. Clinton failed getting elected, it would be Trump, putting Trump very close to documentary evidence which could bring them all down.

57 posted on 05/26/2019 10:48:49 AM PDT by dragnet2 (Diversion and evasion are tools of deceit)
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To: bitt

These guys will be made the scapegoat... while highest level of the British government escape scrutiny...

58 posted on 05/26/2019 10:52:18 AM PDT by Chauncey Gardiner
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To: dragnet2

It says that is a quote from Donna Brazile, but can you share the definitive source, did she say that in a book, a tweet, or exactly did that quote come out publicly?

59 posted on 05/26/2019 11:21:24 AM PDT by nfldgirl
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To: nfldgirl

I have no idea. Ask the author of the pic. Btw, are you of the opinion Clinton thought Trump being elected instead of her would be a good thing for Clinton?

Do you also want proof regarding the validity of the second pic?

60 posted on 05/26/2019 12:29:29 PM PDT by dragnet2 (Diversion and evasion are tools of deceit)
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