Since Feb 11, 2011

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“A crack shot and a good dancer.” - excerpt from the evaluation of a Cavalry 2nd Lieutenant during The Indian Wars. We can all only hope to be as proficient. My youth was ill-spent chasing wine, women and song...and I could only catch the wine and song. Those women can really run fast. I thought ‘OK, they’ll jog 30 or 40 yards and then I can talk to them’, but no...zooom!!! Like an F-18 catapaulting off the carrier deck. And then, when they had a big enough lead, they’d stop, take off their shoes, and throw their shoes at me. I thought it was some kind of Cinderella love-game, so I’d bring the shoes to school next day. I’d be walking down the hall with a pair of red high heels and the football team would beat me up. And try explaining to your Dad why you have women’s shoes in your closet. Six therapy sessions there to convince the therapist that I was just slow and not a transvestite.
Here’s a photo of me and my three dogs.........well, I’m not smart enough to post photos so just pretend you see a photo of me with my three dogs. I’m the one on the left.......with the jowls.....slobbering. Still haven't figured out how to post photos, so just imagine another picture of me and my son playing a little one-on-one basketball. He's the one slam-dunking. You can see my feet at the bottom of the photo. I'm the one concrete-resting. Four dogs now. I'm training them to hunt polar bears. Here's a photo of them taking on a polar bear in a snowstorm. The little one is behind the polar bear so you can't see him. I think I hold the record now on Free Republic for being called "fool". I've tried to get the Moderators to ban my Mom for doing this, but I think they agree with her. Back down to three dogs. We lost the Oldest Brother dog today. My Dad called him, "The best dog in the world", and he was. Down to two dogs. We lost the Youngest Brother dog today. He thought he was just a shorter, furrier person. I think that part of the purpose for a dog is to remind you that life is finite. Lost The Girl Dog. She was a sweetheart. A real lady unless the boys tried to get her snack. Then, she was all teeth and snarls. Down to just The Little Dog.