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Supreme Court rules against Miller
Ancorage Daily News ^ | 12-22-2010 | SEAN COCKERHAM

Posted on 12/22/2010 3:43:23 PM PST by freedomwarrior998

The Alaska Supreme Court today ruled against Joe Miller on all counts, a decision that leaves his challenge of Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s victory on life support.

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To: BillM


41 posted on 12/22/2010 5:01:53 PM PST by onyx (If you truly support Sarah Palin and want on her busy ping list, let me know!)
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To: freedomwarrior998

Sorry to hear this. At least we can’t accuse him of giving up too quickly! Bless his heart, he fought tooth and nail. I hope he runs again.

42 posted on 12/22/2010 5:03:17 PM PST by MizSterious ("Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." -JFK)
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To: vette6387

What you have to remember is that the media will ALWAYS attack the candidates who are the most conservative, the most threatening to them. In this case, it was primarily Christine O’Donnell.

It is impossible to stop this.

However, the method to fight against this, which will always happen, is to give the media a lot of conservatives to attack.
They can’t attack them all.

Christine was a real threat to the Democrats, and they spend a lot of time and a lot of effort ensuring that she didn’t win.

She didn’t win. But Rand Paul did win. And other conservatives did win. And we kicked ass in the House. The best results in the House in my lifetime.

What happened with Christine should be repeated often.

1) Remove the RINO - VICTORY. It’s a victory right there, and after watching the Lame Duck session, we know even more that it was a victory.

2) Send out a true conservative which threatens Democrats, instead of a RINO they like.

3) Watch the media rip apart the truest conservative. It will always happen.

4) Watch the Republicans win big, because the media is so focused on the truest conservative, they’re unable to make the case for the Democrat brand, or against the Republican brand. They’re only capable of attacking the true conservative, especially when the true conservative scares them so much.

5) End result - big VICTORY. The repugnant RINO Castle is gone. And Republicans win House races across the country.

Christine was victory and we win more, better, with more Christines, not less.

43 posted on 12/22/2010 5:04:26 PM PST by truthfreedom
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To: Tzimisce

Yes, and there are dozens of states with uninformed voters as bad as AK.

44 posted on 12/22/2010 5:07:34 PM PST by Theodore R. (Rush was right when he said America may survive Obama but not the Obama supporters.)
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To: paulycy
We're doomed.

They are doomed. They are dependant on the system for their fat paychecks and astroturf MSM propaganda support.

If they collapse that system, which is exactly where they are headed with the “empowerment” of FCC, FDA, NEA, EPA, etc, there will only be fully armed and prepped conservatives that can continue eating and living.

The rest will drown in their failed lib/dem overrun cesspools called "big cities" when the basics of affordable food, operating water and sewer systems are run 100% by affirmative action twits and cease to operate at any level..

The “elites” will then "demand" the resources of flyover country and those folks will simply not do it. 90% of any enforcement operation will defect as soon as they get a whiff of a kitchen table full of fresh food and the elite order-givers will not have a clue how to do anything.

A PERFECT example of this is occurring in dee-cee right now with the staff of and little bammy himself. He and they are so stupid and clueless they have managed to wreck the entire u.S. economy, healthcare system and vast sections of the u.S. industrial base in LESS than two years. They have become the laughingstock of the ENTIRE planet to the point of not even getting an invitation to the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

If allowed to continue beyond the tipping point (the start of "demands" of others resources) the end for the elites barking out orders will only be a matter of 2-3 months. Flyover country will sit on it’s hands and conservative representatives would literally walk into dee-cee at that point and dismantle 70% of fed-gov. as it will not be functioning anyway.


45 posted on 12/22/2010 5:08:25 PM PST by TLI ( ITINERIS IMPENDEO VALHALLA)
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To: freedomwarrior998
"I don't know what the people in Alaska see in MooCowSki"

Some peoples' idea of being "conservative" is supporting those who supported you (i.e. those that brought back the pork to your state) and their family. Murkowski has brought back pork, and she is the daughter of a heroic porkmeister.

Some peoples' idea of being "conservative" is being practical, i.e. put the person in office who has the most clout which is the incumbent Murkowski.

Also, Alaska may have lots of independents, and independents are not identical with conservatives.

Somehow a large majority are in favor of getting money off oil extracted by others just because they happen to live in the same state. That might be a populist notion, but it isn't necessarily conservative.

I spent some time in Colorado. Lots of "independent" type folks there, not many of whom were true blue conservatives. How else do you explain Colorado being one of the first to legalize abortion? I imagine that Alaska has similar independent-minded folk who individually decided to vote for Murkowski.

46 posted on 12/22/2010 5:08:54 PM PST by who_would_fardels_bear
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To: vette6387

Really? What did you do? Beside complain that is. Did you bash each candidate in the manner in which you bashed them in your post?

Castle would have been a much better choice huh?

As far as Sharron Angle, that vote was lost to fraud. Do you not have critical reasoning skills? Did you not see who was in charge of what in Neveda?

Nutballs. You are a putz

47 posted on 12/22/2010 5:09:03 PM PST by Outlaw Woman (It has come to the point that we have to decide what to do with the bodies.)
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To: freedomwarrior998

Agreed, you left out the fact that she is stupid, having to take the bar exam five time before she could pass.

48 posted on 12/22/2010 5:13:27 PM PST by MSF BU (YR'S Please Support our troops: JOIN THEM!)
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To: Theodore R.
Yes, and there are dozens of states with uninformed voters as bad as AK.

We can't afford apathy anymore. Our country is being poured in to the toilet.

Sorry for my concern.
49 posted on 12/22/2010 5:29:43 PM PST by Tzimisce (It's just another day in Obamaland.)
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To: NonValueAdded

“The people of Alaska made the sandwich, now they have to eat it.”

Yummy; a good ol’ DIRT SANDWICH. (I’ve wondered whether she had any Alaska pork in that Omnibus bill they voted down. If so, looks like they won’t be eating a pork sandwich any time soon.)

50 posted on 12/22/2010 5:31:16 PM PST by Twinkie (PEACE)
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To: Lazamataz

She should be kicked out of the Caucus.

In fact we should start demanding that with ALL RINOS. Shove them out of the Caucus.

51 posted on 12/22/2010 5:36:47 PM PST by Danae (Anail nathrach, orth' bhais's bethad, do chel denmha)
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To: redhead
Thanks Alaska crooks, democrats, and union thugs. Knew we could count on you to kick us in the butt. :(

(There. Fixed it for you.)

Roughly 90k people went in to the polling booths in Alaska and wrote the name "Murkowski" - or some variant of that.

I don't know how that can be blamed on crooks, Democrats and Union Thugs.

The ensuing court and legal battles? Yes - that is corruption at its finest.

But they wouldn't have a leg to stand on without the idiot Alaska voter.
52 posted on 12/22/2010 5:39:01 PM PST by Tzimisce (It's just another day in Obamaland.)
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To: freedomwarrior998

If I lived in Alaska, I would vote for the Rat in 2016 just to see this b***h lose. If she thinks the Rats will be crossing over to vote for her again she has another thing coming. She may change parties though.

53 posted on 12/22/2010 5:41:12 PM PST by KansasGirl
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To: Lazamataz

[She voted like a liberal Democrat. She should switch parties.]

I think she will. She is going to have to. No way she wins a general election in 2016 as an R. All 2010 Miller voters will vote against the stupid b***h.

54 posted on 12/22/2010 5:44:10 PM PST by KansasGirl
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To: Lazamataz
In this lame duck session, she voted: ....... * For the DREAM act.

See my tagline.

55 posted on 12/22/2010 5:46:07 PM PST by ding_dong_daddy_from_dumas (Budget sins can be fixed. Amnesty is irreversible.)
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To: Lazamataz

She was already a RINO before this election, but her RINOness has reached a level only shared by the witches of Maine.

56 posted on 12/22/2010 5:46:44 PM PST by ConservativeTeen (Proud Right Wing Extremist)
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To: freedomwarrior998

He has gone this far. Now he should keep going and deal with the federal issues. The federal court can no longer chastise him for not going to the state courts. Lets find out if there is any rule of law left in the federal system. Even the first federal judge indicated that there were compelling issues raised in Miller’s lawsuit. So go for it Joe! You have nothing to lose at this point.

57 posted on 12/22/2010 5:50:55 PM PST by Revel
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To: littleharbour

I know. I think Miller deserved to Win. But sh** happens even in Republican party..... once declared a loser, seldom does the court rule against the winner. No kicking Mur-cow-ski off for 6 more years... damn shame.

58 posted on 12/22/2010 5:51:35 PM PST by theDentist (fybo; qwerty ergo typo : i type, therefore i misspelll)
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To: BenKenobi

It’s hard to make the argument that Christine would’ve won.

But it’s also important to remember that Christine did better with whites than Linda McMahon did in Connecticut. There are a lot of blacks in Delaware, a lot of Democrats in Delaware. And this time around, a lot of black women voted (14% of the total was black women) and 95% of black women voted for Coons.

The most important thing to remember is that the national media spent a ton of time attacking Christine. When they were attacking Christine, it is true that it made it very hard for Christine to win, but they were not attacking other conservatives, conservativism in general, the republican brand, or building the Democrat brand. They were making sure that one specific candidate that scared them the most didn’t win.

The proof is in the pudding, and we did extremely well in the House.

Christine is out, Castle is out, and the Republicans have a solid majority in the House. That’s a great deal.

For the best outcomes, repeat with as many Christines as possible.

59 posted on 12/22/2010 6:01:24 PM PST by truthfreedom
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To: freedomwarrior998

Let’s face it, in many parts of this country, it isn’t the one who will fight for your liberty that attracts people but the one who will BRING IN THE MONEY from the Federal Government to your state that is attractive ( AKA PORK ).

Murcowski is one of the best proponents of pork barrel spending for Alaska.

That’s one of the reasons why people like Barney Frank, Charles Rangel and Nancy Pelosi will ALWAYS WIN.

60 posted on 12/22/2010 6:07:04 PM PST by SeekAndFind
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