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There Will Be Blood! ^ | March 21, 2010 | Joseph C. Phillips

Posted on 03/21/2010 6:24:13 AM PDT by Kaslin

I’m not crazy about congressional Democrats right now.

As I write this, Congressional Democrats are engaged in a furious partisan battle to pass their idea of healthcare reform. Alas it is an idea the majority of Americans do not share. It is in fact an idea that the majority of congressmen do not share, which is why President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are twisting arms, bribing, cajoling and threatening all manner of mischief in order to eek out a majority vote – or non vote -- on a bill the people have made clear they do not want. They may succeed.

I am not all that enamored of Congressional Republicans either. It is painful indeed to listen to the feigned outrage of so many Republicans who spent years in office redefining the meaning of concepts like “limited Government,” and “fiscal conservative”. Surely they must realize that their inept stewardship over so many years not only opened the door for the leftist now in power, but also rolled out the red carpet for them.

The contract we strike with government holds that citizens will give up certain of our rights in exchange for government protection of our liberty and property. The foundation of that bargain is trust. And that trust must be guarded jealously. Men must trust that their wishes will be respected and that government will not over step its bounds. When that trust dissipates due to the contraventions of officials within the government, the actions of government lose their legitimacy.

This view is one expressed by President Obama. In an interview with the “Concord Monitor” then candidate Obama decried the “50 plus 1 pattern of presidential politics.” It was Obama’s opinion that it made governance impossible. He was adamant that healthcare reform could not be passed with a simple majority vote. He did not mean to say that passing a healthcare bill was not possible with a one vote majority. Rather he was expressing the assured acknowledgement that passing such monumental legislation in such a manner and without the support of the minority party would rob it of its necessary legitimacy. It has become apparent that in this, as is clearly the case in so many things, Obama was merely blowing smoke.

Legitimacy can’t be had through backroom bribery, arm twisting and procedural maneuvers that corrupt and make a mockery of the spirit that enervates the principles of procedure, rule and law. Nor can it be had through default – by being the only other choice on the ballot. Legitimacy must be won the old fashioned way: it must be earned by nurturing the trust of the people.

Do Democrats truly believe that a government that rewrites the rules as they go along in order to inflict a policy on an unwilling public can be trusted not to rewrite the rules whenever it strikes their whim? Or is it, as I suspect, that they are convinced of the transcendent virtue of liberalism--that only the lefts motives are unimpeachable – that they are the good guys and in fact the only ones in government that can be trusted? They would be wrong. The passage of this healthcare bill will be a violation of that trust; it will be one more breach in a long series of abuses. I suggest it be the last.

How much longer will we be a party to promises that never come to fruition? How much longer will we listen to lies supported by evidence that has been cooked? How much longer will we allow the people’s representatives to run interference for private industry and expand the reach and power of federal bureaucracy? How much longer will we allow congressmen-for-life to mismanage the financial future of this nation- putting the security of her citizens at risk? How much more rope must we allow them before they finally hang themselves and us along with them?

If there is to be a second revolution then let it begin here and now! Let the political bloodbath begin in November followed closely by more bloodletting in 2012. No one will be safe. Neither a “D” nor an “R” following a name will be sufficient protection from the people’s blade! There is no time like now to begin the winnowing process; and there is no better reason than to dismantle a government that can’t be trusted to keep its part of the bargain.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial
KEYWORDS: 111th; angrymob; bhohealthcare; communism; fascism; healthcare; marxism; obama; obamacare; pelosi; socialism; teaparty
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To: bayliving

1)You said: The big gun was just for show. To intimidate.

Shouldn’t this “guard” be charged with “bias intimidation”?

2)Sadly, there are way too many people in this country who have no idea what is going on. And with the media in the communists’ pocket when their paychecks get smaller and their grandparents are cut off from medicaid, they’ll be convinced it’s the republicans’ fault.

3)It will take a military coup to save this nation. And unfortunately, that won’t happen. Plus, I’d be very concerned about which military leaders took over.

4)I heard “Boner” say the democrats are sacrificing their careers. Hey, idiot! You’re supposed to be there to serve. It ain’t supposed to be a damned career!

41 posted on 03/21/2010 7:31:04 AM PDT by Terry Mross (I shed tears for my country.)
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To: cookiedough
Next on the table: amnesty for illegal aliens.

including an amendment for amnesty for current gun owners - if they turn in their guns, card check, universal voter registration, and eventually, amnesty for private property owners - if they surrender it to the proper authorities.

42 posted on 03/21/2010 7:31:59 AM PDT by PIF
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To: sinanju

About those rates. As more and more people can’t afford the monthly premiums, even with large employers, the rates will be increased even more due to less people paying those monthly premiums. And on and on. It’s a true domino effect.

43 posted on 03/21/2010 7:33:31 AM PDT by Terry Mross (I shed tears for my country.)
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To: savedbygrace
"As I understand it, IF the bill passes, many of the new and increased taxes will begin immediately. Taxpayers will be feeling the whip of those taxes for several months before the November elections. "

Here's the part that is vague...we start paying taxes immediately, and that will be IN ADDITION to the health insurance premiums we are already paying - I mean we have to have coverage between now and the time obamacare kicks in, right?

Then - if the pundit are correct and obama is just trying to destroy the insurance companies, they will start downsizing, or getting ready to downsize, and claims will be denied and new customers will be turned down by them.

If the polls are right, and "46% of doctors will leave the profession 'if obamacare is passed'", then there will be no doctors to speak of to treat the limited number of people who will have any kind of insurance left.

Then if the stories about medicare/medicaid going away to support obamacare are right, millions of the elderly will have no insurance of any kind for at least 4 years.

If the stories about the premiums being as much as $12,000 per year for obamacare are correct, then you'll be peeling out an extra $1,000 per month on top of your current healthcare premiums.

AND, the "poor" still won't have any healthcare for four years...a lot of people can die in four years.

Then maybe, that's what the kenyan bastard wants....
44 posted on 03/21/2010 7:35:32 AM PDT by FrankR (Those of us who love AMERICA far outnumber those who love obama - your choice.)
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To: Forward the Light Brigade

The MSM is promoting the alleged racism yesterday in an attempt to sway independents who may be on the side of the Tea partiers. They want to de-legitimize them. When I saw the vids from yesterday, the members of the Black Caucus appeared to be doing their best imitation of MLK, wading into the crowd, hoping someone would do or say something so that the crowd could be labeled as “racist.” Pathetic....

45 posted on 03/21/2010 7:38:26 AM PDT by Fu-fu2
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About the guns - just in case, I’ve been reminding my family and friends about the benefits of a waterproof lock box which can be buried.

46 posted on 03/21/2010 7:45:54 AM PDT by cookiedough
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To: FrankR

Then - if the pundit are correct and obama is just trying to destroy the insurance companies, they will start downsizing, or getting ready to downsize, and claims will be denied and new customers will be turned down by them.

Interesting point. They won’t be able to turn down people with pre-existing conditions but they WILL be able to turn down new customers.

Bean counters and politicians really are stupid.

47 posted on 03/21/2010 7:48:23 AM PDT by Terry Mross (We need a second Sons of Liberty)
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To: bitterohiogunclinger

What can we do about this? I’m serious, I really don’t know about what happens before the Republican Convention and primaries.

This time, I’d like choices besides McCain and other RINOs.

48 posted on 03/21/2010 7:48:52 AM PDT by cookiedough
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To: sinanju

I’m not sure doctors and nurses will quit in significant numbers.

They still have their families to support, retirements to fund, college educations to pay for, and so forth.

49 posted on 03/21/2010 7:51:42 AM PDT by cookiedough
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To: Vermont Lt

We need the home addresses of these traitors, both in their home states and in D.C. Then we need the names and addresses of their loyal staffers. Then add the names and addresses of the press, their producers, editors and writers.

Then we publish them all over the internet and let human nature take its course, when one group of people try to steal the freedom of anther group of people.

50 posted on 03/21/2010 7:53:22 AM PDT by Betty Jane
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To: cookiedough

“What can we do about this?”

We need to engage the Republican Party establishment on the local and State levels. We need pledges from them to support conservative ideals, in writing. And we need to support them in turn with grass roots support in getting out the message.

51 posted on 03/21/2010 8:02:14 AM PDT by bitterohiogunclinger (America held hostage - day 393)
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To: Betty Jane

Publish the home addresses and you’ll be charged with “bias intimidation” or some other trumped up B.S. We’re dealing with evil here and to fight it we’ll have to be very secretive. I’m not sure it can be done.

52 posted on 03/21/2010 8:02:41 AM PDT by Terry Mross (We need a second Sons of Liberty)
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To: FrankR
""""Here's the part that is vague...we start paying taxes immediately, and that will be IN ADDITION to the health insurance premiums we are already paying - I mean we have to have coverage between now and the time obamacare kicks in, right?""""

That the question that I have been asking? What are these fools thinking. Pay twice? What idiots.

No one in the media is bringing this up. Our Congressmen need to speak to this issue, NOW.

53 posted on 03/21/2010 8:05:27 AM PDT by annieokie
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To: no dems

We’re on the same wavelength here. If this passes then I’m all for revolution. It’s past time for such action. Just say when and where.

54 posted on 03/21/2010 8:08:48 AM PDT by pctech
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To: bayliving
[ No visible signs of body armor on the nice young officer there standing to protect the communist takeover of our nation. ]

No need for body armor when you're willing to shoot unarmed people..

55 posted on 03/21/2010 8:10:33 AM PDT by hosepipe (This propaganda has been edited to include some fully orbed hyperbole....)
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To: bert

I agree bert, I’m not a US citizen, I live to the north, but I can see where this is going and what will fix it, it’s not rocket science.

I for one will volunteer my time and efforts and skill sets (10 years army), to see the original constitution restored.

56 posted on 03/21/2010 8:12:16 AM PDT by Bulwyf
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To: pctech

I’m afraid it’s going to be a very sad day. Since the “winners” write the history books this day will never be mentioned in the future. But we must verbally pass it on to anyone who will listen that March 21, 2010 should be remembered as the date America fell.

But, I still hope it’s remembered as the date the second revolution began!

57 posted on 03/21/2010 8:13:35 AM PDT by Terry Mross (We need a second Sons of Liberty)
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To: Terry Mross
If it wasn't for the "politics of personal destruction" I'd get involved in politics, but I can't conceive of ever doing it. There's no way I'd put my family through that hell, though, if it comes right down to it, I guess maybe I would, if it means rescuing the nation from oblivion.

If this bill passes, then I might reconsider.....

58 posted on 03/21/2010 8:16:04 AM PDT by pctech
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To: pctech

I heard “Boner” saying the dems were sacrificing their careers. I thought people were supposed to serve. Instead, they make it a career. I’m of the mind that no one should be re-elected more than once.

59 posted on 03/21/2010 8:20:47 AM PDT by Terry Mross (We need a second Sons of Liberty)
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To: Bulwyf; bert; Kaslin
Very understandable . . . contingencies . . .

However, 2 critical points:

1. fasting and prayer is mightier than even needful 2nd ammendment tools. We really do "wrestle not against flesh and blood [near as much as we wrestle against principalities and power (demonic forces) in high places]. Without the prayer and fasting, at the end of the day, the 2nd Ammendment efforts come to naught or worse.

2. Per their quotes below, the globalists have set it up to generate chaos and bloodshed. THEY are itching for it. They want justification for martial law ASAP. They want mass deaths. They want mayhem and terror. It could be very tricky to avoid playing into their hands on such scores.

Below from:

1995 - July/August: In the CFR's Foreign Affairs, prominent CFR member Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. exclaims: "We are not going to achieve a new world order without paying for it in blood as well as in words and money."


A book entitled, The New World Order by H.G. Wells, in which Wells claims:

"It is the system of nationalist individualism that has to go....We are living in the end of the sovereign states....In the great struggle to evoke a Westernized World Socialism, contemporary governments may vanish....Countless people...will hate the new world order....and will die protesting against it."

1996 - October 23: On "The Charlie Rose Show" on the Public Broadcasting System, Mikhail Gorbachev states: "We are part of the Cosmos. Cosmos is my God. Nature is my God....The future society will be a totally new civilization which will synthesize the experience of Socialism and Capitalism...."


A book entitled The New World Order by Samuel Zane Batten is published by the American Baptist Publication Society. In this book, Batten declares: "The old order passes from view, the new world rises upon our vision....We have vindicated the right of social control.....There must be developed a national spirit of service....Society must break the stranglehold of capitalism....The natural resources of the nation must be socialized....The state must socialize every group....Men must learn to have a world patriotism. World patriotism must be a faith....


A book entitled The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution by socialist H. G. Wells is published.

He declares that "..The political world of the Open Conspiracy must weaken, efface, incorporate and supersede existing governments....The Open Conspiracy is the natural inheritor of socialist and communist enthusiasms, it may be in control of Moscow before it is in control of New York...."

1962 - March 10 State Department Study Memorandum No. 7, "A World Effectively Controlled by the United Nations, " written by CFR member Lincoln Bloomfield, in which he states: "A world effectively controlled by the United Nations is one in which "world government" would come about through the establishment of supranational institutions, characterized by mandatory universal membership and some ability to employ physical force....(But) if the communist dynamic was greatly abated, the West might lose whatever incentive it has for world government" [EDITOR, I THINK] It looks as if now the "communist menace" has been replaced by the "terrorist menace". And of course they can switch back to the communist menace or any other kind of menace whenever they want to.

1967 - March 26: Pope Paul VI writes Populorum Progressio and states: "Who can fail to see the need and importance of thus gradually coming to the establishment of a world authority capable of taking effective action on the juridical and political planes? Delegates to international organizations, public officials, gentlemen of the press, teachers and educators--all of you must realize that you have your part to play in the construction of a new world order.

1970 - Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era by Zbigniew Brzezinski is published. He is a CFR member who will become the first director of the Trilateral Commission and President Carter's national security advisor. In this book he states: "Marxism represents a further vital and creative stage in the maturing of man's universal vision. Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner, passive man and a victory of reason over belief.....Human beings become increasingly manipulable and malleable...

Today we are again witnessing the emergence of transnational elites....whose ties cut across national boundaries....The nation-state is gradually yielding its sovereignty....Further progress will require greater American sacrifices. More intensive efforts to shape a new world monetary structure will have to be undertaken.”

President Bush (SR) quotes on new world order and United nations:

"Time and again in this century, the political map of the world was transformed. And in each instance, a new world order came about through the advent of a new tyrant or the outbreak of a bloody global war, or its end." Feb 28, 1990---this quote is six months before Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in August.

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective--a new world order--can emerge...... We are now in sight of a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders." --Sep 11 1990

1993 - April 21: General Colin Powell receives the United Nations Association-USA's Global Leadership Award, and he remarks: "The United Nations will spearhead our efforts to manage the new conflicts (that afflict our world)....Yes the principles of the United Nations Charter are worth our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor."

1994 - the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor March 1995 quotes Vladimir Zhirinovsky on Nov 9 at a press conference at the U.N. said, "There has long been a hidden agenda to merge America and Russia under the New World Order."

1996 - May 11 Journalist Joan Veon interviews David C. Korten, author of When Corporations Rule the World (1995) and former Ford Foundation project specialist in Manila. In this interview, Korten claims that: "the World Trade Organization is creating a world government in which one organization which is totally unelected, wholly secretive....with the power to virtually override any local or national laws if those in any way inconvenience global corporations....It was a terrible shock (to those of us who supported Bill Clinton) when Clinton came in and GATT and NAFTA became the centerpieces of his policy....And in a sense, there was almost a seamless transition from President Bush to President Clinton in that regard....Our democracy has been rendered meaningless by big money. The truth is there are politicians (who) are owned lock, stock and barrel by the big money interests....Our elections create, to some extent, a facade of choice."

1972 - Oct, page 28 "There should be no surprise for longtime readers of the Bulletin....that those plans include the conversion of the United States into a socialist nation....and the merger of that enslaved segment of mankind with other Communist nations into a New World Order. That goal, under that very name -- originally written in bastardized Latin as novus ordo seclorum -- has been envisioned by a Master Conspiracy for the past two hundred years as the ultimate product of all its crimes against humanity, and of all its subversive onslaughts against western civilization."

Perhaps some ping lists would profit from reading the above at this time.

60 posted on 03/21/2010 8:37:38 AM PDT by Quix (BLOKES who got us where we R:
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