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Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack
News Max.Com ^ | 11-21-03

Posted on 11/20/2003 5:14:53 PM PST by hope

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To: section9
We would not need to. We shall make an example of several Arab cities and large swaths of the Islamic heartland in return. We will only need to demonstrate the power of real, live thermonuclear weapons once, weapons that will dwarf the yield of the small tactical warhead the terrorists will use. When we are done, no one will dream of killing our citizens again.

What would Islamics do when there is a very large hole where Mecca used to be!

401 posted on 11/28/2003 6:14:19 PM PST by reg45
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To: GatekeeperBookman
haha! I get it ! I misunderstood.

That gif WAS annoying to me when I first 'got' it ! But it quickly grew on me and I use it fairly often now ...

402 posted on 11/28/2003 6:15:30 PM PST by MeekOneGOP (George Soros "MINOB":
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To: GatekeeperBookman
I expect, in the event of another, more serious 911, the economic reaction may be far worse than we may imagine.

I think we Americans may be learning about elasticity... how to not freak and NOT let terrorism effect any bumps or creases in our - NOW RECOVERING - economy.

403 posted on 11/28/2003 6:41:59 PM PST by txhurl (MOABs now.)
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To: GatekeeperBookman
You pinged me? I can't make heads nor tails of your post 396. Could you elaborate?
404 posted on 11/28/2003 7:23:31 PM PST by Prodigal Son
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To: Rider on the Rain; GatekeeperBookman
Nation wide martial law would put the US of A under a dictatorship!

It would suspend all voting, and every other Right of the American citizens.

405 posted on 11/28/2003 7:35:13 PM PST by B4Ranch (Wave your flag, don't waive your rights!)
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To: B4Ranch
RE: "Nation wide martial law would put the US of A under a dictatorship! It would suspend all voting, and every other Right of the American citizens."

It's an old trick but it just might work.

The GAO report on Waco says the use of the military was all legal and had very little to do with an alleged "drug nexus." See

There's a link to the pdf file GAO report.

I had long believed that the government lie that there was a "drug nexus" was what authorized the use of the military at Waco. Not so. I seems that just about the only limit on using the military is that they cannot enforce civilian laws in the manner of civilian law enforcement. Otherwise the military is free to have their way with us. (I am not a lawyer.)

Some recoil but I say, good! I have believed since the early 1970s that a patriot-dictator is the only way to save our Republic from the enemies within; e.g., the "Americans" who see us as the "root cause" of all the world's problems and work 24/7 to hand over our sovereignty to international authorities.

In the Vietnam era they wanted a Communist victory, today the very same type of political/media quagmire seeks to humiliate us into submitting to international groups to fight terrorism. We'll never get our sovereignty back.

Elections will not stop them. They must be stopped. Nixon won in 1972 520 to 17 electoral votes.

After the Vietnam war era I trust the military far more than politics, our media, and our "intellectuals" ("best and brightest"). I'd rather lose my right temporarily than permanently, thank you.

406 posted on 11/29/2003 5:54:07 AM PST by WilliamofCarmichael
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To: WilliamofCarmichael
I'd rather lose my right temporarily than permanently,

I don't know where you got that phrase or how you came up with it, but it sums exactly how I feel. BTTT.

407 posted on 11/29/2003 5:17:47 PM PST by Rider on the Rain
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To: dueler88; All
Its a long read, but a relevant Ping! based on our current conversation on this issue, Dueler.

I guess I can understand the threat to Constitutional Protections. Didn't WW2 involve a mild state of martial law through its entirety?. What choice is there really? The danger lies in our current state of disharmony. In the face of disaster, will this nation be patient and faithful when it comes to the rigid requirements of martial authority needed to restore civil order and public safety. In the novel, The Postman, Brin outlines how America's collapse occurred not because of any one factor. But it was a combination of relatively small events that chipped away at the civil structure of a nation whose values and convictions were already stretched too thin by ideological division.

OBL is one smart cat. He or his planners new exactly the right attack needed and where on the towers that would bring them down. It shows a level of understanding of that structure's engineering and it's weaknesses that far exceed our expectations. I also believe that OBL believes himself to be a prophet. He acts and speaks in poetics that will be recorded in perpetuity. WTC was a metaphor. He knows exactly what is needed to destroy this nation from within. The Left has played right into his hands destroying any unity that we had and that we desperately need at this time.

That WMD will be a plane driven into the guts of America... spilling superheated fuel that will liquefy our exposed integrity. We will collapse. The enemy will rush in and take our heads.

...Unless something changes or we pull another 'Midway' out of our hat. Perhaps Iraq IS our Midway.

So is this about religion? I seriously doubt it... at least as far as the 'instigators' are concerned. OBL is simply one instigator and his motives are not likely what they appear to be. I'd suggest that a handful of directors have an intent that they have been using to pervert the motives of a hundred thousand puppets both here in America and in the Middle and Far East. World Leftist are unfortunately, playing into this model quite effectively for our enemies and much to this nation's detriment.

The fundamental question would be this: Is the Left capable of tossing away their animosity and opposition in the face of an emminent threat? Our enemies have been brilliant so far in not providing that motive. Are they playing us like a fiddle? Again who are they? And are they the same ‘they’ that are directing ‘our’ puppets here... directing their Islamic puppets and our Anti puppets according to ancient tenants of warfare… ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’? America is the enemy of the instigators. George Bush and American's(those with common sense) are the ginned-up threat to both sets of mindless puppets.

As for the 'Instigators?' Who would they be? My guess is idealistic Communists and ex-Soviets. The world Mafia of thugs and tyrants that is personified by the U.N. and Kofi Annon... the biggest beneficiaries of world strife.

Like many others at this thread, in light of these observations, I am not certain that we can ride out that sort of shock right now. Some may recognize the beginnings of a reversal of past optimism on my part. I generally agree with you, however, that we are certainly capable of the strength needed to perservere in this struggle. But, I also recognize that our perserverance depends on unity and consistency... both virtues in very short supply at the moment throughout Western Civilization.

Again, I suggest that the Visigoths have appeared over the last hill. The gates of Rome are open. Will we take up arms and fight as one... or perish as half of us tuck tail and run.

Civilization lives or dies with us here and now.

408 posted on 12/03/2003 1:14:04 PM PST by Mr.Atos
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To: conspiratoristo; Las Vegas Dave; Commiewatcher; dubyaismypresident; Bikers4Bush; boxerblues
Discussing the hypothetical dangers posed to the U.S. in the wake of Sept. 11, Franks said that “the worst thing that could happen” is if terrorists acquire and then use a biological, chemical or nuclear weapon that inflicts heavy casualties.

Franks then offered “in a practical sense” what he thinks would happen in the aftermath of such an attack.

“It means the potential of a weapon of mass destruction and a terrorist, massive, casualty-producing event somewhere in the Western world – it may be in the United States of America – that causes our population to question our own Constitution and to begin to militarize our country in order to avoid a repeat of another mass, casualty-producing event. Which in fact, then begins to unravel the fabric of our Constitution. Two steps, very, very important.”

Gen. Tommy Franks says that if the United States is hit with a weapon of mass destruction that inflicts large casualties, the Constitution will likely be discarded in favor of a military form of government.

Did you see this? What do you think?

I think the liberal idiots would probably be ready to surrender their freedom for perceived security. After all, that is the thinking behind gun control.

409 posted on 12/07/2003 12:11:13 AM PST by Pontiac
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To: hope
We are not prepared for such a WMD attack. We are doing nothing to prepare for such an attack. And it is therefore why this forcast after a WMD attack is inevitable.
410 posted on 12/07/2003 12:53:36 AM PST by yonif ("If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem, Let My Right Hand Wither" - Psalms 137:5)
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To: John Lenin
I was in Charlotte during hurricane Hugo and martial law was declared to stop the looters and no one said a peep.

A majority of Americans are apathatic and this is not surprising.

411 posted on 12/07/2003 12:55:40 AM PST by yonif ("If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem, Let My Right Hand Wither" - Psalms 137:5)
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Comment #412 Removed by Moderator

Comment #413 Removed by Moderator

To: commish
I think Franks is just telling us what will happen. It's inevitable. The Islamonazis are just getting started. They have several hundred million willing recruits in the wings. They WILL continue to attack us any way they can and with our liberal judiciary we cannot protect ourselves.

This is a warning shot across the bow of the judiciary. They will ignore it. "Rantings of a war monger."

The constitution will be scrapped and it will not be reinstituted for decades. We will be busy killing Islamonazis for at least thirty years. That is if Christ tarries.
414 posted on 12/23/2003 6:48:32 PM PST by mercy
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To: TomInNJ
As I perceive your point, I would agree. Like any poison - the myth of Multiculturalism being a toxin against civility - it must be camouflaged or ingested by force. The schools have been preened to promote the concepts subvertly while the judiciary has been conscripted "to drive it down your throats," as one Leftists caller revealed to Michael Medved yesterday in a rare moment of candid clarity. Either way the poison of bad ideas has established itself in the blood of civilized man where it eats away his primary defender of his life... his mind.

When I say Multiculturalism is a poison, I refer specifically to the degenerative aspects of its terminology and practice which forfeit an objective concept of judgment to the subjective notion of diversity thus concealing bad ideas that may be destructive to milennia of social development. Now, let's be clear that there are, at times, valid concepts that arise (internally or externally) that give rise to necessary changes in tradition and common methodology. The rebellion of the American Colonies from the British monarchy is certainly a prime example. The abolition of slavery is another. But, both of these examples of cultural distinctions instigating social change were certainly NOT accomplished in the vaccuum of moral relativism. They were discussed, debated, researched, weighed against philosphical precedents, and given considerably evaluation to the point of bloodshed. They were not injected via "Trojan Horse" into the ideological matrix of cultural identity like some randomly-typed blood transfusion - to cure or kill as per chance with no judgment allowed to determine compatability with Life.

The Left may, traditionally speaking, have the best intentions when it comes to human development. The balance of Man's personalities has certainly been the vehicle by which civilization has evolved. Yet in it's contemporary manifestation, the Left, by abandoning reason to diversity and propelling it without judgment, has delivered man to his mortal enemy hog-tied with an apple in his mouth.

I would be interested to hear you thoughts on this.

415 posted on 12/24/2003 10:34:04 AM PST by Mr.Atos
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