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Posted on 01/17/2002 9:30:29 AM PST by Tailgunner Joe

From the Burqa to the Abortion Mill


U.S. Taxpayer$ to Get $oaked for Ten$ of Billion$

First Lady Laura Bush has described the plight of Afghan women. "Women have been denied access to doctors when they're sick," she said in a radio address. "Life under the Taliban is so hard and repressive, even small displays of joy are outlawed -- children aren't allowed to fly kites; their mothers face beatings for laughing out loud. Women cannot work outside the home, or even leave their homes by themselves." But it appears that Afghanistan is going from one extreme to another. The Administration seems unaware that radical feminists associated with Hillary Clinton, the United Nations and the U.S.-funded "Sisterhood is Global Institute" have taken a large role in the process underway to reconstruct the country of Afghanistan. The "Sisterhood is Global Institute" receives federal funds through the National Endowment for Democracy. Its founder, Robin Morgan, says, "We are the women men warned us about." Sima Simar, the first woman to be appointed to the interim Afghan government, is an associate of Eleanor Smeal, former president of the feminist National Organization for Women. Simar, who will serve as minister for women's affairs, spoke at a Washington press conference where she was introduced by Smeal as "a courageous leader and advocate for women's rights." Simar, who has met with Secretary of State Colin Powell and other U.S. officials, says the U.S. should provide 75 percent of the funds needed to rebuild Afghanistan, amounting to billions of dollars. Nancy Soderberg, a former U.S. representative to the U.N., puts the overall cost of Afghanistan reconstruction at $45 billion. We can expect that a new constitution for Afghanistan will mandate compliance with various U.N. leftist "human rights" treaties.

A Gallup poll found that a little over half of Americans say the U.S. should take active steps to make sure that the new government in Afghanistan guarantees women's rights. But 43 percent say it should be left up to the new Afghan government. The latter represents awareness that U.S./U.N. efforts to dictate Afghanistan's political future could backfire, create a cultural backlash against the U.S., and make things worse for the Afghan people.

Coercive Birth Control for Afghan Women?

"We all took pride when the platform of the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995 reaffirmed that human rights are women's rights and that violence against women is a violation of human rights." - MARCH 2, 1998 TESTIMONY OF MAVIS LENO, NATIONAL BOARD MEMBER, FEMINIST MAJORITY, BEFORE SENATOR DIANNE FEINSTEIN, A MEMBER OF THE U.S. SENATE FOREIGN RELATIONS COMMITTEE, ON GENDER APARTHEID IN AFGHANISTAN

Note: Most feminists at the Beijing conference endorsed lesbian rights, abortion rights, and children's rights. Beijing forces abortions on pregnant women.

"Campaign Chair Mavis Leno and FMF [Feminist Majority Foundation] President Eleanor Smeal continue to make television and radio appearances, and have met with officials in the State Department and the White House to discuss the representation of women in the planning of Afghanistan's post-Taliban government."

Note: Mavis Leno, wife of NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno, is the Chair of the Feminist Majority's Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan. They have donated $100,000 to the campaign. However, a December 31, 2001 article in The Nation magazine, "Debating Afghanistan's Future" by Sara Austin, notes that global feminists may take a go-slow approach, not pushing for "reproductive freedom" and other "rights" immediately. The Inter Dependent, the newsletter of the United Nations Association, highlights the involvement of the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA) in an effort to "save the lives of women and girls" in Afghan refugee camps. The UNFPA has a reputation for using coercive birth control techniques on women, including mandatory abortions.

Report - Back From International Women's Conference in Cuba Linda Purrington reports back from the November, 2001 International Women's Conference in Havana. Also updates on the war & Afghan women, Louis Pelfini murder trial, Debi Zuver case

Castro's Cuba is Their Model Regime
Feminists Demand that Men Do Half of Housework and Child Care

"One of the first post-revolutionary acts was Castro's formation of the Federation of Cuban Women, the FMC, which was charged with the important task of bringing literacy to the people: the FMC sent 100,000 literary trainers into the countryside and helped re-train the 63,000 live-in domestic workers displaced by the revolution. One Cuban senator, a former sugar cane worker, received her first education at age 18 from this incredibly successful effort.

"Today the Cuban Congress is 22% women, and 50% of Cuba's doctors are women. Nevertheless, men still hold a disproportionate number of scientific and technical posts. Eighty percent of Cuban women belong to the FMC. "Unfortunately, women are still doing more of the laundry that the official Family Code prescribes when it requires men and women to share equally in housework and child care.

"According to the FMC "the special period" of increased economic pressures shifted the focus from some of these revolutionary goals to a survival mode in which women have had to take on greater responsibilities at work and at home in the face of food scarcity and medical shortages.
Source: "The Women's Movement in Cuba" by Joyce Thomas

State Department Adviser on Afghanistan Eleanor Smeal Compares U.S. Conservatives to Afghan Taliban

12/4/2001 Special Chat with FMF President Eleanor Smeal:"The War Against Women: Connecting Domestic and International Terrorism From their use of religion as a cover to their violent tactics, Smeal draws connections between anti-women's rights terrorists domestically and internationally."

Question: Eleanor, how closely do the Afghanistan Taliban and American radical right wing groups resemble one another?

Smeal: The extremist groups in the United States frighteningly resemble the Al Queda and the Taliban. They have similar identities. The Mujahideen means "soldiers of God" and is the extreme Islamists from which the Taliban "students of God" descended.….Both want to use capital punishment for adultery, homosexuality, abortion, apostasy, etc. Both are using violence and terror as a strategy to achieve their ends. Both are targeting Jews, religious minorities, homosexuals, feminists and Americans. Both are using a cell structure with plausible deniability. I could go on and on about the similarities.

Question: What and to whom is the Feminist Majority lobbying vis-a-vis the coming Afghan government in terms of women's participation and rights in the new regime. Where have you received the most receptive hearing? U.S. State Dept? The U.N. Where at the U.N.?

Smeal: We have been working with the State Dept and members of Congress, especially women members... We began our discussions with the State Department under the Clinton Admin, but have continued under the Bush Admin... As you know, the Bush Admin has now agreed, like the Clinton Admin before, to pursue the goal of restoring women's rights in Afghanistan...

What Does Smeal Mean by "Women's Rights? Her "Feminist Expo 2000" is said to have "ignited the women's movement on the cutting-edge issues of our time - fighting for women's equality and empowerment, expanding feminism globally, promoting a gender perspective on our nation's and world budgets, and countering the Right Wing backlash, which threatens abortion clinics and the rights of women, lesbians and gay men, and people of color."

U.S.-Funded "Sisterhood is Global Institute " (SIGI) Manages Afghan Future

- Jane Fonda, Ford Foundation Underwrite Feminist Agenda for Afghan Reconstruction; SIGI is Subsidized by the Federally-funded National Endowment for Democracy (NED)




SIGI is proud to announce that our Vice-President/Treasurer, Sima Wali, has been an active participant in the Bonn Peace Process and will also serve as the primary Afghan organizer of the up-coming Afghan's Women's Summit for Democracy in Brussels, December 4-6, 2001. Two other prominent SIGI members will be taking part in this Summit: Judge Navanethem Pillay, a member of SIGI's Advisory Board, and Asma Khader, SIGI's representative from Jordan.

In response to a request from women of Afghanistan for support and solidarity, the European Women's Lobby, Equality Now, V-Day, the Center for Strategic Initiatives of Women, and The Feminist Majority are hosting an Afghan Women's Summit for Democracy. The Summit will be held at the European Commission in Brussels from Tuesday - Thursday, December 4-6, in collaboration with the Gender Advisor to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and UNIFEM. Fifty Afghan women leaders, broadly representative of women in Afghanistan, will take part in the Summit, which will help bring the voices of Afghan women into the current international political discourse, ensuring that their message is heard.

Three of the Summit participants: Sima Wali, primary Afghan organizer of the Summit, along with Seddighe Balkhi and Amena Afzali, will come directly from the negotiations in Bonn where they are now serving as delegates. The Summit will be chaired by Judge Navanethem Pillay, South African President of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

The Sisterhood Is Global Institute (SIGI) is proud to announce that three of our members will be active participants in this conference. They include Sima Wali, SIGI's Vice-President and Treasurer. Founded in 1985, SIGI is one of the earliest international women's NGOs dedicated to educating women about and advocating for women's rights locally, nationally and internationally. SIGI has sponsored educational programs for Afghan women refugees in Pakistan since 1996.…Following the Summit, a delegation of Afghan women from the meeting will carry the message of the Summit to key political decision-makers. Their first stop is a scheduled meeting with the European Parliament on Thursday, December 6th, 10:00AM-12:00PM. The delegation is also expected to meet with U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and the U.N. Security Council in the following weeks.

Confirmed speakers and participants include (in alphabetical order): Anna Diamantopoulou, European Commissioner, Employment and Social Affairs, Eve Ensler, Artistic Director and Founder, V-Day; Playwright Denise Fuchs, President, European Women's Lobby; Noeleen Heyzer, Executive Director, United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM); Asma Jahangir, Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Arbitrary and Summary Executions, UN; Asma Khader, Board of Directors, Equality Now ; Angela King, Assistant Secretary-General and Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women, United Nations; Hibaaq Osman, Founding Director, Center for Strategic Initiatives of Women; Mary Robinson, High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations; Joan Ruddock, British MP; Maj Britt Theorin, Member, European Parliament


CONVENING GROUPS: European Women's Lobby, Equality Now, V-Day, Center for Strategic Initiatives of Women, Feminist Majority Foundation

FUNDERS: The Summit funders include The Ford Foundation, Open Society Institute, V-Day, the Global Fund for Women, Jane Fonda, UNIFEM and a number of individuals.

SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS: The following organizations have expressed their support for the Afghan Women's Summit and their solidarity with Afghan women: The Global Fund for Women, International Alert, Refugees International, The Sisterhood is Global Institute, Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children

Radical Feminist Robin Morgan is a Founder of U.S.-funded SIGI

Official Biography: Robin Morgan (USA), a founder of the Institute, former Executive Officer and Steering Committee Member, now sits on the Advisory Board. A political activist and feminist leader in the US and globally for over thirty years, she has traveled widely on every continent, sits on the boards of many women's organizations in the US and internationally, and is the former editor in chief of Ms. She is an award-winning author-a poet, political theorist, essayist, journalist, and novelist-who has published 16 books and whose writing has been translated into 13 languages. Her books include the contemporary classic anthologies Sisterhood Is Powerful and Sisterhood Is Global, The Anatomy of Freedom, The Demon Lover; On the Sexuality of Terrorism, and The World of A Woman. Her most recent is A Hot January: Poems 1996-1999 (W. W. Norton), and her newest prose book, Saturday's Child: A Memoir, will be published by Norton in November 2000.

A Woman's Creed
Excerpts of the Declaration of the Women's Global Strategies Meeting
by Robin Morgan

We are female human beings poised on the edge of the new millennium. We are the majority of our species, yet we have dwelt in the shadows. ..And we vow: NO MORE We are the women who hunger - for rice, home, freedom, each other, ourselves.
We are the women who thirst - for clean water and laughter, literacy, love. We have existed at all times, in every society. We have survived femicide. We have rebelled - and left clues. ..
We are women whose souls no fundamentalist cage can contain..…
We are the women men warned us about. ..
We are the women who know that all issues are ours, who will reclaim our wisdom, reinvent our tomorrow, question and redefine everything, including power.
We have worked now for decades to name the details of our need, rage, hope, vision.
We have broken our silence, exhausted our patience. We are weary of listing on our suffering - to entertain or be simply ignored.
We are done with vague words and real waiting; famishing for action, dignity, joy.
We intend to do more than merely endure and survive. They have tried to deny us, define us, denounce us; to jail, enslave, exile, gas, rape, beat, burn, bury - and bore us. Yet nothing, not even the offer to save their failed system, can grasp us.
For thousands of years, women have had responsibility without power - while men have had power without responsibility. We offer those men who risk being brothers a balance, a future, a hand. But with or without them, we will go on.
For we are the Old Ones, The New Breed, the Natives who came first but lasted, indigenous to an utterly different dimension. We are the girlchild in Zambia, the grandmother in Burma, the woman in El Salvador and Afghanistan, Finland and Fiji. We are whale-song and rainforest; the depth-wave rising huge to shatter the glass power on the shore; the lost and despised who, weeping, stagger into the light. All this we are. We are intensity, energy, the people speaking - who no longer will wait and who cannot be stopped.
We are poised on the edge of the millennium - ruin behind us, no map before us, the taste of fear sharp on our tongues. …
Bread. A Clean Sky. Active peace. A woman's voice singing somewhere, melody drifting like smoke from the cookfires. The army disbanded, the harvest abundant. The wound healed, the child wanted, the prisoner freed, the body's integrity honored, the lover returned. The magical skill that reads marks into meaning. The labor equal, fair, and valued. Delight in the challenge for consensus to solve problems. No hand raised in any gesture but greeting. Secure interiors - of heart, home, land, - so firm as to make secure borders irrelevant at last. And everywhere laughter, care, celebration, dancing, contentment. A humble, early paradise, in the now.
We will make it real, make it our own, make policy, history, peace, make it available, make mischief, a difference, love, the connection, the miracle, ready. Believe it.
We are the women who will transform the world.

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1 posted on 01/17/2002 9:30:29 AM PST by Tailgunner Joe
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To: Tailgunner Joe
I don't know who I despise more, uppity Dykes or the Taliban.
2 posted on 01/17/2002 9:33:04 AM PST by Clemenza
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To: Tailgunner Joe

What? pictures?...(as I crane my neck looking up)

BWAHAHAHAHA!!!...whadda bunch'a maroons...


3 posted on 01/17/2002 10:35:11 AM PST by nothingnew
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To: Tailgunner Joe
A rat is a dog is a pig is a feminist.

(..with profound apologies to rats, dogs and pigs.)

4 posted on 01/17/2002 12:00:54 PM PST by martin gibson
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