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New York Post ^ | December 31, 2001 | THE PEOPLE

Posted on 12/31/2001 6:33:47 PM PST by Mia T

Edited on 05/26/2004 5:03:09 PM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

December 31, 2001 -- Could someone get word to Sen. Hillary Clinton that America is at war? Her pro-Bill mantra is not only tiring, it seems egocentric at a time when we must pull together as a nation ("Bitter Hill takes a spin on Bill's p.r. machine," Dec. 22). Hillary should stay focused on New York state and quit whining about her husband being "better" than President Bush.

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TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Editorial; Extended News

1 posted on 12/31/2001 6:33:47 PM PST by Mia T
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To: Mia T
Hillary should keep quiet [when hell freezes] until she gets her facts straight[when hell freezes] and learns to tell the truth.[when hell freezes].
2 posted on 12/31/2001 6:40:35 PM PST by Protect the Bill of Rights
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To: Mia T
Also from the NY Post (Page 6):

Liquid supper

THE Clinton clan is up to its eyeballs in holiday spirit. Thursday night, Bill, Hillary, Chelsea and a fellow who appeared to be Chelsea's latest boyfriend Ian Klause had a regular ho-down at Brasserie 81/2 on West 57th Street. While Hillary stuck to water, Bill and Chelsea - whose boozy exploits were recently reported in the tabs - were hitting the Ketel One with gusto, a source told The Post's Braden Keil. Bubba washed his vodka down with cassoulet and then lost his cell phone somewhere between the restaurant and his limo. Secret Service agents were dispatched to find it

3 posted on 12/31/2001 7:22:17 PM PST by Amore
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To: Mia T
beautiful post as always. Never Forget, it started with the Clintoons.
4 posted on 12/31/2001 7:57:39 PM PST by BOBTHENAILER
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To: Amore
A shame. Hillary's the one that could actually benefit from drinking more.
5 posted on 12/31/2001 8:04:22 PM PST by Timesink
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To: Mia T
Mia, you are very, very cool. I never pass up a post of yours.

Stay focused!

6 posted on 12/31/2001 8:20:34 PM PST by Atomic Vomit
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To: Mia T
VH1 re-broadcasts the concert for America where Hildabeast was booed off the stage - except this time they edited out the boos AND REPLACED THEM WITH CHEERS!!! Calling George Orwell!!

here's a link to the FReep post about the VH1 messageboard on this abomination

7 posted on 12/31/2001 8:26:56 PM PST by Rockinfreakapotamus
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To: Rockinfreakapotamus

VH1 re-broadcasts the concert for America where Hildabeast was booed off the stage - except this time they edited out the boos AND REPLACED THEM WITH CHEERS!!! Calling George Orwell!!

here's a link to the FReep post about the VH1 messageboard on this abomination

7 posted on 12/31/01 9:26 PM Pacific by Rockinfreakapotamus

In this age of real-time, mass duplication, only a desperate fool would try to edit out the booooos...and only a desperate fool would fail to recognize that editing out clinton booooos is an exercise in futility.

hear them here!
(click the band-aid box)

Why is hillary clinton the most reviled woman in American history?

Wanna start a list?

Hillary jeered by NYC heroes

Source: Drudge Report
Published: SUN OCT 21, 2001 Author: MATT DRUDGE
Posted on 10/21/01 7:43 PM Pacific by Liz

Senator Hillary Clinton's inner circle is furious at MIRAMAX king Harvey Weinstein after the former first lady suffered through a public relations nightmare during Saturday's AMERICA: A TRIBUTE TO HEROES concert in New York City.

Hillary Clinton was jeered and booed by thousands gathered at Madison Square Garden as she took to the stage -- unannounced -- to introduce a movie clip. VH1 cameras captured firemen and police heroes wildly booing Clinton, who attempted to raise her voice above the shouting crowd.

"Get off the stage! We don't want you here!" yelled one New York City police officer just feet from the senator. Anti-Clinton slurs spread and intensified throughout the Garden, with many standing near the stage lobbing profanities.

Event-planner and close Clinton friend Harvey Weinstein was visibly shaken as he heard the crowd erupt with boos and jeers, according to an eyewitness. The junior senator from New York ending up giving the shortest presentation of the evening, clocking in at under 20 seconds.

"How could we not know this would be the wrong forum for Hillary?!" shouted one confidante. "These are cops and firemen who listen to right-wing talkradio. They still think she killed Vince Foster, for Christ sake!"

Other New York politicians received warmer welcomes during the 5-hour concert which featured Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Elton John and others.

Former President Bill Clinton, who took the stage minutes after his wife, worked over scattered boos with talk of the rescuers' heroism. Following the Clintons, James Taylor soothed the heroes with an acoustic FIRE AND RAIN.

The concert raised millions of dollars for September 11 relief efforts. for updates (c)DRUDGE REPORT 2001
Not for reproduction without permission of the author


8 posted on 12/31/2001 9:08:22 PM PST by Mia T
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To: Amore
While Hillary stuck to water...

The designated freeloader.

9 posted on 12/31/2001 10:00:12 PM PST by peabers
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To: peabers
There's also a 2nd thread running on this blurb from Page 6. Here's the link
10 posted on 12/31/2001 10:05:55 PM PST by Amore
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To: Mia T
Mia T, the person I'd most like Brian Lamb to interview.
I'm a little slow, though, what is the q erty3,q erty4 and qerty6 all about?
11 posted on 12/31/2001 11:50:14 PM PST by Nephi
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To: Mia T, sarcasm
sarcasm posted this earlier. There are some great comments on his post:


12 posted on 01/01/2002 12:01:15 AM PST by Jean S
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To: Kentucky Woman
I Love It...when a plan come together....

Hitlery has cried over the V.R.W.C. - now she is shedding crocodile tears over the way that Bush has 'canned her dear figurehead's (so-called) legacy.....just like that Pilot of the EP-3 Plane flew into that Chi-Com's MiG.

Now convince her that only one person voted for her during the Election the Senatwhore. And - that would be Al Sharpton, when he voted 10 million times....

13 posted on 01/01/2002 12:15:27 AM PST by Alabama_Wild_Man
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To: Timesink
A shame. Hillary's the one that could actually benefit from drinking more.

I am reminded of the immortal lines from the film "Terms of Endearment":

Jack Nicholson: You're gonna need a lot of drinks.
Shirley MacLaine: To break the ice?
Jack Nicholson: To kill that bug you have up your *ss.

14 posted on 01/01/2002 12:23:08 AM PST by Dan Day
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To: Nephi
Thanx, Nephi -
As for q erty...
QWER•TY (kwûr'tee) adj.
Of, relating to, or designating the traditional configuration of typewriter or computer keyboard keys. [From the first six letters at the upper left.]
Q ERTY Series: The Inspiration
No Joke
Those who trashed the White House were vicious vandals, not merry pranksters.
Monday, January 29, 2001 12:01 a.m. EST
The Wall Street Journal
What is a "prank"? And when does a prank take on a darker hue and
merit, instead, a less indulgent label--such as "delinquency," or
These questions, whose answers are rooted in common sense, culture and
civilization, were raised last week by revelations first detailed on the
Internet by Matt Drudge, for whose insolent, frontiersman's approach to
newsgathering we continue to be grateful. He's not always right, and
he's not always elegant, but he bawls his tales from the rafters when
others, more timorous and more conventional, would only mince their
words, or whisper.
Although the mainstream press echoed the story only reluctantly, and
sought to draw its sting by downgrading it to the status of rumor, the
contents of the Drudge report seemed to be unquestionably consonant with
the tone, the oh-so-jarring tone, struck, in their departure from the
White House, by the Clinton cohorts--from the strutting
self-congratulation of the ex-president at Andrews Air Force Base (like
a weed, he'd taken root, and like a weed he called to be ripped from the
soil beneath him), to the stripping bare of the former Air Force One by
the ex-presidential locusts.
According to reports, outgoing Clinton-Gore staffers at the White House
performed a range of "pranks," including the prizing out from many White
House computer keyboards of the W (Dubya) key, the gluing shut of
drawers on office desks, the infecting of computers with viruses, the
recording of offensive reception messages on the answering machines, the
slashing (yes, slashing) of telephone lines, the loading of pornographic
images on printers and computers, offensive graffiti on corridors and
bathroom walls, the turning upside down of desks, and, as a valedictory
signature, the leaving of a trail of trash across the West Wing.
Mr. Drudge, the only one to quantify the damage publicly, has put the
monetary estimate--in terms of its cost to the taxpayer--at $200,000.
There is some speculation that this is a conservative estimate. Peggy
Noonan writes: "You just know when you read about it that it's worse
than anyone is saying--the Bush people being discreet because they don't
want to start out with complaints and finger pointing, the Clinton-Gore
people because it is in their obvious interests to play it down."
These actions have been characterized as "pranks" in the press, although
the Washington Post did, in a giveaway line, suggest that there was more
to the story than high jinks. Quoting Clinton(ian) sources, the paper
"The Democratic officials said the actions were meant to be funny, or in
some cases were an outlet for frustration by soon-to-be-unemployed
Were these actions "pranks"? Let's parse the situation, and start by
returning to my original question: What is a prank? I think most people
would agree that a prank is an impish action, intended by the prankster
to make the "prankee" feel momentarily sheepish, but not shell-shocked
or outraged. Classic pranks are intended to provoke a prankish payback,
not heated antagonism, or contempt. In other words, the prankster's
motivation lies in a sense of irreverent one-upmanship--in mischief, not
malice. The mental state, or mens rea, of the perpetrator is as central
to the definition of prank as it is to murder or assault.
To give you an example: In my days at Oxford, I was witness to a healthy
rivalry between my college, Trinity, and our insufferable neighbors,
Pranks were the currency in which this rivalry was traded. On one
occasion, some chaps from Balliol uprooted the rugby posts from the
Trinity grounds (some four miles away), brought them in a hired lorry to
college, and set them up on the lawns in front of the Trinity chapel.
They chuckled, and, yes, we chuckled too. In reprisal, a handful of
hearties from Trinity stole into Balliol in the pitch of night and
unleashed a sheep in the college library there, the stench of whose
droppings caused the Balliol librarian nearly to faint the next
morning. Again, we chuckled, and they chuckled back. These were
pranks, part of a sequential, good-natured rivalry. There was no malice
aforethought, only a juvenile sense of caper.
The other distinction between a prank and an act that exceeds a prank's
bounds is the causing of harm, or damage. In boarding school in India,
as a boy, I once threw a rock at a hive of wild bees that had grown,
high up, on the clock tower of the school's main building. My aim was
unerring, and the hive broke, discharging scores of furious bees in the
direction of my admiring friends. While I was able to scamper to
safety, two boys were stung so badly that they were hospitalized. My
act was not a prank, since it had caused damage. I was publicly caned,
and rightly, by the principal.
In the context of the White House, any harm or damage must be construed
to include the infliction of a burden on the taxpayer--not to mention
the interference, however temporary, with the business of government.
So the hanging up, here and there, of signs that said "Dept.
of Strategery"--a play on the president's bumbling way with words--was a
prank worthy of my confreres at Trinity or Balliol, or even of the frat
house at which our "frat boy" president earned his spurs.
But the slashing of phone lines? The gluing shut of desk drawers? The
gouging out from keyboards of the W key? The infection of computers
with viruses? The redirection of official phone lines, on which the
public and government rely? These, I fear, violate the prankster's
rulebook. They caused damage; lines, desks, computers and keyboards
needed repair and replacement. My money, and yours, was used for this
Most shabby of all, however, was the perpetrators' intent. A true
prank--a prank properly defined--is carried out in a jocular spirit.
Pranks are escapades, monkeyshines. They're not acts of venom or spite,
of resentment or ill-will. If the actor is malefic, he is not a
prankster but a vandal. He is, in truth, a delinquent.
That's what I learned in grade school, and I commend that interpretation
to you.
Mr. Varadarajan is deputy editorial features editor of The Wall Street Journal. His column appears Mondays.

I would argue with Mr. Varadarajan's contention that mens rea must be considered and that the absence of malicious intent reduces the act to mere prank. Such an argument runs contrary to the concept of strict liability crimes. That doctrine (Park v United States, (1974) 421 US 658,668) established the principle of 'strict liability' or 'liability without fault' in certain criminal cases, usually involving crimes which endanger the public welfare.

"I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools.
Let's start with typewriters."

- Frank Lloyd Wright

clinton hunt-and-peck







Someone recently tested the monkeys-on-typewriters bit trying for the plays of Will Shakespeare, but all they got were the plays of bill clinton.


15 posted on 01/01/2002 4:46:12 AM PST by Mia T
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