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Posted on 12/25/2001 4:26:52 PM PST by rdavis84

           By Claire W. Gilbert, Ph.D., Copyright 1996 Blazzing Tattles Magazine

If I had heard the news on Cable Network News a week earlier, I would have totally ignored it. I heard a non-English name I couldn't remember, and that he had been shot and killed, along with his young daughter, in LaJolla, California. He was dead behind the wheel of the car, the side window had been shot out, and the door was open. His daughter appeared to have tried to run away and she was shot dead, also. The hit was compared to other killings of Japanese in this country by muggers. What made my antenna stand on end is that the victim was an expert in abnormal proteins in Alzheimer.

ABNORMAL PROTEINS? I had just put together May Blazing Tattles with its EXTRA! on the Gajdusek bust by the FBI. (See Dr. D.C. Gajdusek and Mad Cows, Page 10.) I had already interviewed Mark Purdey in Somerset England twice by telephone. (See "Mark Purdey and the Mad Cows" on Page 9.) I was becoming familiar with the expression "abnormal brain protein." Is it a coincidence that scientists studying brain protein (a very rare area of study) seem to be having hard times?

As soon as I heard on TV "brain protein" and "there were no witnesses," I said to myself: "This is a professional hit. This is not a random killing by muggers." (My judgement was later borne out by a Reuters report [5/11/96, San Diego] which called the double murder "very professionally done.") I was also becoming familiar with violence against scientists and others victims who were all involved in one way or another with abnormal brain proteins. Some of them implicated a chemical in Mad Cow Disease and its species-transmissible form, including the human version, CJD.

Purdey's house was burned down and his lawyer who was working with him on Mad Cow Disease had been driven off the road by another vehicle and subsequently died. The veterinarian on the case also died in a car crash. Purdey's new lawyer, too, had a car accident, but not fatal. Dr. C. Bruton, a CJD specialist -- who had just produced a paper on the a new strain of CJD -- was killed in a car crash before his work was announced to the public. Purdey speculates that Bruton might have known more than what was revealed in his paper. The Brits have a tendency to knock each other off in car crashes it seems. In the US, we do it by drownings (See "William Colby and CIA dirty tricks, or, Did George Bush have a joint bank account with Saddam Hussein?" on page 15.) or shootings. Both the wives of Colby and Saitoh were out of town at the time of their husband's deaths.

What all of these have in common -- Alzheimer Disease (AD), Mad Cow Disease, and CJ Disease -- is abnormal brain proteins.

After I heard the news, I continued to listen from program to program to learn as much as possible. The victim's name is Tsunao Saitoh, aged 46. The name of his 13-year-old daughter's is Loullie.

Once again I called Mark Purdey to find out of he knew anything of the work of Saitoh, as he did of Gajusek. While Saitoh's name sounded familiar to Purdey, he couldn't pinpoint it, but when I told him that Saitoh had been working in the area of abnormal brain proteins in AD, Purdey said that the protein was called an abnormal "tau" in Alzheimer. He said OP (Organophosphate chemical, a pesticide) would cause the tau deformity in the same way it causes the deformed prion protein in the brains of cattle.

To verify Purdey's explanation of tau in AD, I spoke with a few experts and this was confirmed for me. One of two hallmarks of AZ is a neurofibulatory tangle inside dying nerve (brain) cells and the whole cell body is filled with this abnormal tau. I made a lot of phone calls to various offices at Saitoh's institution, seeking information. Saitoh's list of publications is exceedingly long. His recognition is in the study of amyloids (related to the second AD hallmark) if I understand the press material.

I had heard on the news that there was a conference on AD in San Diego (where the medical college is located and near LaJolla). The conference had been mentioned on the news in conjunction with Saitoh's assassination. Saitoh was a "globally recognized" authority on AD and he was at UCSD. His death occurred in the evening prior to the opening of the conference. I thought perhaps he was going to present some radical new theory of OP-induced Alzheimers. Yet a spokesperson told me: "He was not on the program and he had not been expected to attend." Hummmmmmm.

I obtained via fax from the PR department their standard press handout for media regarding the late doctor. It says "Dr Saitoh... served as an associate at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Columbia University, New York, from 1982 to 1985." Avid oldtime readers of Blazing Tattles will recall what Alan S. Levin, M.D., had to say about Hughes: "I used to work for Bechtel and Hughes people in covert operations. I was in the Marine Corps Covert Operations in Laos, Thailand, and Viet Nam...Bechtel and Hughes were the major operations. And also Bechtel was very instrumental in building air strips from which cocaine is transported in Central and South America."

Then when Levin was in Medicine at University of California, San Francisco: "What was going on was that the Chief of the De- partment of Medicine was lobbying for Howard Hughes' funds, Hughes Industries! Now, most of the funds in the Hughes Medical Foundation comes from Hughes' black budget, Hughes' CIA contract. So, I had worked with these guys in Operation Phoenix, and here this very same (dirty) money that was generated by that company was going to build this Institute at the

And I asked Levin: "And Hughes' money comes from?"

And he replied: "Hughes' CIA contract... With Hughes, Bechtel, and McDonnell Douglas, it is a big sort of conspiracy that I will describe to you in the next 10 or 15 minutes. It was very well orchestrated and it is very complex." (Blazing Tattles, August 1993.) The story is too long to reproduce here. Copies are available from Blazing Tattles.

Essentially the story is that defense contractors have found they needed a new industry and there is a lot of money to be made in medicine. Despite Saitoh's connection to Hughes through the Medical Institute at Columbia, and despite the fact that the Hughes organization has the connections to do a professional hit, my instincts say that the Hughes organization is not directly responsible for Saitoh's death. I could be wrong. I've been wrong before. At least one person thinks Hughes is involved:

"The boys are playing dirty pool again. This Japanese scientist is also connected up to the Howard Hughes Institute, a mysterious, low key medical research facility," was written in a personal letter to an Internet friend and forwarded to me, with the name of the original writer deleted.

The name of Hughes came up again in connection with abnormal brain proteins but it takes a bigger stretch of the imagination than I can figure to connect the following with dirty tricks by Hughes. Jim Scanlon posted the following to 'sci.environment' on Usenet:

"... there was an investigation of a CJD cluster in Tucson Arizona (pop. 400,000) in 1987 because a local neurologist suspected as many as 20 cases over a ten(?) year period. An article in the Arizona Daily Star (3/19/87) indicated three cases in young men in their thirties who worked in the Hughes Missile Plant.

"An investigation was done by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and reported in the same paper (7/8/87). The conclusion was that the CJD cluster was coincidental. The CDC was, from the newspaper reports, not in a hurry to investigate, and did not apparently experience any pressure to come to its conclusion.

"Interest in the matter, which was never high, died out... Are there other clusters? One of the doctors quoted in the 7/87 article (the same name) was quoted recently in New Scientist stating that pigs and chickens are sensitive to BSE (Mad Cow Disease). He should have known of the Tucson cluster.

"The CDC should have known, and so should the British Ministry of Health. Why this silence? There is something seriously amiss. Even considering that the CDC excluded several cases for apparently bogus reasons, "outside the city limits", "worked at Hughes only 4 months", there still appeared to be seven cases in a small city not terribly different from the 50 million plus population of the UK over a similar period of time."

Scanlon goes on to say that CJD is known to be transmitted through intrusive medical procedures which introduce contaminated neurological tissue and perhaps dental procedures. No one has looked into this aspect previously. All prions are difficult to destroy using traditional methods. It is fortunate that they are not alive and it is difficult to get them inside you.

Whether or not there is a cover up in the case of Alzheimer, Mad Cow, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob (CJ) diseases -- all of which affect the brain remains to be seen and may never been known. What is certain is that bad things have happened to Mark Purdey, his lawyers, his veterinarian, and others leading figures dealing with abnormal brain proteins. I'm sorry folks, but statistically it is so unlikely to be a chance occupance that I have to believe there is some connection here. My hypothesis is that the victimized US and British researchers have found a link between OP -- or more generally chemical mixes -- and diseases of the brain; and some entity profiting from chemicals is orchestrating the disasters.

FLASH: News sources say second type of Alzheimer discovered. JC disease or OP-caused?

Mark Purdey and the Mad Cows   By Claire W. Gilbert, Ph.D.
                          Copyright 1996

On May 5, 1996, I conducted a long distance telephone interview with Mark Purdey of Somerset, England. Purdey has published scientific papers on Mad Cow Disease and he has appeared on British television regarding the same. It was his TV appearance last year which prompted the November, 1995 cover of Blazing Tattles. His views are not mainstream because he sees an "intervening variable" of chemicals between the healthy cow and the mad cow. I had assumed incorrectly that the "prion protein" was a figment of scientific imagination, but according to Purdey there is such a thing. The question is how the prion protein becomes "incorrectly folded." Now, before the reader says "Whoa!," let me backtrack.

Of recent years, a disease has been observed among cattle. A sick cow drools, wobbles as if drunk, and has difficulty using its hind legs (if I have that right). Then one day it falls over dead. [The US version may be the "downer cow."] It has been found upon autopsy that their brains are not normal, and the disease is caused from an infectious agent. It was widely believed to be a slow incubating virus, but now some scientists believe it is caused from an almost indestructible protein molecule called a "prion." It was assumed humans could not catch this disease. It is an incorrectly folded prion protein molecule, according to Purdey. These incor- rectly folded molecules have an abnormal electrical charge which facilitate the neighboring prions to become incorrectly folded. These proteins are not destroyed by ordinary cooking and there is also no known remedy for the disease. Over a period of years, this process continues, until the cow falls ill.

Purdey believes that the cause of the problem is that a chemical gets into the brain and binds with the normal prions to produce abnormal ones. He believes it is a specific chemical called "phosmet" which does this. Phosmet is a combination of an organophosphate pesticide (OP) and thalimide (base of thalidomide) which is used against the warble fly in cattle. The phosmet is applied on the skin in an oily base, with the intent of it being taken into the skin, into the cow's body where the fly burrows in. According to Purdey, the warble fly actually lives in the cow nine months of the year. The OP plus thalimide initiates the prion change. Once changed, its electrical charge can trigger normal prion protein into abnormal form.

Purdey controls the warble fly with "derris root powder." It kills the warble fly and does not harm the cow -- it is not necessary to use phosmet to kill the warble fly.

It seems researchers in many fields who get onto something regarding toxic chemicals have bad things happen. Purdey's re- search that was contracted out to the Medical Research Council was intercepted by the government, and one trial was cancelled while the other was mysteriously changed. The chemical he designated for the experiment was altered and diluted. The results therefrom were weakened, although still was found a slight bond with the OG and the prion protein.


A big issue today is whether the mad cow disease could cross the species barrier and be transmitted to humans or between other animal species. There is an emerging view, based on a variety of correlations, that this is possible.

With respect to humans, there is a disease known as "CJD" which resembles Mad Cow Disease in that it has a long incubation period and when a fatality is autopsied, the human brain shows minuscule holes as does the cow's. The British believe it is caused from eating contaminated beef. CJD is an extremely rare illness and normally strikes only older people. More recently a second strain has emerged in which younger people have been affected.

But Purdey says that human cases can be caused from chemicals. He says there was a cluster of CJD in Kent, England. There were four cases in four small villages. These villages are ten miles downwind of a factory which manufactures phosmet. In 1986 they had a leak and the chemical went all around the countryside. The incubation period is ten years. He says there is another cluster of this very rare disease in Teeside, where another plant is located. His conclusion is that the second strain is caused from chemicals.

There's been another ominous story going around about hay mites infecting minks. Purdey says the mite prion which infected the minks was itself affected by the chemical.


I asked Purdey if it is true that both his veterinarian and his lawyer were killed in car crashes, and he confirmed this. His lawyer was run off the road by another car and died as a result of the accident. His new lawyer also had a car crash, but he survived. Purdey's house was burned down.

Purdey related that the scientist, Dr. C. Bruton died in a car crash. He had just produced a paper on a new strain of CJD. Bruton was a CJD specialist. Posthumously, his work was announced to the public. It is likely or at least possible that Bruton knew more than what was in the paper, said Purdey.

I asked Purdey if he thought the arrest and firing from his research position of the distinguished, US resident, Nobel Award CJD specialist, Dr. D.C. Gajdusek was also related to this mad cow situation. Purdey said that weeks before the arrest of Gajdusek Purdey was told by Ray Bradly of the Ministry of Agriculture that Gajdusek was seeking alternative hypotheses and specifically requested all of Purdey's papers. They were faxed to Gajdusek.

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1 posted on 12/25/2001 4:26:52 PM PST by rdavis84
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To: rdavis84
There has been a very disturbing trend of high level scientists being killed in the last few months.
2 posted on 12/25/2001 4:28:09 PM PST by Lazamataz
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To: Nita NuPress
Some familiar names (Hughes, CIA)
3 posted on 12/25/2001 4:28:13 PM PST by rdavis84
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To: Lazamataz
Be sure to note the date of this, and that there are mentions again of Hughes.
4 posted on 12/25/2001 4:29:18 PM PST by rdavis84
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To: rubbertramp
Sound Familiar? Note the deaths around the guy.
5 posted on 12/25/2001 4:30:17 PM PST by rdavis84
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To: golitely
Who else should be flagged?
6 posted on 12/25/2001 4:31:24 PM PST by rdavis84
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To: rdavis84; Backhoe;ratcat;T-shirt;Alamo-girl;Black Jade
7 posted on 12/25/2001 4:36:42 PM PST by Libertarianize the GOP
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To: Noxxus
8 posted on 12/25/2001 4:37:00 PM PST by rdavis84
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To: Libertarianize the GOP; thinden
Thanks for the flags.
9 posted on 12/25/2001 4:37:57 PM PST by rdavis84
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To: timestax
10 posted on 12/25/2001 4:38:32 PM PST by RedBloodedAmerican
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To: chaser
11 posted on 12/25/2001 4:39:07 PM PST by RedBloodedAmerican
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To: thinden
"Essentially the story is that defense contractors have found they needed a new industry and there is a lot of money to be made in medicine. Despite Saitoh's connection to Hughes through the Medical Institute at Columbia, and despite the fact that the Hughes organization has the connections to do a professional hit, my instincts say that the Hughes organization is not directly responsible for Saitoh's death. I could be wrong. I've been wrong before. At least one person thinks Hughes is involved:"
12 posted on 12/25/2001 4:40:19 PM PST by rdavis84
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To: OKCSubmariner;Free the USA;Atomic_PUNK
13 posted on 12/25/2001 4:44:15 PM PST by Libertarianize the GOP
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To: rdavis84
Hughes? Cia? Possibly, but what about Osama? Al Qaeda? Saddam? They've been around for years with interest in chemical weapons. I wonder what those "proteins" would do to a water supply? Turn people into babbling shells of their former selves? The water supply to the White House? To the UN? (LOL!) Or the water supply ised on foreign shores by our military? This could be worse than MTV.
14 posted on 12/25/2001 4:48:00 PM PST by PoisedWoman
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To: rdavis84
Tsunao Saitoh 1949-1996
Robert Katzman and Leon Thal
Department of Neurosciences, School of Medicine, University of California at San Diego, La Jolla, CA 92093-0624, USA

We tragically lost our friend and colleague, Tsunao Saitoh, Professor of Neurosciences at the University of California San Diego, and his 13 year old daughter, Louille, at about 11 PM on Tuesday May 7, 1996 as they were returning from his laboratory. They were killed at gun point in front of their home. He had spent the evening working and helping his daughter with her homework. This tragedy is deeply felt by his remaining family, his many colleagues, collaborators, and friends.

Tsunao was highly intelligent, hard working and creative. He had become a leading scientist in the field of Alzheimer research, a superb mentor and a wonderful collaborator. He was warm and caring, considerate and helpful to his students and fellows; his current laboratory group includes 5 pre-doctoral students, 5 post-doctoral fellows, 2 visiting scholars, and support staff. He had a wide breadth of knowledge in both science and the humanities and when there were disagreements he would argue his point of view without rancor. He was sophisticated in his tastes, both Western and Japanese, and knew the best sushi chefs in San Diego. At the same time he was an intensely private individual.

Tsunao, born on December 13, 1949, Received both a Masters (1974) and Ph.D. degree (1977) from the Institute for Virus Research at Kyoto University. From the earliest stages of his career he was extremely productive. Publications from is master's degree work (with S. Hiraga) dealt with DNA replication in E. Coli and DNA transfer to recipient cells; additional publications based on his doctoral studies (with A. Ishihama) focused on subunits of RNA polymerase. At that stage of his career, a new interest in the nervous system motivated a move to Paris to work with P. Changeux at the Pasteur Institute. He remained there as a visiting post-doctoral fellow until 1982 investigating mechanisms of membrane phosphorylation of the Torpedo electric organ. Between 1982-1985, Tsunao was an Associate at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (with J.H. Schwartz). During this period his research dealt with calmodulin dependent protein kinase in Aplysia during long term potentiation.

We were extraordinarily fortunate in recruiting Dr. Saitoh to the UCSD Department of Neurosciences and the Alzheimer Disease Research Center in 1985. Tsunao initially studied changes in protein kinases in brains of Alzheimer patients. Subsequently, he turned his attention to the physiological function of the APP molecule, demonstrating its trophic properties. During these studies, he and his collaborators identified a 17 amino acid active neurotrophic region near the insertion point of the Kunitz sequence. He then discovered a new amyloid component protein (NACP and cloned the NACP gene which is located on chromosome 4 and is present as part of the amyloid core in about four-fifths of the neuritic plaques in Alzheimer brains. He showed that NACP aggregated with the A peptide to form amyloid, in a manner analogous to apolipoprotein E. During the past several months, Dr. Saitoh's laboratory has investigated the possibility that inheritance of a specific allele of NACP might alter susceptibility to the development of Alzheimer's disease. This work was part of a larger scientific effort aimed at identifying genetic factors that might modify the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease in both apolipoprotein E4 positive and negative individuals. At the time of his death he was at the very peak of his productive career. Numerous manuscripts were in preparation when his life was cut short.

The entire neuroscience community, and in particular the community of Alzheimer disease scientists, will sorely miss him as a valued colleague and friend.

Alzheimer's Disease Review 1, 37, 1996
©1996. The University of Kentucky. All rights reserved.
A portable display format (pdf) of this file is also available (TSaitoh.pdf).

15 posted on 12/25/2001 5:02:31 PM PST by PhilDragoo
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To: rdavis84
You forgot the tin-foil-hat alert ...
16 posted on 12/25/2001 5:09:13 PM PST by jimkress
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To: Lazamataz; goldilucky; KLT; BeAChooser; BenF; veronica; ratcat
"There has been a very disturbing trend of high level scientists being killed in the last few months."

I've noticed this too/BTTT

17 posted on 12/25/2001 5:12:46 PM PST by ChaseR
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To: rdavis84
The Purdey Environmental Home Page

Organophosphates, BSE, CJD, Scrapie, Prions, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Pesticides, Industrial Pollutants, Metals, Soils, Diet.

Hi, and welcome to the web site of Nigel and Mark Purdey.We're interested in exploring the ways in which the Environment may be causing a wide variety of diseases such as BSE, CJD, Scrapie, Alzheimer's disease, the Chronic Fatigue Syndromes and more

We want to hear from you - your stories , criticisms and information.

Click to e mail us...Site Direct e mail for Mark Purdey :

This page contains a wealth of information including articles, papers, diagrams, a continuous journal of Nigel and Mark Purdey, a pair of dedicated researchers who look to know what's worth knowing of these diseases.

18 posted on 12/25/2001 5:14:41 PM PST by PhilDragoo
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To: rdavis84
"Report From Iron Mountain" was a satire, written as a lark. But it was powerful because it was about real ways of thinking and real modalities. Like the rock song about another subject says, there's "lots of shady characters, lots of dirty deals...payoffs, ripoffs, and things nobody saw."
19 posted on 12/25/2001 5:29:44 PM PST by 185JHP
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To: PoisedWoman
The pernicious thing about prions is that "they're not alive, but it's really hard to kill them." I heard on a talk show that it takes 1200 Degrees to kill a prion, so your basic autoclave won't do the job.
20 posted on 12/25/2001 5:34:41 PM PST by 185JHP
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