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To: Lchris; All

I always like to know who I'm reading, so I did a little checking. For anyone who's interested, here's some background information about Dr. Horowitz:, the author of this piece. You be the judge.

Not for commercial use. Solely to be used for the educational purposes of research and open discussion.

Africa News
March 7, 1997

Science and Health; Controversial Claims On Aids Origin
All Africa Press Service


Now a new book published in the United States late last year is set to fuel the apprehension of millions of people worldwide. Entitled, Emerging Viruses - the Story of AIDS and Ebola, it was researched by an American dentist Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who worked on it since 1990.

The new title reproduces United States Defence Department papers of 1970, relating to Dr. Henry Kissinger's directive to American scientists to produce AIDS type viruses.

The book traces the mass outbreak of AIDS in the early 80s to the 1974 vaccination with a Hepatitis B Vaccine that it claims was first tested on the gay (homosexual) community and mentally retarded children in New York.

The author claims that later the same year, this same vaccine was tested in Eastern Zaire, Central Africa and North-Western Uganda. Dr. Horowitz says this contamination was by accident.

Dr. Horowitz who claims he stumbled on the evidence in 1990 told the Voice of America - Voices of Africa programme that the AIDS viruses came originally from monkeys that had been modified by a team of American researchers led by Dr. Robert Gallo - the man reputed to have discovered the HIV or AIDS causing virus.

He claims the researchers had modified the viruses to see if primate (i.e. originating from monkeys or chimpanzees) viruses could cause cancers in humans.

"The primate virus - the HIV precursor - was first implanted in white cells which allowed it to bridge the gap between human and primates. That is how the jump occurred," the researcher explains.

Dr. Horowitz says that Dr. Gallo virtually told a lie about "discovering" the HIV virus. A substantial amount of research with these modified viruses were done in north-western Uganda.

According to Dr. Horowitz, other key players in the development of the killer virus included a founder of an American drug company and biological warfare expert who came to the United States from Germany after the Second World War.

Citing 1970 Department of Defence appropriation papers, the book blames Dr Henry Kissinger,United States Secretary of State at the time as the author of the campaign to develop anti-immune system viruses for warfare purposes. The Department of Defence papers show $10 million was made available to researchers for the purpose.

Others who have blamed Dr. Kissinger include Capt. Joyce Riley of the Texas- based Gulf War Veterans Association.

She told the World Wide Christian Radio that she had stumbled across papers implicating Dr. Kissinger by accident while researching the series of strange diseases that have reportedly killed 15,000 Americans since the end of the Gulf War in 1991.

But an official of the Washington-based National Cancer Institute who contributed to the Voice of Africa programme said the retro- viruses (the class of HIV precursors found in primates such as monkeys) had modified themselves naturally and entered the human body through food and other pathways.

Dr. Raoul Benveniste insisted on the programme that the technology for the modification of viruses was not available at the time. "The retroviruses are only present in African primates. This is why the disease originated in Africa," he said.

Not for commercial use. Solely to be used for the educational purposes of research and open discussion.

PR Newswire
September 2, 1999

SECTION: Lifestyle

Musical Code for 'Miracles' and World Healing Found in Bible;
Ancient Frequencies Intrigue Scientists, Musicians and Religious Scholars

SANDPOINT, Idaho, Sept. 2

The ancient musical scale, called the Solfeggio, that according to authorities includes tones for "miracles," and possibly world healing, has been reportedly discovered in the Bible by an Idaho physician and minister of the gospel.

The repeating six tones, electromagnetic frequencies, include the mathematical code recognized by experts to help repair damaged DNA -- the genetic blueprint of life, according to Dr. Joseph Barber, a nautorpathic physician. Documentation and analyses are provided in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse (Tetrahedron Press, $26.95; 888-508-4787). See . Dr. Barber and lead author Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Harvard graduate and public health authority, spent three years researching the six tones that physicists and musicians say include harmonic sequences similar to those found in the "wedding march."

"The entire series of tones appears to relate to the Christian bride," and the '144,000' predicted in the Book of Revelation to be gathered by God during the great tribulation to sing a special song heralding the Messianic age," Dr. Horowitz says.

Dr. Barber found the ancient codes in the Book of Numbers, Chapter 7, verses 12 through 83. When simply deciphered using the ancient Pythagorean method of reducing the verse numbers to their single digit integers, sound frequencies are revealed. These correspond to the original tones in the great hymn to St. John the Baptist, lost centuries ago according to church officials. "These unique tones were believed to impart spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious masses," Dr. Horowitz added.

Stunningly, the third tone in the series is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair damaged DNA -- the genetic blueprint of life, according to Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Lee Lorenzen, a world renowned biochemist working with water crystallization methods to rejuvenate DNA.

"I was intrigued by the frequencies of the healing codes," said Dr. Lorenzen. "The third frequency is well known to scientists working on DNA repair." Dr. Lorenzen believes this "528" frequency might be beneficial in delaying aging.

Not for commercial use. Solely to be used for the educational purposes of research and open discussion.

The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA)
July 18, 1999, Sunday, IDAHO EDITION



By  Heather Lalley, Staff writer

The 7-year-old bounces downstairs, licking a chocolate Popsicle.

''Alena, were you vaccinated?'' her dad asks.


''Tell me what you think about vaccinations?'' he presses.


Dr. Leonard Horowitz beams.

Horowitz, a dentist by training, has spent years preaching the evils of immunization. Vaccines killed his mother, he says, and crippled his wife's siblings. He blames childhood shots for his own painful eczema. But vaccines aren't the only thing this selfdescribed conspiracy theorist of public health has set upon to expose. He sees much of mainstream medicine as a vast and complex cover-up, one that is spreading plagues around the world in an evil mix of money-making and population control.

Horowitz runs a growing anti-establishment information empire, Tetrahedron, Inc., out of a crowded office in his Sandpoint home. From here, he distributes almost two dozen self-published books, videos and audio tapes dealing largely with ''military-medical-industrial malfeasance and U.S. government cover-up,'' his marketing materials say.

His staff of two full-time and two part-time employees book speaking engagements for him around the country. He's a popular speaker at Y2K preparedness expos and alternative medicine conferences. He's been a guest on the nationally syndicated Art Bell Show, the ''X-Files'' of the radio dial, several times.

Horowitz is intense. Charismatic. Articulate. A perpetual salesman of himself and his beliefs.

Public health officials, though, call him dangerous, a threat to improving vaccination rates they say are necessary to save lives.

''This isn't foolish conspiracy nonsense,'' says Horowitz, a Harvard graduate. ''This is scientific fact ... I am a scientist. I am a researcher. I dig up facts and then I, based on the facts, have to draw conclusions.''

It's his conclusions, though, that even some of his supporters find tough to fathom.

Take his views on AIDS.

Horowitz claims that scientists knowingly created AIDS by using infected monkeys to develop vaccines that were later tested on gay men in New York City and people in Central Africa. The disease made money for pharmaceutical companies and furthered a population-control agenda set decades earlier by wealthy families like the Rockefellers and even Britain's royals, Horowitz says.

''As far as a grand conspiracy, I don't buy it,'' said Da Vid, a holistic doctor in San Francisco who has championed some of Horowitz's work uncovering government documents concerning AIDS. ''He's giving too much credit to these people being so well organized ... I told him directly I thought he'd gone off the deep end.''

Horowitz, 47, admits the path that brought him from suburban dentistry to conspiracy-theory central is a strange one.

His life is one of contradictions: a dentist who has veered far from mainstream medicine. A Jewish boy who was bar mitzvahed but now embraces Christian doctrine and wears a Star of David with a cross around his neck. An author of works that range from ''Freedom from Dental Anxiety'' to ''Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse,'' his most recent book. A researcher who says he steadfastly adheres to scientific principles, with a blend of religious and spiritual beliefs.

''I went to dental school because my mother wanted to have her son the dentist,'' Horowitz says. ''From the moment I graduated I knew I wanted to get involved in research. I simply want to put the pieces of the puzzle together.''

Horowitz grew up in Pennsauken, N.J. He received his undergraduate degree in biological sciences at Rutgers, his dental degree from Tufts University, and a master's degree in public health and behavioral science from Harvard University. He also holds a master's in holistic studies from Beacon College in Washington, D.C.

''His education is incredible,'' says Paris Perez, 46, of Rockport, Mass., Horowitz's former dental patient and girlfriend who helped him found Tetrahedron, Inc. ''He's enthusiastic. That's Lenny's gift. He has a real enthusiasm for what he's involved in, a way of getting other people excited about an idea.''

Tetrahedron was born in 1978, after Horowitz and Perez attended a lecture by architect Buckminster Fuller called ''Making the World Work for Everyone.'' Fuller argued that if people want to make a difference in the world, they should do it now.

''After that meeting we left and we formed our nonprofit organization,'' Horowitz says. ''A tetrahedron is the most stable structure in the physical universe, a four-sided equilateral triangular structure that can withstand forces equally in any direction. It's a tribute to Buckminster Fuller.''

The goals of Tetrahedron, as stated in its articles of organization, are to help people ''experience health in body, mind and spirit'' and ''create harmonious social relationships within safe and supportive physical environments'' to benefit all of mankind.

By 1997, the nonprofit corporation was earning close to $ 400,000 a year, tax records show, from sales of Horowitz's books, audio tapes and videos. Tetrahedron has since dropped its nonprofit status, and Horowitz said he plans to reincorporate in Idaho.

He spent 16 years as a dentist, practicing in Rochester, N.Y., Boston and Gloucester, Mass. He began using holistic health techniques like massage, acupuncture and chiropractics on his dental patients.

''A lot of the doctors who were doing that would get hassled, but I had a Harvard master's of public health degree behind me,'' Horowitz says with bravado.

Perez, who first visited Horowitz for a root canal, said she appreciated his innovation.

By using relaxation techniques, Perez says, she was able to undergo root canals and have teeth pulled without anesthesia.

In the early 1990s, while working as chief professional adviser for a large health-care products distributor, Horowitz began investigating the case of a Florida dentist, Dr. David Acers, who infected his patients with AIDS.

When he began his research, Horowitz says he hoped to allay public fears about catching diseases from dentists.

''That's ultimately where I fell into a government cover-up,'' Horowitz says. ''The government covered up almost all the incriminating evidence against the Florida dentist. ... Ultimately they covered up the fact that Dr. David Acers' personality profile, crime scene profile and developmental history matched virtually identically the profiles of 36 serial killers ... Acers said he was doing it intentionally because he believed he was dying of a virus the government created.''

With that revelation gleaned from court testimony and other documents, Horowitz says, he lost his job. His finding ran counter to the money-making enterprise of training dentists in preventing the spread of disease, he says.

A spokeswoman from Melville, N.Y.-based Henry Schein Co., where Horowitz worked, said she had no information on why he left the company in 1993.

But Horowitz didn't stop his research on AIDS with the Florida dentist.

''I have this personality quirk that developed when I was very young because I was one of those people who was told I would never amount to anything,'' he says. ''You tell me I can't do something and I'll show you.''

So he sold his dental practice, cashed in his children's college fund and poured about $ 330,000 into a three-year investigation.

His conclusions became the basis for ''Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola - Nature, Accident or Intentional?,'' his 1997 book that continues to sell well at the online bookstore Horowitz says he's sold about 40,000 copies.

The book implicates Merck & Co., a large pharmaceutical manufacturer, among others, for engineering the virus that causes AIDS.

Merck officials say they have looked into Horowitz's claims and have found nothing.

''I don't think there's anything in the scientific or medical literature that would support what he says,'' says Isabelle Claxton, executive director of public affairs for Merck's vaccine division. ''The critical factor in science is that the claims have to be able to be revalidated by someone else and none of that has happened.''

Vaccines undergo rigorous tests before they're put on the market,'' Claxton says.

''Each batch is checked several times,'' she says. ''It's not like we do this in a garage.''

Horowitz, his second wife, Jackie (he was married for three months in the early 1980s), and two daughters moved to North Idaho last year. Jackie, 42, is expecting the couple's third child any day. The new baby will join 7-year-old Alena Netia, which means ''light of the burning bush,'' and 4-year-old Aria Katriel, ''lionness, crown of God.''

The sound of ringing phones mingles with the noise of carpenters sawing and hammering at the Horowitz' secluded home off Lake Pend Oreille. The couple is planning an organic orchard and trout pond for the back yard.

''It's a pleasure to be up in Sandpoint, in North Idaho, where I would say at least a large minority if not a majority of people recognize that what the government is up to most of the time is a scam,'' he says.

North Idaho is also where Horowitz met the man he calls Dr. Joseph Barber, a Clark Fork naturopath who became the co-author of Horowitz's latest book.

''I'm not comfortable yet using his real name,'' Horowitz says. ''He refuses to have me use his real name. There is a whole other story that I can't talk about yet, something really bad and really good happened, but I can't tell you about it yet.''

The book, ''Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse,'' published by Tetrahedron last month, hinges on a numerical pattern Barber says was revealed to him on his car windshield while driving home from work. The codes uncover the ''musical and electromagnetic frequencies for spiritual evolution and world healing,'' the book says.

For Phyllis Albee and Marie Rau, public health advocates with the Panhandle Health District, Horowitz never had any credibility.

They point to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report listing vaccination as one of the 10 great public health achievements in the last century. Because of widespread immunization, the report says, death from smallpox, diphtheria, pertussis, polio and other diseases has almost been wiped out.

Leonard and Jackie Horowitz's new baby will be born at home, they say, partly to eliminate the possibility their child will be immunized against their wishes.

''Given the documentation that is horrific, I can no longer in good conscience as a public health professional recommend that anyone get vaccinated with anything until there is a thorough independent scientific investigation as well as hopefully a congressional investigation,'' Horowitz says.

Horowitz's latest project is much more personal than his earlier works. An autobiography.

He plans to call it ''Horowitz: Stories of Evil, Angels, Heroes and Miracles.''

''It's unbelievable,'' says Horowitz, ever the salesman. ''It's all the most outrageous stories.''

Not for commercial use. Solely to be used for the educational purposes of research and open discussion.

The Village Voice
April 3, 2001, Tuesday

Nation; Pg. 40

 james ridgeway


Fowl Play

''Could the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease affecting global beef markets be an act of industrial espionage rather than nature? Could Tyson Foods Inc., the world's leading meat supplier, be behind the deadly slaughter?'' These concerns are voiced by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who claims to have previously traced the origins of mad cow disease to a CIA ''industrial espionage'' op, allegedly part of a broader bioterrorist move to reinvigorate the agency by turning it into a corporate gun for hire. Horowitz points the finger at Tyson only in part because execs in the firm were close to the Clintons. He thinks another connection can be found in a supposed E. coli outbreak, which he claims made it easier for the big chicken processor to take over a beef company by driving down its stock price. Then there was the 1997 outbreak of chicken flu in China--yet another sign, in Horowitz's view, of Tyson's hidden hand. All of this undertaken, in Horowitz's view, to drive down competing agribusiness and extend the tentacles of Tyson's chicken monopoly around the world. As of Monday evening, Tyson had no comment.

According to conspiracy buffs, that's just the beginning of the CIA's dirty work. Another theory has it that the U.S. set off a hoof-and-mouth epidemic in Iraq in 1993 during the Persian Gulf war by blowing up a lab that made vaccine to fight the disease. This, too, was a CIA bioterrorist move, killing or crippling millions of animals and contributing to the misery of Iraq's civilian population. At the time, the U.S. claimed the supposed lab was engaged in making germ and biological warfare agents.

Not for commercial use. Solely to be used for the educational purposes of research and open discussion.

Skeptical Inquirer
November 1, 2001 No. 6, Vol. 25; Pg. 23 ; ISSN: 0194-6730

Conspire This! seminar on conspiracies

On most days, the Santa Clara Convention Center, adjacent to the Santa Clara Westin Hotel and the Technology Mart, is abuzz with the schmoozing of high-tech millionaires, former millionaires, and wannabe-millionaires. But for two days of the Memorial Day weekend, it served as the world headquarters to a little-known resistance movement: the forces (such as they were) that had assembled to oppose the machinations of the Illuminati, the New World Order, MK Ultra, and numerous other shadowy organizations, some of which may even exist.


Dr. Leonard Horowitz is an anti-vaccination activist who spoke on "The Toxic Warfare Against Humanity" (see He explained how vaccines are deliberately contaminated by the Rockefeller-Windsor-Bush cabal, who not only make money selling the killer vaccines, but also off the medical treatments resulting from the diseases the vaccines create. The Rockefellers have invented the American medical monopoly, the cancer industry, and eugenics. The Rockefellers control the Alfred P. Sloan philanthropic foundation, which has created many viruses, including AIDS. The Rockefellers are trying to slowly poison us to reduce the population, making profits all the way. The recent West Nile Virus outbreak in the U.S. was a hoax, concocted to sell vaccines. Alzheimer's patients are actually suffering from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, the human form of Mad Cow disease. The bacteria E. coli is being genetically engineered by the CIA to create killer germs. Wherever WASP-directed capitalism goes, the re also goes genocide.

Horowitz takes very seriously the "Report from Iron Mountain" with its claims of a secret government plot to perpetuate war. But this "document" is actually a hoax, as its author has confessed: see Unlike many of the other speakers, Horowitz, a "Jew for Jesus," is very religious, his talk interspersed with prayer making him sound much like a revivalist. (Most of the other speakers were quite hostile toward organized religion, viewing it as part of the conspiracy.) Today, he warns, vaccine-induced diseases are fulfilling the dreadful prophecies from the Book of Revelations.



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To: Nita Nupress
"I was intrigued by the frequencies of the healing codes," said Dr. Lorenzen. "The third frequency is well known to scientists working on DNA repair." Dr. Lorenzen believes this "528" frequency might be beneficial in delaying aging.

This explains "what's the frequency Kenneth". Good to finally figure that one out.
13 posted on 11/25/2001 10:16:46 AM PST by Arkinsaw
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