Since Sep 23, 1998

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This is the shoulder insignia of the 39th Infantry Brigade which is commonly known as "The Arkansas Brigade". My best friend is a member of "The Arkansas Brigade" which is currently deployed with the US 1st Cavalry Division to the Sunni Triangle of Iraq.

Cult of Scalia
A wonderful site for all fans of Justice Antonin Scalia. I urge you to read some of the opinions he has written that are available on this site. They are magnificent and a couple are masterpieces.

Sons of Confederate Veterans
If you have an ancestor who served in the Confederate Armed Forces then please join this fine organization. There are forces who are seeking to eliminate all vestiges of these incredibly brave men. This organization seeks to stem the flow and can use your assistance.

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
If you have an ancestor who served in the Union Armed Forces then please join this fine organization. This organization does not face a hateful enemy trying to destroy it, but it faces what is possibly a worse enemy, apathy. If you have an ancestor you need to join.


Ronald Reagan
Is any explanation needed?

Winthrop Rockefeller
A giant of a man. Took on the Democratic Machine in a state that knew no Republicans. Suffered under professional and personal attacks. Established a fledgling two-party system in a one party state. Stood up for the little guy. Finished the job of integration quietly and with no more Democratic shenanigans. Reformed the despicable Arkansas prison system that was an embarrassment to all. Quietly advocated for economic development for Arkansas using his own money. Personally got involved as a supporter of press freedom in Arkansas and fighter against corruption.

Win Paul Rockefeller
There are many things a billionaire can do with his spare time, spending that spare time in a Boy Scout uniform with Boy Scouts in Arkansas is not usually at the top of the list...except for Win Paul Rockefeller. Not many billionaires drive a truck either. Win Paul Rockefeller also worked quietly and tirelessly for Arkansas economic development. Farmer, public servant, supporter of rural life, dedicated Boy Scout leader, and last and least billionaire.


The Spirit of Arkansas
"It was the people of the State who had to make this war, abandoned and betrayed and alone. And they fought with a grin of pain on their faces, as if to say to all beholders: 'We know we are nothing but backwoods trash, inferior to everybody, It does not matter to anyone. We will still fight on.'"
-- "Arkansas", John Gould Fletcher

The Heart and Soul
"I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.'"
-- Ronald Reagan

"Libertarianism without Conservatism is Anarchy. Conservatism without Libertarianism is Fascism.'"
-- Me