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Please Stop Saying — “God Told Me”
Delivered by Grace ^ | Josh Buice

Posted on 12/22/2020 6:40:09 AM PST by SeekAndFind

It happened again recently. I was listening to a sermon online and the preacher said, “God told me.” Apparently everyone in the congregation enjoyed it from the response I heard, but I immediately turned it off. This type of communication is becoming more prevalent in Christian circles. It’s showing up in conversations because people are hearing it from the pulpit and reading it in books they purchased from the local Christian bookstore. Perhaps it sounds spiritual or is emotionally stirring to the congregation.

Although the “God told me” method of communicating makes for interesting, suspenseful, and entertaining stories, what people need most is to hear from God. I would like to make a simple request. Please stop saying “God told me” unless the phrase is immediately followed up with a text of Scripture. Have you considered the connection between the “God told me” language and the sufficiency of Scripture? What connection does the “God told me” phrase have with the third of the Ten Commandments?

The “God Told Me” Language Violates the Sufficiency of Scripture

If God spoke to Moses from a burning bush (Ex. 3:4-6), to Samuel in the dark of night (1 Sam. 3:1-9), to Elijah in a cave (1 Kings 19:9), to John the Baptist and others at Jesus’ baptism (Mark 1:9-11), and to Saul (subsequently Paul) and his traveling companions on the road leading to Damascus (Acts 9:4-7)—why would God not speak to us today? That’s a fair question, but it might surprise you to know that God does still speak to us today. He does so through His sufficient and authoritative Word.

In chapter 1 and paragraph 6 of the 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689), we find these words:

The whole counsel of God concerning all things necessary for his own glory, man’s salvation, faith and life, is either expressly set down or necessarily contained in the Holy Scripture: unto which nothing at any time is to be added, whether by new revelation of the Spirit, or traditions of men.

During the days of the Old Testament, God was communicating to prophets in order to write Holy Scripture and to prepare the way for Jesus’ birth. All of the audible communication of God has direct connection to the redemptive plan of God to save sinners. God’s direct communication with His people was not centered on what to eat for breakfast, the need to give money to a random person at a bus stop, or to go join a group of college students at a morning workout.

During the days of the New Testament, and the early church period, God’s audible voice, although rare, was connected to the redemptive plan of God in Jesus Christ. Once the Bible was completed, there was no longer any need for God to speak to people audibly or to provide direct (divine) communication. God has communicated everything necessary for faith and life, worship and service, in His sufficient Word. To use the “God told me” language violates the sufficiency of Scripture. Simply put, it needs to stop.

It’s strange that many churches that once stood courageously for the inerrancy of Scripture in the past frequently employ the “God told me” language in their pulpit today. We don’t allow Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses to play the “God told me” divine revelation card, and we shouldn’t allow Baptists or Presbyterians or Methodists or mainstream evangelicals to have a free pass on this crucial issue.

The “God told me” language majors on our stories rather than God’s story. We need more of God and less of us in our singing and preaching today. If people are genuinely hungry to hear from God, we must direct them to God’s Word. To raise children on “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so” and to emphasize the authority of God’s Word is a good thing. But, when those same children arrive in the worship service on the Lord’s Day and hear a preacher waxing eloquent about how God talked directly to him in the early hours of the morning — that’s severely inconsistent. John MacArthur writes:

Preoccupied with mystical encounters and emotional ecstasies, [many] seek ongoing revelation from heaven – meaning that, for them, the Bible alone is simply not enough. [With them], biblical revelation must be supplemented with personal “words from God,” supposed impressions from the Holy Spirit, and other subjective religious experiences. That kind of thinking is an outright rejection of the authority and sufficiency of Scripture (2 Tim. 3:16–17). It is a recipe for far-reaching theological disaster. [1]

The “God Told Me” Language Uses God’s Name in Vain

Although some people unintentionally use the “God told me” vocabulary without understanding the implications, in other cases, certain people and preachers use the phrase as a means of claiming that they actually heard directly from God. This intentional use of God’s name is a clear violation of the third commandment (Deut. 5:11).

For whatever the reason, some people feel compelled to us God’s name as a stamp of approval on their stories, their decision to move churches, their decision to go into the ministry, or their decision to take a job transfer. Either way, it’s not true. It’s intellectually dishonest. We as evangelicals must not allow people to continually get away with using this language. We certainly shouldn’t celebrate it. Hear the word of Charles Spurgeon from a sermon he preached titled, “The Paraclete,” October 6, 1872:

Take care never to impute the vain imaginings of your fancy to Him [the Holy Spirit]. I have seen the Spirit of God shamefully dishonored by persons – I hope they were insane – who have said that they have had this and that revealed to them. There has not for some years passed over my head a single week in which I have not been pestered with the revelations of hypocrites or maniacs. Semi-lunatics are very fond of coming with messages from the Lord to me, and it may spare them some trouble if I tell them once for all that I will have none of their stupid messages… Never dream that events are revealed to you by heaven, or you may come to be like those idiots who dare impute their blatant follies to the Holy Ghost. If you feel your tongue itch to talk nonsense, trace it to the devil, not to the Spirit of God. Whatever is to be revealed by the Spirit to any of us is in the Word of God already – He adds nothing to the Bible, and never will. Let persons who have revelations of this, that, and the other, go to bed and wake up in their senses. I only wish they would follow the advice and no longer insult the Holy Ghost by laying their nonsense at His door. [2]

It is through the Word of God that we hear God proclaim to us the reality of sin (Rom. 3). From the Scriptures, we hear God declare good news that makes us wise unto salvation (2 Tim. 3:14-15). God speaks from His Word to correct us and warn us of error (2 Tim. 3:16-17). As we continue to hear God speak through His Word, we grow into spiritual maturity and experience the ongoing renewal of our minds (Rom. 12:1-2). God speaks today, but we must not cling to extrabiblical revelations. Such words are empty and impotent sayings that are more closely associated with mysticism than Christianity.

Important questions to ask when someone uses the “God told me” language:

  1. If the “God told me” language is used in the context of a sermon preached by one of your pastors (or a guest preacher), rather than attacking him online, setup a private meeting to discuss the matter in person. Show respect and ask for specifics to be sure you are not misunderstanding.
  2. Is this direct communication from God necessary if we already have the completed canon of Scripture (all 66 books)?
  3. Is the person using the “God told me” language in order to manipulate you in some way?
  4. Is the person seeking to validate their poor life decision by attaching God’s name to it?
  5. Is the “God told me” language being employed in the context of asking for money?
  6. Is the person using the name of God to aspire to an office in the local church?
  7. Is the “God told me” language in direct contradiction to any doctrine or truth revealed in Scripture?

An appeal to those who preach and teach the Bible:

  1. Remember Paul’s words to Timothy—Preach the Word (2 Tim. 4:1-5). We should preach the Word and not our stories.
  2. According to Ecclesiastes 12:14, one day we will give an account of every secret thing and every careless word that proceeds from our mouths (Matt. 12:36).
  3. It is our duty to maximize God and minimize ourselves in the pulpit. If people leave church services remembering your riveting story about God talking to you instead of remembering God’s Word, you’ve done the people a great disservice.
  4. Your “God told me” language makes others who obviously don’t hear Him speak in an audible voice (everyone in the congregation) feel sub-par in their Christian life. It also serves as a means of puffing up your spiritual level to an elite status above the normal Christian. This shouldn’t be the goal in preaching.
  5. If God didn’t actually speak to you in audible voice, please stop using the phrase, “God told me” when you’re telling stories in your sermons.
  6. Brother pastor, if you have someone speak in your pulpit who uses that type of language, it’s your responsibility to correct it with your people. Their spiritual maturity and development depends upon you being faithful in this area.

Don’t immediately classify a friend as a lunatic or a heretic if they use the “God told me” language in their communication. However, when you hear people talking in this manner, it should serve as a big red flag. Exercise wisdom and gentleness when confronting this error among friends or church members, but in the case of calling out false teachers, mark them so that others will not be led astray.

  1. John MacArthur, Strange Fire, (Nashville, Nelson Books, 2013), 218.
  2. Charles Haddon Spurgeon, “The Paraclete,” October 6, 1872 [Sermon].

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1 posted on 12/22/2020 6:40:09 AM PST by SeekAndFind
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To: SeekAndFind

Both points of view can be taken too far. It’s a balance. God speaks to His people even now and into their own personal life situations— but He never contradicts His Word.

2 posted on 12/22/2020 6:50:01 AM PST by CondoleezzaProtege
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To: SeekAndFind

How He speaks to each of us is different. But there is a “listening to God” element to prayer not just talking to him. Some people are given dreams, etc...

3 posted on 12/22/2020 6:52:10 AM PST by CondoleezzaProtege
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To: CondoleezzaProtege
Is this direct communication from God necessary if we already have the completed canon of Scripture (all 66 books)?,

Person's prayer :"God, should I quit my current job and go work for the Amalgamated Widgets Company?"

God: "Why you asking me that when you should know that Hezekiah 3:6 says 'And yee shall go work for Amalgamated Widgets Company',"

Every specific answer to each specific situation in life IS NOT in the Bible. Why do guys like this repeat the foolishness above?

4 posted on 12/22/2020 6:53:23 AM PST by BiglyCommentary
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To: SeekAndFind

When someone tells me “God told me...” I always say “really? He told me the exact opposite!”

5 posted on 12/22/2020 6:53:28 AM PST by MNDude
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To: SeekAndFind

All good points, but God does answer prayers - and questions. Some months after my wife passed away, I remember crying out to God one particularly night to bring a Godly woman into my life.

Some months after that, I was introduced to a woman at church. At the time, I thought nothing about it. No fireworks, no getting the tingles, nothing.

After some more time, I started to wonder if she was the answer to my prayers, so I asked God. His answer didn’t come in a ‘God told me’ moment, but his answer was clear and unmistakable. And it turns out that she was having the same sorts of conversations with the Man Upstairs.

6 posted on 12/22/2020 6:57:14 AM PST by Quality_Not_Quantity ("...behind every blade of grass...")
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To: MNDude

What a rude thing to say.

I have had God clearly communicate with me many times in the past.

7 posted on 12/22/2020 7:05:32 AM PST by Professional ( )
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To: CondoleezzaProtege
Some people are given dreams, etc...<<

So the Bible has an addendum and the Mormons were right?

8 posted on 12/22/2020 7:05:37 AM PST by EliRoom8
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To: SeekAndFind

The vast majority of people in our culture mindlessly use the phrase “God bless you” - which is giving directive to Him. The correct phrase of prayer or wishes should be “May God bless you”. It’s also bewildering to me how 9 of 10 listeners call Rush Limbaugh and say “Prayers to you, Rush”.

9 posted on 12/22/2020 7:06:05 AM PST by LittleBillyInfidel (This tagline has been formatted to fit the screen. Some content has been edited.)
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To: EliRoom8

“’In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.
- Acts

10 posted on 12/22/2020 7:09:35 AM PST by CondoleezzaProtege
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To: SeekAndFind

This entire article is heresy and goes against scripture.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them.” John 10:27

You are advocating an orphan Christianity. There is nothing more despicable than someone who tries to sabotage the relationship between a child and their heavenly Father. May God have mercy on you.

11 posted on 12/22/2020 7:09:39 AM PST by mongrel
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To: CondoleezzaProtege
>>In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.<<

Time for an in depth study on dispensations.
12 posted on 12/22/2020 7:13:53 AM PST by EliRoom8
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To: Quality_Not_Quantity

And, so, WHAT happened??

13 posted on 12/22/2020 7:14:10 AM PST by jackibutterfly (May the 10 just men lacking in Sodom be found in America, for it’s sake of survival.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 6 | View Replies]

To: SeekAndFind

When one learns to turn off his left brain hemisphere type of thinking through prayer or meditation, one can get guidance from a higher power that to some may seem like communication from God

14 posted on 12/22/2020 7:15:01 AM PST by mjp ((pro-{God, reality, reason, egoism, individualism, natural rights, limited government, capitalism}))
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To: Professional

It is sad and a way of manipulating people when a church tells folks God does not talk with them, scripture is just a start, walking with God is completeness. Man is fake as a 3 dollar bill, But God laughs..

15 posted on 12/22/2020 7:15:40 AM PST by aces (and )
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To: SeekAndFind

There are whole books and advice columns where the authors claim Jesus speaks through them, and they write it out in first person, “My child, My opinion is that you should do thus and such...” etc. Totally speaking FOR Jesus, first person, capital Me and My. This really bothers me. If the words are truly the words of Jesus, then these books and articles would be on the same level as Scripture. But the Bible says not to add to Scripture. Whenever an author or speaker claims to speak for Jesus and quotes Him like that, other than quoting from the Bible, I instantly turn them off.

I’ve also known ordinary people who claim God speaks to them audibly. You can’t argue with these people. If you tell them something isn’t Biblical, they just say, “Well, I know I’m right and you’re wrong because Jesus told me this morning.” You can’t reason with people who are convinced that the Lord visits them and speaks to them. They always get to be “right.” I think this is a big problem among Christians.

16 posted on 12/22/2020 7:16:09 AM PST by Nea Wood (Satan was the first liberal.)
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To: jackibutterfly
And, so, WHAT happened??

We're 'dating' but it is much deeper than that. We both know where things are headed and are taking time to get to know each other better before we take things 'to the next level.'

17 posted on 12/22/2020 7:17:06 AM PST by Quality_Not_Quantity ("...behind every blade of grass...")
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To: SeekAndFind

Folks who use religeon to get the better of anyone dont have to say “God told me”. Charlatans and frauds abound since the beginning of time. There is nothing new under the sun.

Slowdown, clear your mind of the trash and listen for what the Holy Spirit is saying.

18 posted on 12/22/2020 7:19:45 AM PST by Delta 21 (Get off your ass and earn it!)
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To: SeekAndFind

Well, instead of “Stop saying” it should be “be very cautious when you hear someone including your pastor say...”
God still speaks to His people. You shall know them by their fruit. And you should test them and their words with scripture.

19 posted on 12/22/2020 7:29:13 AM PST by vpintheak (Live free, or die!)
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To: CondoleezzaProtege

Hebrews 1:1-2
Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world.

God speaks to us through his Word Jesus Christ

20 posted on 12/22/2020 7:29:38 AM PST by Pez149
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