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To: Wyrd bið ful aræd; wideawake
What I find interesting is that Jewish naturalism was recognized as early as 1953. It's not conducive towards the pursuit of truth to have a knee-jerk reaction and brand anything not glowingly positive as "anti-Semitic."

There is no such thing as "Jewish naturalism." There is only naturalism, which secular Jews subscribe to. This makes them better than Catholics, who subscribe to naturalism even when they are religiously orthodox!

You're getting a bit mixed up comparing evolution, for example, to the author's impression of Jewish naturalism. Catholic thought on the matter fundamentally seeks to explain how God chose to accomplish something, rather than explain God away.

Catholics choose to dismiss Genesis 1-11 as "mythology" because the world we read about there doesn't seem to operate like the world that we know today. The same hypocrites then turn around and wax rapturous about how a human woman conceived a child without a sperm and the child was then born by passing miraculously through her side without tearing her hymen. Needless to say, this is also totally at odds with the operations of the world today, but that doesn't keep them from believing it. Genesis, though, is a "fairy tale" written for stone age savages. What diabolical hatred drives this hypocritical double standard!!!

The tendency in Jewish naturalism is to seek to somehow preserve "Jewish life" or the "Jewish experience" without the sole reason for the existence of Judaism -- God Himself.

You mean like Catholics with their proud Irish/Italian/Spanish/French/Polish/Vietnamese/Filipino heritages that they can't shut up about? How far-sighted of them to be born into all the new "chosen peoples!"

The proof is in the pudding. Jews in the US are overwhelmingly non-practicing, and 90% of Jews in Israel, last I saw a number, identify as non-practicing. And yet, they maintain their identity as a Jewish people and a Jewish state.

Kinda like Ireland and Massachusetts, huh?

The reason for this is the implicit, and in some circles explicit, rise in Jewish naturalism.

And again, there is no such thing as "Jewish naturalism." There is only naturalism. And you are avoiding the fact that naturalism arose among Jews in recent times (Spinoza and the "enlightenment") while the evolutionist Nazi Fahey is attributing the Jewish rejection of chrstianity two thousand years ago to "naturalism." That is a lie. The ancient Jews rejected J*sus for the same reason Catholics reject Martin Luther. They already had the True Religion from G-d Himself. Chrstianity is a later, unorthodox deviation.

There has been quite a lot of scholarship on the subject, but the gist is that to the vast majority of Jews, most particularly Israeli Jews, have developed a sense of identity, a form of religion-based nationalism, if you will, that is devoid of God.

Like Sinn Fein and the Irish Republican Army? Like radical left wing pro-abortion Hispanics who carry the "lady of Guadalupe" with them as they reconquer the United States for the freaks and perverts in the Democrat party???

The form, the functions, the rituals (Bar Mitzvahs, etc), are all mere tools that reinforce the communal sense of a Jewish identity.

Oh, like the baptism of a Kennedy!

I would hazard a guess that most Israelis don't go around thinking, "my outlook on life is informed by Jewish naturalism."

There is no such thing as "'Jewish' naturalism."

It gets stickier, in terms of polite discussion, when this sense of Jewish identity butts heads with Catholicism, but the truth is that the Social Kingship of Christ is incompatible with Jewish naturalism.

As I have said at least three times, there is no such thing as a specifically "Jewish" naturalism. And your "social kingship of Chr*st" is a fraud. It places the so-called "messiah" as a purely metaphorical, non-literal "king" who allegedly "rules from Heaven." The actual Messiah (in Fundamentalist Protestantism as well as Judaism) is a literal king who rules a literal kingdom at the end of time. But of course, Catholic hypocrites are allergic to literalism unless it's something from the "new testament." They don't even believe the events in the Book of Esther happened!!!

It's interesting to trace the rise of Jewish naturalism

You're just saying that to be a jerk.

going back all the way to the OT.

There is no naturalism in the "old testament." But maybe you think it's a Masonic book or something.

The Jews existed not just as an ethnic group, but an ethnic group that was chosen by God.

Like every traditionally chrstian ethnic group in history from good ol' American rednecks to the Ethiopians.

While the Romans, Greeks and everyone else freely adopted and renamed and worshiped each other's gods, the Jews, those peculiar people, refused to even acknowledge any God but their own.

That must bug you. Too darn bad.

Getting beat on by just about every other nation in the ancient world at one time or another made them dig in their heels even more and hold their identity close. And so it went right up to the 1940's, and into today.

But if there had been no "enlightenment" following centuries of persecution, no Jews would have latched onto naturalism as "the official Jewish doctrine in opposition to fideistic chrstianity." Thanks so much for creating the conditions for that--not!

There is no other example of a group of people clinging so tenaciously to a religio-ethic identity, even in the midst of the abandonment of faith itself except maybe Catholic Spain, which of course doesn't date back anywhere close as far as the Jewish.

Wrong. All chrstians are ethno-nationalist pretenders to the "chosen people" title. The "universal abstract religion" is a complete fraud.

This isn't antisemitism.

It isn't? Defending a Nazi like Denis Fahey for saying that the Jews rejected and "murdered" J*sus two thousand years ago even though they "knew" he "fulfilled the prophecies" and because they were already planning on creating a "universal secular republic" isn't anti-Semitism? You don't know what you're talking about.

It's merely a study on the social trajectory of Jews through history. I won't deny that some people can mix in antisemitism when discussing the incompatibility of the Social Kingship with Jewish naturalism

Your non-literal "messianic kingdom" IS naturalism, you insufferable hypocrite--especially since after claiming that your "messianic kingdom" is "not of this world" you begin waxing rhapsodic about the restored House of Bourbon or the "Great Catholic Monarch" who essentially fulfills the role what what a messiah actually does.

(just as those coming from the other end of the argument can mix in anti-Catholicism), but that doesn't mean that any and every acknowledgement of the incompatibility includes and arises from some kind of hatred towards Jewish people.

Anyone with the guff to talk about "Jewish naturalism" while defending an evolutionist, science-worshiping, Bible-hating, Genesis-hating, Esther-hating, Jonah-hating religion like Catholicism (and evolutionist Nazis like the accursed Fahey) has no business talking.

Good day, boor.

21 posted on 03/11/2016 11:33:31 AM PST by Zionist Conspirator (The "end of history" will be worldwide Judaic Theocracy.)
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To: Zionist Conspirator
Anyone with the guff to talk about "Jewish naturalism" while defending an evolutionist, science-worshiping, Bible-hating, Genesis-hating, Esther-hating, Jonah-hating religion like Catholicism (and evolutionist Nazis like the accursed Fahey) has no business talking.

Please don't hold back, make certain that you display ALL your need to keep some people in the dark....!!!!!!

27 posted on 03/11/2016 2:05:15 PM PST by terycarl (COMMON SENSE PREVAILS OVER ALL)
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