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Special Commission Report is Giant Fudge [ECUSA]
VirtueOnline-News ^ | 4/09/2006 | David W. Virtue

Posted on 04/09/2006 5:53:34 PM PDT by sionnsar

The recently released Special Commission Report on the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion by leaders in the Episcopal Church is a carefully nuanced fudge that, when examined closely, offers nothing about returning to the 'faith once delivered to the saints' and therefore poses no threat to the ongoing revisionism of the Episcopal Church. It offers nothing to orthodox Episcopalians who had hoped that some relief or reprieve might be possible in this the church's 11th hour.

The Special Commission included 11 resolutions to be debated by the 75th General Convention at its meeting June 13-21 in Columbus, Ohio and the 14 folk who worked on them were either out and out liberals or openly revisionist.

In a joint cover letter, Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold and the Rev. George Werner, president of the House of Deputies, observed that the report is "first and foremost... a theological document" focusing on "our understanding of our participation as members of the Anglican Communion in God's Trinitarian life and God's mission to which we are called." The letter stressed that the report "is intended to start the conversation and not conclude" discussion about the Windsor Report's recommendations, and to be an invitation into "the Windsor Process and the further unfolding of our common life together in the Anglican Communion."

The 11 proposed resolutions are:

+ Resolution A159, Commitment to Interdependence in the Anglican Communion, which would have the convention "reaffirm the abiding commitment of the Episcopal Church to the fellowship of churches that constitute the Anglican Communion."

INTERPRETATION: The Episcopal Church wants to remain part of the Anglican club, but on ECUSA's terms. We don't really care what the orthodox bishops of the Global South think, we only care about what Dr. Rowan Williams thinks and he is so brilliant that when he speaks nobody really understands him, and that works to our advantage.

+ Resolution A160, Expression of Regret, which would have the convention join the House of Bishops' March 2005 "Covenant Statement" in expressing "our own deep regret for the pain that others have experienced with respect to our actions at the General Convention of 2003" and offer "our sincerest apology and repentance for having breached the bonds of affection in the Anglican Communion by any failure to consult adequately with our Anglican partners before taking these actions."

INTERPRETATION: We're sorry you don't agree with us, and maybe we should have talked with you a little bit longer before we went off and did whatever we wanted to anyway. While we express "regret" and "sincerely apologize and offer repentance for breaching the bonds of affection" we have NO INTENTION of reversing ourselves on same-sex rites, consecrating openly gay and lesbian priests, or telling Vicki Gene to toss his miter in the garbage can.

+ Resolution A161, Election of Bishops, which would have the convention state that it "regrets the extent to which we have, by action and inaction, contributed to strains on communion and caused deep offense to many faithful Anglican Christians as we consented to the consecration of a bishop living openly in a same-gender union" and "urge nominating committees, electing conventions, Standing Committees, and bishops with jurisdiction to exercise very considerable caution in the nomination, election, consent to, and consecration of bishops whose manner of life presents a challenge to the wider church and will lead to further strains on communion."

INTERPRETATION: More regrets...contributing to strain and URGING to EXERCISE very considerable CAUTION in the nomination, election, consent to, and consecration of bishops, but we plan on doing them any way (in the name of local option) because no diocese can interfere in another diocese's legitimate passing of resolutions that allows for these things to happen. It's a 'see no evil' situation, and above all we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, except the orthodox who can leave if they want too without their properties.

+ Resolution A162, Public Rites of Blessing for Same-Sex Unions, which would have the convention "affirm the need to maintain a breadth of private responses to situations of individual pastoral care for gay and lesbian Christians in this Church," but concur with the Windsor Report's request that it not authorize public rites of blessing "until some broader consensus in the Anglican Communion emerges" and advise bishops who have authorized public diocesan rites that they "should heed" the Windsor Report's invitation to "to express regret that the proper constraints of the bonds of affection were breached by such authorization" (Windsor Report 144).

INTERPRETATION: We're not going to authorize PUBLIC action, but whatever is done in private is another matter and most of our bishops will wink and nod if priests go ahead and perform these acts anyway. Many bishops will look the other way while their clergy go right on performing them. Not forbidding is, of course, authorizing. Of course good pastoral care means never have to say you are wrong or naughty.

+ Resolution A163, Pastoral Care and Delegated Episcopal Pastoral Oversight, which would have the convention affirm the need for "effective and appropriate pastoral care" for all, "recognize the agonizing position of those who do not feel able to receive appropriate pastoral care from their own bishops," urge bishops "to seek the highest degree of communion and reconciliation within their own dioceses" including using when necessary the Delegated Episcopal Pastoral Oversight (DEPO) process, and urge "continued attention" to diocesan boundaries and the authority of diocesan bishops.

INTERPRETATION: We want to offer DEPO as "effective and appropriate pastoral care" for all of our members, but we won't offer AEO - alternative episcopal oversight because that would mean we would lose our ecclesiastical and political control. We also want the money from these parishes and reserve the right to visit occasionally to let them know who is boss. We also insist they take communion from us, so DEPO is just to let the Global South know that there are limitations to our goodwill and God help you if you cross diocesan boundaries and violate the authority of the diocesan bishop, because if you do we will complain to Rowan Williams and the ACC bureaucracy.

+ Resolution A164, Continued Attention to the Millennium Development Goals, which would have the convention urge continued participation in and advocacy for the Millennium Development Goals, and the giving of at least 0.7% of diocesan, parish and individual financial resources to international development work "as a sign of the Episcopal Church's understanding that participation in the Millennium Development Goals is an expression of the hunger of this church for far deeper communion with all of God's beloved."

INTERPRETATION: We urge that everyone give 0.7% of their offerings to relieve abject poverty. Noble intentions indeed. If lawsuits by revisionist bishops towards fleeing orthodox priests were minimized or negated completely that figure could easily be 1%, furthermore if general conventions were shortened by four days (very doable and suggested by Quincy Bishop Keith Ackerman) to the level say of a Democratic Party Convention, millions could be saved on renting expensive convention centers as well as hotel and restaurant bills. Also ALL bishops agree to fly with the hoi polloi instead of business and/or first class and tens of thousands of dollars more would be saved and given to the poor. Who knows with the money saved and given, say, to the Bishop of Louisiana, he could spread it around to his parish priests most of whom are trying to buy trailers and provide food on a daily basis to people still living in their cars.

+ Resolution A165, Commitment to Windsor and Listening Processes, which would have the convention commend the Windsor Report as an "important contribution to the process of living into communion," commit the church to "the ongoing 'Windsor Process' of discernment as to the nature and unity of the Church," urge all members of the church to "commit themselves to the call of communion and interdependent life," commend the Anglican Communion Office's formal listening process, urge study of "To Set our Hope on Christ" and the Special Commission's own report, and ask that the model of dialogue and engagement used by the Anglican Consultative Council's Delegation to the United Nations Consultation on the Status of Women be considered for implementation in the Windsor and listening processes across the Communion.

INTERPRETATION: It's really all about "listening" that much favored word designed to obfuscate, delay, prevaricate and broker sodomy into the church in the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost. The real purpose of the "Listening Process" is to eventually convince you that we're right and you are misguided. And to make the point we are fully funding the listening post in London where gays can go and whine about feeling excluded. If ex-gays should happen to show up to tell THEIR STORY the Episcopal Church has provided a state of the art shredder for the office.

+ Resolution A166, Anglican Covenant Development Process, which would have the convention demonstrate its commitment to mutual responsibility and interdependence in the Anglican Communion by supporting the process of the development of an Anglican Covenant "that underscores our unity in faith, order, and common life in the service of God's mission" and ask that the Executive Council and the 76th General Convention receive reports on the process.

INTERPRETATION: Now concerning the Anglican Covenant Development Process, we'll play along with this covenant development process, but we're going to make sure that we have lots of strong representation to make sure it doesn't really infringe on our freedom to do whatever we want to do, in the name of inclusion. We in ECUSA love "process", we can process things to death and we have an endless supply of checks to keep the process going till you drop dead of boredom.

+Resolution A167, "Full and Equal Claim" for All the Baptized, which would have the convention reaffirm a number of resolutions passed by previous conventions, including ones that state that "gay and lesbian persons are by Baptism full members of the Body of Christ and of the Episcopal Church," that apologize "on behalf of the Episcopal Church to its members who are gay or lesbian, and to lesbians and gay men outside the Church, for years of rejection and maltreatment by the Church," and that state that "our baptism into Jesus Christ is inseparable from our communion with one another, and we commit ourselves to that communion despite our diversity of opinion and, among dioceses, a diversity of pastoral practice with the gay men and lesbians among us."

INTERPRETATION: Now hear this, "Full and Equal Claim" for All Baptized means just that. We don't care about sexual orientation OR behavior. If you're baptized you have full access to all offices and functions in the church - deacon, priest or bishop. We won't of course, talk about the "rejection and maltreatment by the Church" of orthodox priests who are being hounded by revisionist bishops. Sue them and take their properties away from them in the name of the Dennis Canon. And please note the hook in those words, "we commit ourselves to that communion DESPITE our diversity of opinion..." in short we will go on ordaining whomever, and in whatever diocese the deep thinkers want to do this because we are not going to have a resolution or canon forbidding it. So take that Archbishop Akinola.

+Resolution A168, Human Rights for "Homosexual Persons," which would have the convention reaffirm "its conviction that homosexual persons are entitled to equal protection of the laws with all other citizens, and calls upon our society to see that such protection is provided in actuality" (GC 1976-A071), affirm the Windsor Report statement (paragraph 146) that "any demonizing of homosexual persons, or their ill treatment, is totally against Christian charity and basic principles of pastoral care," and ask the Standing Commission on Anglican and International Peace with Justice Concerns to seek ways to address this concern through the Anglican Communion Office.

INTERPRETATION: Now in case you didn't get the message from Resolution 167, let's make sure that you understand that the inclusion of non-celibate homosexuals really is a social justice/human rights issue and has nothing to do with what Holy Scripture has to say. If you insist on quoting the Apostle Paul, please know that he was really a self loathing homosexual, bigot, homophobe and definitely not up to 21st century thinking about sodomy. Had he been around and had a chance to listen to Bishop Spong, and then get the snot beaten out of him in public debate, he would then have turned around an eliminated most of the 6th chapter of his first letter to the Corinthians. So there. Oh, and by the way we will continue to "demonize" the orthodox who continue to stand in our way for full inclusion. We'd really like them to leave the church, but they have a funny way of making their churches grow and so they take in more money than the liberal parishes do, and so they are useful to us from a strictly financial point of view.

+ Resolution A169, Amend Canon III.1: Quadrilateral and Exercise of Ministry, which would have the convention, add the following section to Canon III.1: Sec. 3. No person shall be denied access to any discernment process under these canons or to the exercise of any ministry in this Church on account of theological opinions consistent with (a) the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, as containing all things necessary to salvation, and as being the rule and ultimate standard of faith, (b) the Apostles' Creed, as the Baptismal Symbol; and the Nicene Creed, as the sufficient statement of the Christian faith, (c) the two Sacraments ordained by Christ Himself - Baptism and the Supper of the Lord - ministered with unfailing use of Christ's words of Institution, and the elements ordained by Him, and (d) the Historic Episcopate, locally adapted in the methods of its administration to the varying needs of the nations and peoples called of God into the Unity of His Church.

INTERPRETATION: Listen up. We've added a Section 3 with more words that assure ordination opportunities to homosexuals even further than has already been guaranteed by the preceding section that already says that "No person shall be denied access to the discernment process for any ministry... because of... sexual orientation..." We want to make it very clear to you that lesbitransgays are here to stay, and they can continue to wallow in their behavior while climbing to the highest reaches of the church, the plum job of Presiding Bishop awaits the call of the first openly homoerotic ECUSA bishop. Just give us a call. Our phone number in New York City is...


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