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Texas: Coalition formed to fight revisionst bishop.
VirtueOnline-News ^ | 9/13/2005

Posted on 09/20/2005 5:30:56 PM PDT by sionnsar

The Coalition of like-minded Clergy and Laity

Welcome Brothers and Sisters,

Are you frustrated like me? Do you feel like you can't wait another day/week/month? Do you want to just quit and move on? Or do you want to stay and fight, but you don't know what to do.

Are you waiting for someone else to lead the tell you what to do? If you are a frustrated Orthodox Anglican feeling alone and isolated then consider this your call to join the battle. Like you, I was waiting for someone else to show me the way...I repent of all that I have left undone, it is time to take action.

I call on all who feel the call to fight the good fight to join is the time for is the time for us to gather all of those who are like-minded laity.

Now is time for us to approach those moderates and fellow orthodox, who have slept through the last two years and present our case, to lay out our vision for the future and to make clear just what the alternative is.

Two years from now this will all be over...the church will be split, all questions of who is leaving will be settled. Of course, the lawsuits and the battles over property and money will drag on, but the point is that every parish in every diocese in the country will have to pick a side, no more sitting on the fence. Now is the time for us to make a stand on behalf of our beliefs and pray that some of those who have not yet heard the call will be transformed.

John Pegues - Editor


Pages 1-4 A call to action - news on recent and upcoming actions within the Coalition
Page 5 A Summary - Reasons for Action
Now Pages 5-7 News from the last Coalition Gathering - Sarah Hey's Presentation
Page 8 News on the Actions of our worthy opponents
Page 8 News from around the country
Page 9 Upcoming Events

A call for action within the Coalition and the orthodox community of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas In response to Sarah Hey's inspirational message we have decided to take the following actions:

Step 1 - E-mail newsletter We are establishing this email newsletter to help keep everyone informed and to provide mutual support and encouragement as we near the day of decision. Hopefully you will find something valuable within the message. If not, then let us know what you need and we will try to respond.

We would like to see the Coalition steering committee clearly define:
Our Orthodox Vision for the next two years and beyond Our Orthodox goals and strategies to inspire fellow orthodox action We would like to see the laity: Send us a list of orthodox members who are willing to receive this email newsletter and include their email address. Make a list of problems, questions or concerns that your group has identified related to the current situation. Make a list of suggestions that you can send to me for analysis and dissemination.

Step 2 - Form parish networks - We are proposing that each parish form an orthodox lay leadership team of 2-5 people (depending on the situation in your own church) who could coordinate action and help keep our orthodox informed. Bill Kotlan, Jim Wilkie and John Pegues have done so at Good Shepherd. We need other leadership teams to share the burden of data collection (see survey below) and the formulation of strategy. We might even consider region leadership meetings to discuss strategy once we get that far along. We could also use some coordinated prayer for guidance. The formation of prayer teams dedicated to praying for the orthodox leadership of this diocese is essential if we hope to be guided by His will in all that we do.

Step 3 - Identify - we currently have around 40 churches represented through our coalition email list...there are 123 parish and 42 missions for a total of 165 in this diocese. Our first goal needs to be to get boots on the ground in each parish. This would be the best way to influence the Diocesan councils over the next year and a half. This means that each of us needs to hunt for anyone in their parish that knows of orthodox laity from churches not on the list below. We need their email added to our list so that we can gather information and provide information and support to those in need.

Go out of your way to meet those in neighboring parishes - we must identify a contact in every parish!
Number Laity - Coalition members Church
Location 1 10 All Saints Stafford 2 102 Ascension Houston 3 6 Calvary Richmond 4 2 *Christ Anglican Houston 5 1 Christ Church Cathedral Houston 6 1 *Christ Church Dallas 7 2 Christ Church Nacogdoches 8 1 Christ the King Atascocita 9 1 Christ the King Houston 10 2 Good Shepherd Friendswood 11 23 Good Shepherd Kingwood 12 64 Good Shepherd Tomball 13 3 Holy Apostle's Katy 14 10 Holy Comforter Spring 15 21 Holy Cross Sugarland 16 3 Holy Spirit Houston 17 8 Holy Spirit Waco 18 7 Holy Trinity Austin 19 2 Palmer Houston 20 1 St. Andrew's in the Heights Houston 21 17 St. Christopher's Houston 22 2 St. Christopher's Killeen 23 2 St. Christopher's League City 24 4 St. David's Austin 25 20 St. Dunstan's Houston 26 1 St. James LaGrange 27 48 St. John the Divine Houston 28 6 St. Luke's on the Lake Austin 29 4 St. Martin's Houston 30 15 St. Mark's Beaumont 31 4 St. Mary's Bellville 32 2 St. Mary's Cypress 33 2 St. Matthew's Austin 34 2 St. Michaels & All Angels Longview 35 6 St. Paul's Katy 36 3 *St. Peter's Kerrville 37 1 St. Phillip's Palestine 38 2 *St. Stephen's Wimberley 39 1 *St. Francis Reformed Episcopal 40 1 Trinity Baytown 41 2 Trinity Marble Falls 32 Not named Not named 1 Not named Georgetown *Not in the Diocese of Texas

Step 4 - Coordinate - We need to coordinate the actions of each parish network through a diocesan network - the Coalition. Since Good Shepherd has already joined the AAC and the Anglican Communion Network they are our flag-bearers to help lead the way for others who have not yet gone quite that far.

If the steering committee is going to become more laity-oriented with the clergy fading to the background (so that we can take bold action without endangering them) then we need a separate clergy coalition to act in consultation with us, when joint action would be beneficial. We need to develop a "red" parish - "blue" parish battle map of the we can see where the possible opportunities for growth might exist. The map needs to consider clergy/vestries/laity.

The Coalition is issuing a call for all those orthodox lay members who are seriously willing to have their names put in nomination for positions within the Diocese of Texas to submit their names now so that we can have a large pool to choose from. We would like to be able to put together a single slate of candidates that would have the best chance of winning...not everyone who submits their name will make the list, but every name makes it easier for us to develop a winning us to make an impact, submit your names to the Coalition Steering Committee today!

Step 5 - Survey of your parish - What other questions should we ask? Survey - questions modified from the Sarah Hey website ( I need the leaders to help me flesh out the information that we think would be helpful. I realize that we have access to some of this info, but I really think that the laity needs to look at their own parish and this is one way to start. We'd love to receive your feedback on the actions of ECUSA and the General Convention through our survey. The survey covers everything from your own personal opinions to your parish's response - and everything in between! Fill out the survey below and email it back to us. Not only will you have our heartfelt thanks, but we will compile and distribute the results.

Demographic Information (Required) Name Email Address Mailing Address City State Zip Phone Age: Gender: Length of time as confirmed member of an Episcopal Church. Parish Name

I am opposed to the consecration of a practicing homosexual as bishop. Yes / No I have... Worked to oppose the false gospel of the leadership of the ECUSA in the following ways:

Redirected funds from my revisionist parish. Redirected funds from my orthodox parish. Redirected funds from my revisionist diocese.

Redirected funds from my orthodox diocese.

Redirected funds from the ECUSA. Consciously sought out and funded organizations that support orthodoxy within ECUSA: American Anglican Council The Network Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry Anglican Communion Institute, Ekklesia, Coalition Other: Left my revisionist parish. Yes / No
Left my orthodox parish for another denomination. Yes / No
Which denomination: Mailed a letter of protest to the Presiding Bishop of ECUSA. Yes / No Mailed a letter of protest to my bishop. Yes / No Mailed a letter of protest to my rector. Yes / No Mailed a letter of protest to the vestry of my parish. Yes / No
Sought out and connected with other orthodox Episcopalians within the Diocese of Texas. Yes / No
Voted for vestry and diocesan convention delegates with orthodox viewpoints. Yes / No
Signed an online petition or statement of belief: Yes / No Which One:

Attended parish meetings on the topic. Yes / No
Voiced publicly my orthodox viewpoint at a parish meeting on the topic. Yes / No
Attended a diocesan meeting on the topic. Yes / No
Voiced publicly my orthodox viewpoint at a diocesan meeting on the topic. Yes / No
Attended a national meeting on the topic. Yes / No
Which Meeting: I am a member within an ECUSA parish of the Diocese of Texas. Yes / No
The majority of the laity within my parish is opposed to the consecration of a practicing homosexual as bishop. Yes / No

The rector within my parish is opposed to the consecration of a practicing homosexual as bishop. Yes / No Evidence:

My parish has worked to oppose the false gospel of the leadership of the ECUSA in the following ways:

Allowed parishioners freedom of conscience to redirect pledged funds away from ECUSA Consciously sought out and funded organizations that support orthodoxy within ECUSA: American Anglican Council The Network Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry Anglican Communion Institute Ekklesia Other:

My rector has stated his orthodox viewpoint clearly and directly from the pulpit. Yes / No

My rector has sought to educate parishioners on the orthodox viewpoint and the theological flaws of the revisionist viewpoint. Yes / No

My parish has sought out and connected with other orthodox Episcopalians within the Diocese of Texas. Yes / No

Our vestry has approved a statement on an orthodox viewpoint of marriage and human sexuality. Yes / No

Our parish sent representatives to national meetings on the topic. Yes / No Which One: My parish has joined the AAC. Yes / No

If not then why not? My parish has joined the Network. Yes / No
If not, then why not? The average Sunday Attendance of my parish is:

My parish has NOT worked to oppose the false gospel of the leadership of the ECUSA. Because of our weak response, our parish has: experienced a loss of membership experienced a loss of funds other:

Which of the following best describes the position of your rector? Your vestry?

Would support joining the Network and CAPA no matter what

Would support the bishop in joining the Network and CAPA if the ABC sided with ECUSA

Would support the bishop in joining the Network - CAPA - ABC in expelling ECUSA Is orthodox, but is not paying much attention to what is going on Hasn't made position known...but seems orthodox

Hasn't made position known...but seems revisionist
Is revisionist I personally would like my parish to: Please comment:

I personally would like the Coalition to: Please comment: I personally would like the Diocese of Texas to: Please comment:

I personally would like the Primates of the Anglican Communion to: Please comment:

I personally would like this newsletter to: Please comment:

Other General Comments

Reason for action now - timeline of upcoming events - we need to be prepared to make decisions: Diocesan Council - Spring 06

What changes can we promote between now and then that might make a noticeable impact on the vote at Council? If we are going to have an impact on this vote, then rapid mobilization and action is necessary. We would like to send a signal of support to the bishop that would encourage him to see our support as growing.

National Convention - Summer 06 Sending that signal to the bishop is critical before he attends this meeting...assuming he is put in a tough position.

We would like to give him what support we can back home in the diocese in hopes of encouraging him to stand firm Primates Meeting - Fall 06

This should precipitate a split...if not sooner and it should begin to show us the shape of what is to come

What are the possibilities? What are the implications if, after the split... ECUSA is alone and the Network, ABC and CAPA aligned? What IF... ECUSA is aligned with the ABC and the Network is aligned with CAPA? Diocesan Council - Spring 07 - What are our goals as a coalition once we arrive at this point of decision?

The bishop and the diocese will have to make choices

Each parish will have to make choices - we need to be prepared...this is likely to be the point of decision if not sooner

News from the last Coalition Gathering Those of you who missed the presentation by Sarah Hey really missed an inspirational speaker who gave the laity a nice wake up call and a blueprint for action. I may not be the best person to lead this battle, but Sarah convinced me that I needed to stop waiting for someone better to do what God has called me to do. What follows is a summary of some of the highlights of her message to us. Hopefully you will feel some sense of the inspiration that she delivered...and be motivated to join in the fight. Sarah Hey's "A Baker's Dozen: 13 Things the Laity Can Do Right Now - Presentation (modified to include some information from her website) Two Ground Rules 1 -

Each person was made by God for a specific purpose or task and placed here in a particular time period, with particular gifts and talents that he is expected to bring to the table of the Church and offer to God.

2 - We are in the Episcopal Church in this time of crisis for a particular reason. Everything that we love and hold dear about our Church is worth fighting for in the name of God. We have a God-designed role in the battle - it is time that we repented our lack of action. Our task is really not to see victory. Our task is to do the right thing, regardless of circumstances, regardless of outcome.

The right thing is to loudly, openly, cleverly resist - resist by leaving revisionist churches, perhaps. Resist by working to reform revisionist churches, perhaps. Resist by redirecting money. Resist by finding others of like mind. Resist by engaging the rhetoric of the revisionist. Resist by educating the orthodox. Resist by participating in an organized political process. And on and on and on.

Perhaps the best metaphor I have found for the task of the orthodox within ECUSA is that of David and Solomon. You may recall King David's desire to build a temple. God gave that role to Solomon instead, because David's role had been that of war, not of peace and beauty. I have to wonder if that is the role that God has given me for a season. While I would love to meditate in some garden and write papers and build a church that has no heretical leaders -- it does not appear that that is currently where I am called (although I recognize that others are called to build such oases for the weary). It appears that I will be battling. And that necessarily means becoming soul- and heart-sick. Right now, it is not my job to enjoy peace. It is my job to resist through daily actions. It may not be my job to "win" anything. But I will perform the tasks that have been set before me. Here are some of those tasks:

#1. Repent. It's all very well for the orthodox to state that revisionists need to repent of their heretical beliefs. But all Episcopalians need to repent. If you were ignorant of what was happening within ECUSA . . .why? If you were unconcerned about what was happening with ECUSA . . . why? If you were inactive when it came to championing the cause of Christ within your own church . . .why? If you were silent . . . why? If you didn't want to involve yourself in "politics" . . . why? If you were cowardly at the point of conflict, in meetings, in discussions, in voting, in running for office . . . why? If you were too busy . . . why? If you wanted to be nice and brush painful differences under the rug . . . why? If you didn't want to offend . . . why? This process of repentance is painful and difficult for all of us. It requires personal examination, opening ourselves to examination by God and others, confession, and turning around to new behavior.

Revisionists are our "worthy opponents" - give them credit, they may be wrong, but they have been more effective at getting what they believe in. They have been doing this for 30 years while we stood by and let it happen. Don't blame the clergy...we serve on the vestries that pick the clergy and if we didn't serve then that is our fault and if we didn't know what was going on that was our fault. The problem lies within ourselves. We are experiencing the consequences of our inaction. God's judgment is to let us experience the consequences of our actions. Even if we run from the Episcopal Church we will still be unchanged...until we repent we will continue to face the same consequences even in a new church. Repentance should lead our character to change which should lead to action...should lead us to offer the gospel. We need to be dedicated, strategic, organized and willing to sacrifice and we need to act now before time runs out! Win or lose we need to display honor, valor, bravery, dedication, self-sacrifice like the martyrs of old. Are you willing to do this?

#2. Pray. Pray publicly. Pray privately. Pray with other orthodox Episcopalians and for them. Pray nationally. Pray locally. And ask Christians of other denominations to support you in prayer. Pray. Form a prayer team to focus on prayer for our coalition, for its leaders and members and for those who have not yet joined.

#3. Learn. The last thing we need are silent, passive orthodox Episcopalians. But the second-to-the-last thing we need are loud but uneducated orthodox Episcopalians. The challenge before us - reclaiming orthodoxy within the Episcopal church - requires that we commit ourselves to disciplined education of self. We need theological education. We need political education. We need rhetorical education. We need canonical, legal education. We need financial education. We must learn in order to speak, in order to act. Learning means Bible study.

Learning means reading and absorbing magazines, newsletters, web sites, email newsletters, and more. Learning means attending conferences and seminars to hear from other people. Learning means studying the theological documents and saints of our heritage: the 39 Articles, the Catechism, the Creeds, Donne, Herbert, Hooker, Cranmer, Wilberforce, and more. Learning means studying the theological documents and saints of our present day: True Union in the Body, Claiming our Anglican Identity, In the Ruins of the Church, The Cruelty of Heresy, The End of the Church, Radner, Seitz, Turner, Stott, Allison.

#4. Connect within your parish. Connect with those in your parish -- Alpha leaders, Sunday School leaders, Cursillo leaders, Vestry leaders -- who are orthodox. Build a "band of brothers" locally that can support one another. Establish a way to keep in touch, encourage one another, and keep informed. Form a parish network.

#5. Connect within your diocese. Connect with those in your diocese. At the minimum the orthodox at least need to know who we are! You cannot possibly fight the battle within your parish, diocese, or province without knowing your allies. Establish a way to keep in touch, encourage one another, and inform. Form a diocesan network. Attend any hearings or meetings that will be attended by fellow orthodox. Write down the names of those who speak on the issues and approach them later and introduce yourself to them as a fellow warrior. The Diocesan Council (Convocational Gatherings) hearings are great places to discover who has the guts to stand up and speak. In addition, the sponsors of orthodox resolutions are great people to get to know. You can look up those resolutions - even if convention is over - on the Diocesan web sites.

Keep careful watch on orthodox leaders who are speaking out on the issues confronting our church who are within a three hour radius. Don't worry - they'll be in the news, making speeches, quoted, etc. Invite - nay beg - them to speak to your group of growing, orthodox, connected people. This is a chance to meet one another, not just on the Internet or by phone, and to further educate ourselves. Establish an email network of information and encouragement. Develop an email newsletter. Does all of this sound like a lot of work? You're right. Welcome to the orthodoxy of the Episcopal Church. If we stay, this is what we must do.

#6. Discern. Do you know the stances of those whom you nominate for your parish's vestry? Do you know the stances of those whom you nominate for diocesan functions? In fact, do you even know who your parish's diocesan convention delegates are? Do you know who and of what philosophy the people on the Diocesan Executive Council (DEC), Ecclesiastical trial court, BACAOM, and other important committees are? Do you ever participate in the nominating process within your church by finding faithful, orthodox, and beloved people in your parish to run for vestry or Diocesan Council delegate. Ask your Diocesan Convention delegate how he intends to vote on important convention issues - and ask him how he voted after the convention.

Friends, it is your vestry who appoints the Rector Search Committee from which your church receives their rector. It is Diocesan Executive Standing Committee who appoints the Bishop's Search Committee, from which our diocese receives a limited number of names to vote on at Diocesan Convention. It is your parish's delegate to Diocesan Convention who gets to represent your parish by his or her vote on resolutions. It is BACAOM (Bishop's Advisory Committee on Aspirants for Ordained Ministry) who decides who gets to become a priest in this diocese. If you are not aware of what these and other areas of decision-making are in your diocese, begin learning now!!!! If your vestry does "strange things" and if you have a "strange priest" and if our Diocesan Convention does "strange things" . . . whom do we have to blame? Ask your priest what the process is for nominating people to vestry or for Diocesan Convention (Council) Delegate. At least nominate orthodox people -- it's not rocket science!

#7. Educate. Educate others in your parish about what is happening within ECUSA and the consequences for our children, for ecumenical relations, for the Anglican Communion, and more. Educate others in your parish about the stances of those on your vestry, or those within the leadership of the Diocese. When you see some crazy letter to the editor in your local newspaper saying that those who believe that some behavior is sinful are really homophobic bigots and that the true gospel is blanket inclusivity, don't let it go unanswered! Write an informed response so that a) other Christians don't think all Episcopalians are heretics and b) other orthodox Episcopalians will know that you are out there and so be encouraged. Educate others in your parish about the Network and the AAC. Join these allies! Work with the Coalition to vote for orthodox, faithful parish members to your vestry.

#8. Identify and Ally. It is vital that individuals, parishes, and dioceses identify themselves with orthodox theology through affiliation with the American Anglican Council and the Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes. A priest said the reasons why best and I quote him here:

1. "It is beneficial to the soul of a church to be actively contributing toward the future of Anglicanism in North America rather than sitting around passively, wringing one's hands and wondering what the future will bring. The best way to predict the future is to create it."

2. "It is beneficial to one's bishop to know that within his diocese there are parishes with the will and the resolve to see that things happen. This can serve as an encouragement to said bishop to act boldly for the gospel."

3. "For weeks now, my phone has rung incessantly from people leaving their Episcopal Churches and looking for another with a robust and unequivocal theological commitment. In those conversations I have ALWAYS been asked, 'Are you affiliated with the AAC?' In the past I had to answer, 'Not yet, but soon I'm sure.' It is beneficial to be able to answer, 'You bet we are, and proudly.' " I would add two more reasons for identification and alliance. In our own work of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and the unchurched, it is vital that we not lead others to a place that offers a "poisoned gospel," but that we lead them to a place that is clearly identified with orthodoxy. Within ECUSA the only such clearly identified places are the AAC and the Network. Right now, the National Church offers a poisoned gospel. Many of those who are seekers after Truth, and who find Jesus Christ while attending an Episcopal church, can easily be led to take seriously the heresy of the leaders of our church. They are not like cradle-Episcopalians, who do not take the pronouncements of our Presiding Bishop and his peers seriously. Many others who are seekers after Truth recognize that the Episcopal Church teaches heresy. As one non-church attending friend of mine said: "Why do they want to change what the Bible says? I know what the Bible says about sex. And I do what I want anyway. But I certainly don't want to lie to myself and say that it doesn't say what it says." She's so right. It is vital that the churches to which you invite the lost and the seekers be clearly associated with orthodox belief and practice, for the sake of their souls.

#9. Redirect. Is the money that God has given you still supporting the agenda of the leaders of the Episcopal Church? Is it going to support a false gospel that leads others astray? Find out if your parish allows a separate, unconnected account that does not count contributions to it as a part of the church's general operating budget, from which the diocesan pledge is assessed. Find out if your diocese allows parishes to direct that the money from their diocesan pledge that would go to the National Church goes elsewhere, to organizations and missions that are orthodox. Does either your diocese or parish offer a freedom of conscience on giving? Take the money that you would normally give to the parish and redirect it to ministries that propagate the Gospel of Christ, and inform both your rector and each member of the vestry of this redirection. Ask them to set up a freedom of conscience account, one that does not include your pledge in the general operating budget of the church on which the diocesan pledge is based.

#10. Clarify. I received an amusing letter from a person who shall go nameless, suggesting that the reason why I was withholding my pledge was because the economy was bad! Don't let people get away with this sloppy, self-deceiving communication. Put yourself on the record about why you are taking the actions that you are taking. This is especially true for those who are forced to take extreme action, like leave a hopelessly revisionist parish, or - God help us all - leave the Episcopal Church for another denomination. I don't want you gone. Of course I want bodies in action and on the field of battle. But sometimes, whether for faith, family, or conscience, you know you have to go. As a last service to your embattled orthodox friends within ECUSA, please, please go on the record about why you are leaving. Don't slink away. Go out with a bang! I hope that you will clearly and directly, in written format (hopefully letter) let your rector, every member of your vestry, and your bishop know what actions you have taken and what led you to those actions (by the way, if you don't copy every member of your vestry on your letter, some rectors will never let the vestry know about it). I also hope that you will let all of your Episcopal friends in this diocese know about your decision, this time hopefully by email, so that you can receive rapid encouragement, as well as so that it can be circulated throughout the diocese through cyberspace. In the past seven months I have become very, very aware of how important it is for people and institutions to experience direct, clear consequences for their behavior. If we all "slink" away without letting people know how their behavior has led to the consequences, then they will always be able to "spin" the results. God be with you in your quest, my friend. I say this as a fellow-traveler on the Titanic watching a person row away on a lifeboat. I'm still on the deck (currently singing "Nearer my God, to Thee" while dressed to the nines), but I'm sure we'll run into one another.

News on the Actions of our worthy opponents - the Revisionists

Timeline of events leading up to the current crisis 1976 ECUSA General Convention called for study/dialogue on sexuality and ordination of homosexuals - A068 - B101
1979 ECUSA reaffirmed traditional teaching on sexuality and morality - A053
20 revisionist bishops issued "Statement of Conscience" - rejecting A053
1989 Bishops Spong and Righter ordained non-celibate homosexuals 1994 ECUSA approved consideration of rites for same-sex commitments - D049
Bishop Spong drafted Koinonia Statement - defined homosexuality as morally neutral and called for the support of ordinations - supported by 90 Bishops and 144 deputies
1998 Lambeth Conference upheld Scriptural and traditional teaching on marriage and human sexuality 2000
ECUSA acknowledged relationships other than marriage and established that disagreement existed on Church teachings on this subject - D039
August 2003 General Convention defeated Resolution B001 affirming the authority of Scripture Voted to confirm Bishop of New Hampshire
Approved Resolution C051 recognizing blessing of same-sex unions as within bounds of common life November Robinson consecrated by Griswold March 2004 ECUSA DEPO offered - (as a smoke screen) April Retired Bishop Charles "married" partner in California May Bishop Bruno of LA performed same sex blessing June Bishop Chane of Washington DC did the same DC and Vermont issued proposed rites for same sex blessings
January 2005 ECUSA - House of Bishops - Salt Lake City - spin the Windsor Report February ECUSA and Canada voluntarily withdraw from ACC, but still attend - no sign of repentance March
ECUSA - House of Bishops reaffirms DEPO as adequate despite orthodox complaints to the contrary
July 2005 Church of England votes to allow gay priests to marry Summer 2005 Bishop of Retife, Brazil and majority of clergy are "fired" - appeal to ABC What is their strategy? What will it be like for those that stay? What would a revisionist church look like? Future editions of this newsletter will analyze the actions of our worthy opponents.

News from around the country - recent actions by the Orthodox

Timeline of events indicating orthodox actions since the crisis became clear
October 2003 Primates challenged ECUSA - condemned convention - called for oversight
January 2004 Network launched February Lambeth Commission began deliberation
October 2004 Windsor Report - followed by spin
February 2005 Primates in Northern Ireland - vote to suspend ECUSA and Canada
June 2005 ACC endorses Primates decision to suspend ECUSA
July 2005 Primates call for England to be suspended
July 2005 Bishops attend meeting in California to plan for the future - no news leaks
August 2005 Orthodox win lawsuit over diocese in California property battle
August 2005 Orthodox Bishops bring presentment against Bishop Andrew Smith for actions against the Connecticut 6
Sept. 2005 Orthodox Anglicans disinvite the Archbishop of Brazil to the Anglican Conference scheduled for October.

Upcoming Events Keep your eyes open for the following upcoming events

Oct. 25, 2005 Orthodox Anglican Conference in Cairo, Egypt, beginning Oct. 25 attended by the Archbishop of Canterbury. This meeting could give us a glimpse of the for details from the conference as well as reaction by the key players in the ongoing struggle.

Nov. 8, 2005 Texas Marriage Amendment - Proposition 2: "The constitutional amendment providing that marriage in this state consists only of the union of one man and one woman and prohibiting this state or a political subdivision of this state from creating or recognizing any legal status identical or similar to marriage." The battle to pass this amendment is led by the Texas Restoration Project.

Upcoming Events - "Hope and a Future Conference" - November 10-12, 2005.

This is the first international conference for those who are "ready for the renewal of North American Anglicanism."

The Hope & A Future conference for North American Anglicanism promises to be a watershed event you don't want to miss! There are a limited number of hotel rooms available so we encourage you to make your conference and hotel reservations soon. Special Conference rates have been established at five hotels in downtown Pittsburgh.

Rick Warren, Senior Pastor of Saddleback Church, will join key leaders from around the globe speaking in support of our Hope in Jesus Christ and His mission, our Future! "Mobilizing and empowering everyone - especially the laity - is essential to the rebirth of a Biblical, missionary and united Anglicanism in North America. This is the vocation of the Anglican Communion Network and this is what the 'Hope and a Future Conference' is all about. As we move toward the challenges of 2006, I believe this conference will also be a key witness to the strength of our movement." The Right Rev. Robert Wm. Duncan, Pittsburgh

The Hope and A Future will be held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA November 10 - 12, 2005. The cost of the conference is $95 (with special rates for youth - 24 and under - and seminarians.) The conference begins Thursday afternoon at 2 PM, concluding at noon on Saturday. The conference brings together all those who support traditional Anglicanism including some non-Anglican evangelicals. For more information or to register for the conference, visit:


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