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So you’re being “prophetic”, eh?
<strike>Wannabe</strike> Newbie Anglican ^ | 7/04/2005 | Mark Marshall

Posted on 07/04/2005 7:18:27 PM PDT by sionnsar

You may have noticed that when liberal churchpeople explain their support of gay marriage and the like (or gloat in their victories), they like to say they are being “prophetic.”

Such is nothing new. I remember when mainliners supported the Soviet Union’s agenda in the name of being “prophetic.”

I’ve always found it the height of arrogance for them to claim so that God is behind their political actions, particularly when most of them hardly believe in God nor honor the authority of His word. They cast aside much of the prophesy of the Bible, but they are being “prophetic.” Uh-huh.

Well, I tell you what. If they want to say they are being prophetic, let them go ahead. But let them be reminded that there are some strong words for false prophets:

But that prophet or that dreamer of dreams shall be put to death, because he has counseled rebellion against the LORD your God who brought you from the land of Egypt and redeemed you from the house of slavery, to seduce you from the way in which the LORD your God commanded you to walk. So you shall purge the evil from among you.
Deut. 13:5

Now we are not under that law today. But I don’t think God’s attitudes towards false prophets have changed, either.

And after watching the mainliners for years, I think I understand why.

TOPICS: Mainline Protestant
KEYWORDS: homosexualagenda; prophecy; religiousleft

1 posted on 07/04/2005 7:18:27 PM PDT by sionnsar
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2 posted on 07/04/2005 7:19:07 PM PDT by sionnsar (†† || Iran Azadi || Kyoto: Split Atoms, not Wood)
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To: sionnsar
particularly when most of them hardly believe in God nor honor the authority of His word.

This too is part of the Bolsevik agenda. Does anyone not realize that these people are fully aware of the consequences of their actions?

The Church is just another institution targeted for destruction by the secularist movement, along with marriage, education ... you name it. They are trying to re-create America altogether into a society that is totally non-judgmental and permissive, and any issue that creates division is one they happily pursue. This is why abortion is such a key issue for them.

3 posted on 07/04/2005 7:43:32 PM PDT by Marauder (Politicians use words the way a squid uses ink.)
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To: seamole

My hero.

Serving God's truth is worth all the suffering that may come one's way. Even if the whole world hates you, God is pleased, and that's all that counts.

little, teensy, tiny jeremiah

5 posted on 07/04/2005 8:17:05 PM PDT by little jeremiah (A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, are incompatible with freedom. P. Henry)
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To: seamole

I think that the latest is that ultra-leftist theologians are now labeling the Church Nicolaitan, so as to dismiss the entire hierarchy as the acceptance of the Mark of the Beast. The object is first to destroy any confidence in distinguishable ministry and then to foist alternate theology and organizion on the resulting anarchic mess. I'm wondering if this site ( is a central organizing location. The links are especially interesting. And the major premise in the site, as apparently in the whole movement, is that these are the harbingers of the Two Prophets of Revelation, bringing the prophetic vision to the peoples (the laos) subjected (under nike) of the false Church. Only through liberation may the poor be really empowered, these folks say. I wonder what position in society these prophets intend for themselves, come the revolution, hmm?

For comparison, the usual discussion of this notes that nobody has a clear picture of what kind of people the Nicolaitans actually were. The suggestion is that they were local to western Asia Minor (limited perhaps to Ephesus and Pergamum) and given to asserting that, thanks to grace, the People of God are freed from any limitations, the Law being subjected to Love. Yes, this sounds Gnostic, but then that was a common mistake when late Greek philophy was married to the Gospel. In this conception, nicolaitan means 'the people victorious'. The alternate above has it 'the victory over the people'. I'm not good enough at Greek to say if the one or the other is ruled out by the rules of Greek word construction and no reference I've seen has dealt with this. Anyone have data on this?

In Christ,
Deacon Paul+

6 posted on 07/05/2005 5:06:15 AM PDT by BelegStrongbow (St. Joseph, protector of the Innocent, pray for us!)
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To: sionnsar

The thing about real prophets, whether Jeremiah or Joan of Arc, is that they are bluntly straightforward: "God spoke to me and said..."
They do not pussyfoot around. They claim the direct authority of God, and claim that God, in fact, spoke to them. Not "through them", "through their actions", or through some filter of their minds.
They speak of angels appearing to them before their eyes, and actually DOING things, and saying things. They speak of commands of God. They do not stack up reasoning. They issue commands with authority.
As in "God spoke to me. I am a prophet of God. God commands you to do thus and so."

Faced with a prophet, one has precisely two choices: obey, and hope s/he really is a prophet of God, and not a liar or an agent of the Devil, or deny that the prophet has spoken with God, accusing the false prophet of either being a liar, or insane, or an agent of the Devil.

Real prophets do not "think", and they do not reason.
They are the mouth of God, speaking on Earth.
They say so. They do not hide the football.
And they are invincible, too, when God makes them so.
Think Joan of Arc. Could a peasant woman REALLY drive the theretofore unbeaten English army out of France in a couple of years after a century of unbroken English victories?
No. That took God. And she said as much. She said she spoke to the angels of God, and they commanded thus and so. And whenever they French obeyed her, they won. Wherever they didn't, they lost.
One can dismiss Joan as insane, but insane in a way that was militarily brilliant and impossibly lucky. One can claim she was an agent of the Devil: she was so accused, condemned and burnt alive. But one cannot confuse Joan of Arc with the modern day "prophets".
Do these self-styled prophets EVER claim to have spoken to God, heard voices? Do they even perform miracles? Real prophets speak for God, and back it up with miracles.
False prophets claim prophesy, but will not say they personally ever spoke with God, or perform any miracles at all.

And that is the difference between a prophet and everyone else.

7 posted on 07/05/2005 8:32:09 AM PDT by Vicomte13 (Et alors?)
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To: Kolokotronis

Greek ping to #6

8 posted on 07/05/2005 8:43:26 AM PDT by sionnsar (†† || Iran Azadi || Kyoto: Split Atoms, not Wood)
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To: sionnsar

Thank you, sionn. I really should have known to ping that way myself.

In Christ,
Deacon Paul+

9 posted on 07/05/2005 10:49:59 AM PDT by BelegStrongbow (St. Joseph, protector of the Innocent, pray for us!)
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