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Conservative Canadians Speak Out!
Wall Street Journal | 3/28/03 | Stephen Harper, Stockwell Day

Posted on 03/29/2003 5:27:55 PM PST by FreedomNotSafety

Canadians Stand With You


Today, the world is at war. A coalition of countries under the leadership of the U.K. and the U.S. is leading a military intervention to disarm Saddam Hussein. Yet Prime Minister Jean Chretien has left Canada outside this multilateral coalition of nations.

This is a serious mistake. For the first time in history, the Canadian government has not stood beside its key British and American allies in their time of need. The Canadian Alliance -- the official opposition in parliament -- supports the American and British position because we share their concerns, their worries about the future if Iraq is left unattended to, and their fundamental vision of civilization and human values. Disarming Iraq is necessary for the long-term security of the world, and for the collective interests of our key historic allies and therefore manifestly in the national interest of Canada. Make no mistake, as our allies work to end the reign of Saddam and the brutality and aggression that are the foundations of his regime, Canada's largest opposition party, the Canadian Alliance will not be neutral. In our hearts and minds, we will be with our allies and friends. And Canadians will be overwhelmingly with us.

But we will not be with the Canadian government.

Modern Canada was forged in large part by war -- not because it was easy but because it was right. In the great wars of the last century -- against authoritarianism, fascism, and communism -- Canada did not merely stand with the Americans, more often than not we led the way. We did so for freedom, for democracy, for civilization itself. These values continue to be embodied in our allies and their leaders, and scorned by the forces of evil, including Saddam Hussein and the perpetrators of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. That is why we will stand -- and I believe most Canadians will stand with us -- for these higher values which shaped our past, and which we will need in an uncertain future.

Messrs. Harper and Day are the leader and shadow foreign minister, respectively, of the Canadian Alliance.

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Let's remember we have been embarrassed by our government in the past.
1 posted on 03/29/2003 5:27:55 PM PST by FreedomNotSafety
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To: FreedomNotSafety
Canada might as well join Sweden in the "comfortably numb" club.
2 posted on 03/29/2003 5:42:00 PM PST by zarf (Republicans for Sharpton 2004)
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To: FreedomNotSafety
Thanks for your support. I think alot of countries will be eating crow when this is all said and done.
3 posted on 03/29/2003 6:30:23 PM PST by vpintheak
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To: zarf
Befor your skewer all Canadians remember...we are the country that refused to finish the job the first time and let the Kurds be slaughtered after asking them to rebel. Then we ignored Saddams antics until 9/11. We reacted only because the US Supreme Court interceeded in a State election and gave Bush his rightful victory. If ALgore would have won we would be in the same boat as our conservative Canadian brethern represented by the Canadian Alliance.
4 posted on 03/29/2003 6:36:09 PM PST by FreedomNotSafety
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To: FreedomNotSafety
Sorry, but I don't agree with you. Clinton was in power most of the 90's. Had Bush won reelection in '92, this would have been dealt with a lot sooner. And even though Gore won the popular vote, (and there was a lot of reported fraud in 2000, so whether he actually did or nor can be disputed), the Republicans won the House and Senate every year since '94, (except the tie in the Senate in 2000). So Canada has OVERWHELMINGLY elected the Liberals, whilst Clinton never got 50%+ in EITHER of his elections. To me, based on the above FACTS, comparisons with Canada are indeed flattering to us Yanks.....
5 posted on 03/29/2003 7:01:29 PM PST by Malcolm
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To: Malcolm
Your wrong. If Sr. had won reelection we would have still have had the mess...he did not deal with it the first time. Remember he tried propping up Gorby because he desired Stability over Freedom. If Gore had won, and he got the popular vote, it would not have mattered who got the Congress and there would be no war today. We should direct our criticism to the liberal Canadians who are kin to our liberals.
6 posted on 03/29/2003 7:25:08 PM PST by FreedomNotSafety
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To: FreedomNotSafety
"he did not deal with it the first time"

...because he filled the UN mandate to expel Saddam, not depose him. This time it is the UN that is irrelevant, you should lay blame properly where it belongs: with the spineless Canadians who are beneath contempt and have surrendered rhetorical and territorial credulity. They are the bastards, not US.

7 posted on 03/29/2003 7:51:07 PM PST by Darheel (Visit the strange and wonderful.)
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To: Darheel
The Liberal party is elected in Ontario, more specifically in Toronto. They do not recieve enough support in the rest of the country to form a government. They recieve less than half of the popular vote nationally but due to gerrymandering with the ridings, and a split conservative vote still form majority governments. They get all the votes from immigrants because they will let anyone in the country. The CBC get 1 billion a year to campaign for the Liberal party and they come out for every election. Every US President excluding G.W. Bush has pandered too the Liberals, ignored their anti-American rhetoric and in the process undercut consevatives in Canada.
Things to do to make things better. The Canadian Alliance should not run any candidates east of the Ontario/Manitoba border. Canadian consevatives should make the deteriorating Canada/US relationship the elecion issue. Talk about the potential of lost jobs in Ontario. Their is a good chance Canada will be in recession so this should be effective. Canadian business leaders should get out of bed with the Libs and tell people that more Liberal government=less jobs. They should talk about how badly Canada was hurt when the US border was closed. They should talk about how they could hire more people if taxes were more reasonable. The battle is won or lost in Ontario and people need to know that electing sleazy governments has a cost.

If Americans want to help Pres. Bush could give Paul Martin a series of "get out of the dog house" jobs eg. Kick Carolyn Martin out of the Liberal party and publically announce that she will not be allowed to run for the Liberal party because of her anti-American statements. If Martin does not, then the US ambassador, should take a page from Raymond Chetien's book. Announce that the US government does not consider Canada, under the liberals, a trustworthy ally and require that Canadians entering the US get visas (Mark Steyn's suppose they really are bastards idea).

In the end however this is a Canadian problem and too be honest I don't think Canada is important enough to the US for the US to lend a hand. If it is going to be solved then Canadians will have to do it. It is sad to watch, if things keep going the way they are going Canada will become Argentina. Kyoto, high taxes, big gov spending, gun laws, uncontrolled immigration; alot of people will be very sorry they voted Liberal all these years, but like the grasshopper in the fairy tail they will have learned too late.
8 posted on 09/06/2003 7:09:50 PM PDT by Cdnexpat (Mr Bush, please don't speak to any member of a Liberal government on any topic.)
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conservative canadians... didn't know such a thing existed web dizajn
9 posted on 01/27/2011 4:26:39 PM PST by alexbg
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