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"Shock and Awe" Begins
FOX NEWS TV | 3.21.03

Posted on 03/21/2003 9:19:31 AM PST by Enemy Of The State

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To: All
I'm surprised no one mentioned what Peter Jennings said to his guy in Baghdad as the main part of the second wave was coming down.

The guy in Baghdad was practically hyperventilating (not that I'd BLAME him!), and Jennings told him to calm down and take a few deep breaths. He then went on to remind the guy that 90% of the munitions being used were now "smart" bombs.

There was a loud "Boom" and the guy replied...

"It's the other 10 percent that I'm concerned with right now!"

841 posted on 03/21/2003 4:30:42 PM PST by nwpatriot
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To: Maigrey
well I am open for such a discussion! We must secure are borders to prevent terrorism on our ever......
842 posted on 03/21/2003 4:38:25 PM PST by countrydummy
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To: valleygal
...Makes me want to scream every time I hear the protesters say in anguish, "People will die!!" ...

Yeah, more people will die, at the hands of a mad man who doesn't give a rat's a*s who it is. The many misguided protesters make me sick. Can't they see they are helping prop up a know murderer? The reason this operation is going foreward is all because of Sadamn Hussien. Why is it that were are ALWAYS the ones who take out others garbage? Because we are so dam**ed good at it! I say kill the bast**d and get it over with. Take as many of his henchmen as we can. Let's get behind President Bush bigtime and show the world, again who is NUMERO UNO!!!!!

843 posted on 03/21/2003 6:02:05 PM PST by NCC-1701 ((Good luck, happy hunting, and God-speed to the US military and our allies in this operation.))
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To: Severa
...My time of year is now, March Madness and the NCAA tourney (GO UofK)"...

I kinda like the military's version of March Madness this year!
844 posted on 03/21/2003 6:05:35 PM PST by NCC-1701 ((Good luck, happy hunting, and God-speed to the US military and our allies in this operation.))
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To: Just another Joe
No smoker's lounge?!!! I know it's been a while since I've dropped in, but I finally have some good news (and a good joke to share) and you go and close the lounge?!!! The nerve of some people! My mother told me about people like you! LOL
845 posted on 03/21/2003 6:06:38 PM PST by fellowpatriot
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To: COBOL2Java
Oh God. Reporterette: "Mr Secretary, can you give us information on the use of the Predator during this campaign?" Rummy: "We are using the Predator, and it's useful"

Rummy to VP Cheney: "I think I detected an air leak from her head, Sir."

846 posted on 03/21/2003 9:18:01 PM PST by Mad_Tom_Rackham (Let's Roll Already!)
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To: BSunday
However, that's not what the prophecies say will happen. They describe a great army decending on Babylon and putting everyone to the sword. They describe Babylon becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah in its destruction. And Isaiah 13 (pardon the lack of a verse citation, but I'm at work and without my Bible handy, so I'm doing this from memory) specifically states that "no Arab will pitch his tent in her" again.

You just described pretty much perfectly described the archaeological site of the city of Babylon as it is today.

On the contrary, there has been a consistant Arab presence in Babylon since the Persians took it. The city was never destroyed, it just faded from prominence several centuries after the Persians took it.

Yours in Truth,

847 posted on 03/24/2003 7:19:58 AM PST by Buggman (Stephen King has forgotten the face of his Father)
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To: Buggman
Yours in Truth,

A misnomer my friend, since it seems you are being disingenuous. The city of Babylon is not in existence today

848 posted on 03/24/2003 7:49:21 AM PST by BSunday (In case of rapture, buy me a new bible, cuz it's not in the one I got now.)
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To: BSunday
You may wish to tell that to Saddam. He's spent fifteen or twenty years and billions of dollars rebuilding it. Granted, it's not currently a mercantile or political center (though he has often used the palace for state functions), but given that it has a permanent population, it can still be classified as a city--Sodom and Gomorrah, on the other hand, cannot.

You may also wish to check your Biblical references. Isaiah 13 says that Babylon will see its final fall in the Day of the Lord. Read Joel 2:31 (cross-referenced with Rev. 6:12), 1 Thess. 4&5, 2 and Thess. 2 to see when that will begin. (Hint: By necessity, it must be well after our Lord's First Century ministry--indeed, it's tied to the Second Coming, which hasn't occurred yet--not centuries before the Crucifixion.)

For that matter, you can look at McDowell's Evidence and see that while he tries to cite the fall of Babylon in Isa. 13 as a fulfillment of prophecy, he has to take a very allegorical approach to demonstrate the fulfillment of the first part of the chapter, and doesn't directly cite any verse as fulfilled after verse 9 or so. (Again, I'm citing from memory, so I apologize if I'm off by a verse or two.)

If you want to disagree, that's your perogative, and I can agree to disagree if need be. But leave off the snide remarks--it's unbecoming of one who calls himself a Christian.

Yours in Truth,

849 posted on 03/24/2003 11:51:06 AM PST by Buggman (Stephen King has forgotten the face of his Father)
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To: Buggman
Dear Friend;

The Day of the Lord does not refer to just one particular day in the future. It means the day that the Lord fulfills judgment on whoever he is talking to/about.

As for Joel 2:31, Peter himself says that it was fulfilled on the day of Pentecost. When an inspired writer says "this is that" (see Acts 2) then sir, you can rest assured that he means it. Hint: Darkness occurred from 12 to 3 pm the day that Jesus was crucified, so the timing of his prophecy was right. Joel 2 has nothing to do with Rev 6. The only reason they are cross-referenced in your bible is because they are worded similarly. That's what cross references are for - to lead you to similarly worded passages.

As for 1 Thess 4, I am assuming you mean v 16-17 which speaks of when Jesus comes again, and the dead rise and we go with Him to heaven. In my Bible there seems to be no specific time passing in between these events. In fact, it seems to imply the judgement coming right after the resurrection of the dead. I see no 1000 yr reign here.

I don't know why you think I made "snide" remarks, but as far as that goes, did not the Lord call the Pharisee hypocrites, and John the Baptist called them a den of vipers? Certainly not very nice of them, was it? In fact, Jesus even tipped over their money tables! How rude!! /sarcasm

850 posted on 03/24/2003 12:20:36 PM PST by BSunday (In case of rapture, send me down a new bible, cuz it's not in any I know of on earth.)
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