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A message from the Counter Clinton Library
12-11-02 | John LeBoutillier

Posted on 12/11/2002 5:01:42 AM PST by Mia T

Dear Fellow Americans:

In less than two years, Bill and Hillary Clinton will open their official Clinton Presidential Center and Library in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. This will be a gigantic public monument to both Clintons, to their 'Co-Presidency,' and to their left-wing political and social agenda - and will conveniently ignore their lawbreaking, scandals and misdeeds.

It will also be the Headquarters for the inevitable Hillary Clinton for President Campaign.

Nearby, at the University of Arkansas, the companion Clinton School of Public Service is already hard at work 'r e-tooling' the Clinton image. Professor Margaret Scranton of the Clinton School explained her mission: "…the course will change and adapt over time as Clinton's legacy develops."

In other words, the Clintons and their acolytes intend to spin their record in the White House - and since - in a never-ending campaign to make Bill and Hillary Clinton the first-ever husband and wife Presidents of the United States.

Thus, the Clinton Presidential Center and Library - funded by you - the American taxpayer - and by multi-million dollar donations by rich foreigners including Red Chinese and Saudis - is a campaign vehicle to elect Hillary as the next Democratic President and to have Bill Clinton back living in the White House.

But, in order to elect Hillary, the Clintons need to erase or change their eight-year record in the White House.

Thus, this official Clinton Presidential Center and Library is going to be a Clinton LIE-brary full of distortions, slande rs, 'spins' and outright lies about their atrocious White House legacy.

The so-called Mainstream Media, which gave the Clintons a pass for all their misbehaviors while they were in office, are certain to let Bill and Hillary get away with lying about their misdeeds now, too. Most of the media want to see Hillary become President and they aren't going to do anything to derail her.

So it is up to us - to simple American citizens and patriots - to finally tell the real truth about the Clintons and to stop Hillary from becoming President and ruining our country once and for all!

We - a group of concerned Americans who are appalled at the Clinton's atrocious behavior - have joined together to build - within walking distance of the Clinton Library - a monument to the Real Truth about the Clintons: THE COUNTER CLINTON LIBRARY.

This library will be devoted to setting the record straight about the Clintons' White House years - and about Hillary's certain campaign to become the next President of the United States.

They will be invited in to hear and see and read the real truth about the lies, evasions, and distortions they will have just seen in Bill and Hillary's Spin Center.

Our Counter Clinton Library will be a permanent thorn in the side of the Clintons as they try to hide and distort their anti-American, anti-family, anti-military legacy.

One of the Counter Clinton Library's exhibitions will be the National Insecurity Hall in which we detail - often in the Clintons' own words and actions as captured on video - their systematic destruction of our military and intelligence capability, their hatred for the military uniform and flag of the United States, their cozying up to Red China, their tolerance of 'leaking' Top Secret information to our enemies - and their total devotion to undermining America's superpower status.

Our goal: to let not one Clinton lie go unanswered, to let not one Clinton e vasion go unquestioned and to let not one Clinton slander go unchallenged.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are unique. Unlike previous retired presidents who use their presidential libraries to store their memorabilia and offer students and scholars a repository of papers for scholarly study, Bill Clinton is in a desperate race to change his legacy. He wants to use his library to literally alter his reputation - from one of impeachment and disgrace - to one of respectability and statesmanship.

For example, the former president recently spoke - for his customary fee of $100,000 - in Toronto. During the speech he claimed that if "Iraq came across the Jordan River, I would join the Israeli Army, grab a rifle and get in the ditch and die."

This is quintessential Clinton: conveniently ignoring his life-long antipathy toward military service. Clinton counts on you forgetting the infamous Vietnam Era letter to Colonel Holmes of the Arkansas Selective Service Board ab out how he "loathed the military and all it stands for."

But now - suddenly - he is willing to "grab a rifle and die."

The Counter Clinton Library is not going to let Clinton get away with this type of revisionism and lying.

In the Counter Clinton Library we are also going to feature in the Grifter Gallery each and every instance of the Clintons grubbing for money, 'losing' incriminating documents, then suddenly 'finding' them, perverting the confidentiality of FBI files, selling presidential pardons for cash, using White House coffees and sleepovers to raise soft campaign money and 'selling' access to Saturday morning presidential radio addresses for cash contributions to their campaigns. Also, the thefts and outright stealing by the Clintons of White House furnishings and artwork.

We are devoted to countering - with the truth and with facts - each and every lie, distortion and exaggeration about his White House years - and also about Hillary's c ampaign for President.

While the left-wing news media are constantly pumping up Hillary's candidacy for President - and conveniently ignoring her lies, cover-ups and numerous transgressions, The Counter Clinton Library will be the headquarters of the Stop Hillary Now campaign.

Half of our exhibits and shows will be devoted to her part of the Clinton Co-Presidency. The Hillary Hall of Shame will cover everything from her out and out lie - caught on videotape - of how she claimed she was named 'Hillary' - to her Yale Law School defense of Black Panther murderers - to her 'amazing' cattle futures investment successes - to her plan to nationalize health care - to her role in releasing convicted FALN bombers just in time to curry favor with the Puerto Rican vote in New York State.

And, of course, we will be ready to counter her eight million dollar 'memoir' with the truth and the facts.

No President of the United States has used his library to chang e his legacy - and to elect his wife as the next President.

We simply cannot allow a taxpayer funded presidential library to go unchallenged!

It is up to us - regular Americans who care about the truth and about our country - to build from scratch the first-ever counter library.

Unlike the Clintons, we are not trading favors and access to power in exchange for big donations. Instead, we are asking average Americans to contribute what they can - $100 or $75 or $50 - to build a permanent facility that will forever counter the lies and distortions certain to come from the Clinton Liebrary.

Click Here to Transfer to the Counter Clinton Library:

(If you cannot click onto the above link, please copy and paste it into your browser)

We also intend to feature voluminous research material - from the Whitewater records to the Special Counsel's Repo rt to the House Impeachment record - which scholars can pore over for years to come to get the real truth about the Clintons. Certainly these unflattering records will not be available down the street at Bill and Hillary's Liebrary.

In his never-ending attempt to change his legacy, Bill Clinton is constantly painting a picture of his Presidency that is totally false. His claims about his accomplishments are - as usual - often total lies and exaggerations. From the 1990's economic recovery to the explosion of the Internet to changes in education and welfare reform, Clinton claims personal credit.

In The Counter Clinton Library we will puncture holes in these claims - using facts and experts - in the Anti-Propaganda Pavilion. We will bring in leading economists, business leaders and educators to show how Bill Clinton actually did more harm than good.

And each time - in one of his paid speeches or TV appearances - Clinton lies again, we will be ready to c ounter that lie with facts and the truth - and with a good sense of humor, too.

We will also include a Broadcast Center from which Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and other radio and TV talk show hosts will be invited to broadcast their shows.

All of this will drive Bill and Hillary up the wall! Good!

But none of this can happen without the help of regular, average Americans - like you.

Rich businessmen, lobbyists and foreigners will not help us because they, too, have been part of the Clinton Gravy Train - trading cash for access to power.

We have no governmental power to trade; we only have the truth on our side.

In fact, when a visitor walks into The Counter Clinton Library, the very first thing he or she will see will be a large engraving on the floor:
"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."

This will be the motto and guiding principle of The Counter Clinton Library.

Click Her e to Transfer to the Counter Clinton Library:

(If you cannot click onto the above link, please copy and paste it into your browser)

Presidential libraries often have 'ongoing exhibitions' and guest speakers, special forums and current event lectures. You can bet that the Clintons - preparing for Hillary's re-election campaign to the Senate in 2006 and then her certain Presidential run in 2008 - will use the library to bring in world leaders, financiers, economists, radical environmentalists and left-wing experts to make news that will help Hillary.

The Counter Clinton Library will counter each of these events while they are happening. We will bring in other experts and leaders to dispute the spin coming from down the street. We will not let the Clintons set the agenda any longer. We are going to put them on the defensive. And we will force the news media to cover both sides - something that rarely happened during the Co-Presidency.

In our Department of Domestic Affairs we are going to catalogue - as has never been done before - Bill Clinton's entire history of despicable treatment of the women he has pursued and slandered and threatened. We will have several of them contribute never-before-heard videotaped testimonies of what he did to them - and how he treated them. Authors and researchers have uncovered more violent attacks and rapes in Clinton's past and we will make those accounts available. And, of course, his willing accomplice in these cover-ups - Hillary Clinton - will not be spared.

The Counter Clinton Library will be the most high-tech center ever built. Using video and audio monitors, a visitor is going to see and hear the actual lies and purposeful evasions of the Clintons. We are going to use their own behavior against them!

We also will have access to never-before seen documents. For exa mple, long-time Clinton insider Dick Morris has agreed to donate all his secret White House Agendas to the Counter Clinton Library. No one - other than the Clintons themselves and Morris - has ever seen these detailed plans of Morris' meetings with Bill Clinton as they wrote speeches together and plotted political strategy.

There have never been a President and First Lady like Bill and Hillary Clinton. No two occupants of the White House have done as much to desecrate that sacred building and to destroy the image of our nation.

When visitors to the COUNTER CLINTON LIBRARY are ready to leave, the very last room they will see is the EXIT ROOM. This is an exact recreation of the White House as the Clintons' left it - trashed, damaged and defiled. The COUNTER CLINTON LIBRARY has obtained the explosive 76-page White House staff report on what the Clintons really did to the White House as they left. We will recreate this to show - in the most vivid manner possible - just how much damage the Clintons did to 'the people's house.'

If the Clinton Era were finished we could let it recede into our memory and treat it like a bad dream.

But the Left is plotting a second chapter of the Clinton Era. Hillary For President is a reality - and a certain nightmare.

As one high-level Clinton advisor has privately admitted, "Bill Clinton is a split personality. Half of him loved being the 'front man' as President. But the other half of him loves the thought of being 'behind the scenes' in a Hillary White House, calling the shots and masterminding everything."

The Counter Clinton Library is going to be the headquarters of the anti-Hillary campaign. American citizens who are repelled at the thought of either Bill or Hillary Clinton ever again occupying the White House need to join with us - now - to stop another Clinton Co-Presidency.

The Counter Clinton Library is also unique. No counter presidential library has ever ha ppened before - because no Presidency has done so much to tear down this country.

Please help build a lasting library that will fight the Clintons every step of the way.

Please give what you can to stop them from lying - and getting away with it - about what they did to this nation.

Help us tell the truth - not just for history - but to prevent Hillary and Bill from lying and deceiving their way back into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Please join us in building The Counter Clinton Library.

John LeBoutillier

Click Here to Transfer to the Counter Clinton Library:

L I E b r a r y G A T E

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Follow pitchfork sign link to clinton crime

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1 posted on 12/11/2002 5:01:42 AM PST by Mia T
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To: Gail Wynand; looscannon; Lonesome in Massachussets; Freedom'sWorthIt; IVote2; Slyfox; Registered; ..

Bill Clinton is pinning his hopes on Americans having incomplete memories. He wants us to remember the good times, associating the prosperity of the late 1990s with the handiwork of his Administration. However, the farther we move away from the days that Bill, Hillary and the whole gang of Clintonistas were in the White House, the more apparent the glaring deficiencies in his record become, particularly on national security.

It would be nice to think that Bill Clinton has finally come to recognize the true importance of national defense. But the question remains: Why was he AWOL so often on issues involving national defense during his presidency? Maybe it's because he was so busy taking trips at the expense of our armed forces when not fighting to save his own skin from an enraged Congress during his scandal-ridden presidency.

Some legacy, huh?

Negligence: The Clinton Legacy On National Defense | December 6, 2002 | Paul M. Weyrich

Q ERTY6 utter failure BUMP!

There is a great deal of interest in how history is going to view Bill Clinton...Our first indication from the public does little to suggest that Clinton's image has become more positive in the 14 months since he left office. Just 51% of Americans now say they approve of the job Clinton did while in office, and a substantial 47% say they disapprove (the second-highest disapproval rating, behind only Nixon's). This marks a drop from the higher ratings he was receiving as he left office, and a slight drop even from his overall two-term average.

Clinton continues to drop in retrospective poll data. Only Nixon lower.

Gallup News Service


A C-SPAN survey of 58 U.S. historians has concluded that Bill Clinton is the president with the lowest 'moral authority' -- beating out Richard Nixon for last place, Monday's NEW YORK TIMES is set report.



clinton's ranking will likely get worse over time. Economic issues fade in importance over time. Moral issues presist and grow. (paraphrase)

------Douglas Brinkley, history professor, on Washington Journal discussing C-SPAN poll  

I think that history will view this much differently. They will say I made a bad personal mistake, I paid a serious price for it, but that I was right to stand and fight for my country and my constitution and its principles...

-----the First Psychopath

...[bill clinton], a man who will be regarded in the history books as one of our greatest presidents.

-----Al Gore at clinton's post-impeachment rally


It is not the strength but the duration of great sentiments that makes great men.



I suspect that, to spite us all, Arthur Schlesinger will live to 120
just so he can write the definitive clinton hagiography.

--------Mia T, Musings: Senatorial Courtesy Perverted

History Lesson
by Mia T
Someone--was it Maupassant?--
once called history "that excitable and lying old lady."
The same can be said of historians.
Surely it can be said of Doris Kearns Goodwin,
the archetypical pharisaical historian,
not-so-latently clintonoid,
(i.e., clinton is an unfit president;
therefore clinton must remain president),
intellectually dishonest,
(habitually doing what the Arthur Schlesingers of this world do:
making history into the proof of their theories).
The Forbids 400's argument is shamelessly spurious.
They get all unhinged over the impeachment of clinton,
claiming that it will
"leave the presidency permanently disfigured and diminished,
at the mercy as never before of the caprices of any Congress."
Yet they dismiss the real and present--and future!!--danger
to the presidency and the country
of not impeaching and removing
this admittedly unfit, (Goodwin)
"documentably dysfunctional," (NYT)
presidency-diminishing, (Goodwin)
psychopathic thug.
Doris Kearns Goodwin and those 400 other
retrograde-obsessing historiographers
are a supercilious, power-hungry,
egomaniacal lot in their own right.
For them, clinton validates
what Ogden Nash merely hypothesized:
Any buffoon can make history,
but only a great man can write it.


Weekly Standard writer Tucker Carlson has dubbed Princeton University historian Sean Wilentz "loser of the week" for his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee last week. The New York Times described his testimony as "gratuitously patronizing."
"Why would Wilentz risk his reputation to join the already bulging ranks of Clinton throne-sniffers?" Mr. Carlson asked Marxist historian Eugene Genovese, who guesses that "the pressure of time and the passions of the moment" got to Mr. Wilentz.
"As for why anyone would cite the Framers in defense of Clinton, Genovese seems baffled" Mr. Carlson wrote.
Mr. Genovese told Mr. Carlson: "I come from a rather tough working-class neighborhood where attitudes toward women left a great deal to be desired. ... But if anybody had said in the local pool room" some of the things President Clinton reportedly did to Monica Lewinsky, "the attitude would have been, 'That's degenerate. You don't do that to a girl, not even a whore.' The idea that the United States of America, the supreme world power, would tolerate a man in office who is a palpable moral degenerate -- the Founding Fathers would have choked."

The Washington Times---Inside Politics


Clinton's failure to grasp the opportunity to unravel increasingly organized extremists, coupled with Berger's assessments of their potential to directly threaten the U.S., represents one of the most serious foreign policy failures in American history

Clinton Let Bin Laden Slip Away and Metastasize



Bill Clinton may not be the worst president America has had, but surely he is the worst person to be president.*

---GEORGE WILL, Sleaze, the sequel


Had George Will written Sleaze, the sequel (the "sequel" is, of course, hillary) after 9-11-01, I suspect that he would have had to forgo the above conceit, as the doubt expressed in the setup phrase was, from that day forward, no longer operational.

Indeed, assessing the clinton presidency an abject failure is not inconsistent with commentary coming from the left, most recently the LA Times: "Clinton Let Bin Laden Slip Away and Metastasize."

When the clintons left office, I predicted that the country would eventually learn--sadly, the hard way--that this depraved, self-absorbed and inept pair had placed America (and the world) in mortal danger. But I was thinking years, not months.

It is very significant that hillary clinton didn't deny clinton culpability for the terrorism. (Meet the Press, 12-09-01), notwithstanding tired tactics (if you can't pass the buck, spread the blame) and chronic "KnowNothing Victim Clinton" self-exclusion.

If leftist pandering keeps the disenfranchized down in perpetuity, clinton pandering,("it's the economy, stupid"), kept the middle and upper classes wilfully ignorant for eight years.

And ironically, both results (leftist social policy and the clinton economy) are equally illusory, fraudulent. It is becoming increasingly clear that clinton covertly cooked the books even as he assiduously avoided essential actions that would have negatively impacted the economy--the ultimate source of his continued power--actions like, say, going after the terrorists.

It is critically important that hillary clinton fail in her grasp for power; read Peggy Noonan's little book, 'The Case Against Hillary Clinton' and Barbara Olson's two books; it is critical that the West de-clintonize, but that will be automatic once it is understood that the clintons risked civilization itself in order to gain and retain power.

It shouldn't take books, however, to see that a leader is a dangerous, self-absorbed sicko. People should be able to figure that out for themselves. The electorate must be taught to think, to reason. It must be able to spot spin, especially in this age of the electronic demagogue.

I am not hopeful. As Bertrand Russell noted, "Most people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so. "

Mia T, hillary clinton blames hubby for terrorism

(SHE knew nuttin')

Meet the Press, 12-09-01



*George Will continues: There is reason to believe that he is a rapist ("You better get some ice on that," Juanita Broaddrick says he told her concerning her bit lip), and that he bombed a country to distract attention from legal difficulties arising from his glandular life, and that. ... Furthermore, the bargain that he and his wife call a marriage refutes the axiom that opposites attract. Rather, she, as much as he, perhaps even more so, incarnates Clintonism

Q ERTY3 co-rapist  bump!


BUSH: "I will not wait on events, while dangers gather."



utter failure


 rodham-clinton reality-check

Democrat Debacle of '02


2 posted on 12/11/2002 5:03:23 AM PST by Mia T
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To: Mia T
You're too easy on the Clinton's for my taste
3 posted on 12/11/2002 5:08:19 AM PST by The Raven
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To: Mia T
CCL bump.
4 posted on 12/11/2002 5:12:50 AM PST by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: Mia T
I sincerely hope that Morris (and other) documents in the Counter Clinton Library DO NOT excise the foul language and racial slurs that these creeps commonly use. It's important for people to see how those lacking in self-control, intellect, and ideas really speak.
5 posted on 12/11/2002 5:12:55 AM PST by anniegetyourgun
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To: Mia T

6 posted on 12/11/2002 5:19:31 AM PST by Oldeconomybuyer
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To: anniegetyourgun
Miss Hillary. . . strikes me as one of those innumerable people whose prose is so dull that they are reduced to using equally prosaic cusswords.

Paul Greenberg,

The man is an artist: He's not just 'Slick Willie' anymore





We're not inflicting pain on these f*ckers.
When people kill us, they should be killed in greater numbers.
I believe in killing people who try to hurt you.
And I can't believe we're being pushed around by these two-bit pricks.

All Too Human: A Political Education, Bill Clinton, quoted by George Stephanopoulos




Mrs. Clinton was still flush with her triumph in New York [i.e., Today VRWC interview] when she returned on Tuesday afternoon to join Harry Thomason's vigil in the solarium.
"I guess that will teach them to f*ck with us," the first lady said.  

A Vast Conspiracy, p. 258, Jeffrey Toobin


clintonism and the theology of contempt

by Mia T

Let us hope that the rabbi's question was merely rhetorical. . . Let us hope that Rabbi Potasnik, and by extension, New York Jews, are not as credulous and obsequious and passive as they appear. . .
The simple answer to the rabbi's question is that the corrupt, self-serving, anti-Semitic, power-hungry harpy cannot be trusted.
Weren't we to never forget?
The Holocaust must remain, for Jew and Gentile alike, a constant reminder that mass credulity and obsequiousness and passivity are necessary for the demagogue to prevail.
To remember that six million Jews died in the Holocaust is to understand that centuries of anti-Semitic attitudes made this horror possible. We must ask ourselves what role our society played through the centuries that in any way contributed to the atmosphere that made such a genocide even thinkable.
Which brings me to the clintons and clintonism. . .
Senator Patrick Moynihan proffered one of the more incisive operant definitions of clintonism -- "defining deviancy down."
Defining deviancy down, indeed.
clintonism has made personal and public perversions, personal and public predations, not merely thinkable, not merely acceptable, but de rigueur. (Watch us spin)
clintonism is the theology of contempt. Not merely toward "F___ing Jew-bastards" or "dumb niggers" or "extra-chromosome right-wingers" but toward any of us whose ideas are different from those of the clintons, gore, and their acolytes.
So the real question to be answered is this:
"What fair-minded, clear-thinking person would want to continue
with its theology of contempt?
What fair-minded, clear-thinking person would vote for HILLARY! clinton or al gore?"


"I have no infrastructure to deal with this."
bill clinton



One of the unintended consequences of America's rejection of mandated political correctness is that legends crumble.
The classic case is that of Bill Clinton. The conventional wisdom has been (even from his critics) that notwithstanding policy and philosophy disagreements Bill Clinton was/is a smart, charming, even brilliant man.
The reality that is becoming increasingly clear to those willing to see is that "The President Clinton Package" and his team of advisers, managers, and spin doctors, were smart, charming and at times brilliant. However, left to his own devices and without the support, advice, counsel and coercive powers of office, Bill is (for the second time in two months) emphatically demonstrating he ain't all that smart.

Bill's big yap:

Geoff Metcalf slams Clinton's foot-in-mouth sophistry

Miss Hillary. . . strikes me as one of those innumerable people whose prose is so dull that they are reduced to using equally prosaic cusswords.

Paul Greenberg, The man is an artist: He's not just 'Slick Willie' anymore

John Podhoretz recently asked, "Whence comes hillary clinton's reputation for brilliance?" For the answer, he intuitively, rather brilliantly in fact, looked to her anatomy and noted,"This isn't the first time she's shot herself in the foot."
...The above anatomical analysis supports the Podhoretz thesis. Notwithstanding The Pod's erroneous conclusions concerning HILLARY! clinton's heart and nerve, he basically has it right. Anatomy is destiny.
Ian Hunter recently observed that our leaders are shrinking. "From a Churchill (or, for that matter, a Margaret Thatcher) to a Tony Blair; from Eisenhower to Clinton; from Diefenbaker to Joe Clark; from Trudeau to Chretien -- we seem destined to be governed by pygmies."
...The clintons' fundamental error: They are too arrogant and dim-witted to understand that the demagogic process in this fiberoptic age isn't about counting spun heads; it's about not discounting circumambient brains.

Mia T, Mindless rhinestone-studded-and-tented kleptocracy

"Hillary's people are very bright," said a well-connected Democrat yesterday. "But they think everybody else is stupid."
Stupid is as stupid does, says Off the Record. . .


"Hillary thinks that Tipper is an unintellectual nice lady who doesn't have a brain in her head"...




Talk about the pot calling the kettle empty...

To paraphrase Abe Lincoln: She can compress the most words into the smallest idea of any person I know. [NOTE: Lincoln didn't know HIM.] ...

"I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools.
Let's start with typewriters."

- Frank Lloyd Wright

Someone recently tested the monkeys-on-typewriters bit trying for the plays of Will Shakespeare, but all they got were the plays of bill clinton.

Rumor has it William Jefferson Clinton himself is to recite Honest Abe's lines in this New Year's Eve pageant. Whoever writes these scripts has a natural talent for irony. For some irrepressible reason, one cannot help but think of that costume party in "The Manchurian Candidate,'' complete with Red Queen and Abe Lincoln in stovepipe hat and fake beard.

Hillary Clinton says it's a great opportunity to unite the nation. (The way she's united New York?) But the Clintons are never so polarizing as when they are intent on uniting us. How can that be? Maybe it's their perfectly fabricated authenticity. The Nineties have had much the same effect, stirring the same vague dissatisfactions -- and sparking sudden outbursts of temper. What was it that poor, embarrassed David Brinkley, thinking his mike was off, said after the president's victory speech in '96: "We all look forward with great pleasure to four years of wonderful, inspiring speeches, full of wit, poetry, music, love and affection, plus more goddam nonsense.''

Still not finished, Mr. Brinkley added that this president "has not a creative bone in his body. Therefore, he's a bore, and will always be a bore.'' Oh, dear. The commentator's unintentionally public thoughts were all the more embarrassing for being so widely shared by any Americans still sentient four years into the Age of Clinton. But it's one thing to notice such things, quite another to say them out loud. Why belabor the obvious?

Hey, what a party! New Year's at the White House

See also:
Can the President Think?
The man is an artist: He's not just 'Slick Willie' anymore
Hey, what a party!
New Year's at the White House
hillary's head revisited:
hillary clinton's brain (such as it is) II
Senator Dim Bulb by Gary Aldrich © 2001
Annotated by Mia T


7 posted on 12/11/2002 5:24:36 AM PST by Mia T
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To: Oldeconomybuyer
Humpty Dummies
Q ERTY6 utter failure
rodham-clinton reality-check BUMP!

8 posted on 12/11/2002 5:35:55 AM PST by Mia T
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To: All
Film Noir in the White House
by Mia T
George Orwell once asked a Stalinist, "Why all the bloodshed?"
"You cannot make an omelet without breaking a few eggs", came the reply.
"But", replied Orwell, "where is the omelet?"
"Oh, well, it takes practice to get it right", said the other.
Utopians, in short, can live for a long time in the future; the present does not prove anything to them. In the mid-70s, I was was talking to Jacques Attali, later to be a special advisor to President Mitterrand and, in 1990, president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
"You socialists", I said, "never compare capitalism as it is with socialism as it is. You compare capitalism as it is with an ideal socialism that, you claim, will be in the future."
"Why not, " laughed this brilliant man, "since socialism is the future!"

-- Jean-François Revel, Democracy Against Itself, pp. 96, 97

"Read my future." - "You haven't got any."

--Exchange in Touch of Evil between Orson Welles and Marlene Dietrich (as a gypsy fortune teller)

Leni Riefenstahl, the film genius who outmaneuvered propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels to chronicle Hitler's 1934 Nuremberg rallies in perhaps the most notorious documentary ever filmed, Triumph of the Will, symbolizes the naïve actress and director who is induced to deal with devils -- Nazi-pantalooned then. . . nasty, pantless (or pantsuited) now . . .
After the war, Riefenstahl excused her effort as pure documentary -- watch for Streisand, Spielberg, Geffen et al. to do the same one day -- yet she compiled one section, Hitler's motorcade to Munich, from several different events and shot the closeups of Nazi leaders at the podium in a staged studio sequence.
As Riefenstahl told it, editing-to-perfection was crucial. She insisted that the finished quality of Triumph of Will came from her editing, not from any imposition of "posed shots" or choreography on her part. With her innovative editing techniques, Riefenstahl deliberately and selectively aestheticized Hitler and the Congress' proceedings. By editing out a shot of Hitler wiping his nose and including instead "more interesting expressions," by eliminating the human, Riefenstahl eliminated the inhuman.
The only difference today, in this era of ubiquitous cameras, continuous news and the shameless auteur-tyrant, is that the useful-idiot Washington Press Corps, spun by and on the Hollywood-Arkansas Axis, edits out the clintons' inhumanity (and ineptitude) in real time. . .


Helen Thomas Syndrome: THE SYMPTOMS


9 posted on 12/11/2002 6:40:42 AM PST by Mia T
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To: Mia T
Excellent work, Mia T.
10 posted on 12/11/2002 6:53:20 AM PST by Fred Mertz
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To: Mia T; Paul Atreides

11 posted on 12/11/2002 9:57:03 AM PST by Slyfox
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To: Mia T
12 posted on 12/11/2002 10:03:20 AM PST by Pagey
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To: Mia T
While I'm all in favor of there being a 'counter liebrary' and look forward to being one of it's first visitors, I think the name selection is a mistake. Sounds too much like counterculture. Thus, only the diehard Klintoon haters will visit. Others will poo-poo it as a work of the VRWC and pass on by.

IMHO, it needs a subtle name like "The Real Clinton Liebrary" (sic) so as to lure in the average, unininformed tourist.

Thanks for posting the link to this soon to be fine establishment, Mia.

13 posted on 12/11/2002 1:02:20 PM PST by RFP
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To: Mia T
Hiya Mia, thanks for the ping
14 posted on 12/11/2002 4:06:26 PM PST by firewalk
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To: Mia T
A good evening bump to you.


15 posted on 12/11/2002 5:20:46 PM PST by M Kehoe
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