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Freeper Research on Anthrax Profile 11/30/01
Various FR Posters | 11/30/01 | Various FR Posters

Posted on 11/29/2001 9:07:47 PM PST by Alamo-Girl

The affirmative statements in the following profile are meant to convey that the majority view on the threads are thus and so. The conditional words, such as may be or in the alternative ... are used to convey alternative views where there is not an overwhelming consensus from prior posts. At the end are the significant competing theories presented so far.

This is not meant to obtain an indictment or plead a case before a jury ... it is to show the consensus additional profile information based on research done by many contributing Freepers.

Consensus Profile of the Anthrax Perp:

The perp is here on a student VISA. He is Islamic and Middle Eastern. He may be a member of Al Queda. English is not his primary language, he may be a proficient computer user or coder especially if Al Queda.

The downward slant from left to right in the anthrax letters has been debated at length. If you regularly write from right to left your hand would be trained to maintain a horizontal line. But, if you attempt to write from left to right and it is not your first language than you may have a downward slant from left to right. Try this yourself. Take a pen and paper and begin writing from right to left. We have done it and found that as natural left to right writers we automatically follow a radius instead of horizontal line when writing right to left, ending up with a right to left downward slant. The anthrax letter writer's first language is not one that is written from left to right.

The alternative theory is that the perp is left handed.

The 'G' and '6' as handwritten on the letters and envelopes are peculiar and perhaps indicate an arabic cursive normal usage.

Much more importantly, Arabic script is written following an imaginary base line. Letters that are above this line are written from bottom to top. Now take a look at the E's in the New York Post letter. They are printed from bottom to top, a heavy line at the bottom, a little corner, continuing up vertically and finished off with a faint wavy line at the top. How many people here would print an E in this fashion?

The perp may have used a template to form the letters. Using templates it is almost impossible to keep the writing in a straight line. Part of the template always covered up the previous letter. Freeper usually had to draw a light pencil line with a ruler or the poster turned out a lot like the envelopes. The letters are just too perfect for somebody to have written them out freehand. Every 2 is exactly the same. The G's are exactly the same.

A template could explain why so many of the strokes of the letters seem to have a dollop of ink at the ends. When the pen came to the end... it would do that, with a stencil.

The Comic Sans MS font is the closest template one Freeper has found so far.

Also, font Tempus Sans ITC is a near match.

Someone might be copying the letters from a "hit" list in the font. What makes it interesting is that it would confirm the theory that it's someone very familiar with computers. The date, the computer font.

Freeper is an amateur calligrapher and am always interested in the way people write, specifically the little details such as a serif on the number 1. Freeper notes how foreigners from the same country often write very similarly... Freeper's sense is that the person who wrote the letters is foreign and not extremely proficient in writing in english. That would explain the heavier ink at the end of each letter (very deliberate and probably slow writing). The phrases contained in one of the letters: "We have this anthrax" and "You die now" sound very broken-english to me; english would definitely be a second language for someone to write/talk this way.

Most of the stuff was of high grade and got out too quickly. To do this without getting infected or caught takes a certain amount of time to plan and aquire resources.

In other words for a domestic party to get their hands on, plan to distribute and mail this stuff out and infect people so shortly after 911 is quite improbable. It would be most logical to conclude that the Anthrax scare was "locked and loaded". A copy cat might came along afterwards with lower grade stuff and less thought out plans.

Also the geographic coincidences are too many.

He was given anthrax and perhaps more biochems - of various grades. They may have been made in Iraq - they may have been made here. He did not develop them himself. He knows lab procedures.

The cultures might have come from West-hating Mullah Qari Abdullah's Al Queda laboratory found in Afghanistan. Some of the perps might be among the people who went missing from this lab seven months ago. The production of vaccines at the Kabul factory was so successful that some samples were sent to Geneva where the Red Cross congratulated the Taliban on their work

The alternative theory is that the terrorist cell had one and only one vial of the anthrax and they were rushed to use it for some reason, it could be that the very fine stuff settles to the bottom of the vial. The lab analysis of each specimen will eventually show if the only difference between envelopes is size of the spores - or if the batches were processed differently.

On 11/28/01 researchers at the Institute for Genomic Research in Rockville Md decoded the genomes of two anthrax microbes of the Ames strain which was used in the terror attacks. The findings have been shared with law enforcement officials.

He is fairly diligent in handling the anthrax, but he is not perfect. He knows Dr. Malik, chairman of the Islamic Society of NJ. He may work with him. He's been to the doctor's office at 1542 Kuser Road in Trenton NJ. While there he accidentally infected the accountant next door at Civale Silvestri & Alfieri CPA, 1540 Kuser Road.

Dr. Parvaiz Malik of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Hamilton and the Islamic Society of Central Jersey noted in this profile is not the same person as Dr. Fahmy Malak of Arkansas, now Florida, who was medical examiner under Governor Clinton and mentioned in a number of Clinton scandals.

The perp is employed by or associated with the medical community. The perp may be from Pakistan and may have sought out Dr. Malik's help (because he is also from Pakistan) to get employment/access to a nearby university hospital, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Hamilton. Dr Malik is on the staff there. The perp may have used lab facilities in the hospital (either at Hamilton or the main campus or one of its affiliates) to safely handle or prep the different batches of anthrax.

Dr. Malik has been in the U.S. since the 70's or so and is long established here. He is probably not a party to the terrorists. However, as head of the Islamic Center of Central NJ and being from Pakistan and having made it as a doctor here ... we wonder if a newcomer to the country living in that area, attending that mosque and wanting to become a doctor ... may have asked him for a job referral or such.

There probably are other people in his cell who may already be in custody - one with Florida license plates and others from Canada.

Mohammed Atta and Abdulaziz Alomari had New Jersey driver's licenses.

Several arrests of Pakistani nationals were made in Trenton/Hamilton weeks ago --some in the Greenwood Village apartments, and some at 1001 N. Olden Street. The N. Olden Street arrests took place after a witness observed a man gingerly placing letters enclosed in a ziploc bag into his car. The car had Florida license plates.

Just after the events of September 11, the FBI arrested Mohammed Pervez, a naturalized U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent. Pervez was a Jersey City roommate of Ali Ayub Kahn and Mohammed Jazweeth Azmath, suspected of being hijackers whose plans were thwarted when their plane was grounded in St. Louis. Pervez, who worked in both Trenton and Newark train stations, was also a roommate of the potential anthrax suspects detained from the Greenwood village apartments in Hamilton.

Ali Ayub Khan also listed as one of his addresses the same Chicago apartment house as Sabash Gurung is staying in with his brother. Gurung is the Nepalese who was arrested at O'Hare Airport with a large stash of weapons (knives, a stun gun, etc.). The FBI said (or implied) that the Ali Khan who lives in the same apartment house as Gurung is a different Ali Khan, that it's a coincidence of names. But this seems not to be the case -- in fact, there is a newspaper article on Khan, dated well before Gurung was in the news, which gives that Chicago address for him.

After discovery of anthrax weapon information in their offices in Afghanistan, Pakistan detained two retired nuclear scientists, Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood and Chaudry Abdul Majeed. Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood (the English spelling used varies) and Mirza Baig were recently detained by Pakistan in an apparent investigation into the possible bringing of nuclear secrets from Pakistan into Afghanistan; both are said to have ties to the Taliban. Another Pakistani with close ties to the Taliban is Qadir Khan, called the father of the Pakistani atomic bomb; he was recently removed from his sensitive position as head of the Pakistani nuclear-weapons program. The names Sultan Mahmood, Mirza Baig, and Qadir Khan all appear in the Chicago telephone directory at addresses very close to the 1025 W Hollywood Ave address used by Ayub Ali Khan, Mohammed Jaweed Azmath and Sabesh Gurung. These may be common names - or perhaps al Queda members, who tend to use false identities - intentionally used these "respected" names.

A Pakistani man who took video footage of the World Trade Center a few days before the Sept. 11 attacks, Raza Nasir Khan was accused of being an illegal immigrant who possessed firearms, requested maps of a hunting area near a rural Salem County, N.J., nuclear power plant and had a handheld global positioning system device.

The perp probably has some contacts in Florida.

University of South Florida computer science professor Sami Al-Arian is a fund raiser for terrorist causes. He is a Palestinian, educated in Egypt. After earning a doctorate at North Carolina he moved to the University of Florida. His application for citizenship has never been approved. He founded the World and Islam Studies Enterprise (WISE) at USF - the group sponsored events featuring radical Islamic speakers such as Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman, later convicted in connection with the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. WISE was shut down in 1995 after one of Al-Arian's WISE associates, Ramadan Shallah, left USF and popped up in Syria as the new leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad -- the same terrorist organization for which Al-Arian was soliciting funds that year.

Mazen Al-Najjar, Al-Arian's brother-in-law and WISE associate, was arrested and charged with visa violations. Al-Najjar then was imprisoned for more than three years based on supposed secret evidence that he was a threat to national security. He finally was released in December after a federal judge and then-Attorney General Janet Reno concluded that the evidence didn't warrant his imprisonment. Al-Najjar teaches at the Islamic Academy of Florida, a small school where Al-Arian, his former WISE colleague, is the principal.

Palestianian Nabil Sarama, is alleged to have made a false statement to obtain a permanent residency card; he was arrested in Orlando, Fla., after police found him near a pay phone that had been used to make bomb threats. His suitcase contained a kit capable of making between eight and 12 box cutters. He had a California Department of Motor Vehicles identification card, a Georgia driver's license, four Florida identification cards and a Palestinian Authority passport.

There may be a chain of infection following the medical route - like there is following the mail route.

In DelRay Beach, Florida - a pharmacist (Gregg Chatterton at Huber Healthmart Drugs) claimed to have talked to Atta and another hijacker when they came into his pharmacy with ailments last August. Mostly, we heard about Atta, who had red hands. But the other hijacker, Marwan Al-Shehhi, had symptoms of inhalation anthrax (cough) that would have required him to visit a doctor in his area. The pharmacist said that a man resembling Al-Shehhi had returned to have a prescription filled, but his name was not found in their records - leading the investigators to think he had used an alias. The pharmacist said the red hands looked like a result from washing with bleach - that it did not look like cutaneous anthrax.

In Chester PA on 11/14/01 - teams of FBI agents complete with hazmat gear and tents, broke down door(s), swabbed and seized evidence at two homes and the city hall. One house was shared by City Health Commissioner Irshad Shaikh and his brother Masood. The other was the home of city accountant Asif Kazi. They are all from Pakistan. Kazi's wife had a prescription for Cipro. Kazi had been seen dumping a cloudy liquid and handing a silver canister to someone.

Freepers wonder if this Could he be THE Asif Kazi, or is it a very common Pakistani name?

Asif Kazi (or Qazi or Khazi) is a very common last name. It means "judge" and is the designation for lots of low-level functionaries - like the English surnames "Judge" or "Cooper" or "Fletcher", it's just a last name based on a profession.

However, the dialogue on the discussion thread is troubling:

It has a single entry under "replies". If you click it, you see a reply consisting of the original message quoted with carets, and no new text. It seems most each reply is the same, with "mustafa's" original message quoted, but no new content. One reply had the same message "mustafa" entered, but this time not quoted (no carets, it appeared to be original content), and signed by "Bharathi Kumar". (BTW almost all the names seemed to be middle-eastern types.) The next message -- a reply to "Bharathi Kumar" -- (this one by a poster named "bluess") quoted the original message, again attributing it to "mustafa".

The next message after that one again had the text in quoted format, but attributed it to ">ASHISH BHARDWAJ" -- which happens to be the same name shown as the author of the post, although the Author: field showed it in lowercase. The reply to that message had "mustafa's" message, but this time once again formatted as caretless original text, and, missing the linebreaks that the previous messages had. It was signed by "Venkat", and the Author: field showed VENKAT in uppercase.

Conjecture, for discussion:

1. It could be a series of coded messages, with the "message" part being the email address, or the author name, or perhaps there's some subtle changes in the body of the text (an extra space here or there, etc.)

2. It could be a "recruiting station", with volunteers directed to post a followup message to that thread, so that they could be contacted via email. Why do something like that? So that the "recruiter" could see who "applies" without disclosing his own identity. The contributing Freeper has heard that "no footprint" communications like that happen on Usenet; and believes there's a newsgroup dedicated to such comms. There is no way for an observer to know who the recipient is, because the message is readable to the entire world, even though only the intended recipient will know how to decipher it.

Reading through each message on the link provided (making money on the internet, send directions) a Freeper couldn't help but conclude that this is some kind of coded exchange. Not only are there a few breaks in the original message, one is simply different, more urgent. They came in intervals, and there is no posting since the end of October.

Another Freeper wonders if gopher may hold clues. He nosed around to see if there were still any gopher sites up and running. There aren't many left. He found a list of "All the Gopher Servers in the World" from (all the other gopher servers from that page are dead.) The root at that site is "Gopher root at". There might be some stuff of interest there, "hidden in plain sight" as it were.

After going back to the message board and looking through the majority of the messages and the general environment of the site, it is also interesting to note the amount of activity that particular post received. Of those I looked at, it was the only one that virtually repeated the same message over and over. Another interesting thing in the message. The first response to the original message reformats the first to leave earning, and internet on separate lines. The fourth message then drops addresses to a separate line. Addresses remains on a separate line and then, in almost every response that follows, has one less caret than all other lines of the message.

This leaves a repeating message (numbering lines) (1)hi sir (2) sir i want to earn money to internet my friends are (3)earning (4)money to internet but they do not tell me the (5) addresses (6) so please guide me that how i can earn money to (7) internet (8) please send mail soon (9) i shall be obliged.

Finally, the English is incredibly awkward. This may have been a code to initiate money transfers, if nothing else.

Dr. Shaikh PhD. has been the Commissioner of Health since 1994. He received his undergrad and postgraduate diplomas in Community Medicine in Pakistan. He received his Masters and PhD in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. He is fellow of the Public Health Leadership Institute (PHLI). PHLI is an executive leadership program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Shaikh also holds a faculty appointment at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

Welcome to the Johns Hopkins University Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies"...Sponsored by The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation & The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation..."

The Hopkins School of Hygiene and public health is across the street from the hospital. They do not have any labs for microbes there. They have no anthrax and neither does the hospital. This guy may be on the faculty at the School of Hygiene but there is certainly no institutional support for terrorist activites. The former Dean of that school, Henderson, was the one who wiped out smallpox. It is a great school except for some departments that seem to attract all kinds of socialists, communists, etc. The Robert Wood Johnson foundation endows all kinds of activities including wings at Hopkins for peds. The former head of a department at Hopkins headed the RWJ foundation. They probably do not provide cover for terrorists either.

There are significant labs in Piscataway, across the river from New Brunswick, the main campus of RWJ. Robert Wood Johnson has two high-profile microbiology labs in Piscataway -- the CABM(Center forAdvanced Biotechnology and Medicine) and the Waksman Institute. The Waksman Institute is a "microbe farm," producing germ "products" for industry and research.

The Waksman fermentation facility is troubling, and contributing Freepers hope the FBI has included ALL reference labs that have fermentation specialties. Most solid state fermentation is done with fungal spores, but the same technique would apply to bacterial (anthrax) spores.

The CABM and Waxman Institute (UMDNJ) are at 679 Hoes Lane in Piscataway. There is Old Hoes Lane and Hoes Lane. If Freeper recalls correctly, CABM would be on Old Hoes Lane. The Muslim Center of Middlesex County (NJ) is at 1012 Hoes Lane. These two roads intersect at a traffic light near the Center. The Center is "around the corner" from the school.

The perp accidentally infected the lady in New York. He did not go there by subway - he drove in. He may have gone to New York to pick up or deliver the anthrax. The car he used is most likely still contaminated. He may have rolled down a window or opened a door at just the wrong time for Kathy. The perp, may be working for RWJ University Hospital and/or have had a medical/business contact with Kathy's hospital.

In the alternative, a FReeper mentioned the possibility that someone had placed an anthrax-laden letter inside a magazine or newspaper then left the magazine or newspaper on the subway after removing the letter, then the woman read the magazine and there were enough spores to infect her.

A possible suspect in the Anthrax mailings is an Iraqi-American microbiologist who lives in Trenton, New Jersey (at last notice.) His name, or at least his alias, is "Waly Samar". In 1993, Mr. Samar was studying microbiology at Hunter College in NYC - less than a thousand feet from the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital where Kathy Nguyen worked - the latest victim of inhalation Anthrax. Waly Samar operated integrally with the Iraqi intelligence agents Abdul Rahman Yasin and Ramzi Yousef in planning, coordinating and executing the World Trade Center bombing on February 26th, 1993, the second anniversary of Kuwait's liberation from Iraqi occupation.

Michael Savage said Nguyen's husband was Somali.

Ottilie Lundgren, 94 year old resident of Oxford Connecticut, died of inhalation anthrax. A week earlier, Amir Omerovic was arrested on charges that he sent letters threatening anthrax to several state and federal offices. Detroit Channel 4 reported that "Patrick Charmel, president of Griffin Hospital in Derby... said Lundgren received a suspicious letter before visiting her doctor for a respiratory ailment... "After speaking with her doctor, Lundgren went to the Griffin emergency room carrying the letter in a sealed plastic bag, Charmel said. "There have been no test results on the letter. The envelope is under investigation."

When University of Connecticut graduate student Tomas Foral stumbled across a can labeled "anthrax" he showed it to the professors and was instructed to destroy it in an autoclave. Instead, he saved two vials in his personal freezer alongside some samples of West Nile virus and Eastern equine encephalitis - where they sat for six weeks.

Winsted and Torrington, Connecticut - 11/29/01 - dozens of FBI and INS agents were involved in a search and the arrest of four men who are believed to be of Middle Eastern Descent. The towns of Winsted and Torrington are on a major north-south highway, Route 8. Oxford, where Ottilie Lundgren lived, looks about 10 miles south of Torrington, also a short distance off Route 8.

On Oct. 31, there was an attempted mailing of a stack of letters from a Tustin, CA, mail contracting facility to hospitals and medical facilities on the East Coast. A worker was suspicious because there were no return addresses and because the envelopes were cold to the touch. The sender refused to add return addresses, so the worker rejected the mailing. The sender must have appeared to be Middle Eastern, since the worker described him as Iranian.

There are three unexplained cases of anthrax. It is quite possible, maybe even likely, that a 94-year-old woman might have visited a hospital (or doctor) recently. Kathy Nguyen worked in a hospital. And maybe even the baby thought to have been contaminated at ABC had visited a medical clinic for a well-baby check-up.

Eileen Luongo, a nurse who worked at Fort Lauderdale Hospital, reported to the FBI that she had recognized four of the 911 suspects including Mohammed Atta. She saw them using computers at the Miami offices of Seawinds Health Care Service. "They came into the office when I was there alone and they used one of the computers, typed a letter and then left," Luongo said. "Mohamed Atta I saw another time on the (Seawinds) grounds." Seawinds was closed in May but Luongo stayed on through August. She saw Atta in late May and the others in August.

The registered agent and director of Seawinds Health Care Services listed as (Egyptian) Mohamed Isbrahim. Luongo recognized Mohammed Atta, Satam Al Suqami, Marwan Al-Shehhi and Waleed Alshehri. ``They just came in like they knew where they were going and they had been there before,'' said Luongo. ``I don't think I was supposed to have seen them because they came at a time when no one else was there.''

A check of the FL corporations at their website shows at least 30 different corporations registered to Mohamed Ibrahim, including Seawinds Healthcare at 88th Terrace. Freeper checked more than half the listings, and it seems--based on matching the 88th Terrace address and following it--that at least ten are registered to the same now-deported Mohamed Ibrahim. Among the ones linked to the Seawind's address are more rehab outfits, hotlines, an investment company,and an employment training center.

Freepers question whether the age of the anthrax victims could contribute to their deaths of inhalation anthrax:

Bob Stevens, 63, photo editor at supermarket tabloid "The Sun" (American Media) in Boca Raton, FL. DECEASED.

Thomas Morris Jr., 55, postal worker in Brentwood, NJ. DECEASED.

Joseph Curseen Jr., 47, postal worker in Brentwood, NJ. DECEASED.

Kathy T. Nguyen, 61, a stockroom clerk at the "Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital." DECEASED.

UNNAMED, 59, postal worker. Inhalation anthrax presumably from misdirected Leahy letter. RECOVERED.

Ottilie Lundgren, 94, Oxford, CT. Inhalation anthrax (per hospital and state tests, CDC tests pending). DECEASED

Dr. Iman al Zawahiri has not been located. He IS a doctor by trade, and second in command to Bin Laden. For all practical purposes, it is Zawahiri who actually pulls Osama's strings because Bin Laden is a very sick, if not dead by now, man. Zawahiri is the brains. Bin Laden is the bucks. And Bin Laden's bucks are from Saudi Arabia. Zawahiri is from Egypt.

Freepers wonder if there is a St. Judes connection?

The CDC confirmed on 11/24/01 that a letter postmarked Zurich, Switzerland - and sent to Dr. Antonio Banfi - a pediatrician in the Chilean capital of Santiago contained traces of anthrax.

The anthrax in the letter mailed to Chile is not the same strain as the terrorist attack in the U.S. Investigators are wondering if the contamination occurred in the Chilean lab itself. Also, although the letter had a Swiss postmark it was actually processed in New York. The return address was from Mosby Inc., a publisher of medical journals, in Orlando, Fla.

Federal agents are closely monitoring the disappearance of Harvard biology professor Don C. Wiley. His research interests in a number of potentially deadly viruses include Ebola. His car was found on a bridge over the Mississippi River. He traveled to Memphis each year for the annual meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital."

Apparently there is a connection between Dr. Antonio Banfi in Chile and the Harvard Microbilogist who disappeared. The connection is St Judes Children's Hospital. This charity is apparently funded by Syrian Christians. On Banfi: " Saint Jude took control of the Hospital, that offered specialized technical education in the area of transplant of bony marrow...."

Freeper finds it an interesting coincidence that Don C. Wiley and a large group of other Harvard researchers, professors and scientists were working on a method to protect the body from anthrax; and Dr. Wiley is now missing; his wife is Swiss/German and the woman in Connecticut is also Swiss/German; the letter sent to Dr. Banfi in Chile came from Switzerland. Rebuttal Freeper notices that Wiley was doing basic research in biology. According to Wiley's web page, he studies the "mechanisms by which glycoproteins carry out complex functions on the membranes of viruses and cells." While there may be some vague connection with bioterrorism (some of his work has involved viruses, apparently influenza mostly, and he obviously has access to advanced biology labs and knowledge of lab techniques), there doesn't seem to be the kind of direct connection that some people are positing (anthrax work, for instance). Also, Freeper believes Wiley's wife is Icelandic, not Swiss. (Her name is Valgeirsdottir, which looks Icelandic.)

Freeper posts an email from the New York Post " Post ran a story today based on your tip. Am sending along a shortened version, which ran in later editions and on the Post's website. Longer version had more info on St. Jude, including fact that many of its Arab-American board members are not followers of Islam.

The police say that Don C. Wiley's work wouldn't interest terrorists because it dealt with influenza. Freeper asks "What about the great influenza epidemic in the early part of this century? Isn't unleashing a bug like that one of the concerns of the CDC?"

The perp is a member or attendee of The Islamic Society of Central Jersey. He has written many letters to them; he knows the zip code by heart. Although he gave a different town name on the return address (Franklin Park) - he automatically used the zip code he knew for that area. But the zip code does not go with Franklin Park.

The zip code on the return address from the Daschle letter is 08852, Monmouth Junction NJ - the location of the Islamic Society of Central NJ - headed by Dr. Malik, and including a mosque and a school.

There are probably canceled checks or correspondence at the Islamic Society of NJ that can be matched to his handwriting.

It might be possible to identify the copier used to make one or more of the letters if it was copied on a cheap "film" copier/fax machine ... the kind that might leave an image on the used roll.

He is a member of Islamic student associations. He may have attended or be in association with a student at ETSU which is near an elementary school named "Greendale" in Abingdon, VA (a tri-state area.) He didn't grab that name out of the air - neither brook nor dale would be common words to him.

In the alternative, he might have intentionally changed the name of a nearby school "Greenbrook" to "Greendale." The Greenbrook school only goes to the 4th grade.

Another possibility: Greendale and Franklin, WI are right next to each other. The NJ school is Greenbrook School, not Greendale. Could it be some Freudian slip? There are 15,000 Muslims in the area.

In the alternative, there is a biotechnology laboratory in England named Greendale.

It is possible that some of the letters with white powder that turned out not to be anthrax were mailed by the actual anthrax senders, to sow additional fear and uncertainty, and also to tie up investigative and medical resources on checking them out. It may also have been hoped that people would get complacent and end up ignoring suspicious letters.

The style of the hoax St. Petersburg letters is akin to the real New Jersey anthrax letters. If the St. Petersburg Times letter was opened by Troxler on Tuesday, October 9, that would mean it would have to have been mailed on Monday, or perhaps Saturday -- the day after Robert Stevens died.

The letter to Troxler was received on the same day the letters to Daschle and Leahy were mailed. But Bob Stevens of American Media had already died of anthrax. It was already thought that American Media might have been sent the anthrax in a letter. And this was when there was a spate of letters with white powder that turned out to be hoaxes, many presumably by random copycats.

The Daschle and Leahy letters were postmarked October 9, but the Brokaw and New York Post letters were postmarked on September 18 -- long before Troxler received his letter. The information about the Brokaw and Post letters were not public at the time the Troxler letter was mailed. (October 11 or 12.)

Interestingly enough, originally the focus of the NBC case was on a letter postmarked from St. Petersburg on September 20. So it appears that there may be some connection between the two sets of letters (Trenton/anthrax and St. Pete/hoaxes).

Wondering why the choice of targets, it is noted that Leahy and Daschle are strongly in favor of an International Criminal Court. Some NBC editorials also lean in favor.

Mullah Mohammed Omar has promised Afghans a bounty of $50,000 for the murder of western journalists.

In the alternative, the Democrat party is widely recognized among Arabs to be the party of Hollywood and of Wall Street financiers who they see as entirely Jewish. It is no secret that Democrats get about 85% of the Jewish vote. To the violently anti-semitic terrorists, it makes sense to attack prominent Democrats.

As for why most of the most publicized anthrax letters sent to Congress were democrats, stop there. It is a red herring by the lamestream designed to make it seem as if *right wing militia types* are doing this. Many letters, like the ones to Hannity, for instance, have received little or no attention by most of the press. Many of the letters sent to news orgs were sent because SOMEONE bought into the idea that all of the news in the US is run by Jews, for Jews. That is COMMON in Near Eastern regimes, and very common in the mosques and Islamic front groups, to elicit donations and recruit terrorists from those who actually believe they are fighting a *holy* war, and have been taught FROM BIRTH, that the rantings of Mohammad are Allah speaking through the *prophet*.

In the alternative, Daschle holds the Senate seat once occupied by Arab-American Sen. James Abourezk, though he received significant funds from pro-Israel political action committees and has signed on to a bipartisan letter to Clinton to support Israel and condemn Palestinian leadership for encouraging violence. The letter encourages US envoys to Egypt to stand solidly with Israel against the terrorist activities supported by Yasser Arafat.

Al-Awda, Palestine Right to Return Coalition suggested sending emails, call or fax to Leahy to cease delivery of all armaments and military and economic aid to Israel immediately. The "Leahy Law," a provision in recent appropriations legislation, prohibits U.S. military assistance to foreign military units that violate human rights with impunity.

VIACOM, Parent company of CBS was also the parent company of Medscape. Medscape is in Oregon. Customers include University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ, Newark, NJ. On November 8, 2001 Medscape, a leading provider of digital health record applications and online medical information announced that, effective immediately, it has agreed to a termination of its relationship with Viacom Inc.

Tom Brokaw was also the anchorman who wrote "The Greatest Generation". Not exactly a terrorist's best friend.

New York Post is more often than not, pro-Israel. It could also have been a mis-send meant for the Jewish Post of New York.

ABC is an Eisner run company, Eisner being best known for his promotion of gays at Disney. Although there is no word for homosexual in Arabic, it IS one of those things they hypocritically condemn the US for.

Though addressed to Rather, he never got HIS missive nor the disease. A child at a birthday party did. It could very easily have been picked up on a piece of TAPE in a mailroom and used to seal a gift or card. Not enough to infect an adult, perhaps not even touched by an adult, but enough to infect a 2 year old.

Hannity is an unswerving Netanyahu fan, and an uncompromising critic of the Muslims in this country who have so far refused to back this country.

Fox News Channel personalities Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly were hit by threatening letters similar to those laden with anthrax sent to Sen. Tom Daschle and NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw. One of the Fox personality letters was mailed from Indianapolis.

The two "isolated" inhalation anthrax infections could have come about by the victims inhaling a small particle of anthrax placed on some type of object or commercial product that they would have "smelled" or "inhaled". This could explain why there was no extra anthrax found around their apartments or on their clothes. A small "speck" of anthrax could be put on a commercial product in a drug store, and the victims who bought the product would have been random.

The block lettering may indicate that he is a tutor for elementary level students or has (or is undertaking) an engineering or architecture education.

The emphasis on the letters might have been intentional - pointing to ATTA.

If he is Al Queda, he may present himself secular - going to bars, joining clubs, protesting the terrorists, etc.

He may be dead or missing.

Omissions that speak to the correctness of this profile:

News reports on the investigation concerning Ottilie Lundgren mention that she had been to the doctor's office - but don't mention any testing there although other testing is mentioned. Her last doctor's appointment was October 26th, for a flu shot. Subsequent reports said that the doctor's office was checked and that the source of the anthrax is still a mystery.

Even while the news reports emphasized the possibility of a right wing extremist, on November 13th the FBI SWAT raided, with hazmat equipment, Chester Pennsylvania's Health Commissioner Dr. Irshad Shaikh, his brother Masood Shaikh and Chester's city accountant Asif.

On November 25th, the New York Post reported that the "FBI is close to making its first arrests on U.S. soil directly linked to the Sept. 11 World Trade Center terror attacks..." The article goes on to describe the FBI's silence ... "the suspects had not been arrested earlier because they are under intense surveillance as the FBI seeks leads in the hunt for Osama bin Laden and others in his al Qaeda terror network."

There's also the possibility that the government is fully aware of who is ultimately responsible for the anthrax attack, most likely Iraq. But the U.S. wants to go to war with Iraq on our own timetable, not theirs. If Saddam Hussein's complicity were acknowledged now, the calls for immediate military action might be so strong as to force us into attacking Iraq earlier than Rumsfeld thinks is militarily advisable. Plus, we gain the advantage of surprise when we eventually do attack Iraq, since Saddam Hussein must be wondering what's going on with our government's response, just as we are. Also, the U.S. government isn't a monolith that uniformly either "knows" or "doesn't know" something. It's quite possible, for example, that Rumsfeld knows that Iraq is behind this, that the FBI thinks it's a lone psychopathic microbiologist, and the Democratic leadership believes it's an organized right-wing hate group.

The concentration of the mailings and the victims in the Northeast US coincides with a concentration of commercial labs, major research universities, and pharmaceutical companies that are located in that area. Trenton and other "hot spots" are either on or near the main Northeast Amtrak line. Boca Raton is also on a major Amtrak line, but this just might be a coincidence.

Medical anthrax trail - there should also be a star for New Brunswick and a star further up and North of IH95 for Oxford, CT.


From the New York Times 11/29/01 Careful Plan Devised for Anthrax Letter "Mr. Ashcroft said an F.B.I. profile of the suspected mailer of the letters had helped the investigation, although some scientists have complained that the profile was too vague to be useful. ... "They have developed a profile, which I won't belabor at this point," Mr. Ashcroft said. "But it's an individual accustomed to working with toxic and dangerous chemistry. It's an individual who has certain technical skills and capacities and a variety of other things. And the F.B.I. is following leads, in that respect, which we believe are constructive." ..."

Competing theories offered by contributing Freepers:

The perp is North Korean or possibly from China. English is not his primary language and neither is Arabic.

Charlie Trie (Clintons fund raiser) purchased anthrax fermentors and anthrax samples (?) for China and Changchun Institute of Biological Products with the help of Peter Fu. Fu worked at the Pine Bluff arsenal plant where US anthrax was stockpiled. China is very close to Sadam Hussein and very close to Bin Laden and China could have provided anthrax to Bin Laden terrorists as well as Iraq.

People investigating Bill Clinton and the Chinese about this in Arkansas came down with anthrax (inhalation kind)-Arkansas State Police investigator Russell Welch (survived)and OK businessman Ron Miller who was to have testified about his findings before Burton's Govt Reform committee but died two weeks before his testimony appearance.

The perp is associated with Russia The Rhodesian [now Zimbabwe] Anthrax outbreak which resulted in some 10K fatalities from 1978-80, as described in Dr. Meryl Nass's report, occurred in the same approximate timeframe as that of the April 1979 Soviet *laboratory accident* at Sverdlovsk [now Ekaterinburg] which reportedly affected 94 people and killed at least 64 of them. The limited scope of the Soviet outbreak in which the first victim died after four days with the last one dying six weeks later also appears more similar to the effects of the US *anthrax mail bombs*, though that may in part be explained by the probability that the intended target in Rhodesia was that country's cattle farmers, with the fatalities a result of ingestion of the meat from fatally diseased cattle. It's also possible that the Soviets had developed a vaccine specific to their weapons-grade strain or had determined an antibiotic regime efficient in limiting the scope of their problem

The perp is an operative for Cuba. Castro had a mole deep in the Department of Defense for years and has become close to Islamic fundamentalists. Cuba has advanced biochemical capabilities.

The perp is a Domestic neo-nazi outfit which has a history of involvement with middle eastern terrorist organizations. It's possible that the anthrax attack was a "joint effort" between them.

The FBI and CIA lean toward the theory that the letters were only made to look like the work of al Queda. "Anyone who is willing to drive an airplane into a building to kill jews (sic) is alright by me," wrote Bill Roper of the neo-Nazi National Alliance.

Larry Wayne Harris, was convicted of fraud after obtaining bubonic plague microbes through the mail. He later violated his probation by threatening to obtain anthrax bacteria.

Alexander James Curtis was the author of an Internet manual called "Biology for Aryans."

Timothy Tobiason, who wrote "Biotoxic Weapons" and "Advanced Biological Weapons Design and Manufacture."

The perp is a white disgruntled American crackpot, keeping in mind all the anarchist websites and crackpot groups in this country.

Disturbing anti-NY Press rapper website that uses the term penacilin

The perp is an Arabic ME guy who has been here a long time and who is not happy with his career, someone not directly connected to the 9-11 events.

The perp is an anti-Arab who is pretending to be an Arab.

The perp was al Queda doing Atta a favor Speculating that just prior to the 9/11 attacks, the organization became aware that Atta had developed a strong grudge against someone associated with the Florida tabloid due to some precieved personal affront which was becoming an obsession for Atta. I further speculate that, wishing to calm down Atta and/or to cement his resolve for the coming mission, the organization tossed Atta a sop by sending the letter to the American Media Corporation. Atta may have been present while the letter was prepared, or Atta may have posted the letter himself. Because this letter was not a priority to the organization, they did not use their best Anthrax for this letter.

The perp is from the far left wing Far right kook, or for that matter any member of the "far right-wing", do not have access to a BSL-3 laboratory . At least in the university setting, lefties would have far more access. If this anthrax was produced in an American lab, it's more likely to be a member of the far left targeting what they perceive to be their moderate members. Perhaps a culture was stolen in the US, or given away, and shuttled off outside the country to be weaponized, and then brought back in by "diplomatic" pouch.

If the perp is an "extreme right-winger" as speculated, why has he not attacked the UN? This would seem to be target #1 for such a person.

The perp is a Britian "loose cannon"

The perp is a Postal worker - the infection was sudden and contained within the mail route.

Freeper wonders if the perp or FOP (friend-of-perp) delivered mail-order medications to Mrs. Lundgren, other medicines to Kathy N's stockroom, etc. It could be a FedEx, UPS, USPS, or some other sort of delivery service.

The perp is a woman from Patterson (connected to imam Rachman) He lived in or had connections to Greendale Laboratories in Woking, Surrey, England where he or his contacts obtained the anthrax sample. He has children in Jersey schools - a child, probably male, address and write the letters and envelopes. The date written on the letter was a later edition possibly written by another person. The perp must be familiar with someone in government. Women's handwritings are more distinguishable and it would be obvious to the FBI so the woman used her opposite hand to print the envelopes.

The perp is an American scientist with access to US weaponized anthrax or one who had been taught by an expert how to make it. The perp warned the recipient to take antibiotics. The perp was trying to attract attention to biological weapons as a threat, either to push the US government toward retaliatory action against some enemy or to attract funding and recognition to some agency/company/program/etc. with which he has a connection. If the government knows it is an "inside job" - it will be covered up.

Greenpeace Germany alleged that the anthrax attacks were probably the work of a member of a U.S. biological warfare program. The allegation was based on information from a U.S. delegation source at the U.N. biological weapons conference in Geneva. ``The U.S. delegation believe it is an inside job... Their members also have more information than has been made public,'' Kirsten Brodde, a reporter for the magazine, told Reuters.

Local (MD.) Fox affiliate broadcast an "official" from Ft. Detrick who said that it's possible that the Ames strain came from USAMRIID. He alluded to prior arrangements with foreign governments (including Iraq) to distribute samples for development of vaccines.

The perp is a former government or university lab worker of unknown nationality--who hates Arabs, and who acts alone. By sending the letters, he might have hoped to exacerbate the hatred towards bin Laden, even to provoking the U.S. into a massive nuclear retaliation against the bin Laden group and those countries that protect it. This might be someone who became unhinged after losing a loved one in a terrorist attack.

Freeper guesses that he lost his government job for reasons of mental health, but not before he managed to sneak out of his lab some refined anthrax... It's almost like he didn't want to actually kill anyone, just get them mad.

That postal workers died was probably something the perp did not anticipate (even our germ warfare experts seemed at first to underestimate the danger of such mail passing through the postal system). His targets were mostly media, because he hoped the media would call loudly for military retalition instead of the media's usual response of debating the necessity for escalating violence.

The perp may have used some of the highly refined stuff he sneaked out of his lab to make more anthrax, albeit of a less dangerous kind.

The perp is a Serb seeking revenge and putting the blame on the muslims.

The perp is has some connection with BioPort, which manufactures the anthrax vaccine. The biography of the Faud El-Hibri:

Chairman and CEO of BioPort, Mr. El-Hibri was born in Germany in 1958 and is an American citizen... Mr. El-Hibri has participated in the management of a number of international biologics and telecommunications organizations since 1989. Prior to leading the BioPort privatization, he organized and directed the management buyout of Porton Products Ltd. (Porton), a mid-sized biotechnology company in the U.K... During his association with Porton, Mr. El-Hibri was instrumental in marketing and distributing substantial quantities of two types of bio-defense in the early nineties... Among recent accomplishments, he developed and co-managed as a principal, the implementation of the first digital cellular operating network in Moscow, Russia... It was with the support of East West Resources Corporation (EWR), a consulting and business development company which Mr. El-Hibri founded in Washington, D.C. in 1990, that he developed and managed the aforementioned projects and companies, among others, in the pharmaceutical and telecommunication industries. Prior to founding his own company, Mr. El-Hibri helped establish regional offices in Singapore and Sydney for Booz-Allen & Hamilton. As a Senior Associate and resident project manager, Mr. El-Hibri led consulting projects in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney, and Wellington. Before joining Booz-Allen, he was a manager of Citicorp in New York (Mergers and Acquisitions) and in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Operations and Credit)...."

BioPort's Board of Directors

Fuad El-Hibri (Chairman and CEO)
Robert G. Kramer (President & COO)
Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr. (USN Retired)
Dr. Robert C. Myers (Executive Vice-President, CSO)

BioPort Corp. confirmed that company information, including plans for anthrax vaccine production, was found in an office in Afghanistan used by two retired nuclear scientists from Pakistan - Sultan Bashir-ud-Din Mehmood and Abdul Majid, who both worked for Pakistan's Atomic Energy Commission.

BioPort, as the only producer of anthrax vaccine, would have profit motive to want to see its product used. Especially since it had suffered such bad press about side effects--even death. BioPort's only client is the US government, so if an urgent and compelling need were to arise from that client, life would be good. Interestingly, BioPort's last-ditch application to the FDA to stay in business was presented to the FDA on the same day the Daschle letter was discovered.

Since its inception, BioPort has never acted like a company that wanted its product available. It has wholly, completely, and consistently acted in ways that invited regulatory sanction. Add in the complete PR meltdown over the risks of taking the vaccine. Members of the military faced court martial rather than be vaccinated.

Freeper asks "if someone were planning an anthrax attack, might he not envision ways in which to minimize prophylaxis? Perhaps by controlling the only vaccine? Bonus: make big bucks in the bargain from the very people he intended to target, and be in a position to pass on some intel. "

BioPort was formed solely and expressly for the purpose of taking over the original anthrax vaccine firm. I'm sure that it's purely coincidental that the guy who thought of doing that--Faud El-Hibri--was at the time a German citizen and that it's pretty much accepted that the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks were planned in Hamburg. Freeper asks "Did El-Hibri corner the market, or tie up the market? "

The perp may not be Al Queda. Osama bin Laden seems to go for the Wal-Mart versions of WMDs (ricin, etc.)

The perp is not an American. The date is written 09-11-01. Americans would have written 9/11/01, without the leading 0, and with slashes instead of dashes.

Any American that wrote out those envelopes would likely have used the abbreviation for building, Bldg. vs spelling out the entire word. This certainly looks like somebody copied it from a website word for word and that they were at least somewhat unfamiliar with American postal abbreviations.

The perp was Clayton Lee Waagner The Army of God Web site run by anti-abortion radical Donald Spitz posted a message Spitz claimed was from Waagner. "One of the rules that I'm changing from those that came before me is that I'm not targeting the abortion doctor," the Web posting read. "I have discovered the hard way just how difficult these 'doctors' are ... I'm going after everyone else"

One of the perps was Mohammed Atta The two letters mailed on Sept. 18 be dated, could have been signed letters written by Mohamed Atta on the morning of Sept. 11. The two letters are identical to the point that a copy machine was almost certainly used (either one is a copy of the other, or they're both copies of the same original). Look at the four letters of the alphabet that were gone over with a pen, repeatedly and heavily... Imagine that the writer of these is basically writing a letter as usual. He starts by putting today's date at the top, flush right the way one would ordinarily date a letter. He then writes the letter. Finally, he'd like to sign it, but he can't. So he finds the letters of his last name in the message and goes over them repeatedly with his pen: A-T-T-A. They're even roughly in a column, making the word ATTA easy to read once you point it out. Somebody else would have mailed the letters on 9/18, of course. This second person might have done the copying too.

The perp is high tech There is a set pattern via timing and demography. It is network connected and comm connected. NIMDA, no. But following the pattern of a VIRUS, yes. Timing would include growing cultures after the original, undetected, delivery. This anthrax is designer stuff, delivered via courier and being upgraded with each delivery.

The perp is testing The two women, Kathie N. (NYC) and Mrs. Lundgren (CT), were part of a 'testing' by the terrorist to see what methods of delivery of Anthrax are most effective. The others have been exposed and for some reason their exposure method was not effective enough and they did not get anthrax.

The perp is an adult liberal professor or academic type who sent the anthrax as a "warning" about future biowarfare. The perp was trying to make his handwriting look like that of a 4th grader, like the writing of a kid about 10 or 11 years old.

The perp was familiar with a 10-11 year old's printing style. I think the perp used that style for two reasons: 1) to disguise his own handwriting, and 2) to make the recipients think the letters were coming from a young student. The perp might work for a modern lab, either at a pharmaceutical company or a university.

The perp is a left wing scientist working with F.A.S.

Freeper notes that the leftist American scientist(s), affiliated with the Federation of American Scientists may have had the means and the motives to send the anthrax letters.

Source: Times of London (UK) Published: 11/22/01 Posted on 11/22/01 12:59 PM Eastern by semper_libertas The anthrax attacks in America are "almost certainly" derived from a US government laboratory, a scientist says. "I'm a New Yorker," said Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, chairman of the Federation of American Scientists' working group on biological weapons. "My city has been attacked, first by foreign terrorists, then by an American using a biological agent."

Rosenberg was representing one of a number of arms control groups that "demonstrated the incredible potency" of using disease as a weapon but was only a small taste of what is possible". Four people have died as a result of the toxin. urged a 144-nation conference in Geneva to tighten restrictions on germ warfare in the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. The anthrax used in letters sent to addresses in New York City, Florida and Washington, "was derived, almost certainly, from a US defence laboratory," said Ms Rosenberg.

Dr. Barbara Hatch Rosenberg was affiliated with New York Cornell Medical Center which is only a few blocks from the work place of Ms. Nguyen that died mysteriously from pulmonary anthrax. Dr. Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, a molecular biologist formerly of Cornell Medical College and now Research Professor at the State University of New York. Is the chair the Federation of American Scientists' (FAS) Working Group on Biological Weapons, a core group of ten professionals with expertise ranging from technical to medical to legal to political, and, in addition, dozens of collaborating consultants on specialized issues.

Freeper comment: "After researching their writings, I have become concerned that some members of the working group, may have become pathologically obsessed with the need to convince the US government to ratify the Protocol on Biological Weapons that was rejected by the Bush administration. The members are extremely upset that after working tirelessly on the new Biological Weapons treaty for at least seven years, it has failed to gain sufficent support in Congress, and has been rejected by the Bush administration.

Reading their publications I get the impression that some of the scientists could have become almost fanatically convinced that the future of humanity depends upon the Protocol's implementation. They are brimming with anger and frustrations that it has not been ratified.

I believe that one or more of the leftists scientists, intimately involved with this issue, could have had the means (some are involved in biological, and epidemical reasearch, and could have obtained Anthrax through their connections,) and the motives, which may have been to send a small number of anthrax laden envelopes to newspapers and politicians, in an effort to raise public awareness of the potential risks of biological weapons, create fear, and thereby prompt the Congress and the President to ratify the Protocols for Biological Weapons Control Treaty- which seems to have become their obsession.

The fact that the number of envelopes was small points toward a demonstrative bit of terrorism- to illustrate what could happened in a biological terror attack. It is possible that the attack had unexpected consequences.

A terrorist wishing to inflict damage to the population as a whole, would certainly have sent hundreds of anthrax laden letters rather then just a handful.

The fact that the letters were sent to American Media, NBC, NY POST, and CBS suggests that the sender wanted to raise public awareness of the problem. The letters sent to the Congress suggests both an hostility to the Senate for failure to pass the Protocols for Biological Warfare Control, and in order to teach a lesson to the Senators that they cannot avoid the issue.

The following quote comes from ScienceNow 21 Aug 2001:

The protocol, meanwhile, will remain in limbo unless sympathetic nations were to put it as a resolution before the United Nations General Assembly (as happened with the nuclear test ban treaty)--or, perhaps, until a biological terror is uleashed. "I hate to think you can'r get countries to act unless a disaster strikes," says Barbara Hatch Rosenberg chair of the Federation of American Scientists' working group on Biological Weapons. But, unfortunatly(unbelievable choice of words,) there doesn't appear to be any other force majeure to force action.

The F.A.S. connection is compelling, but Freeper wonders how the women in NYC and Connecticut would tie in to their publicity campaign. Freeper asks "Could it be that the two women were unknowingly exposed to anthrax as part of a test of an antibiotic? Conversely, could it be that they came in contact through some alternative method of distribution that was also a test?" The two women disrupt the publicity/political seeking profile of the perp. Had there been numerous cases, it might continue to fit that profile, but they are too isolated to seem to have a political purpose.

The perp is not an American. The date is written 09-11-01. Americans would have written 9/11/01, without the leading 0, and with slashes instead of dashes.

A telegrapher [commercial or railroad] or military communicator would have used the zero, but those trained since the 1970s routinely add a slash to the zero to differentiate it from the letter *O*. A European would follow the month/day/format of 11.09.01 and the similar US military format would routinely abbreviate the month to eliminate the confusion: 11 SEP 2001. Some computer-world oriented procedures also follow the logical day/month/year format, though since the Y2K panic, the year is most commonly written with all four digits.

Much has been made of the fact that the date is written in the American order of month-day-year, but most foreigners would be aware of that and, in fact, would have become accustomed to that order after a few years here -- they'd be repeatedly told by Americans that they were writing dates incorrectly if they used the day-month-year order. But nobody misunderstands a date written with dashes instead of slashes; nobody even comments on such a thing, so a foreigner could easily not realize that it looks foreign.

Note though that telegraphers [and some amateur radio operators] also sometimes send the quicker *dash* character [*----* in international Morse] rather than *slash* [-**-*] [or *stroke* in Brit/Euro parlance] and thereby routinely write that char as the seperator. And at least some air traffic controllers will use dashes, rather than slash/stroke.

A few months of typing the date with slashes -and having error messages pop up whenever he tries to write the date with slashes, which are illegal in PC and Unix filenames-has made the format instinctive for him. Under this scenario, even someone educated to write the day before the month would put the month first in a filename-after all, you want the report from 11/26 to sort with the reports from November, not the reports from the 26th of each month.

Going out even further on a limb, to sort completely correctly the filename should be "Status Report 01-11-26.doc," or better still "Status Report 2001-11-26.doc." However, that wouldn't be necessary if the filenames didn't include the year. Including the year, in turn, isn't necessary if one batch of reports is never expected to cover more than 12 months. That would be the case, for example, with reports on short-lived medical research animals. And that, in turn, ties in with the various "disgruntled lab assistant" theories.

Freeper writes the date 09-11-01 because the slash as in 9/11/01 sometimes appears as a 1 if someone writes sloppily and the date can sometimes be confusing. Also, by adding the 0 to single digit months, there can be no mistake about the date. Many people who write in cap letters when printing (architects come to mind) often make a larger first letter; IOW, Freeper doesn't think this is all that unusual in America.

If the perp loaded the envelopes in a house or apartment, there should be some spilled or leaked anthrax that should infect other people in the vicinity sooner or later. But if he loaded the envelopes in a special science lab, there might not be any spilled anthrax at all.

The perp would require either specialized equipment purpose-designed for biological engineering and efficient chemical processing, or some really clever adaptations of off-the-shelf equipment for such uses- in which case he's also an accomplished machinist, or has a really talented and well-equipped one at his disposal.

And such equipment can't be had just anywhere. Neither are purchases for such equipment generally made with more or less untracable cash, so there'd likely be a paper trail back to the financial sources behind such an effort- in which case it wouldn't be *just one lone crazed gunman labman*.

KNF Neuberger, Inc. markets the necessary laboratory equipment. They are at Two Black Forest Road in Trenton NJ which is located very close to the Kuser Road, where the accountant was infected.

Terrorists wanting to send anthrax to some important US politicians bought a copy of the New York Times, noted the stories on the front page that day, made a list of the Senators and Congressmen mentioned, and sent off letters to them. Their goal is to sow terror. So, they send anthrax letters to a.) the media and b.) a couple of Democrat politicians. The anthrax came in a shipping boxes via FedEx or other containers, or hand carried through airport security. It did not originate in Trenton, and the letters did not originate there either.

Mohammad Rahat worked as a research technician in two departments of the university University of Miami: microbiology and immunology, and surgery/transplants. He was suspended on Sept. 20 and fired on Sept. 25, allegedly for his remarks.

According to the Wall Street Journal at most 8 labs have the virulent strain of anthrax that the terrorists used, and, reading between the lines, they all have been checked and cleared. They know where the anthrax came from, they just aren't telling.

Timeline of the Anthrax terrorism from Freeper amom:

Sept. 18: Letters postmarked in Trenton, N.J.; sent to New York Post and NBC anchor Tom Brokaw. They later test positive for anthrax.(3)

Sept. 22: Editorial page assistant at New York Post who opens letters to the editor notices blister on her finger. Johanna Huden later tests positive for skin form of anthrax, more treatable form of disease.(3)

Sept 24: FAA grounds crop-duster planes after the FBI warns of potential chemical or biological attacks from them. An employee of Belle Glade Airport, Florida has identified Mohamed Atta, whom the FBI believes piloted the American Airlines flight from Boston which slammed into the WTC. He is identified as one of a group of Middle Eastern men who visited Belle Glade in the months before the crash, asking for specific details about crop-dusters.(9)

Sept. 26: Unidentified maintenance worker at Trenton regional post office in Hamilton, N.J., visits physician to have lesion on arm treated.(3)

Sept. 27: Teresa Heller, letter carrier at West Trenton post office, develops lesion on her arm.(3)

Sept. 28: Erin O'Connor, assistant to NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw, notices a lesion.(3)

Sept 28: The baby, believed to have visited newsroom on Sept. 28, is taking antibiotics and expected to recover.(3)

Sept. 30: Bob Stevens, photo editor at supermarket tabloid The Sun in Boca Raton, Fla., starts to feel ill.(3)

Oct. 1: Ernesto Blanco, mailroom employee at American Media Inc., publisher of The Sun, admitted to hospital with heart problems. O'Connor begins taking Cipro.(3)

Oct. 2: Stevens admitted to hospital.(3)

Oct. 3: In New Jersey, Heller is hospitalized and biopsy is performed.(3)

Oct. 4: Authorities confirm Stevens has inhaled form of anthrax, most deadly form of disease. Claire Fletcher, assistant to CBS News anchor Dan Rather, begins taking penicillin after visiting doctor. Later, she's tested for anthrax after NBC case becomes public.(3)

Oct. 5: Stevens dies. First U.S. death from inhaled anthrax since 1976.(3)

Oct. 9: FBI pursues anthrax lead Agents are combing the offices of a magazine publishers where anthrax traces have been found (2)

Oct. 9: Letter postmarked Oct 9th Trenton, N.J.; sent to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. It later tests positive for anthrax. (3)

Oct. 10 3rd anthrax case Officials launched a criminal investigation into the source of the disease. US embassies were told to stock up on the antibiotic (2)

Oct. 10: FBI takes investigative lead in Boca Raton, Fl as anthrax spores are discovered in a hospitalized man (9)

Oct. 12: Officials announce O'Connor at NBC developed skin anthrax after opening letter.(3)

Oct 12: Leahy's office decides to set aside all unopened mail after anthraxcontaminated letter was sent to NBC anchor Tom Brokaw. (5)

Oct. 14: Letter containing anthrax opened in Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle's office. Daschle's office quarantined.(3)

Oct. 15: 2 new anthrax cases A baby boy of an ABC News employee and a 73-year-old employee of the Sun tabloid - have been diagnosed (2)

Oct. 15: Officials say infant son of ABC News producer in New York developed skin anthrax. The baby, believed to have visited newsroom on Sept. 28, is taking antibiotics and expected to recover.(3)

Oct. 16: Twelve Senate offices closed; hundreds of staffers get tests.(3)

Oct 16: Since 10/1 FBI has responded to 2,300 incidents or suspected incidents involving anthrax (9)

Oct. 17: Thirty-one people at U.S. Capitol test positive for exposure to anthrax, officials say. Later, more complete tests show only 28 actually exposed. House shuts down for testing. Senate stays open two more days. New York Gov. George Pataki's Manhattan office evacuated after test detects presence of anthrax. No one tests positive for exposure.(3)

Oct 18: House of Rep suspends work until Monday Oct 22.

Oct. 18: Fletcher at CBS tests positive for skin anthrax. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hold special Webcast to teach doctors how to recognize anthrax. New Jersey letter carrier who first got lesion on Sept. 27 diagnosed with skin anthrax. Another postal worker likely had skin anthrax, though tests inconclusive.(3)

Oct. 19: New York Post announces Huden is diagnosed with skin anthrax. Another New Jersey postal worker, at Hamilton regional office, tests positive for skin anthrax. FBI questions residents, businesses on New Jersey mail route of infected letter carrier. Anthrax bacteria strains in Florida, New York and Washington may have been from same batch, Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge says.(3)

Oct. 19 Anthrax strains the same Strains sent to NBC in NY, the Sun tabloid in Florida and to the Senate come from the same source (2)

Oct 20: The FBI identifies a mail sorting faciltly in Trenton, New Jersey as location from which the anthraxcontaminated letters to Brokaw and Daschel were sent (9)

Oct. 20: Tests confirm anthrax traces found in mail-bundling machine at House office building a few blocks from the Capitol. (3)

Oct. 21: Washington postal worker gravely ill with inhalation anthrax; five others sick. Officials close two postal facilities, begin testing thousands of postal employees. Later that night, postal worker Thomas L. Morris Jr. dies. New Jersey health officials say work areas, but not public areas, at Hamilton post office test positive for anthrax spores. Washington postal worker Joseph P. Curseen goes to Maryland hospital complaining of flu-like symptoms. He is sent home (3)

Oct. 22: Curseen returns to hospital at 5:45 a.m. by ambulance; dies six hours later of inhalation anthrax. Two other postal workers hospitalized in serious but stable condition. House and Senate reopen; office buildings remain closed. (3)

Oct 22: Two Washington D.C. postal workers die of what officials suspect is anthrax (9)

Oct. 23: Anthrax found on machinery at military base that sorts mail for White House; all tests at White House itself come back negative. President Bush says: "I don't have anthrax." Officials announce that unidentified New Jersey postal worker at Hamilton office is hospitalized with suspected case of inhalation anthrax. Ernesto Blanco released from hospital after 23 days(3,9)

Oct 23: The investigative trail at the New Jersey mail facility that is believed to have processed the letters sent to Tom Brokaw, The NY Post and Senator Tom Daschle is at a dead end (9)

Oct. 24: Surgeon General David Satcher admits "we were wrong" not to respond more aggressively to tainted mail in Washington. Three new cases of suspected inhalation anthrax announced in Maryland suburbs, all linked to Daschle letter.(3)

Oct. 25: An employee at the State Department's mail facility is hospitalized with anthrax and the Postal Service sets up spot checks at facilities nationwide. Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge says the anthrax the Daschle letter was highly concentrated and made "to be more easily absorbed" by its victims The number of Americans taking antibiotics for possible anthrax exposure reaches 10,000.(3,9)

Oct 25: Homeland Security Chief confirms anthrax used in letters to Brokaw, NY Post, American Media Inc and Senator Daschel is from same strain produced in Iowa and used in research all over the world. (9)

Oct. 26: The Supreme Court building is ordered shut down for anthrax testing. Postal workers demand the closure of anthrax-tainted buildings in New York and Florida, with (3)

Oct. 30: Call to shut US anthrax mailrooms Postal union leaders have filed a lawsuit, demanding that 13 sorting offices infected with anthrax be closed... (2)

Nov 2: Investigators reviewing video and computer tapes of potical scanners that 'read' handwritten envelopes at post office. (8)

Nov 2: FBI agents raid a Trenton N.J. apartment (8)

Nov 9: "AMERITHRAX" is the code name assigned to the federal investigation (8)

Nov 13: US Attorneys begin interviewing 5,000 men who have entered country since Jan 2000 (8)

Nov 17: The Dirksen and Russell buildings were closed after envelope addressed to Sen Patrick Leahy discovered (4,7)

Nov. 18: Dirksen and Russell buildings to reopen at 8 a.m. Monday. The Hart Senate Office Building, will remain closed. (6)

1. Las Vegas, Harris 1998 timeline.
2. Florida timeline 2001

10. gif of envelopes

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Please post your research and analysis! Thanks to all Freepers and Lurkers!
1 posted on 11/29/2001 9:07:47 PM PST by Alamo-Girl
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To: Yellow Rose of Texas; amom; Nita Nupress; 68-69TonkinGulfYatchClub; gumbo; aristeides; archy...
A lot has happened in the past few days, so I refreshed the thread for your information, research and analysis!
2 posted on 11/29/2001 9:10:14 PM PST by Alamo-Girl
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Alamo-Girl
3 posted on 11/29/2001 9:35:07 PM PST by Fred25
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 2 | View Replies]

To: Fred25
You're quite welcome!
4 posted on 11/29/2001 9:37:44 PM PST by Alamo-Girl
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 3 | View Replies]

To: Alamo-Girl
Thanks so much!
5 posted on 11/29/2001 10:13:33 PM PST by M. Thatcher
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 2 | View Replies]

To: Alamo-Girl
6 posted on 11/30/2001 2:36:16 AM PST by RadioAstronomer
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 2 | View Replies]

To: Alamo-Girl
what an impressive body of work.....thanks
7 posted on 11/30/2001 3:48:44 AM PST by Smartaleck
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Alamo-Girl; *Anthrax_Scare_List; Fred Mertz; OKCSubmariner; Wallaby; gumbo
Zawahiri has visited this country not so long ago, and seems to have made use of medical connections. Here are three paragraphs from the article on Ali Mohamed, the U.S. Army sergeant who was a member of Al Qaeda, from the Wall Street Journal of Monday, Nov. 26, "The Infiltrator: Ali Mohamed Served In the U.S. Army -- And bin Laden's Circle":

His [Ali Mohamed's] new friends back home in California took for granted that Mr. Mohamed was helping the Central Intelligence Agency in its proxy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. At the time, the anti-Soviet jihad was a world-wide cause among Muslims. "Everyone in the community knew he was working as a liaison between the CIA and the Afghan cause, and everyone was sympathetic," says Ali Zaki, a San Jose, Calif. obstetrician who was close to Mr. Mohamed and his American wife, a medical technician named Linda Sanchez. The CIA declines to comment.

Nor were Muslims in California surprised when Mr. Mohamed showed up there with Egyptian Islamic Jihad leader Ayman Zawahri [sic] on a fund-raising tour in the early 1990s, says Dr. Zaki, who co-hosted Dr. Zawahri on the trip. Dr. Zawahri, an Egyptian surgeon and now al Qaeda's No. 2 leader, has been known for years as one of secular Egypt's most-wanted foes.

Dr. Zaki says he didn't know Dr. Zawahri's real identity when he visited California. Mr. Mohamed had described him as "a physician who was taking care of over one million people in Afghanistan," Dr. Zaki says. "I was asked to escort him while he did fund raising for the Kuwaiti Red Crescent. Was that a crime?"

I think I've read that Dr. Zawahiri was still visiting this country and fund-raising in the mid-90's.

Fred Mertz says this WSJ article was posted here on FR on Monday, but neither of us has been able to find the thread. It's the same article in which Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman is reported to have told one of his co-conspirators: "The one who killed Kennedy was trained for three years."

8 posted on 11/30/2001 4:01:17 AM PST by aristeides
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Alamo-Girl; *Anthrax_Scare_List
Der Spiegel has a new article today on the hemorrhagic fever that has been affecting Afghan refugees on the Pakistani and Iranian borders: Afghanische Flüchtlinge mit Sowjet-Viren infiziert? [Afghan Refugees Infected With Soviet Viruses?]. The article discusses the possibility that this fever is the result of bin Laden's access to the old Soviet biological warfare program, although it quotes at least one expert who thinks this is not biowarfare.
9 posted on 11/30/2001 4:23:37 AM PST by aristeides
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: aristeides
Very interesting. And I'm not surprised about Rahman's quote re Sirhan Sirhan. We've known for years something has been covered up there, haven't we? The question is, why?

Here's link to WSJ article on Ali Mohamed: Sergeant served U.S. and bin Laden

10 posted on 11/30/2001 4:40:22 AM PST by gumbo
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 8 | View Replies]

To: gumbo
Thanks for the link. Certainly Rahman's quote could be about Sirhan Sirhan and the RFK assassination. But can we be sure that it was not about the JFK assassination? In either case, it's very interesting if either assassin had begun his training three years before the act.
11 posted on 11/30/2001 4:44:56 AM PST by aristeides
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 10 | View Replies]

To: aristeides
You're right, Rahamn could have been speaking about either Kennedy assassination.

Btw, the WSJ article has another interesting paragraph that mentions Sgt. Mohamed's interest in scuba diving (an interest that may have been transferred to the hijackers? were they his pupils? I haven't found in the article yet what year Mohamed went federal prison)...

...When prosecutors in the Trade Center conspiracy trial wanted to speak with [Mohamed], agents, working through an intermediary, tracked him to a safe house in Nairobi. He told authorities he had taken a job in the scuba-diving business -- failing to mention his involvement in the surveillance of al Qaeda targets.

12 posted on 11/30/2001 4:58:10 AM PST by gumbo
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To: aristeides
Looks as if Mohamed was "taken into custody" shortly after the embassy bombings in 1998. Hard to tell from the article whether he had contact with the WTC hijackers, but given their long training period and his many trips to Afghanistan, seems possible he could have been involved in a little Tauchenausbildung with them.
13 posted on 11/30/2001 5:09:53 AM PST by gumbo
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To: gumbo
Ali Mohamed was in Army special forces at Ft. Bragg. I would imagine scuba training is pretty standard for people in Army special ops. Can anybody confirm?
14 posted on 11/30/2001 5:17:19 AM PST by aristeides
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 13 | View Replies]

To: aristeides
More likely navy seals?
15 posted on 11/30/2001 5:24:20 AM PST by antivenom
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 14 | View Replies]

To: aristeides; gumbo
Fred Mertz says this WSJ article was posted here on FR on Monday, but neither of us has been able to find the thread.

I see that gumbo posted the link in #10. Thanks gumbo!

Although, SCUBA is not part of the SF qualification course, most A Team members are SCUBA trained (Army School in Key West, FL) within a year or two of assignment. Some attend the Navy's Underwater Demolitions course for training - one of my friends attended both. So, yes, underwater training is quite common in the SF community.

16 posted on 11/30/2001 6:25:45 AM PST by Fred Mertz
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To: Alamo-Girl
Terrorists wanting to send anthrax to some important US politicians bought a copy of the New York Times, noted the stories on the front page that day, made a list of the Senators and Congressmen mentioned, and sent off letters to them. Their goal is to sow terror. So, they send anthrax letters to a.) the media and b.) a couple of Democrat politicians.

Interesting. It it likely a domestic terrorist wouldn't have to look thru the papers to know who people in Congress were, as they would already know who was who in our govt. In otherwards they were picked at random. Here's the rub though: because the media tends to focus on Democrats and ignore Republicans, that policy might be the very thing that resulted in the anthrax being sent mostly to Democrats.

17 posted on 11/30/2001 7:26:50 AM PST by Free Vulcan
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To: M. Thatcher
You're quite welcome!
18 posted on 11/30/2001 7:27:05 AM PST by Alamo-Girl
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 5 | View Replies]

To: RadioAstronomer
You're quite welcome!!!
19 posted on 11/30/2001 7:28:29 AM PST by Alamo-Girl
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 6 | View Replies]

To: Smartaleck
Thank you so much for the kudos!!!
20 posted on 11/30/2001 7:29:58 AM PST by Alamo-Girl
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