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America's Media Traitors
The New Australian | September 18, 2001 | James Henry

Posted on 09/18/2001 10:42:21 AM PDT by janetgreen


Overall, the American media’s coverage of the recent terrorist atrocities has reflected well on them. However, and there’s always a ‘however’ when dealing with some reporters and media anchors, there were appalling exceptions. Those who used the atrocities to vent their hatred of Bush exposed themselves as callous political bigots. There’s a huge difference between criticizing, even in error, the president and trying to subvert him. The latter, in my opinion, amounts to giving aid and comfort to the enemy — i.e., treason.

Let readers judge for themselves — except for those who follow the Chomsky line that America is a terrorist state and so had it coming. When interviewing Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf about the bombings Tom Brokaw couldn’t help but insinuate that Bush was responsible for the atrocities because he was “negligent” regarding “the Mideast peace process.” So all that Bush had to do to avert an act of war against the United States was to make Israel commit national suicide, because that seems to be the only thing that will satisfy so-called Palestinians and their Western-hating supporters.

Just to show how patriotic it really is, the New York Times had the loathsome Maureen Dowd insinuating that Bush was a coward because she and her leftwing media buddies didn’t know where he was. (A Newsday editorial pushed the same line). She then described how “chilling” it was “to see how unprepared those in charge” seemed to be. Maybe that’s because the leftwing papers like the New York Times, the rag that pays her, and its Democratic allies have spent years waging war against America’s intelligence agencies.

This is the very point that Tom Clancy made to Judy Woodruff about our defenses when she interviewed him. The fatuous Woodruff responded with the pompous assertion that the media didn’t take sides on intelligence agencies. And this is the same bigoted idiot who erupted with “But that’s spying” when Clancy said America would have to “infiltrate” its enemies organizations. Perhaps this media moron would prefer more atrocities.

Of course Dowd is not the only one at the Times who abandoned patriotism — if she ever had any — in favor of partisanship. R.W. Apple Jr’s story was titled: Bush Presidency Seems to Gain Legitimacy was written in an attempt to belittle Bush and impugn “his capacity for the job”. Evidently the Times and most of its staff are still refusing to accept Bush as president. Okay, if that’s how that scurvy bunch want to behave, it’s their choice. But for Junior to use the terrorist raids on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon to cast aspersions on the President Bush’s legitimacy is an outrage. (The Times is not alone in attacking the president’s legitimacy. During the National Prayer Service Peter Jennings called Clinton “President Clinton”).

Despite the gravity of the situation and the suffering of the victims, the New York Times even used the atrocity to attack Bush’s national missile defense proposals, just as CNN did. Ignoring this paper’s sickening lack of sensitivity (one of its favorite words) what does it think these fanatics would do if they got their hands on a nuclear missile? But the likes of the Times thinks it incredible that anyone could rationally disagree them.

Robert Wright did likewise in Bill Gates’ magazine online Slate, arguing that the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon proved the futility of missile defense. It’s as if this little left-winger (I refuse to simply call his ilk liberals — because they are not real liberals at all) couldn’t wait to use the dead and the dying to attack proposals for an advanced national defense system. Being a good internationalist Wright argues against “unilateral American action”. This is leftwing code for: “The US is a bully-boy who cannot be trusted to act alone, even in self-defense.” Perhaps Gates should fire him. The Bush-hating Albert R. Hunt of The Wall Street Journal also shares Wright’s views, recalling how Clinton’s missile raid on bin Laden failed. That it was not meant to succeed is not a thought that struck Hunt.

Newsweek’s Howard Fineman felt the need to attack Bush for his lack of eloquence (even mass murder cannot deter this lot from political nitpicking) asserting “he did not look larger than life”. “Larger than life”! Now what’s that supposed to mean? Bush looked the way he is supposed to look — presidential. The Los Angeles ‘Socialist’ Times’ Howard Rosenberg played the same theme when he argued that Bush “lacked size in front of the camera when he should have been commanding,” going so far as to vindictively describe Bush as looking “like a little boy”. And what would have given, in Rosenberg’s opinion, Bush a “commanding” presence? Believe it or not, the persona of a “national anchorman.” The journalistic arrogance of these leftwing media monkeys is truly unbelievable at times.

Peter Jennings ABC News also tried to advance the Dowd line that Bush went into hiding after the bombing. Running abreast of the weaselly Jennings was Mary McGrory from the Washington Post who pompously declared that “He [President Bush] allowed himself to be hauled about the country like a fugitive to bunkers at Air Force bases in Louisiana and Nebraska”. Maliciously adding: “He might have reflected that if Washington wasn’t safe for him, it wasn’t safe for the rest of us.”

That it was known at the time that Bush had rejected security advice not to return to Washington did not faze McGrory one little bit, once again demonstrating the left’s contempt for the truth. Not far behind this pack was the reptilian Ellis Henican, a Clinton worshipper and a reporter with the leftwing Long Island Newsday who stated: “Mostly, George W. Bush has been keeping his head down, staying out of harm’s way. He certainly hasn’t shown his face around here.”

It’s now known that security believed that Air Force One and the White House were terrorist targets. And that’s why Bush was delayed. Even this information was questioned. In an exchange with Peter Jennings Claire Shipman asserted that some people on the Hill think that Bush was really afraid to return to the White House. Jennings, of course, supported her with the phony observation that “we’re all pretty skeptical and cynical about Washington.” I say phony because Jennings never exhibited any skepticism when Clinton was president. Even though the above information has been confirmed, the likes of Jennings and Shipman have not offered their President an apology. (Incidentally, this is the same sensitive Jennings who interrupted the Wednesday morning prayers that were being offered by the House and Senate chaplains).

Now note the knee-jerk reaction of these media personalities, their willingness to immediately assume the worst of Bush, not even bothering to checkout their prejudiced assumptions. Can anyone honestly tell me these hacks are not bigoted? And there are, unfortunately, hundreds of others. The likes of Andrea Mitchell NBC’s Campbell Brown, Dan Rather, Katie Couric and Brian Williams are just the tip of a very big iceberg that our editor, Gerry Jackson, calls America’s fifth column.

TOPICS: News/Current Events
This Australian news agency has the guts to criticize the so-called "royalty" of the American press. I like them!
1 posted on 09/18/2001 10:42:21 AM PDT by janetgreen
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To: janetgreen
NEW YORK –– The New York Times Co. became the latest newspaper publisher to warn of lower profits Tuesday because of the likely impact on advertising from the terrorist attacks on Washington and New York last week.

The warnings come as the industry was already facing a steep downturn in advertising. The Times also reported Tuesday that newspaper advertising revenues tumbled 17.8 percent in August compared with the same month a year ago, when revenues rose 7.8 percent.

The company said in a statement that its results for both September and the third quarter would be "adversely affected by the tragic events of last week." The company did not provide more detailed guidance.

"Right now it's very difficult to assess in the short term the impact on the advertising environment," spokeswoman Catherine Mathis said.

Other major newspaper publishers have also warned that the attacks could further erode earnings. Dow Jones & Co., publisher of The Wall Street Journal, issued such a warning Monday, Gannett Co. last week, and E.W. Scripps Co. also warned on Tuesday.

© Copyright 2001 The Associated Press

2 posted on 09/18/2001 10:51:36 AM PDT by Dallas
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To: janetgreen
Please Freepers, email this article to ABC, NBC CBS, CNN and all those LIBERAL newspapers!! Let them know what the outside world thinks of them!! Let's shame them back to the rat hole they crawled out from!! Let these clymers know the eyes of the world are watching them VERY CLOSELY!!
3 posted on 09/18/2001 10:51:42 AM PDT by RoseofTexas
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To: janetgreen
Thanks for posting! This is great!
4 posted on 09/18/2001 10:52:48 AM PDT by PhiKapMom
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To: janetgreen
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5 posted on 09/18/2001 10:56:31 AM PDT by WIMom
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To: janetgreen
God I love the Aussie people, great when I lived there and still great now that I am back in America. I wonder if the Australian is a Murdoch paper?
6 posted on 09/18/2001 10:58:14 AM PDT by toupsie
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To: janetgreen
Dear James Henry:


7 posted on 09/18/2001 11:01:38 AM PDT by Media2Powerful
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To: janetgreen
During the National Prayer Service Peter Jennings called Clinton “President Clinton”

He called Bush President Clinton. Twice.

8 posted on 09/18/2001 11:10:01 AM PDT by 1stMarylandRegiment
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To: toupsie
The Australian is a Murdoch newspaper. This one is The New Australian, and I don't think Murdoch owns it. I have read articles in the new Australian critical of Murdoch.
9 posted on 09/18/2001 11:21:28 AM PDT by janetgreen
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To: 1stMarylandRegiment
Tom Brokaw did the same thing (called Bush, Clinton) and tried to ineptly make excuses and fumble his way out of it. Maybe it was because he was tired, but the more he tried to explain, the more idiotic he looked. I've also noticed a few Mr. Bushes thrown in by the media instead of President Bush.
10 posted on 09/18/2001 11:39:09 AM PDT by beaversmom
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To: janetgreen
Down with our oppressors - our elite must pay - especially the harlet media that whores itself to every left-wing cause.
11 posted on 09/18/2001 11:56:01 AM PDT by VoodooEconomist
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To: WIMom
FreeRepublic is not free. It costs Jim Robinson tens of thousands of dollars to keep this forum running. There are over 60,000 registered users on FreeRepublic and only 1,000 help keep this forum running.

Hmmmm. That means there are 120 FReepers who are FReeloading off my contribution. C'mon people. Pay up.

12 posted on 09/18/2001 11:58:19 AM PDT by VoodooEconomist
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14 posted on 09/18/2001 12:21:46 PM PDT by 2ndMostConservativeBrdMember
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To: janetgreen
Letter sent earlier today regarding Rosenberg's attack on President Bush:

Dear John Madigan - Tribune CEO & John Carroll - LA Times Editor,

I just read Howard Rosenberg's article "Bush's Image Fails to Fill the Screen" on

I am extremely disgusted that you allow such trash to be printed about our Commander-in-Chief especially at this tragic time! Now, more than ever, we need to be united as a nation. Yet, apparently with your approval, Rosenberg belittles our president!

Rosenberg paints President Bush as a freckled face kid wishing he were somewhere else, unfavorably compares him to the lip-biting liar that we choked on for 8 long years, and even criticizes him for his display of compassion for the victims of Tuesday's attack!

Perhaps, both of you, along with Mr. Rosenberg, would prefer to return to that oh-so-suave president who loved the camera, except when he was cheating on his wife in the oval office, or lying under oath to the nation, or perpetrating the lengthy list of crimes for which anyone with half a brain knows he is guilty.

Perhaps you have not seen the daily polls since Tuesday reflecting the overwhelming majority of American people are more than satisfied with the way President Bush has handled this crisis since day one! Oh my! How can he be receiving such tremendous accolades from the public and the media when he is so uncharismatic? Could it be that in matters of national security, the public prefers honesty, integrity and morality rather than the polished Hollywood fictional character who lies so convincingly?

I am certain my disgust alone will not persuade any of you to rethink your positions. Rosenberg's petty attack and your approval only proves how transparently indecent you are! I do not hold out much hope for your salvation.

However, public opinion is a powerful force in our capitalist society. (Have you ever wondered why Fox News has become number one?) Your participation in this attack on our president will definitely serve to sway public opinion, as it has mine (received any cancellations yet?). Perhaps, you just like NCCI, who foolishly mandated no American flags could be displayed in their offices, may have to issue a public retraction or suffer a defeat where it counts the most to you - your declining bottom line!

Angry American

Please let John Madigan and John Carroll know how you feel too. Also, if you have any email addresses for the rest of the Fifth Column, post them here. One person can barely make a dent but an email campaign against these lefty lunatics can make a huge difference!

15 posted on 09/18/2001 12:38:18 PM PDT by banyanroot
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To: toupsie
Great article, I will be sending it off to a few papers. Pundits and politicians who share our views need to cut the media off at the pass. The next time Jack Kemp is on Hardball and Matthews makes a remark questioning President Bush's leadership, Jack Kemp needs to slap him silly (verbally), not laugh and bluster thru to an answer. If these types of questions and innuendos do not get challenged by people who are supposed to be on our side,it will continue. By the behavior of our media the last week,it's clear that we will need to fight a war on propoganda as well.
16 posted on 09/18/2001 1:36:58 PM PDT by capydick
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To: banyanroot
Great letter, banyanroot. I think I'll dash off a few lines to that liberal rag too! I live in the L.A. harbor area, but I never read the L.A. Slimes.
17 posted on 09/18/2001 1:53:35 PM PDT by janetgreen
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To: janetgreen,To All
Guide to Local Media
Locate media in your zip code, gives you links to YOUR local media with phone, e-mail etc info.
18 posted on 09/18/2001 1:59:28 PM PDT by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub
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To: janetgreen
...that our editor, Gerry Jackson, calls America’s fifth column

No,no...that's America's FILTH Column

19 posted on 09/18/2001 2:15:34 PM PDT by frei_staat
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