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Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 13 August 2023
Various driveby media television networks ^ | 13 August 2023 | Various Self-Serving Politicians and Big Media Screaming Faces

Posted on 08/13/2023 4:58:41 AM PDT by Alas Babylon!

The Talk Shows

August 13th, 2023

Guests to be interviewed today on major television talk shows:

FACE THE NATION (CBS): Margaret Brennan anchors: Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee; CBS News election law contributor David Becker, co-author of "The Big Truth: Upholding Democracy in the Age of 'The Big Lie.’ (a book about election deniers STARTING with Trump, but not including such notables as Algore, Hillary! And Stacy Abrams, because Orange man bad).

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Anchor Shannon Bream: Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee; Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.), ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee; George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley; and Tom Dupree, former principal deputy assistant attorney general. Panel: Michael Allen, former special assistant for national security to President George W. Bush; former DNC Convention delegate Richard Fowler; Julia Manchester, national political reporter at The sHill newspaper; and Katie Pavlich, editor at

MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Hosted by Chuck U. Toad: Republican presidential candidate former Vice President Mike Pence; Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.); Deep State former senior FBI official Chuck Rosenberg, an NBC News legal analyst. Panel: Brendan Buck, former aide to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) (Ryano and the Crier. Throw in Pedo Denny Hastert and you’ll have the ineffective Speaker trio!); Politico White House correspondent Eugene Daniels; Politico national correspondent Betsy Woodruff Swan; and MSNBC host Symone Sanders-Townsend, former chief spokesperson to Vice President Kamala Harris—just another easily forgotten group of angry Leftists slinging anti-American balderdash!

THIS WEEK (ABC): Hosted by Little Georgie Steponallofus (or is it Martha Raddish?): Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), ranking Democrat on the House Oversight and Accountability Committee; Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.); Gabriel Sterling, chief operating officer for the Office of the Georgia Secretary of State; Preet Bharara, former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York; and former Justice Department spokesperson Sarah Isgur. 4 Rats and a Fat! Panel: former Democratic National Committee chair Donna BrazileNut ; National Review editor Ramesh Ponnuru; Politico senior Washington correspondent Rachael Bade; and Susan Glasser, a staff writer at The New Yorker—Ugly, shameless, Left-wing Propagandists!

STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Anchored by Jake Toe-Tapper (or is it Dana Bash (conservatives)?): Sen. Hazie Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii); Let’s talk about the weather Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.); and Republican presidential candidate former Rep. Will H-(t)urd (R-Texas). Panel: former Rep. Mia Love (R-Utah); former Ohio state senator Nina Turner (D), former co-chair of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign; former South Carolina state representative Bakari Sellers (D); and Scott Jennings, former special assistant to President George W. Bush—Tapper’s totally and toxically biased group of parrots!

SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES (FNC): The Show to watch Hosted by Maria Bartiromo: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas); Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy; Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.); Emma-Jo Morris, politics editor at Breitbart; and Just The News CEO John Solomon.

TOPICS: Breaking News; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: guests; lineup; rodsdiary; sunday; talkshows
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As always, soliciting FReeper comments, observations, and opinions.
1 posted on 08/13/2023 4:58:41 AM PDT by Alas Babylon!
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To: acapesket; A.Hun; aligncare; altura; bagster; Bernard; bray; BreezyDog; Calpublican; cajungirl; ...
This is the Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread Ping List! If you want to be on it, reply to this post or FReepmail me (in case I miss it). If you want to be taken off, simply send me a FReepmail.
2 posted on 08/13/2023 4:59:23 AM PDT by Alas Babylon! (Repeal the Patriot Act; Abolish the DHS; reform FBI top to bottom!)
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To: All
C-SPAN Radio, available on the net also, click here, broadcasts all five Sunday talk shows starting at 12:00 noon Eastern, as follows:

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM NBC's "Meet the Press"

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ABC's "This Week"

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM "Fox News Sunday"

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM CNN's "State of the Union"

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM CBS's "Face The Nation"

Listen at the link above WHILE you FReep! Also, Sharyl Attkinson’s Full Measure: Watch live at 9:30 EST.

3 posted on 08/13/2023 4:59:55 AM PDT by Alas Babylon! (Repeal the Patriot Act; Abolish the DHS; reform FBI top to bottom!)
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To: All
Here are the email addresses or web pages--and now Twitter pages--for commenting to the weekend talk shows:

Email: Meet the Press Meet the Press mailbox (web page for comments) Twitter: @MeetThePress @ChuckTodd

Email: Face the Nation Twitter: @FaceTheNation

Email: Fox News Sunday Twitter: @foxnewssunday

Email: ABC This Week Twitter: @ThisWeekABC @GStephanopoulos

Email: CNN State of the Union CNN State of the Union (web page for comments) Twitter: @CNNSotu @JakeTapper

Email: Sunday Morning Futures Twitter: @MariaBartiromo

4 posted on 08/13/2023 5:00:25 AM PDT by Alas Babylon! (Repeal the Patriot Act; Abolish the DHS; reform FBI top to bottom!)
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To: All; bray

“The Sunday Morning Bray”, by Bray!

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
Psalm 23:1-3 KJV

We are seeing an explosion of suicides, and nobody knows the reason. Some are blaming cell phones and computer screens while others are fostering the bullying and hatred we are seeing in our society when it appears the answer is far eviler. The real reason people and especially the young are committing suicide is a Global Warming cult.

When all you have is an endless list of man’s rules you have more and more requirements to be a good and conscious person binding you more and more. You become bound and chained to the daily additions to become more and more socially moral until every breath you take from the minute you wake until you go to sleep is obsessed with doing society’s right thing.

Whether it is believing CO2 is destroying the earth and changing the weather or becoming a vegetarian as some sort of societal penance to celebrating homosexuality as a superior act and now forced to accept the actual killing of living babies, your entire conscious life is monitored and controlled by these cultish beliefs. The center of this religion of course is Earth worship which is centered in GW and the deity of our natural resources. The atheistic cult would rather worship the earth than manage it properly.

Their Marxist cult has been growing for fifty years and now they have convinced an entire generation the world is ending horrifically in their lifetime unless we make drastic changes. Changes which would destroy our economic system and make the Great Depression look like Disneyland. Ending our oil and energy infrastructure would end the automobile, heat your home or manufacture the most basic items and turn this country into Venezuela times ten.

Man has always believed he could control the weather and now through science believes it can if you live the perfect lifestyle without cars as always. Even though much of science is moving away from this charade as it falls apart, it is still being pushed by the Three Pillars of Propaganda (Academia, media and the DNC). They are pushing this agenda for political purposes obviously as it is the platform of the DNC, but it is being pushed in a religious movement.

There is no actual proof of Climate Change in any more amounts than would be expected in a normal earth cycle yet it is being taught to the young as the end of their lives. They and the politicians are pushing it using scare tactics saying if you do not stop driving cars and flying planes the world will be over in a decade. This terrorizes people for political purposes to get elected as the saviors of the world rather than anything that actually improves people’s lives like not robbing their paycheck. It is easier to say you will save the world than explaining how the gummit can solve any of the country’s real issues.

There is a majority of the country’s political establishment which is pushing this earth worshiping cult to keep people enslaved to the latest societal moral pronouncement. This cult is all about societal morality rather than personal morality. When society proclaims something such as gender confusion and transsexuality is to be honored then you must adhere to be a moral person.
To question these pronouncements makes you immoral and will be banished or shunned from proper society.

The same bullying and threats were given to those pushed into the vax and masks as people were called science deniers and murderers if they did not get the clot shot. People were refused services and surgeries without the shot and there is evidence people were abused and killed if they went in with covid and not taken the shot. One was basically murdered for being a shot denier.

There is no level to what society will punish you for one of their social sins to the point as we have seen of losing your job, house or physically assaulted. This makes it impossible to leave the group or question their proclaimed sins so those in the cult will ignore or adhere to these definitions of sin and attempt to make themselves worthy of being a good person inside the cult.

For a cult follower who is not a higher member or priest within the cult you have a harder and harder time adhering. Between the confusion, moral relativism and earth worship there is nothing for their lives to hold onto. This floating in air while continually trying to live a life no human was meant to live leads to depression, addiction and suicide to ease the pain they are trying to live with. Every morning you wake up trying to be more virtuous than the day before while new rules are offered to make you live more stressed out.

Most of these moralities are made up on the fly as one person becomes outraged with one thing and then another is outraged by another. Everyone becomes a victim while you are forced to make sure not to be intolerant or judgmental to whatever morality they are trying to redefine to their persuasion. This becomes more and more exhausting leading to depression and anxiety as the symptoms begin to pile up trying to fill the emptiness of their lives need filling.

This is why the cult is filled with all types of addictions from sexual to drug to gaming leading to depression. When girls have abortions or men become obsessed with homosexuality the depression and suicide rates go off the scale. This does not happen for just the first few months or years, they are wracked with guilt for decades and especially from abortion. The cult does not care since they are happy with people destroying their lives and looking for solutions from the cult dragging themselves deeper into its deepening clutches.

People inside this cult have to be questioning its reality. They have got to be exhausted as they are running 24/7/365 trying to be good people. Every thought, look and act has to be pure according to the cult’s commandments. They are working their way to heaven with no chance of forgiveness or repentance other than more guilt and emptiness.

The cult is starving for Jesus Christ and his message of mercy, love of neighbor and forgiveness. People can be freed from their guilt and never ending purging and sacrifice for the perfect lifestyle for Mother Earth and all of its ramifications. The biggest irony is their worship of the earth is actually destroying the forests and resources in massive ways. Jesus says you do not have to do anything other than ask for his forgiveness from sin and that is enough, done.

Jesus is a message the exhausted Earth Worshipers are ready to hear. These people are starving for the truth and a chance to rest. They are tired of the world preaching to them every day with a more restrictive life that eliminates any sort of outside thought or actions.
Jesus requires none of this and allows you ultimate freedom of choices to your lifestyle as he guides you away from harmful sin while seeing him through his creation rather than worshiping that creation. The creation’s perfection reflects God and why many are seduced by it.

Once they are freed from this false religion and open their eyes to its darkness they can be freed from their depression and suicide. Jesus can break the chains on their lives and free them completely from the need to live this restrictive life. Rather than hatred they are commanded to love their enemies opening a new life they have forgotten exists. They can be stewards to the earth rather than worshipers of it. They can take control of their lives rather than being forced into robotic roles repeating tired clichés with no meaning other than feel good mantra. Jesus is the path out from their depression, addiction and spiritual binding of their spirit and truly free them from what chains their lives.

Pray for the Lost
Note: The above opinion is not necessarily my own, but FReeper Bray’s. If you wish to discuss this, please ping Bray.

5 posted on 08/13/2023 5:01:36 AM PDT by Alas Babylon! (Repeal the Patriot Act; Abolish the DHS; reform FBI top to bottom!)
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To: Alas Babylon!
Hiya, AB!

Whatta lineup--from Crazy Mazie to Snoozer Pence to Portly Christie.

On a sad note, the Maui fire death toll is 93 this morning. Only 3% of buildings have been searched by cadaver canines, due the heat and a shortage of dogs. The number of fatalities is anticipated to climb significantly.

6 posted on 08/13/2023 5:17:44 AM PDT by NautiNurse (🇺🇸 Selling out the U.S.A.: The Briben Brand™)
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To: NautiNurse

Friday as many as 1,000 were still reported missing. Not sure if that’s changed, but I hope and pray it has.

7 posted on 08/13/2023 5:24:13 AM PDT by chiller (Davey Crockett said: "Be sure you're right. Then go ahead'. I'll go ahead.)
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To: chiller

Have heard the same: hundreds, up to 1000 missing. Another grisly stat—only three bodies of the known 93 fatalities have been identified.

8 posted on 08/13/2023 5:29:10 AM PDT by NautiNurse (🇺🇸 Selling out the U.S.A.: The Briben Brand™)
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To: NautiNurse

I’ve been to Maui several times. My stepbrother used to live there. I’ve windsurfed at Hoʻokipa beach. Hoʻokipa is so gorgeous it’s unbelievable. One of the top visually beautiful places on the planet.

My prayers for the Maui-ians!

9 posted on 08/13/2023 5:32:53 AM PDT by Alas Babylon! (Repeal the Patriot Act; Abolish the DHS; reform FBI top to bottom!)
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To: Alas Babylon!

I’ve been wondering whether a cruise ship can be used as temporary shelter for the displaced residents. I recall cruise ships were called into emergency service in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Then again, the post-Katrina experience may have cruise lines swearing to never do that again.

10 posted on 08/13/2023 5:38:56 AM PDT by NautiNurse (🇺🇸 Selling out the U.S.A.: The Briben Brand™)
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To: Alas Babylon!
An illustration of Dan Goldman's talking point about Joe's phone calls to son nad friends about the weather:

11 posted on 08/13/2023 5:42:23 AM PDT by Alas Babylon! (Repeal the Patriot Act; Abolish the DHS; reform FBI top to bottom!)
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To: bray
Excellent as usual.

Each and every op that is in play has a myriad of goals.

GW,global warming,is high on the list of goal oriented cabal destruction.

The Illuminati want a population of 500k we currently have 8 billion on earth.They have their work cut out for them. Chief in mind is destruction of the US in every way possible.The worldwide powers that be, many of whom were at the recent annual Bohemian Grove meet which included speaker McCarthy often unite to view the progress.

It's not happening fast enough for them and the prospect of yet a third win by President Trump haunts them to their very core.

One of the many visions of the criminal elite is to get rid of gasoline and ultimately crude oil.

Doing so would destroy many economies since crude is used in making everything work from electric cars to trucks to electricity to you name it.

Kill off crude and you destroy nation after nation. The key is to do it with a willing population and a media who will print ayting you say. They are near having much of that.

The company is always in the lead in making these things happen just like they did with the poppy fields in Afghanistan where they got millions hooked on drugs and made a pile of money for all criminals on a worldwide basis.

Its a sick op with money laundering key to their success.

One of the key laundries is in Ukraine where billions of US dollars have been re-cycled back to the US and all over with arms,money and all kinds of help from the US to Ukraine while the country suffers from open borders and devastating fires like the ones in Hawaii.

It's all very well planned and when one plan fails there are a dozen others designed to take it's place.

12 posted on 08/13/2023 6:01:45 AM PDT by rodguy911 (HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!! ITS ALL A CONSPIRACY: UNTIL ITS NOT)
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To: Alas Babylon!
Based on the guest list, there may be SOME discussion about Hunter Biden today. Maybe.

Why did the failed Hunter plea deal include pardons of "future" crimes? I'm hoping it's because the prosecutors had advance knowledge that Hunter planned to rob a store by throwing cigarettes into a garbage can and wheel them out. Hopefully it would be a 7-11 featuring two Sikh's who have a stick. Somebody should knock some sense into that clown, since it appears his parents failed him. He's about 50 now, and he should have paid some consequences for his behavior somewhere along the line.

On the other hand, Hunter is living the life Bill Clinton wishes he had led. I wonder if Bill is looking into reincarnation possibilities.

13 posted on 08/13/2023 6:06:16 AM PDT by Bernard ("No matter where you go, there you are." (Buckaroo Banzai))
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To: NautiNurse
Like minds.

I recall in NYC during the covid con President Trump offered a rescue hospital ship to help those in need in NYC.Perhaps that ship could be useful in Hawaii.

I spoke with a friend on one of the islands that did not suffer damage in Hawaii and he told me it was really bad. Fires all over the place and boats taking people away from the island. Little communication other than sat phones.

14 posted on 08/13/2023 6:06:27 AM PDT by rodguy911 (HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!! ITS ALL A CONSPIRACY: UNTIL ITS NOT)
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To: rodguy911

Exactly, they use the same trick over and over just like the vax and covid. They use fear to make the sheep do what they want and force the thinking people to go along with their dictates. The sheep are the real enemy.

15 posted on 08/13/2023 6:18:09 AM PDT by bray (You can tell who the Commies fear.)
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To: Bernard

16 posted on 08/13/2023 6:26:58 AM PDT by Alas Babylon! (Repeal the Patriot Act; Abolish the DHS; reform FBI top to bottom!)
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To: Alas Babylon!
Headline on FNSunday US still giving money to Iran and Afghanistan, 6 billion to Iran alone to free prisoners, acd. to rep. Michael McCall, Texas rep. hard to imagine.

Rep Adam Smith wash., trying to turn it all around on us even though they,dirty dems, are negotiating the deal which apparently is complex. He's claiming we,the US, are not paying the money its negotiated by Qatar and doled out by Qatar money owed to Iran.

Smith now saying the same thing about Afghanistan that money they are getting is owed them. He's trying to hide behind a humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan without telling who caused it.

Smith claims 60% of Americans want us to keep helping Ukraine. They need that laundry that helps the dirty dems keep getting money.

17 posted on 08/13/2023 6:40:18 AM PDT by rodguy911 (HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!! ITS ALL A CONSPIRACY: UNTIL ITS NOT)
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To: bray

For sure,those creating the demise of the country are super slick and their plans date back sometimes for years.

18 posted on 08/13/2023 6:42:07 AM PDT by rodguy911 (HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!! ITS ALL A CONSPIRACY: UNTIL ITS NOT)
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To: Alas Babylon!

LOL just too good!!

19 posted on 08/13/2023 6:42:36 AM PDT by rodguy911 (HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!! ITS ALL A CONSPIRACY: UNTIL ITS NOT)
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To: All
Shannon now saying a win in Iowa proves nothing. Lovely Katie Pavlich, looking so fine,making her comments and suggesting Trump has little to worry about as far as the republican nod for him goes.

Heres Katie:

20 posted on 08/13/2023 6:48:22 AM PDT by rodguy911 (HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!! ITS ALL A CONSPIRACY: UNTIL ITS NOT)
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