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This Obama-Biden Administration Failure Killed More Americans Than COVID-19: More than 300,000 veterans died while waiting for care from Obama and Biden’s Department of Veterans Affairs
PJ Media ^ | 09/10/2020 | Matt Margolis

Posted on 09/10/2020 7:35:32 AM PDT by SeekAndFind

Everyone on the left is trying to blame Donald Trump for COVID-19 and the deaths caused by it. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is trying to blame Trump for the outbreak in New York. Joe Biden wants voters to believe Trump is responsible for the deaths caused by a virus that started in and was covered up by China for weeks before alerting the World Health Organization. Joe Biden has claimed “it didn’t have to be this way” despite having failed to present a single alternative response to the virus. In fact, he often plagiarized Trump’s COVID-19 response by “proposing” actions that had already been implemented.

What the Democrats and the media don’t want us to know is that their scaremongering campaign against hydroxychloroquine, a drug Trump touted as a potential game-changer back in March, could have saved thousands of lives had they not turned public opinion against the drug simply because Trump had brought attention to it after a French study showed it had promise in treating the virus. In fact, countries that are widely using the drug early to treat patients have much lower death rates than those that aren’t.

Had China not covered up the virus for weeks, the number of cases worldwide could have been reduced by up to 95 percent, according to a study by the University of Southampton. Each state had its own COVID-19 response, and the disparity between the states was dramatic. In fact, the five worst-hit states in deaths per capita (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island) account for one-third of all COVID-19 deaths in the country. Blaming Trump for how each state uniquely responded to the virus is absurd.

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There is an actual example of government incompetence leading to hundreds of thousands of deaths nationwide—but it didn’t happen under Trump. It happened during the Obama-Biden administration. And their incompetence killed more people than the Chinese coronavirus has in this country.

The Veterans Affairs Department was notorious for its poorly managed health care system, and the Obama-Biden administration promised to end the horrendous backlog in VA benefits claims, some of which languished for years.

But the backlog of VA claims, which had been on the decline when Obama and Biden took office, skyrocketed on their watch. Unprocessed claims exceeded 900,000, with roughly two-thirds of all claims idling for 125 days or longer.

From 2011 to 2013, the time it took to process claims increased 40 percent, to an unthinkable 272 days. As a result of this backlog surge the number of veterans who died waiting for care and benefits skyrocketed.

And the Obama-Biden administration did nothing.

The Obama-Biden transition team had been briefed on the situation at the Department of Veterans Affairs, which had been improving when they took office, and they even formed a committee to address the systemic problems in the department. They had ample opportunity to turn things around and improve the care of our veterans.

Instead, more than 300,000 veterans died while waiting for care from Obama and Biden’s Department of Veterans Affairs, according to an Inspector General report released in September 2015.

1 posted on 09/10/2020 7:35:32 AM PDT by SeekAndFind
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To: SeekAndFind

Just another stinking reason I refuse to go to the damned VA. I had to go over to Birmingham, AL for my disability physical after I retired. I spent SIX HOURS WAITING for a LESS-than 10 minute appointment with a woman doctor. For my back injury, of which I have now had two surgeries and medal post put in to support my spine, she had me stand up, then bend as far as I could forward. I could barely get my hands down to my knees with the arms straight out trying to reach my knees. She then said fine. I sat down and she tapped my knees with the rubber hammer. Had me bend my knees. Fine, done with that. Then for my shoulders, reach up as far as I could over my head with my arms. Right arm cannot go up straight. Then, she was done. That was it. No X-rays, no MRI’s, no scans of any part. I got a measly 30% disability. I then spent 21 years fighting VA, appeals of the findings. Argued that the doctor did not do a proper physical. More appeals. More paperwork back and forth. Wrote to senators and congressmen. Then, one day a VA rep called me and we talked on the phone for about 30-minutes. The longest I ever spoke to a stinking VA person. After that, he said they were reviewing my fine and I would hear back from him. About three or four weeks later he called back and said they had decided to change my disability rating. I now have 70% disability. I also got back pay from the day I appealed the FIRST time. Tidy little check for the difference between 30 and 70% over about 20-plus years!!! THAT is what really ticked them off. They tried to relook at it again, but finally gave it up. All that could have been made right back when the FIRST VA doctor screwed the physical. She was just collecting a check to come in a couple of days a week to do physicals on military people. The VA STINKS. They all can go to hell.

2 posted on 09/10/2020 7:47:35 AM PDT by RetiredArmy (Friends, are you prepared to meet the LORD? Do you KNOW Him? Time is running out.)
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To: SeekAndFind

In 2008 Obama changed the rules of engagement for our soldiers and the suicide rate doubled instantly as brave soldiers felt helpless as they were being court martialed for returning fire at the insurgents.

Check the facts...

Department of Defense Releases Annual Report on Military Suicide

Between 2005 and 2009, the rate of suicide in the military doubled, and the protection that being a member of military seemed to confer in the past no longer resulted in a lower suicide rate compared to non-military populations. Also, this increase in the suicide rate occurred during a period of active military conflict, which in previous wartime eras had been associated with decreases in suicide. DoD and suicide prevention researchers were left puzzled about why the pattern of military suicide was differing so dramatically from what was expected.

As a result, the DoDSER system was deployed in 2008 as a way to collect detailed and standardized information on every case of military suicide that occurs during a given year across the active and reserve components of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force, including members of the National Guard.

3 posted on 09/10/2020 7:57:14 AM PDT by tired&retired (Blessings)
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To: tired&retired

Shades of Vietnam: Spike in U.S. troop deaths tied to stricter rules of engagement

The number of U.S. battlefield fatalities exceeded the rate at which troop strength surged in 2009 and 2010, prompting national security analysts to assert that coinciding stricter rules of engagement led to more deaths.

A connection between the sharp increase in American deaths and restrictive rules of engagement is difficult to confirm. More deaths surely stemmed from ramped-up counterterrorism raids and the Taliban’s response with more homemade bombs, the No. 1 killer of NATO forces in Afghanistan.

But it is clear that the rules of engagement, which restrain troops from firing in order to spare civilian casualties, cut back on airstrikes and artillery strikes — the types of support that protect troops during raids and ambushes.

“In Afghanistan, the [rules of engagement] that were put in place in 2009 and 2010 have created hesitation and confusion for our war fighters,” said Wayne Simmons, a retired U.S. intelligence officer who worked in NATO headquarters in Kabul as the rules took effect, first under Army Gen. Stanley M. McChrystal, then Army Gen. David H. Petraeus.

“It is no accident nor a coincidence that from January 2009 to August of 2010, coinciding with the Obama/McChrystal radical change of the [rules of engagement], casualties more than doubled,” Mr. Simmons said. “The carnage will certainly continue as the already fragile and ineffective [rules] have been further weakened by the Obama administration as if they were playground rules.”

4 posted on 09/10/2020 8:03:19 AM PDT by tired&retired (Blessings)
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To: RetiredArmy

Come on Man, you can’t compare the Depraved Indifference of Barry the Muslim with an airborne respiratory virus.

5 posted on 09/10/2020 8:06:04 AM PDT by eyeamok
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To: SeekAndFind

Ten hunderd billion American veterans died cause Trump...

6 posted on 09/10/2020 8:15:37 AM PDT by kiryandil (Chris Wallace: Because someone has to drive the Clown Car)
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To: kiryandil

RE: Ten hunderd billion American veterans

Too many words, use the word - GAZILLION! :)

7 posted on 09/10/2020 8:16:43 AM PDT by SeekAndFind
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To: SeekAndFind

Then there’s the 2010-2013 flu pandemic numbers. Gee, I don’t remember VPOTUS Biden being involved with that, or masks being mandated, then. You

“...following the 2009 pandemic (2010–11 through 2012–13) estimated that influenza was associated with 114,018—633,001 hospitalizations, 18,476–96,667 intensive care unit (ICU) admissions, and 4,866–27,810 deaths per year (15). An estimated 54%–70% of hospitalizations and 71%–85% of deaths occurred among adults aged over 65 years.”

Keep enlightening Americans on the D’rats’ sordid history.

8 posted on 09/10/2020 8:33:43 AM PDT by polymuser (A socialist is a communist without the power to take everything from their citizens...yet.)
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To: SeekAndFind
No! It can't be! According to the lame stream media, nobody ever dies unless it is from the China flu or they are black and get shot by the police, preferably a white cop.
9 posted on 09/10/2020 8:36:23 AM PDT by kickstart ("A gun is a tool. It is only as good or as bad as the man who uses it" . Alan Ladd in 'Shane')
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To: SeekAndFind

We all agree Obama was bad for the country, but trying to go “tit for tat” to defend Trump is a fool’s errand. No minds on the left or the right will be changed by that strategy.

10 posted on 09/10/2020 8:50:06 AM PDT by VTenigma (The Democrat party is the party of the mathematically challenged)
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To: SeekAndFind

We all agree Obama was bad for the country, but trying to go “tit for tat” to defend Trump is a fool’s errand. No minds on the left or the right will be changed by that strategy.

11 posted on 09/10/2020 8:50:07 AM PDT by VTenigma (The Democrat party is the party of the mathematically challenged)
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To: eyeamok

Come on man yourself. I was commenting on the damned VA, not Barry or anyone else. I was speaking to the idiots that are running the Va and the rest of those fools that are killing my fellow military people. I speak directly to the 40-some odd people that died out in Arizona WAITING for treatment that may have saved their lives. I AM NOT ABOUT to put my life in the hands of a VA doctor who comes over from his lousy practice two or three afternoons a week and gets paid thousands to do a few worthless physicals!!! I dealt with one of these doctors out at the VA hospital in Seattle, WA. The guy I saw came on Saturdays, yes Saturdays, that is when I saw him, on a Saturday morning. He spent maybe 3 minutes with his “exam” when I was appealing the exam of the fool woman doctor in Birmingham, AL (I had moved to WA state by that time). I made a direct point of him spending 3 minutes to address everything I had written in my appeal. I had to APPEAL his exam also and made a direct point of these doctors who are under contract that come in for a couple of afternoons or Saturday mornings to collect money while doing NOTHING to address the issues that the damaged military personnel had!!! It took TWENTY FREAKING YEARS to finally get the VA Board of Appeals in Washington, DC to finally see that I was right and the stupid civilian doctors who were under contract JUST TO COLLECT EXTRA MONEY for the easy job of doing a few physicals and not giving a damned about the people they were doing them on. I could tell by the guy’s attitude that he was anti-military. He was an ass clown. I am sure you have met people that before you even had a conversation with them you knew what they were all about. This guy wore it on his sleeve!!!

12 posted on 09/13/2020 1:08:32 AM PDT by RetiredArmy (Friends, are you prepared to meet the LORD? Do you KNOW Him? Time is running out.)
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