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Is China's 'social credit' surveillance system coming to America?
Christian Post ^ | 08/28/2019 | Brandon Showalter

Posted on 08/28/2019 7:49:14 AM PDT by SeekAndFind

China's "social credit" system, a high-tech operation that tracks and assigns points in relation to the daily activities and behavior choices of its citizens, is being developed in Silicon Valley.

The Communist government's digital efforts, which have been in place since 2014, to control the actions of the people has been extensively utilized to manipulate them into compliance with their preferred way of conduct.

Reports indicate that it is increasingly common for Chinese people who refuse to go along with what the regime deems as good behavior to be denied the ability to travel by air or business class train tickets, among other things. Thus, if people want to live a normal life they are incentivized to keep their social credit score positive.

Although not sponsored by any government entity, similar efforts are underway in the United States. Meanwhile, talk is emerging of cyborgs and non-human beings taking over the world.

In a Monday Fast Company essay, Mike Elgan explained that private companies such as Uber and Airbnb are employing tactics that mimic the Chinese state.

"Airbnb can disable your account for life for any reason it chooses, and it reserves the right to not tell you the reason. The company’s canned message includes the assertion that 'This decision is irreversible and will affect any duplicated or future accounts,'" he said.

"It’s now easy to get banned by Uber, too. Whenever you get out of the car after an Uber ride, the app invites you to rate the driver. What many passengers don’t know is that the driver now also gets an invitation to rate you. Under a new policy announced in May: If your average rating is 'significantly below average,' Uber will ban you from the service."

Such ratings systems could, if widely adopted, inhibit many people from traveling and moving about with their daily lives.

Insurance companies are also utilizing these technologies, Elgan said, noting that the New York State Department of Financial Services announced earlier this year that life insurers can base premiums on what they see on their clients' social media accounts.

"That Instagram pic showing you teasing a grizzly bear at Yellowstone with a martini in one hand, a bucket of cheese fries in the other, and a cigarette in your mouth, could cost you. On the other hand, a Facebook post showing you doing yoga might save you money," he observed.

"The most disturbing attribute of a social credit system is not that it’s invasive, but that it’s extralegal. Crimes are punished outside the legal system, which means no presumption of innocence, no legal representation, no judge, no jury, and often no appeal. In other words, it’s an alternative legal system where the accused have fewer rights."

Christopher Benek, a Presbyterian pastor and the CEO of CoCreators, believes the developments underscore the need for Christians to call for ethical technology.

"As Christ calls us to mutual accountability, we too should expect and advocate for digital accountability globally," Benek commented in an email to The Christian Post Tuesday.

"That being said, Christians need to recognize that, in the growing digital age, our privacy will continue to be diminished. This means that we need to focus on forming virtuous people who will prayerfully discern, in community, how technological advancements are implemented."

Christians must advocate for the technologically disenfranchised in order that unvirtuous oppression and technological enslavement is avoided, he added, noting that this will be especially important as more and more technology is adapted toward biological advancements and use.

In November of 2017, Benek traveled to Japan and was the first ever pastor to speak at the International Conference for Social Robotics. He opined previously that technology will uncover the sin in the human heart.

"The hacking of the Ashley Madison site has exposed millions of persons who succumbed to the temptations of adulterous lust. Social media posts have a way of generally revealing our personal flaws but it has also repeatedly aided authorities in making arrests for enacted crimes. Computer data regularly leads authorities to cases of fraud and illegal/inappropriate activities," he said in 2015.

An era is coming, he predicted, when humans will not even be able to maintain the privacy of their hearts and minds.

"What we are seeing in our current age is that following Christ's spiritual teachings, a formational process of bettering the heart/mind, is one way to make sure that what technology reveals about us is increasingly less and less scandalous."

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KEYWORDS: china; socialcredit; surveillance

1 posted on 08/28/2019 7:49:14 AM PDT by SeekAndFind
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To: SeekAndFind

It is already here with deplatorming and the erasures of informaiton.

And the credit scores and tracking through twitter and fb and instagram

2 posted on 08/28/2019 7:51:51 AM PDT by Chickensoup (Voter ID for 2020!! Leftists totalitarian fascists appear to be planning to eradicate conservatives)
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To: SeekAndFind

Thankfully Constitutional protections and anti-discrimination laws will prevent it from ever becoming as ubiquitous as it is in China. (imagine the first time some minority groups sues the pants off one of these agencies because their are more minorities impacted by the scoring system).

3 posted on 08/28/2019 7:52:16 AM PDT by apillar
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To: SeekAndFind

Amazing who Silicon Valley will assist.

All about the Benjamin’s

4 posted on 08/28/2019 7:53:02 AM PDT by headstamp 2 (There's a stairway to heaven, but there's a highway to hell.)
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To: SeekAndFind

Yes, the small, ultra-wealthy clique of people who have dominated America’s media for over a century now intend to ENSLAVE us.

They’re now going to try and take ALL the chips on the table.

We are the cattle, and they will be the farmer.

That’s how they see it.

China was the test bed for the beta version.

WE in our land, WE are version 2.0

5 posted on 08/28/2019 7:56:27 AM PDT by gaijin
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To: gaijin

For a great expose of techno-centric Liberal Oligarchal Capitalism, see THIS link.



US social media has an emerging NOMENKLATURA system, and if your name is on the LIST of Thought Crime Persons, then it's okay for everyone to publicly threaten you with DEATH

6 posted on 08/28/2019 7:58:06 AM PDT by gaijin
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To: SeekAndFind

MyLife gives you a “reputation” score which apparently can include lots of false information.

7 posted on 08/28/2019 7:58:36 AM PDT by SoCal Pubbie (Ca)
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To: SeekAndFind

The liberals are eager to implement such systems here.

But the liberals will refine it, to include a political component.

Remember that the Castro brothers in Texas think nothing of publicizing or “outing” Trump supporters, those who have contributed to Trump. Any social credit system run by liberals will dock you many points for having any “Republican” or “conservative” political leanings.

8 posted on 08/28/2019 8:01:07 AM PDT by Dilbert San Diego
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To: SeekAndFind

The marketing name will be something like “New FICO!”

9 posted on 08/28/2019 8:06:39 AM PDT by glorgau
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To: apillar
China spends billions training and sending their people into all significant areas in the US as their goal is to weaken the country, steal, and affect all areas ....ultimate goal so they can weaken the US and become the worlds Top Leader.

Like the left they want “control’ so the left is real cozy with China.. Obanas and Biden family and former politicians along with Hollywood, which China is now using have infiltrated/overtaken are all using propaganda to fool the American people......and China knows they all can be bought. They also believe Americans are naive enough to believe whatever Hollywood puts out there. China's here and operating WITH US Politicians inside and outside of Washington to achieve their agenda regarding the US.....Our President is well aware of what's going on.....

10 posted on 08/28/2019 8:08:51 AM PDT by caww
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To: Chickensoup

...and not being able to eat in certain restaurants or play softball games without getting shot or wear certain clothes or put certain bumper stickers on your car.

11 posted on 08/28/2019 8:30:32 AM PDT by ProtectOurFreedom
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To: SeekAndFind


12 posted on 08/28/2019 8:34:55 AM PDT by Don Corleone (Nothing makes the delusional more furious than truth.)
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To: SeekAndFind
It's here


13 posted on 08/28/2019 8:34:59 AM PDT by ifinnegan (Democrats kill babies and harvest their organs to sell)
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To: SeekAndFind
If the US Left has it's way, all who stray from Big Brother's groupthink will be suppressed, as ruthlessly as necessary, and by some with glee.

As Western Civilization descends deeper and deeper into decadence, it also sinks ever deeper into depravity.

Already, such things as infanticide, government corruption, sexual perversion, same sex marriage, defecation and urination on public sidewalks, rat infestations, bedbug infestations, recrudescence of diseases long banned, pornography, illegal immigration, voter fraud, et al. are perfectly acceptable to millions.

There are calls for the acceptance of cannibalism, incest, pedophilia, satanism, et al.

What's next? Snuff films? Torture for public entertainment? Slaughter in public sports and dramas? The Black Death? Slavery?

Does anyone really believe that Leftists would hesitate to subjugate dissenters into slavery? The children of dissenters?

Burn them at the stake?

Revise medieval torture techniques to force them to recant?

Send them off to re-education camps--or death camps?

14 posted on 08/28/2019 8:54:53 AM PDT by Savage Beast (Was the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency liberty's last gasp? Big Brother is watching you.)
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To: Chickensoup

“It is already here”

I think it was either jointly developed with US tech giants,
or techniques first developed by US Tech companies were tailored for the Chinese communist oppression application.

15 posted on 08/28/2019 9:14:42 AM PDT by BeauBo
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To: ifinnegan

I’m not on there so I must be dead.

16 posted on 08/28/2019 9:36:28 AM PDT by Califreak (If Obama had been treated like Trump the US would have been burnt down before Inauguration Day)
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To: SeekAndFind

Went to this site, here are all the AdTrackers/Bots present there

Not at least 2 of them are Google Based

Proceed with caution...

17 posted on 08/28/2019 12:58:57 PM PDT by 100American (Knowledge is knowing how, Wisdom is knowing when)
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To: Chickensoup

And informally via companies saying “let us see your social media accounts to verify you’re a cultural fit before we hire you”.

18 posted on 08/28/2019 8:03:23 PM PDT by tbw2
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To: apillar

We already have Chase, Patreon, Paypal and other payment processors deciding that they can end their business relationship if they don’t like you and your politics.

Ask the Proud Boy leaders who had personal bank accounts killed for their politics. Or Pamela Gellar being cut off from financial services.

19 posted on 08/28/2019 8:04:32 PM PDT by tbw2
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To: headstamp 2

No, it is about setting up what they think is a MORAL world. They think this is good and right.

Sesame Credit, USA

20 posted on 08/28/2019 8:05:04 PM PDT by tbw2
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