Since Aug 6, 2005

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My TWENTY-SECOND anniversary year. First on Free Republic November 7, 1998. Lurked about a year before. I was fascinated.

Not always as soup though.

< Life has changed and responsibilities are different. Trying to envision the rest of my life.

Tired of leftists and leftist policies. Currently live on the grid on thirty acres, no more chickens and a less hectic life,

My tagline is to honor all the people killed worldwide by their governments. We truly have lived in rare time and place of freedom.

(Leftist totalitarian fascism is on the move.)

(In the 20th century 200 million people were killed by their own governments.)

It is THE CENSORSHIP DOCTRINE. it is important not to let leftists frame the argument. ask the mod to put “censorship doctrine” in parentheses next to the title. Laptop reviews

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