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No, Kamala, Your Gun Policies Wouldn’t Have Stopped Aurora ^ | July 23, 2019 | John R. Lott Jr

Posted on 07/23/2019 4:08:16 AM PDT by Kaslin

Another day, another push for more gun control. Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris (D-Ca) used the seventh anniversary of “the mass shooting at the Aurora movie theater in Colorado” to lament that “Congress hasn’t done enough” on gun control.

Harris is right, but not for the reasons that she thinks. Neither Congress nor Colorado is passing any bills that would have stopped mass public shootings. She says that she is frustrated, but I am frustrated that she and other Democrats aren’t proposing anything useful to stop these attacks. Like virtually all these killers, the Aurora shooter sought out a gun-free zone to attack. 

Harris’s push for background checks on the private transfer of guns wouldn’t have made a difference in the Aurora attack. Her proposed ban on assault weapons wouldn’t have mattered. In addition to his semi-automatic rifle, the killer also had a semi-automatic handgun and a shotgun. Harris’s twist on the debate is that she will use executive action if she can’t get Congress to institute these new gun controls.

But she ignores why the killer picked the target that he did. You might think that it was the one closest to the killer’s apartment. Or, that it was the one with the largest audience.

Yet, neither explanation is right. Instead, out of all the movie theaters within 20 minutes of the killer’s apartment showing the new Batman movie that night, it was the only one where guns were banned. In Colorado, individuals with permits can carry a concealed handgun in most malls, stores, movie theaters, and restaurants. However, private businesses can determine whether permit holders can carry guns on their private property

Most movie theaters allow permit holders carrying guns. The Cinemark movie theater was the only one with a sign posted at the theater’s entrance.

A simple web search and some telephone calls reveal how easily one can find out how Cinemark compared to other movie theaters. According to and, seven movie theaters were showing “The Dark Knight Rises” on July 20th within 20 minutes of the killer’s apartment at 1690 Paris St, Aurora, Colorado. At 4 miles and an 8-minute car ride, the Cinemark’s Century Theater wasn’t the closest. Another theater was only 1.2 miles (3 minutes) away.

There was also a theater just slightly further away, 10 minutes. It is the "home of Colorado's largest auditorium," according to their movie hotline greeting message. The potentially huge audience ought to have been attractive to someone trying to kill as many people as possible. Four other theaters were 18 minutes, two at 19 minutes, and 20 minutes away. But all of those theaters allowed permitted concealed handguns.

So why would a mass shooter pick a place that bans guns? The answer should be obvious, though it apparently is not clear to the media – disarming law-abiding citizens leaves them as sitting ducks.

Concealed carry is much more frequent than many people believe. With over 4 percent of the adult population in Colorado having concealed handgun permits at that time, a couple hundred adults in Cinemark’s movie theater #9 means that there is an extremely high probability that at least one adult would have a permitted concealed handgun.

Unfortunately, some have still not figured this out. A manager at the Harkins Northfield 18 five miles from the killer’s apartment told me, the theater changed its policy and started banning concealed handguns following the Cinemark attack.

The diary of the Batman movie theater killer made it clear that he was considering both attacking an airport and a movie theater.  But he turned down the airport option because he was concerned about their “substantial security.”

Colorado was by no means the only time that killers targeted gun-free zones. Just this year we have seen all the attacks in gun-free zones: in a public employee-only area of a Virginia Beach municipal building; a business in Aurora, Illinois; and a Florida bank. Just seven mass public shootings since 1950 took place where at least four people died in an area where general civilians are allowed to have guns, and it was not part of some other crime.

And remember the 1999 Columbine attack in Colorado. Few appreciate that Dylan Klebold, one of the two Columbine killers, was following Colorado legislation that would have let citizens carry a concealed handgun. Presumably, he feared someone with a weapon stopping his attack. The day of the attack was not by accident. The Columbine attack occurred the same day the state legislature planned final passage of the concealed handgun bill.

Gun-free zones are a magnet for those who want to kill many people quickly. Even the most ardent gun control advocate would never put “Gun-Free Zone” signs on their home. Let’s stop finally putting them elsewhere.

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KEYWORDS: aurorashooting; banglist; guncontrol; guns; kamalaharris

1 posted on 07/23/2019 4:08:17 AM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

But wherever she and her sugar daddy Willie would go, they’d always be protected by armed security, without question needless to say.

2 posted on 07/23/2019 4:12:05 AM PDT by OttawaFreeper ("The Gardens was founded by men-sportsmen-who fought for their country" Conn Smythe, 1966)
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To: Kaslin

The press doesn’t include Chicago gang shootouts as mass shootings.

3 posted on 07/23/2019 4:30:29 AM PDT by olepap
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To: Kaslin

Never forget that Columbine occurred during the height of the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban.

4 posted on 07/23/2019 4:51:04 AM PDT by Yo-Yo ( is the /sarc tag really necessary?)
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To: Kaslin

Isn’t shooting people already illegal?

5 posted on 07/23/2019 4:54:23 AM PDT by jazminerose (Adorable Deplorable)
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To: jazminerose

What? You want to bring facts to a gun fight?


6 posted on 07/23/2019 4:55:48 AM PDT by Dark Knight
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To: Kaslin

2018 Deaths by motor vehicle accidents: 40,000

2018 Gun Deaths (excluding suicide): 14,611

2019 Mass Shootings: 237

Kamala, you’re doing saving *just one life* wrong.

7 posted on 07/23/2019 5:02:10 AM PDT by jazminerose (Adorable Deplorable)
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To: Dark Knight

Facts = libtard kryptonite.

8 posted on 07/23/2019 5:03:40 AM PDT by jazminerose (Adorable Deplorable)
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To: Kaslin

aurora sux

9 posted on 07/23/2019 5:23:37 AM PDT by 867V309 (Lock Her Up)
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To: Kaslin
Few people know that shortly after the Aurora shooting, there was a nearly identical incident in a theater in San Antonio theater. Why is it that hardly anyone mentions, or even knows about the San Antonio incident?

Maybe it's because the San Antonio shooter was able to only get off one shot. Hearing the first shot, an off-duty deputy pulled out her service revolver and shot the perp. He was able to shoot no more. His one and only shot did not result in serious injuries. Her shot was much more effective.

In Texas, that's known as good gun control.

10 posted on 07/23/2019 5:24:09 AM PDT by norwaypinesavage (Calm down and enjoy the ride, great things are happening for our country)
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To: norwaypinesavage

This is so tiresome for anyone with half a brain.

Criminals don’t care what the gun laws are.

And Law-abiding gun owners don’t go around shooting up theaters.

So, what the hell is her point?

11 posted on 07/23/2019 5:27:30 AM PDT by CaptainKip
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To: norwaypinesavage

If she hadn’t been there who knows how many that perp would have shot and killed?

12 posted on 07/23/2019 5:36:59 AM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

Criminals don’t care what Horizontal Harris’s gun polcies are, and neither do I.

Not even going to entertain some ineligible idiot’s illegal policy fantasies are.

Kamala, you do not have the authority to address my guns, and you never will, little bitch honey.

13 posted on 07/23/2019 5:44:59 AM PDT by chris37 (Monday, March 25 2019 is Maga Day!)
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To: Kaslin

Gun control isn’t about making citizens safer.
It is about controlling people and making politicians and bureaucrats safer.

14 posted on 07/23/2019 6:02:59 AM PDT by Little Ray (Freedom Before Security!)
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To: jazminerose

You forgot Deaths from Doctors’ errors: ~250K in any given year.

15 posted on 07/23/2019 6:04:22 AM PDT by Little Ray (Freedom Before Security!)
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To: Kaslin

With schools mass shootings it is the current educational system that is the blame combined with overpriced school administrators and underpaid teachers.

Combine this with the historical record of the mental health system in the USA and its current record.

Combine this with the de-masculinization that puts gender identity at odds with growing and young adult males trying to find their place in this toxic feminazi culture.

Combine this with the denuclearization of the nuclear family.

Combine this with sex education being taught as early as kindergarteners.

Combine this with the Kommon Kore curriculum and educational legislation passed since 1972 that has swung schools from the far right to the very far left.

Combine this with social media access to children as young as 5 years old even though they aren’t supposed to be on it until 13 according to Social Media TOS.

All of this needs to be taken care of before the next gun control legislation is passed. You want gun control, start where the cracks are in the current system that does not involve guns. Shore them up and there will be less need for gun control. Because right now, mass shootings are just another symptom to a failing system. Ah but it is easier to just blame the guns than the people doing the wrong behind them.

16 posted on 07/23/2019 7:25:21 AM PDT by zaxtres
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To: Little Ray


I hadn’t thought of that. Staggering.

No wonder malpractice insurance is so expensive.

17 posted on 07/24/2019 2:00:56 AM PDT by jazminerose (Adorable Deplorable)
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