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Eureka! Did Mueller Finally Find a Genuine 'Colluder'? ^ | March 23, 2019 | Humberto Fontova

Posted on 03/22/2019 11:36:01 PM PDT by Kaslin

Top Obama-linked lawyer (Gregory B. Craig) on Mueller chopping block, could be first Dem indicted under probe." (BizPac Review, March 19)

“Oh well, ho hum,” say many bemused Cuba-watchers, “better late than never.”

Because you see, amigos: Gregory Craig’s shenanigans with Manafort and Yanukoych seem like mild mischief compared to his shenanigans on behalf of Bill Clinton, Dan Rather and  Fidel Castro. 

At the time of these later-named shenanigans, the aforementioned president of the U.S. (Clinton) and the megastar of the U.S. media (Rather) were dutifully and cravenly fulfilling the express wishes of the mass-murdering, terror-sponsoring dictator whose lifelong craving was to nuke the U.S. (Fidel Castro.) 

The rabidly anti-American, mass-murdering, nuke-mongering dictator’s wishes were pretty straightforward: that the rescued refugee boy Elian Gonzalez, whose mother drowned or was eaten alive by sharks while escaping his fiefdom with her son, and whose father was initially overjoyed to hear of their escape--be promptly returned to Stalinist Cuba.

To butter-up a gullible-about-Communist-dictatorships U.S. public (no, I’m afraid this gullibility didn’t start with today’s “millennials,” as we’ll see in a minute), Elian’s father Juan Miguel Gonzalez was to be showcased on prime-time U.S. media as a horribly grief-stricken, tear-streaked father who desperately wanted his hapless son (being kept hostage by malicious “right-wing Cuban exiles” in Miami) returned to his loving arms and to the free and fabulous healthcare and education provided by the munificent Castro regime.  

Officially Gregory Craig, then fresh from a victory as Clinton’s impeachment defense lawyer, was appointed by President Clinton as attorney for Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez. This humble man worked as a hotel doorman in a nation where the average monthly salary is $16. The high-rolling Gregory Craig worked for Washington D.C.'s elite firm, Williams & Connolly, one of America's highest-priced law firms (and that also represented CBS, important datum as we’ll see in a minute.) 

Upon accepting the case, Gregory Craig had flown to Cuba for a meeting with Fidel Castro himself. Craig's remuneration, we learned shortly after his return, came from a "voluntary fund" set up by the United Methodist Board of Church and Society and "administered" by the National Council of Churches. The same Fake News Media that routinely erupts with snide snorts midway through any statement by President Trump or Sarah Huckabee Sanders reported Craig’s remuneration solemnly and with a straight face.

In an interview with Tim Russert on June 6, 2000, Gregory Craig explained his motivation for accepting the case: "What I want to do is to set Juan Miguel free. I want the father to make a decision uncoerced from Havana, uncoerced from Miami, uncoerced by the press, independently and freely to make a decision where and how he wants to raise his family. That's all I'm concerned about."

Unfortunately for Mr. Craig, we have an eyewitness named Pedro Porro about his definition of "uncoercion.” 

On the April 6th 2000 edition of the historic Fake News vehicle CBS 60 Minutes, America saw a “heartsick” Juan Miguel Gonzalez, “pleading” to be allowed to have his motherless son accompany him back to Cuba, his cherished homeland.  Fake News pioneer Dan Rather (who hailed Fidel Castro as “Cuba’s Elvis!” and who was a Craig crony) was the one interviewing Elian’s “bereaved” father.

"Did you cry?" the pained and frowning Dan Rather asked the "bereaved" father during the 60 Minutes drama. "A father never runs out of tears," Juan sniffled back to Dan. And the 60 Minutes prime-time audience could hardly contain their own sniffles.

Here's what America didn't see: "Juan Miguel Gonzalez was surrounded by Castro security agents the entire time he was in the studio with Rather." This is an eye-witness account from Pedro Porro, who served as Dan Rather's translator during the famous 60 Minutes interview. Dan Rather would ask the question in English into Porro's earpiece whereupon Porro would translate it into Spanish for Elian's heavily-guarded father.

"Juan Miguel was never completely alone," says Pedro Porro. "He never smiled. His eyes kept shifting back and forth. It was obvious to me that he was under coercion. He was always surrounded by security agents from the Cuban Interest Section, as they called it. When these agents left him alone for a few seconds, Gregory Craig himself would be hovering over Juan Miguel."

Gregory Craig had led the Juan Miguel/Cuban-Security entourage into the studio, then presided over the interview as a movie director. "Most of the questions Dan Rather was asking Elian's (terrified) father during that 60 Minutes interview were being handed to him by Gregory Craig," says Pedro Porro. "It was obvious that Greg Craig and Dan Rather where on very friendly terms. They were joshing and bantering back and forth, as Juan Miguel sat there petrified. Craig was stage-managing the whole thing. The taping would stop and Craig would walk over to Dan, hand him a little slip of paper, say something into his ear. Then Rather would read straight from the paper." 

Midway through watching that (edited) "60 Minutes" broadcast, "I felt like throwing up," says Porro. "My stomach was in a knot." His worst fears were confirmed. (But polls quickly showed that a majority of Americans backed Fidel Castro on this issue.) 

A week later Reno's INS maced, kicked, stomped, gun-butted and tear-gassed their way into Lazaro Gonzalez's house. Heavily armed INS agents wrenched a bawling 6-year-old child from his family at machine-gun point, and bundled him off to a Stalinist nation (against his father's true wishes.) They left 102 people injured, some seriously. Many of the injured were ladies who had brandished dangerous weapons. These weapons were rosaries. No "60 Minutes" "investigative report" on that, however.

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1 posted on 03/22/2019 11:36:01 PM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

19 years and we now hear of this?

2 posted on 03/22/2019 11:56:21 PM PDT by Glad2bnuts (If Republicans are not prepared to carry on the Revolution of 1776, prepare for a communist takeover)
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To: Kaslin

It’s like peeling an onion.

First you realize that the news media are all Democrats. Then you find out they are in complete cahoots with the Democrats. Then you realize none of the media nor any of the politicians — in either party — actually believe in, let alone care about, the crap that comes out of their mouths. It all about money and power.

3 posted on 03/23/2019 12:51:35 AM PDT by Jeff Chandler (We are in the midst of a Cold Civil War.)
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To: Kaslin

Janet Reno has turned out to be the “mob enforcer” of the Clinton Administration, ironically, protecting the Gambino/Gotti/Patriarcha families from having their controlled union LIUNA (Laborers International Union of North America) taken over by the Dept. of Justice in an assets seizure case.

I’ve written on this many times about how Reno quashed a 200+ set of seizure indictments because the Clintons were friends with and received money not only from LIUNA but from Arthur Coia Jr and/or his mobbed up, jailed father.

All this is detailed in “The American Spectator”, April 1997, Byron York, “Let’s Be Friends: A Mob-Controlled Union Delivers the Goods for Bill”, about $3 MILLION worth, in return for which they got $30 MILLION + in training grants for the unions they controlled.

More on this is found in David Horowitz/Richard Poe’s book “The Shadow Party”.

I worked on that Assets Seizure case and the govt had the evidence to seize the Mafia houses etc (which you may have seen on both HBO and A&E “Gotti” and Mafia documentaries in the last few weeks.

Reno destroyed many years of Task Force work, work that endangered the lives of undercover agents deep in the Mafia.

To say that the Clintons were “crooks” is putting it lightly. To say that Reno was their “cover-up” artist and “legal hit-woman” is being polite.

Fontova knows what he is talking about. Interesting that the Marxist-infiltrated United Methodist Church and the equally leftist, pro-Castro National Council of Churches funded Gregory Craig’s trip. That what commie-protectors do, and did, from helping Hanoi to sending a little kid back to a Communist prison island.

4 posted on 03/23/2019 1:07:46 AM PDT by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

But you see, Reno’s claim to fame - which Hillary then leveraged into her own “defender of children” reputation - was a series of prosecutions in the Miami area that terror and naked jail mistreatment and forced stays of these woman by Reno until they confessed.

5 posted on 03/23/2019 2:46:05 AM PDT by Robert A Cook PE (The democrats' national goal: One world social-communism under one world religion: Atheistic Islam.)
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To: Kaslin

Yeah hillary

6 posted on 03/23/2019 2:56:58 AM PDT by ronnie raygun (nic
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

If POTUS, now that the Mueller blockade is removed, moves forward with prosecuting the Clinton Foundation, we may see your episode resurface in the courts. I don’t believe there is any statute of limitations in the cases you describe.

I think we are witnessing history being made and this is just the start.

7 posted on 03/23/2019 3:54:45 AM PDT by Hostage (Article V)
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To: Kaslin

There was a plot and there was collusion-and Mueller was a part of it

8 posted on 03/23/2019 5:51:15 AM PDT by rdcbn
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To: rdcbn

History will record that there was a conspiracy to create collusion.

Mueller is not a dummy. If he is smart, his report will wash his hands of the conspiracy to create collusion. He may or may not implicate the conspirators. Mueller was not charged with investigating the conspirators

Mueller is prelude

9 posted on 03/23/2019 5:59:07 AM PDT by bert ( (KE. N.P. N.C. +12) Honduras must be invaded to protect America from invasion)
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To: Glad2bnuts

No, we heard about it at the time but as usual no one in he MSM listened. It was before Rather’s fall from grace with the forged TANG memos.

10 posted on 04/10/2019 11:34:01 PM PDT by piasa (Attitude adjustments offered here free of charge.)
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