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Denzel Washington to Black America: Stop Blaming the Prison System, ‘It Starts at Home’
Breitbart ^ | 26 Nov 2017 | JEROME HUDSON

Posted on 11/26/2017 6:29:35 PM PST by Mr. Mojo

Veteran actor Denzel Washington says his latest role as a dogged defense attorney in Roman J. Israel, Esq. reinforced his belief that black men “can’t blame the system” because we make it “easy work” when it comes to filling America’s prisons.

“It starts at the home. It starts at home. It starts with how you raise your children. If a young man doesn’t have a father figure, he’ll go find a father figure,” the Academy Award-winner told reporters at the Dan Gilroy-directed film’s New York premiere, the New York Daily News reports.

“So you know I can’t blame the system. It’s unfortunate that we make such easy work for them,” Washington said.

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TOPICS: Culture/Society
KEYWORDS: blackfamily; denzelwashington
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To: blackdog

...”Single black motherhood is a profession now, sponsored by the state.”....

Oh indeed it is.....and every black male father knows this all very well....

41 posted on 11/26/2017 10:12:04 PM PST by caww (freeen)
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To: blackdog

I wish rational high profile voices from the black community would..........

.....Direct their remarks to the black community......frankly he’s not telling anyone what isn’t already apparent to everyone....except as a whole the black community.

42 posted on 11/26/2017 10:16:17 PM PST by caww (freeen)
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To: Yaelle

You should watch the documentary Bill Cosby did as a young man. His understanding of child development was fascinating and brilliant. Yes, he had to sell his soul to work and get the roles he did. ALL famous actors had to to become great, esp. after the 50s if you were black especially. Haven’t you watched the youtube videos of the black actors telling how they had to wear dresses, etc., and let men sodomize them? All for humiliation and domination—let them know they are slaves still.

Hugh Hefner was raping five year olds with the elites (He was killed because he was cooperating with the cops because they had two women accusing him of raping them when they were five and police were FINALLY investigating). Of course, he did the nude photos of Brooke Shields when she was 10 for his magazine while Hefner watched while masturbating, etc. But you probably don’t know the Lucifereans and satanic acts that they force the elites to do—like rape the little boys like in Wash. DC—at the Franklin Cover-Up—the CIA run boy sex ring.

These people are SICK and Bill Cosby was forced to bend over literally to play the game. He did what he had to and probably was carried away with the power as most people since power can easily corrupt. But I think there was some good in his heart unlike with Hefner and the people Bill had to party with to maintain his position in Hollywood.

His only son was getting a PhD and with it his dream was helping children with learning disabilities. It is what he did while getting his masters in education. You don’t end up with a son like that when you are an evil father. Cosby loved his son and was very proud of him and so his son was a “sacrifice” for the Lucifereans, to remind Cosby that he was owned and still a slave although they allowed him to get millions of dollars.

Did Cosby do evil....absolutely. But I don’t think he was totally corrupt like a Kevin Spacey or a Harvey Weinstein——Not even close. And don’t tell me the women who went to those parties were any saints. I wouldn’t have been caught dead partying with creeps like at the Hefner mansion—the women that hung out with them were evil-—maybe more so than the men.

43 posted on 11/26/2017 10:54:26 PM PST by savagesusie (When Law ceases to be Just, it ceases to be Law. (Thomas A./Founders/John Marshall)/Nuremberg)
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To: McCarthysGhost

What, we have another knee jerk conservative here?

44 posted on 11/26/2017 11:03:13 PM PST by HiTech RedNeck (Tryin' hard to win the No-Bull Prize.)
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To: McCarthysGhost

Not just any dad too... one that doesn’t believe in carrying around a perpetual shoulder chip about whitey.

45 posted on 11/26/2017 11:04:18 PM PST by HiTech RedNeck (Tryin' hard to win the No-Bull Prize.)
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To: Yaelle

PS. I never go off the rails EVER! I research and read copious amounts of stuff that have validity so I never go off the tracks-—and I have a background in child development and theology and philosophy and working with other people and children, so I have a great instinct about human relationships.

I have researched serial killers and pornographers and I understand the mindset of the evil and satanists. Bill Cosby had the ability for empathy-—unlike the vile, evil Hefner and most Lucifereans and satanists in Hollywood and Washington DC who actually rape and torture and kill little children. Cosby couldn’t do that—just met with willing women who were selling their soul for fame and money, who slept with tons of men, so Cosby didn’t think too much about drugging them since they were probably already half drunk. I am not saying it is not wrong....but they were part of the satanic party and moral women would NEVER have EVER gone to such “parties”. Cosby could rationalize it, and the elites were egging him on because if he didn’t drug and rape the women, they couldn’t trust him to be their slave. He wouldn’t have been allowed to “act” in anything or do any documentaries. That is the MO of Hollywood.

46 posted on 11/26/2017 11:27:14 PM PST by savagesusie (When Law ceases to be Just, it ceases to be Law. (Thomas A./Founders/John Marshall)/Nuremberg)
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To: blackdog
Not quite. The goal was to create captive slaves for the liberal plantation: an underclass who would reliably vote democrat because without the state they could not survive.

Remember: liberal do-gooders always have an ulterior motive. And that was the hidden motive of LBJ's "Great Society" - to create a welfare system that would trap people, and their children and grandchildren, forever in poverty. That is why the rules were written deliberately to deny welfare to intact families, and to lavish it on single mothers and their "annual pay increase" brood.

The family, with a father, mother and children, is the bedrock of society. Remove it, and you have a house built on sand. This is, of course, greatly exacerbated by a society with a "gun control" regime, where the criminals disproportionately survive, and the law-abiding disproportionately die. It only takes three generatins for such a society to turn into a jungle. As we have seen in Chicago, Detoit, and many other places.

47 posted on 11/26/2017 11:42:32 PM PST by John Locke
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To: savagesusie

I’m going to disagree with you. And I do hate how you trash the female victims.

48 posted on 11/27/2017 12:29:12 AM PST by Yaelle
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To: blackdog

It’s called “engorging the lumpenproletatriat”, and its tenets reach deep into the Amercian education system:

49 posted on 11/27/2017 12:35:14 AM PST by P.O.E. (Pray for America)
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To: John Locke

Because they are substituting themselves for God. Their do-gooding is not a road to liberation (putting people back into direct reliance on God to make their own choices before Him) but to political dependency.

50 posted on 11/27/2017 1:24:08 AM PST by HiTech RedNeck (Tryin' hard to win the No-Bull Prize.)
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To: Yaelle

The closest I’ve ever seen Susie come to acknowledging God in these messes is some nebulous “Virtue.”

Be careful when people give more airtime to the devil than they do to God. This just ain’t right. The wrong entity is walking off with the glory, and he will even take infamy over being ignored.

51 posted on 11/27/2017 1:26:26 AM PST by HiTech RedNeck (Tryin' hard to win the No-Bull Prize.)
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To: Yaelle

But Yaelle. You see that God had better hopes for these women than to be lured into ruin in some spider web of iniquity.

Someone who can only talk of levels of “virtue” will miss this.

52 posted on 11/27/2017 1:33:47 AM PST by HiTech RedNeck (Tryin' hard to win the No-Bull Prize.)
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To: savagesusie

I am a mushroom, kept in the dark and never see the light of day.

I had no idea Brooke Shields was 12 in Pretty Baby, I thought she was older. I also had no idea about the pictures when she was 10.

Two minutes on Wikipedia and my mind decided I had better things to do than peruse the story.

53 posted on 11/27/2017 2:55:30 AM PST by wbarmy (I chose to be a sheepdog once I saw what happens to the sheep.)
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To: Ellendra

Denzel Washington’s dog humped my leg.

Gloria Allred?

54 posted on 11/27/2017 2:59:00 AM PST by TheNext (DEPORT ISLAM RETROACTIVELY)
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To: Mr. Mojo

Every now and then we have a person of color losing his or her mind by telling the truth to their own kind. Im sure he has a big fan base to cover his truthful comments

55 posted on 11/27/2017 3:10:48 AM PST by ronnie raygun (Trump plays chess the rest are still playing checkers)
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To: wbarmy

She was 10 or 11 when she did the nude shoot with Hefner and his evil photographers, since her mother was pimping her out for eye candy so she could become wealthy. Brook tried to hide the pics when she became an adult. Guess she was embarressed about having such an evil “mother”.

Judith Reisman did a lot of writing in the 90s or later about the pedophilia in playboy even in the 50s and the pedophilia and molestation of babies and children in Kinsey’s warped books whose worldview was forced into all textbooks for “Sex Ed” to warp and destroy the sexual-psycho development of young children so they would be like Brook and Miley (hyper-sexualized (warped) as children).

Pedophlles and satanists don’t’ change too often since it takes a paradigm shift of the Mind. MSM gave us the perception that Hugh really “loved” (lol) pretty adult women although in 20s, but the truth was he got excited and was masturbating (literally) and turned-on by little girls. The cops were investigating him for raping 5 year olds in elite satanic orgies, when he was conveniently killed (I mean died/sarc). Many of the Movers and Shakers in Hollywood are Lucifereans who rape, kill and torture little children, more girls than girls. That is always what happens with degenerates whose lives are meaningless and sex becomes meaningless and boring....They need to corrupt and destroy innocence—their bane in life. Perversion is learned and habituated—you are never “born” with evil desires to dehumanize others and destroy their dignity—it is always learned by no virtue formation in role models of “good” people and mostly by evil parents—or no moral father figure and by TV role models who glorify degeneracy and vice 24/7.

56 posted on 11/27/2017 7:48:27 AM PST by savagesusie (When Law ceases to be Just, it ceases to be Law. (Thomas A./Founders/John Marshall)/Nuremberg)
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To: savagesusie

Meant more boys than girls.

57 posted on 11/27/2017 7:50:49 AM PST by savagesusie (When Law ceases to be Just, it ceases to be Law. (Thomas A./Founders/John Marshall)/Nuremberg)
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To: Yaelle

You have to undo your Marxist feminist brainwashing. Seriously. You see the world through a Marxist Lens!!!! I had three brothers and a wonderful father so their “hate” programming, NEVER, EVER remotely took hold. And I was a MAJOR tomboy but I didn’t learn to hate my femininity (I loved dolls) and I loved God and God’s design of my body. I craved to be married and raise my own children and I had five and did....(isn’t it a shame that I have to say “to a male”?). Warping perception of children is essential to flip 2000 years of ethics to satanism (boy orgies on Ba’al altars with sodomy and baby-sacrifice).

You may think I am kidding, but I only try to red-pill people with the truth.
Truth is more hated than lies and Jesus stated how reviled the truth will ALWAYS be. Why? Because your emotions create cognitive dissonance in you-—you can’t handle the truth. Your intellect was dulled as your emotions were targeted in our Prussian brainwashing system which only excites the Limbic area of your brain which shuts down the intellect and destroys virtue formation. It is intensional-—the psy-ops are embedded in curricula so don’t think I am mocking YOU. I don’t-—that is why I spend ALL this TIME typing-—to help you “see” the truth. Red-Pilling is dramatic and extremely painful-—but it has to be when people are so brainwashed 24/7 and are filled with a Marxist prism which warps all perceptions of even male and female to make them interchangeable (radical egalitarianism). It is anti-science, anti-reason, anti-biology, anti-truth, etc.

Women are NEVER interchangeable with men and they are radically different, both emotionally and physically. It is proven by true science-—not the pseudo-sciences which got hijacked by the Marxist homosexual movement of Harry Hays in 70s who was a pederast and raped as a boy and wanted to make pederasty “legal” (kind of like Milo and all little raped boys in Afghanistan). Hays was an active member in NAMBLA as are most homosexuals since pederasty is their goal and they were usually raped and abused in childhood, like Kevin Spacey, by his own “father” no less, or they are raped at 11 like Chastity Bono by her “mother’s” “girlfriend”so they are warped for life and embed a culture like in the boy harems of Afghanistan and Sparta and Babylon.

The hate is NOT on women. It is on white Christian males and Truth (God) and that is where all the hate is focused to destroy our Constitution, all our Traditions, so they can create their utopia where “snow is black”, boys are girls and Truth is banned. (Total removal from Reality, Truth (God), Reason—total dehumanization as we are reduced to cattle with no individualism—no identity, no traditions (no understanding of history).

There is no evil “patriarchy” in America. Never was. Read Jane Adams sometime. Women did what they CHOSE to do and we didn’t have a religion like islam. Hierarchy is essential for every civilization (even wolves) or the civilization (wolf pack) dies. That is why the radical egalitarianism of Marxism. They destroy Reality-we are NEVER equal—we are unique and NOT interchangeable. Wake up!!!!!! We are ONLY “equal” under the Rule of Law!!! Males have a male nature and without virtue formation, they look like a Kevin Spacey or Hitler or worse. Same with evil women. They have the power to destroy their boys and kill them—and their baby girls. I think evil women are more diabolical than evil males. They kill and destroy far more of the most vulnerable in society.

Civilizations will always contain evil men AND women and power will always tend to corrupt. This is the nature of mankind. It is all about God v. Man, Good v. Evil-—never male v. female—who are complementary!!!!!! The true diversity has always been “male v. female” and to “love” the Other, is to be able to be a mature (moral) functioning adult. To be fixated in latency (traumatized always) is to remain puerile and immature and incapable of connecting with “The Other” (true diversity).

Women in Christian cultures ALWAYS have the power to control the future of nations since they mold and raise the little boys and mold them into moral males (like I did my four sons who NEVER raped or abuse women in their lives and now are proud parents—some with only little girls who they would die for.) This idea that females are “victims” is a LAUGH. More males and boys are raped and humiliated than women. Look at the boy harems in Afghanistan. That was the norma in pagan Greece and Rome. Zeus lusted after and raped beautiful little boys. Women have incredible power over males, just by nature and giving birth.They determine whether males are moral or not. They either teach them to be loving moral males, or evil, psychopathic bastards, like Charles Manson.

All people-—can be victims—and boys are especially psychologically damaged very easily by their own mothers -—just like Charles Manson was. Evil people are shaped mostly by evil, ignorant women who allow their boyfriends and stepfathers to rape their little boys.. THEY dig their OWN grave and it is their Natural Duty—to raise boys with virtue and protect and nurture them in childhood. Marxist curricula now teaches little girls it is “good’ and a “Right” to kill their own genetic offspring—(which is satanism, btw—a religion).

You have an evil “Marxist” Lens on your perceptions. Throw if off!!! NOW!!!! I don’t blame you because these perceptions are only possible because you haven’t raised little boys and girls day in and day out in Reality like I have, and you believe the Marxist Lies in textbooks and the MSM which were taken over by Marxists when they totally destroyed McCarthy who was a patriot and was trying to expose their massive infiltration of all our institutions which was true. But major media was totally controlled by then, so it was easy to warp the perceptions of the masses with lies and propaganda.

Solzhenitsyn in 78 Harvard commencement speech stated that our “free press “ was a joke-—worse than Pravda. At least the people in the Soviet Union knew they were getting lies when Americans were proud of their lying, evil press which was totally controlled by the rogue CIA. Too bad we don’t know our Cicero anymore or promote truth-—since Cicero stated—”Do not dare say anything that is false. And at the same time do not keep away the truth”. That is ALL our Common Core textbooks do and MSM is the opposite of what Classical Minds used to think—which ws real thinking—with the intellect, not emotions..

Hmmmm John Dewey, the communist, ended our ‘truth” in our history books and socialized everything just to control our emotions and all perceptions. Looks like the communist succeeded in co-opting Jesus Christ—”God is Dead”. Truth willl set you free—it is why on MSM you only hear lies and distortions of truth, never the Truth. Without Truth, you have no Free Will. Not possible.

The MSM and Lies controlling your perceptions will control your emotions and it is only Mind Control, btw. You are never capable of “thinking” if you don’t know the truth.

58 posted on 11/27/2017 9:18:51 AM PST by savagesusie (When Law ceases to be Just, it ceases to be Law. (Thomas A./Founders/John Marshall)/Nuremberg)
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To: eddie willers

I’d like to think so, but in your take there is no “them” - so any valid alternative interpretation has to identify “them”.

59 posted on 11/27/2017 9:56:42 AM PST by zencycler
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