Since Jan 31, 2001

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I was a Democrat when I was young and stupid and believed that Liberal meant "Free" and Progressive meant "progress", but, sadly, knew NOTHING about politics. Machiavelli came later. 1992 changed that because I had no doubt that Clinton and his wife were utterly evil. I have never voted Democrat again. I am not THAT old but I am a lot smarter with age because I read copious amounts about history and philosophy, along with the Great Books. I've lived in sunny California, and now reside mostly in Oregon, the land of my birth and the utterly irrational, except for the hard-working, small town people.

I was a product of Common Sense parents, a Catholic school education, which taught the Parts of Speech, Latin, Socrates, Adam Smith, and John Locke, so I always could detect the ignorance in pop culture seductions. Twelve years of indoctrination into Marxist ideology which literally erases history and knowledge, traps children and retards flourishing, individualism, and autonomy and close loyalty to parents and family. Mature role models are mostly absent and puerile behaviors reinforced and emulated. Virtue is learned and habituated and is done in childhood. Without it, culture collapses.

Without Virtue and an educated populace there can be no Freedom. That is why the Marxist need total control of schools--all ideas--actually emotions-- put inside your child's head. With TV and Video games to addict the children and instill artificial emotions attached to the proper idea, true Wisdom (real life experiences and reading the Great Books) will not be available. Lincoln and many geniuses had NO or very little "public school" indoctrination. The system of Prussian schooling and John Dewey was the beginning of our downfall--loss of the future generation--with the total control of curricula by the unconstitutional Department of Education. Banning Jesus Christ and God in the Sixties destroyed the Transmission of culture and Wisdom to children since Christianity is what created The Age of Reason and Common Sense and the most free and flourishing and fair cultures in the history of man. It has the most inclusive Ethics System based on Natural Law Theory--God's Design of the Universe.