Thousands from across Rojava rushed to the Qereçox area following the bombardment by Turkish jets and condemned the attack.

The Qereçox (Karachok) area near the city of Derîk houses YPG Headquarters, media center, a local radio station, communication headquarters and some military institutions. People rushed to the area as of early morning hours yesterday after it was shelled by Turkish aircraft at midnight.

“Murderer Erdoğan” chanted thousands who urged the international coalition representatives that visited the area, and international powers to not remain silent on Turkey's attacks.

"Our children are fighting with you in Raqqa but Erdoğan stabs us in the back here. Do not remain silent on this", said a Rojavan mother to a US military official at the scene for inspection.

Speaking to ANF, civilians in the area condemned Erdoğan and his never-ending attacks on Rojava, saying that he recognized no law, no religion, no law, no morals. Rojavans also stressed that attacks will never be able to intimidate or deter them from their struggle.

Following the press statement of YPG/YPJ and Canton officials, people visited the scenes hit by Turkish aircraft.

While the Turkish aggression will be protested all across Rojava, 20 YPG fighters that were martyred in the attack will be laid to rest in massive funeral ceremonies.