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Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 1 November 2015
Various driveby media television networks ^ | 1 November 2015 | Various Self-Serving Politicians and Big Media Screaming Faces

Posted on 11/01/2015 4:42:41 AM PST by Alas Babylon!

The Talk Shows

November 1st, 2015

Guests to be interviewed today on major television talk shows:

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis.; Republican presidential candidates Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham and George Pataki.

MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Ryan; Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

FACE THE NATION (CBS): Ryan; Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md.; Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

THIS WEEK (ABC): Ryan; Republican presidential candidates Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.

STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Ryan; former Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio; Reps. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., and Keith Ellison, D-Minn.; Republican presidential candidate John Kasich.

Sharyl Attkisson's Full Measure: 1. For-profit colleges that allegedly prey on military troops. 2. Continuing troubling news on Obamacare from last week.

TOPICS: Breaking News; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: guests; lineup; sunday; sundaytalkshows; talkshows
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As always, soliciting FReeper comments, observations, and opinions.
1 posted on 11/01/2015 4:42:42 AM PST by Alas Babylon!
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To: acapesket; A.Hun; aligncare; altura; Bender2; Bernard; bray; Calpublican; cajungirl; Carley; CDB; ..
This is the Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread Ping List! If you want to be on it, reply to this post or FReepmail me (in case I miss it). If you want to be taken off, simply send me a FReepmail.

Ryan EVERYWHERE; no Trump, no Cruz.

2 posted on 11/01/2015 4:43:19 AM PST by Alas Babylon! (As we say in the Air Force, "You know you're over the target when you start getting flak!")
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To: All
C-SPAN Radio, available on the net also, click here, broadcasts all five Sunday talk shows starting at 12:00 noon Eastern, as follows:

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM NBC's "Meet the Press"

Sharyl Attkisson's Live Measure live stream

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ABC's "This Week"

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM "Fox News Sunday"

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM CNN's "State of the Union"

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM CBS's "Face The Nation"

Listen at the link above WHILE you FReep!

3 posted on 11/01/2015 4:44:09 AM PST by Alas Babylon! (As we say in the Air Force, "You know you're over the target when you start getting flak!")
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To: All
Here are the email addresses or web pages for commenting to the weekend talk shows:

Meet the Press Meet the Press mailbox (web page for comments)

Face the Nation

Fox News Sunday

ABC This Week

CNN State of the Union CNN State of the Union (web page for comments)

4 posted on 11/01/2015 4:44:46 AM PST by Alas Babylon! (As we say in the Air Force, "You know you're over the target when you start getting flak!")
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To: All; bray

“The Sunday Morning Bray”, by Bray!

The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints, Ephesians 1:18 KJV

Everyone in the nation knew what fools the moderators made of each other except the moderators themselves. The utter hypocrisy they exhibited with their sanctimonious questioning of the candidates while they ran interference for the most corrupt politicians on the planet in their Party.

Hypocrisy is a landmark of liberalism since it exists for only one reason and that is the advancement of their Marxist agenda. The media always paints itself as the protector of truth and the little guy while at the same time they will denigrate and destroy that little guy if he stands in the way of Marxism.

Perhaps the center of the media universe is HollyWierd which is another group of obscenely wealthy people who continually make speeches denigrating other wealthy 1%ers. They are always outraged at the other wealthy people being wealthy and living the same exact lifestyles they live. Often the people who they claim have no right to their wealth are not as wealthy as these stars and have worked hard making lives better for little people. Has a movie improved one person’s life?

They are most incensed about the war on women, which in liberalese is a war on abortion. These hypocrites ignore the fact that the people most hurt by abortion are black women, but like all Marxists the cliches are a tool to shape the masses’ groupthink. They call a war on women to convince women they are being exploited by capitalism and need more gummit to protect them. This of course makes women victims which is a favorite theme of HomoWood in their movies and TV shows.

They of course do not hear their own hypocrisy as there is no greater industry which exploits women more than the movie industry. In every movie and show there is only one reason the women under forty are in front of the camera except for sexual exploitation. They will always put them in a Barbarella role who has sex with the male stars to sell tickets. Nearly every movie is a version of it and the women’s roles are always the same to be the sexual trophy of the movie.

For the most part female stars are nothing more than live sex show stars only they get paid tens of millions rather than a few hundred. Of course after these women make their millions then they can go on their award shows and condemn America for the Republican supposed war on women while not understanding their own lack of morality on the subject. They will harp about abortion clinics being defunded while they keep their hundreds of millions in their own accounts.

The other dirty little secret in Hollywierd is they no longer make money on the movies being shown out front, they make it all on porn. Often when young girls come from across the nation with gold dust in their eyes they are washed out and then go into the porn industry. For most of the movies it is not a great stretch as the major Hollywood investors make tens of millions exploiting these young impressionable girls. This is an actual war on girls by liberals.

These Limocrites will then go to their Oscars and go up on stage to sanctimoniously lecture America on their sexism wearing their gowns that reveal what they are really selling. They have no shame in selling sex and then berate you for buying it.

This is the same level of hypocrisy we saw at the debates as these Democrats were outraged at someone like Trump would dare to run for office when their side has complete incompetence. It does not matter one bit that they say one thing about one person and the exact opposite about their candidate. They have situational outrage and whatever they declare outrageous is what you should be offended by.

There is no consistency and never will be. They control the echo chamber just as they attempted at the debates and will declare what and who is offensive and what is not. Just like the Hollywood starlet they have become accustomed to their hypocritical lifestyles and the knowledge that it will never be challenged.

The actual truth of the matter is that America and capitalism has helped billions of lives around the world and Hollywierd and Marxism has destroyed billions of lives. It has destroyed thousands of lives in Hollywierd and you only have to hear the anger and emptiness in their voices or the dysfunctional lifestyles they and their families lead.

They may not know the hypocrisy or moral decay they represent, but the deaths and destruction around them is symptomatic of their cancer. The very basis of liberalism is the chasing of smoke and mirrors while lying to yourself that those smoke and mirrors will quench a thirst that cannot be quenched. In their ultimate hypocrisy they laugh at and mock Jesus who is the only one with the water they seek.

Pray America wakes

Note: The above opinion is not necessarily my own, but FReeper Bray’s. If you wish to discuss this, please ping Bray.

5 posted on 11/01/2015 4:46:16 AM PST by Alas Babylon! (As we say in the Air Force, "You know you're over the target when you start getting flak!")
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To: Alas Babylon!

Ho hum...Ted Cruz is not on, what a surprise.

6 posted on 11/01/2015 4:48:01 AM PST by ExCTCitizen (I'm ExCTCitizen and I approve this reply. If it does offend Libs, I'm NOT sorry...)
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To: Alas Babylon!
Morning everyone happy day after Halloween.

Big day for Paul Ryan.

The big story of course will be the drivebys performance at the debate and how Ted Cruz stuck it to them.

One story I hope pops up is Boehner's sellout on the budget as he left the House forever.

He sold us out all the way to 2017. Zero has almost unlimited money he can spend with little restrictions on busting the budget and the national debt.

Only Ted Cruz has picked up on it so far. I hope others will as well. It's a big story and needs to be brought up.

7 posted on 11/01/2015 4:50:18 AM PST by rodguy911 (FreeRepuplic:Land of the Free because of the Brave--Sarah Palin our secret weapon ok)
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To: Alas Babylon!

Always appreciate owe who leave a synopsis of interviews so they can be read after church

8 posted on 11/01/2015 4:54:13 AM PST by hoosiermama
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To: bray
Excellent as usual.

Our biggest problem as the counter to hollyweird is that our side of the story seldom is told.

We need to use our own media,The New Media, more to tell our side of the story and forget about what the drivebys have to say other than using them as an advance talking point roundup to see what is coming at us. By the way that's what we do here.

9 posted on 11/01/2015 4:56:50 AM PST by rodguy911 (FreeRepuplic:Land of the Free because of the Brave--Sarah Palin our secret weapon ok)
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To: Alas Babylon!

Trump may not be on TV this morning but he’s busy tweeting:

Anybody that believes in strong borders and stopping illegal immigration cannot vote for Marco Rubio READ THIS: …”

Further proof that Gang of Eight member Marco Rubio is weak on illegal immigration is Paul Singer’s, Mr. Amnesty, endorsement.Rubs can’t win

10 posted on 11/01/2015 4:58:03 AM PST by McGruff (Trump-Cruz 2016. Make America Great Again.)
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To: bray

Good article this morning. Thank you.

Democrats know that women are too uninformed, stupid and unable to fend for themselves, which is why the government needs to step in to help women. Ergo, women’s rights.

Democrat women demand equal rights except that they also demand free reproductive and other health services of numerous forms. I guess these women are incapable of buying birth control for themselves or asking their doctor to check them for other abnormalities women get.

I thought women could take care of themselves, just as men do. I guess I was wrong.

11 posted on 11/01/2015 5:03:05 AM PST by Morgan in Denver (Democrats will say anything since the end justifies the means.)
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To: ExCTCitizen
Ho hum...Ted Cruz is not on, what a surprise.

Glad you brought that up since it was Cruz that is responsible for crushing the three drivebys of CNBC at the debate.

He was the first to stand up and expose them for asking super biased questions to candidate after candidate that had little to do with the nations problems. And when Ted started telling what each host had asked every candidate it was all too obvious that they were busted for being the biased libs they are.

Only after Cruz led the way did the others respond. He needs to be recognized for leading the pack since this entire election is about one thing:


12 posted on 11/01/2015 5:03:12 AM PST by rodguy911 (FreeRepuplic:Land of the Free because of the Brave--Sarah Palin our secret weapon ok)
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To: Alas Babylon!

Speaker Ryno—how are you going to deal with millions of betrayed and embittered Republican voters who hate your guts and may vote Democrat just to spite you?

13 posted on 11/01/2015 5:06:43 AM PST by Mamzelle
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To: McGruff
Here's a clip from your link,and its not looking good for Marco at all. If all this is true he is truly weak on immigration which could topple his candidacy.

....................... ....However, a review of several of Rubio’s top donors reveals that many of them have benefited from the Floridian’s rise to power.

Perhaps one of the most widely-criticized areas of Rubio’s campaign pledge to create “A New American Economy” on migrant labor is his support for tripling the controversial H-1B visa program.

Throughout his brief time in Washington—noted primarily for pushing the La Raza and Obama-backed amnesty bill through the Senate—Rubio has co-authored two pieces of legislaton that would massively expand the wage-depressing H-1B visa program used to replace American workers in white-collar jobs. His most recent bill—known as I-Squared—would triple the number of H-1B visas imported into the United States despite the fact that the U.S. Census Bureau reports 3 in 4 Americans trained in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) are not employed in those fields. The Walt Disney Company used H-1Bs to lay off hundreds of American workers and forced them to train their low-wage foreign H-1B replacements. Disney’s CEO has endorsed Rubio’s I-Squared bill.

Trump, who has called on Disney to hire back all of Rubio’s laid-off constituents, thundered:

Lobbyists write the rules to benefit the rich and powerful. They buy off Senators like Marco Rubio to help them get rich at the expense of working Americans by using H-1B visas–so called “high tech” visas–to replace American workers in all sorts of solid middle class jobs… Senator Rubio works for the lobbyists, not for Americans. That is why he is receiving more money from Silicon Valley than any other candidate in this race. He is their puppet.

14 posted on 11/01/2015 5:09:07 AM PST by rodguy911 (FreeRepuplic:Land of the Free because of the Brave--Sarah Palin our secret weapon ok)
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To: Alas Babylon!
A veritable libtard snooze fest....


15 posted on 11/01/2015 5:10:35 AM PST by JPG (What's the difference between the Rats and the GOPe? Nothing.)
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To: rodguy911
Pretty much. Not only one that, Ted Cruz may very well have forever changed the system whereby far left Democratic Party propagandists in the lamestream media are allowed to “moderate”(more like eviscerate) GOP primary debates.
16 posted on 11/01/2015 5:11:18 AM PST by SmokingJoe
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To: Alas Babylon!

Thanks for thread A.B. Obama sends 50 human shields for his “rebel” (terrorist) buddies to hide behind as they eat away at what is left of the sovereign country of Syria.

17 posted on 11/01/2015 5:11:20 AM PST by shalom aleichem
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To: shalom aleichem

Of course Bammie is afraid the Russians could destroy his buddies in ISIS.

18 posted on 11/01/2015 5:14:20 AM PST by bray (If Obama had a son he would be a cop killer.)
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To: All

How could CNBC have moderated such an incoherent debate on the ‘Economy’, which should have been taken much more seriously on a ‘business news’ channel.

CNBC should apologize to the audience, the guest, and beg for a replacement debate, and reconsider at least to be honest about being Democrats, Liberals and Socialist. I’d guess CNBC prefers high taxes, maximum debt, and endless spending of the Democrats.

19 posted on 11/01/2015 5:17:36 AM PST by Son House (The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009; the Original Legislative Fraud.)
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To: Alas Babylon!

Good morning AB, All.

Going to sing at 10 am mass, WITH A WORKING ORGAN….but will return to read the wise and insightful comments of yon thread participants.

As always AB, thank you so much for doing this thread every Sunday, so reliably.

My daughter has returned home, after a three month vacation in the loony bin. Last week I told how I documented all her prescription medicines on a spreadsheet. This week I went through all the various legal papers in her possession and learned a whole lot.

First thing, got to know that here in Delaware we got a system to help “abused” women, a good idea but, heh, abused by the fakes among us.

So I find out, by documenting the activity by date, that the Delaware Family Services did NOT want daughter to keep granddaughter but daughter’s loving therapists said she was find, that daughter was fine caretaker of the granddaughter.

DFS says….and I documented all this on a spreadsheet….that they have grave doubts no matter what the amateurs at this Mind and Body Consortium say. First, DFS says…..daughter is calling crisis center five and six times a day. Second, daughter sends suicide threat to mother-in-law. Third, granddaughter has been asking neighbors for food and money.

And the Mind and Body amateurs continue, over and over, to say they will swear on a stack of bibles that daughter is perfectly fine to keep granddaughter?

See, they get money. They gets lots and lots of money. Last Christmas these amateurs gave daughter and granddaughter over $500 worth of gifts, yes coats and shoes….but no way they took that money out of their profits. They get money, money for therapeutic services for both daughter and granddaughter….and granddaughter despised going to that therapist.

“Oh no,” the Mind and Body Consortium amateurs assured, “we are positive Melissa can handle her child and will go to court to swear so.”

Of course if they lose daughter’s business, boom….whole bunch of money goes away. BUT daughter cannot be admitted to hospital or deal is off.

So daughter been in FOUR hospitals since 8/1/15……the amateurs at Mind and Body consortium, I must suppose were, eh, wrong.

Granddaughter given to her father, where she should have been right along….and the amateurs at Mind and Body Consortium continue to get funds to help abused women.

Daughter has been in the care of these people for two years now. When it started she kicked out husband, got a PFA against him. For a year and a half she was crueler than cruel to him. Yes he had issues but mean, she kept putting the guy in jail, got the PFA extended that Mind and Body might continue with the free gifts and what else? YES…SYMPATHY. She’s as addicted to sympathy more than a heroin addict is to heroin.

Today, after two years under the care of the amateurs at that joke of a place, Melissa lives in the house alone, she has lost custody of her daughter, my daughter got a PFA against ME…(in all those papers I am not mentioned even once, no mention of her getting a PFA (protection from abuse) against her own mother who she set up by ambush. Not mentioned once in a stack of legal papers a foot high.

How is that a success for the Mind and Body Consortium? How can any of them sleep at night?

And don’t forget I told them that daughter had Munchaussen! Told the fake therapists with my own mouth….got permission to talk to them.

Anyway….watched the debate last week….Ted Cruz definite the winner.

And I’d like to thank all of yon freepers who have communicated to me on this matter....thank you, thank you. A kind word and some prayers always helps.

20 posted on 11/01/2015 5:19:02 AM PST by Fishtalk
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