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John Coleman (Weather Channel Founder): COMMENTS ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING [Greatest Scam in History]
ICECAP ^ | November 07, 2007 | John Coleman

Posted on 11/09/2007 7:07:05 AM PST by Tolik

It is the greatest scam in history. I am amazed, appalled and highly offended by it. Global Warming; It is a SCAM.

Some dastardly scientists with environmental and political motives manipulated long term scientific data back in the late 1990's to create an allusion of rapid global warming. Other scientists of the same environmental wacko type jumped into the circle to support and broaden the "research" to further enhance the totally slanted, bogus global warming claims. Their friends in government steered huge research grants their way to keep the movement going. Soon they claimed to be a consensus.

Environmental extremist, notable politicians among them then teamed up with movie, media and other liberal, environmentalist journalists to create this wild "scientific" scenario of the civilization threatening environmental consequences from Global Warming unless we adhere to their radical agenda.

Now their ridicules manipulated science has been accepted as fact and become a cornerstone issue for CNN, CBS, NBC, the Democratic Political Party, the Governor of California, school teachers and, in many cases, well informed but very gullible environmental conscientious citizens. Only one reporter at ABC has been allowed to counter the Global Warming frenzy with one 15 minutes documentary segment.

I do not oppose environmentalism. I do not oppose the political positions of either party.

However, Global Warming, i.e. Climate Change, is not about environmentalism or politics. It is not a religion. It is not something you "believe in." It is science; the science of meteorology. This is my field of life-long expertise. And I am telling you Global Warming is a nonevent, a manufactured crisis and a total scam. I say this knowing you probably won't believe me, a mere TV weatherman, challenging a Nobel Prize, Academy Award and Emmy Award winning former Vice President of United States. So be it.

I suspect you might like to say to me, "John, look the research that supports the case for global warming was done by research scientists; people with PH D's in Meteorology. They are employed by major universities and important research institutions. Their work has been reviewed by other scientists with PH D's. They have to know a lot more about it than you do. Come on, John, get with it. The experts say our pollution has created an strong and increasing greenhouse effect and a rapid, out of control global warming is underway that will sky rocket temperatures, destroy agriculture, melt the ice caps, flood the coastlines and end life as we know it. How can you dissent from this crisis? You must be a bit nutty.

Allow me, please, to explain how I think this all came about. Our universities have become somewhat isolated from the rest of us. There is a culture and attitudes and values and pressures on campus that are very different. I know this group well. My father and my older brother were both PHD-University types. I was raised in the university culture. Any person who spends a decade at a university obtaining a PHD in Meteorology and become a research scientist, more likely than not, becomes a part of that single minded culture. They all look askance at the rest of us, certain of their superiority. They respect government and disrespect business, particularly big business. They are environmentalists above all else.

And, there is something else. These scientists know that if they do research and results are in no way alarming, their research will gather dust on the shelf and their research careers will languish. But if they do research that sounds alarms, they will become well known and respected and receive scholarly awards and, very importantly, more research dollars will come flooding their way.

So when these researchers did climate change studies in the late 90's they were eager to produce findings that would be important and be widely noticed and trigger more research funding. It was easy for them to manipulate the data to come up with the results they wanted to make headlines and at the same time drive their environmental agendas. Then their like minded PHD colleagues reviewed their work and hastened to endorse it without question.

There were a few who didn't fit the mold. They did ask questions and raised objections. They did research with contradictory results. The environmental elitists berated them brushed their studies aside.

I have learned since the Ice Age is coming scare in the 1970's to always be a skeptic about research. In the case of global warming, I didn't accept media accounts. Instead I read dozens of the scientific papers. I have talked with numerous scientists. I have studied. I have thought about it. I know I am correct when I assure you there is no run away climate change. The impact of humans on climate is not catastrophic. Our planet is not in peril. It is all a scam, the result of bad science.

I am not alone in this assessment. There are hundreds of other meteorologists, many of them PH D's, who are as certain as I am that this global warming frenzy is based on bad science and is not valid.

I am incensed by the incredible media glamour, the politically correct silliness and rude dismal of counter arguments by the high priest of Global Warming.

In time, a decade or two, the outrageous scam will be obvious. As the temperature rises, polar ice cap melting, coastal flooding and super storm pattern all fail to occur as predicted everyone will come to realize we have been duped.

The sky is not falling. And, natural cycles and drifts in climate are as much if not more responsible for any climate changes underway.

I strongly believe that the next twenty years are equally as likely to see a cooling trend as they are to see a warming trend.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial
KEYWORDS: agw; globalcooling; globalwarming; scam; weatherchannel
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This is a complete text of COMMENTS ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING by John Coleman

See John’s forecast blog on the KUSI site here.

The article above was published in Icecap with the following introduction:

Intro by Joe D’Aleo, Icecap, CCM
I was privileged to work with John Coleman, the founder of The Weather Channel in the year before it became a reality and then for the first of the 6 years I was fortunate to be the Director of Meteorology. No one worked harder than John to make The Weather Channel a reality and to make sure the staffing, the information and technology was the very best possible at that time.  John currently works with KUSI in San Diego. He posts regularly. I am very pleased to present his latest insightful post.

John Coleman's Forecast & Take On Global Warming   John Coleman :

The Canadian Broadcasting Company's Cable News Network produced an excellent documentary on Global Warming. It is titled " Doomsday Called Off ".

Here are the Youtube URLs to watch it in five parts:

Part 1

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Professor Bob Carter delivered a 35 minute lecture on global warming. If you are in an academic mood, it is excellent. It was recorded and posted in four parts on Youtube. Here are the links:

 I am a member of ICECAP.US a website dedicated to refuting global warming.  Some people may want to see the research behind my dismissive attitude about Global Warming. If you want to wade through scientific jargon, here are some relevant websites.


1 posted on 11/09/2007 7:07:06 AM PST by Tolik
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To: xcamel; Tolerance Sucks Rocks; Reform Canada


2 posted on 11/09/2007 7:08:52 AM PST by Tolik
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To: Tolik

Ping for reference.

3 posted on 11/09/2007 7:12:44 AM PST by bcsco ("The American Indians found out what happens when you don't control immigration.")
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To: Tolik
Previous Thread
4 posted on 11/09/2007 7:13:14 AM PST by E. Pluribus Unum (Islam is a religion of peace, and Muslims reserve the right to kill anyone who says otherwise.)
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To: Tolik
John Coleman was our weatherman here in Chi-Town for many, many, many, many years................but NOBODY beats P.J. Hoff, the Chicago weatherman who drew cartoons of the weather as he gave you the forecast! Now THAT was a weatherman!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 posted on 11/09/2007 7:13:31 AM PST by soozla ("It is God's job to judge the is our job to arrange the meeting" - U.S. Marines)
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To: Tolik

Thanks for posting. Marking this for later reading and forwarding to friends.

6 posted on 11/09/2007 7:21:38 AM PST by Sulsa (Duncan Hunter in '08!)
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To: soozla
*** but NOBODY beats P.J. Hoff, the Chicago weatherman who drew cartoons of the weather as he gave you the forecast! ***

PJ Hoff!?!?
You old fart. Get of the computer and take your Geritol.

I loved watching him too ;-)

7 posted on 11/09/2007 7:22:09 AM PST by Condor51 (Rudy makes John Kerry look like a Right Wing 'Gun Nut' Extremist)
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To: Wings-n-Wind

Ping for Later refs

8 posted on 11/09/2007 7:27:09 AM PST by Wings-n-Wind (The main things are the plain things!)
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To: Tolik

Ping me baby.

9 posted on 11/09/2007 7:27:46 AM PST by YourAdHere (Buy My Book, Bradypalooza, from Amazon.Com)
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To: Tolik
Climate change is a natural constant. Its occurred as long as life has existed on the planet. Its nothing Man can do much about except adapt to it. Global Warming is indeed a scam and will likely lead to wasting billions of dollars on marginal soluitions that won't change the weather significantly. But it will put a crimp in our economic growth and degrade our quality of life.

"Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." - Manuel II Palelologus

10 posted on 11/09/2007 7:31:11 AM PST by goldstategop (In Memory Of A Dearly Beloved Friend Who Lives In My Heart Forever)
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To: Tolik
Basic References:

Lawrence Solomon's "The Deniers" (a series of articles on the view of scientists who have been labelled "Global Warming Deniers"):

Other References:

Antarctic Temperature Trend 1982-2004:

This map (left) shows key areas of Antarctica, including the vast East Antarctic ice sheet. The image on the right shows which areas of the continent's ice are thickening (coloured yellow and red) and thinning (coloured blue). © (Left)British Antarctic Survey, (Right)Science

11 posted on 11/09/2007 7:31:39 AM PST by sourcery (Referring a "social conservative" to the Ninth Amendment is like showing the Cross to Dracula.)
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To: YourAdHere

I don’t ping to the Global Warming. xcamel and Tolerance Sucks Rocks do. And Reform Canada stands for xcamel (at least temporary). My own ping lists you can see on my page.

I hope it was helpful. Thanks.

12 posted on 11/09/2007 7:37:01 AM PST by Tolik
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Comment #13 Removed by Moderator

To: Condor51

I recall as a kid, there was a local weather guy in Columbus, Ga. (I think) who would very dramatically draw all over a chalkboard weathermap. He was always VERY excited and dramatic with his weather report. I LOVED watching him.
I’m old too.

14 posted on 11/09/2007 7:40:19 AM PST by a real Sheila (stop hillary NOW!)
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To: sourcery

Thanks for the links!!

15 posted on 11/09/2007 7:41:38 AM PST by Tolik
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To: Tolik


16 posted on 11/09/2007 7:44:29 AM PST by Sgt_Schultze
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To: Tolik


17 posted on 11/09/2007 7:46:23 AM PST by BIGLOOK (Keelhauling is a sensible solution to mutiny.)
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

Oh. You are right. Thanks

18 posted on 11/09/2007 7:47:05 AM PST by Tolik
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To: Tolik

John Coleman nails it with this letter. His comments concerning the intelligentsia who inhabit the now rotted corpse of academia can be applied not only to global warming but on down the line to every other important issue these pin-heads address. Their bias and motives are becoming increasingly obvious to anyone who has even started to think through these issues.

Unfortunately, university research has been co-opted by the political process to advance certain political and societal goals. Alarmisim and politically correct results have become the avenue by which grants, funding and recognition are guaranteed.

19 posted on 11/09/2007 7:49:03 AM PST by bereanway (Hunter in '08)
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To: bereanway


20 posted on 11/09/2007 7:57:15 AM PST by Unicorn (Too many wimps around.)
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