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Wearing Orange For Osama - Tucson After Action Report of 9/11/2007 moonbat protest and counter-rally ^ | 09/14/2007 | Wayne Boettcher

Posted on 09/15/2007 8:19:52 AM PDT by \/\/ayne

Wearing Orange For Osama

by Wayne Boettcher
Posted: 09/14/2007

When the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Flight 93 occurred, it was a shock to many people. Yet those who follow politics and world affairs easily understood how this had been building up. We were still shocked, but with knowledge and understanding of why this happened. In Somalia, the US mission had been changed from protecting food shipments to nation building. However, not many extra forces were sent in even though they were requested. Our elite troops far surpassed others in skill and daring, but the force of numbers was against them.

Osama Bin Laden was greatly encouraged when our inadequately re-enforced military had to fight their way out of the capital city Mogadishu with little help from their UN coalition allies. Terrorist confidence shot up even more when the US quickly pulled out of Somalia. More attacks occurred, but while the USS Cole was trying desperately to recover from one of them, Democrats were apparently too busy disqualifying military votes in Florida to have much of a response. Instead of with boots on the ground, most Clinton battles were fought using missiles and bombs until few Tomahawk missiles were left. So we knew it was only a matter of time until a larger terrorist bombing occurred.

Bin Laden and his gang of al Qaeda who had committed the 9/11 attacks were being openly harbored by Afghanistan. No country had been very successful fighting them…until the USA came along. After that great victory, it was noticed that many terrorists were also in Iraq. Since Iraq was already violating its agreements from Desert Storm in the early 90's, there was no reason for not conquering that terror supporting country. Another great victory was accomplished in about 17 days.

But left wing activists and politicians protested the War on Terror every step of the way. Why would they do such a thing? When the speeches and rhetoric of the protesters are examined, the answer seems obvious. Should the United States of America defeat terrorism and establish a stable, democratic society in Iraq and Afghanistan, President George Bush would be lauded as a great hero and Republicans would be re-elected. This could not stand. Left wing propaganda campaigns expanded and twisted facts in an ever-growing web of deceit. "Bush Derangement Syndrome" is the term for irrational hatred of the President that has grown from the relentless barrage of liberal lies.

All this was on my mind as I stared at the printout of an email a friend had given me. Incredibly, it was a liberal announcement calling for flag draped cardboard coffins, signs and orange suited activists to protest our troops on September 11, 2007, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm! Usually the signs included a “death count” of troops killed in Iraq to be shown to the military. The orange suits were an accusation of atrocities, implying that prisoners are tortured by the troops at the Guantanamo Bay prison facility. "Gitmo" prisoners have not worn orange suits for many years but liberals and news reporters know very little about any aspect of this prison since they don't bother to click on it's website.

I sent out my own email asking for patriotic Americans to fill up the sidewalks and parking lot in front of the Military Recruiting Center strip mall starting at 5:00 pm. The owner of the strip mall gave us permission to hold the rally to support the troops. Several local conservative talk show hosts, shocked at this blatant disrespect by the left, were receptive of me calling or emailing in to talk about it as well. Several blogs posted my counter-announcement. However, I had no idea how many would show up on either side.

In fact, I was slightly delayed myself but many patriots had come early to set up almost a hundred American, military and patriotic flags along with some big banners and signs. By the time I got there at 5:20 pm there were about ninety people waving flags and signs supporting the troops. I had passed the left wing extremists setting up a block away with ten or so people. I treated them to the Marines and Navy songs while stopped at the red light, which earned me a thumb down. Seems like they didn't "support the troops" after all! "Traitors!" I called out as I pulled away.

The happy, patriotic Americans at the Recruiting Center were all shaking hands and getting to know one another as the major traffic flow traveling east from downtown gave deafening honks and yells of support for the troops. A smoke belching, crudely painted "Wheels of Justice" surplus school bus chugged by with scruffy looking inhabitants. Later it went by in the other direction, leaving early. More and more people kept showing up to support the troops until there were well over a hundred. There was only 25-30 wacky liberals at Tucson Blvd and Speedway Blvd.

According to the email printout obtained by, their plan was to start there and “drift over” to the Recruiting Center. That did not happen, but “World Can’t Wait,” a front group for “Revolutionary Communist Party,” did initiate their tired old street theater production of a supposed trooper leading prisoners. Comically, the fake trooper had an Air Force pilot’s uniform (pilots don’t guard prisoners) and as mentioned before prisoners don’t wear orange. They usually try to walk through the Pro-Americans if any are at the protest.

Little did the hapless “moonbats” (a common term for extremists) know that one of the Pro-Americans had anticipated this action, having seen it before. As they approached he began to march in front of them with an American flag and a sign. I fell in behind with my sign “Say No To Communism” and lectured them with a bullhorn on the evils of Communism (over one hundred million killed in the Twentieth Century). The crowd of Pro-Americans laughed as I explained how the orange suits were provided by World Can’t Wait (this information was on their email) and the suit wearers embraced a philosophy of tyranny and death.

The moonbats marched west through our crowd and past them until they got to a crosswalk, then crossed over and went back to their corner. Our Pro-Americans went in front of them the entire way, with several of us behind them as well. When we got to “their” corner our man who had been leading the WCW theater production turned and showed them his sign – “Wearing Orange For Osama.” Since we were there, we decided to walk through their protest with our signs but the police refused to allow it. While normally there is no permit needed for a protest in Tucson and anyone is allowed to walk anywhere, Pro-Americans always honor police requests immediately. We did have a question.

“Why are they allowed to walk through our crowd, then?” we asked. We knew the real answer – conservatives are trustworthy people who don’t riot. There was no telling what the strange looking moonbats would do if we walked through them. However, that could not be said openly. To show equality the police agreed to remove all moonbats from our rally section and did so. The few scattered through our crowd argued bitterly with the authorities but finally left. Throughout the rest of the rally they tried a few more times to “invade” to no avail. Finally all the liberals left promptly at their pre-appointed surrender time of 7:30 pm.

Far from being demoralized and discouraged as the left had planned, the troops (who were working late with no extra pay as US Armed Forces often do) were heartily encouraged by the many Pro-Americans and cars honking to support them. All across the nation, troop support is overcoming liberal news media censorship of success stories, left wing propaganda and wacky conspiracy theorists. Find out what’s going on in your town and show up with a flag, sign or banner. Or start your own regular troop support rally. Now is the time to stand up for our troops, and America!

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That's my weekly column above here are some extras bits of info for the Free Republic report:

1. I had a great call to conservative radio station KNST 790 on September 11th. A lot of people told me they came because of that. Charles Heller, host of 3 Radio Shows on KVOI 690 (Swap Shop, Liberty Watch, and America Armed and Free) came to support the troops. I also announced it as a public event on his "Swap Shop." Jon Justice of 104.1 FM read my email announcement over the air.

2. The conspiracy nuts were there with their giant banner similar to the Walter Reed MOAB, except it's in black and white and stenciled. They claim they are not Communists, but work closely with World Can't Wait.

3. The fake MSNBC cameraman was sent back to the moonbat corner, too. I don't know what public access cable show he was from.

4. The famous Tucson Police Deptartment Bicycle Squad was unfortunately not there but the small number of police who did come learned a lot about protests and moonbat crowd control. We spoke to several young Marine veteran cops who will probably rise high in the ranks due to their knowledge, tact and good sense.

5. One lady stopped in traffic in front of the rally was giving enthusiastic waves to us. "Be sure and yell at them that they're traiters" I suggested, pointed down the road. "They're down there? You bet I will," she replied.

6. The Fox 11 TV news story on the protest implied that both sides were "noisy" while the Tucson Pop's concert was a "quiet" way to remember 9/11. However, the reporter snuck in that most at the concert wanted to support the troops.

TOPICS: Activism/Chapters; Free Republic; US: Arizona; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: aar; moonbat; orangeforosama; rally; september11th; sixthanniversary; supportourtroops; tucson
SW Corner - troop support signs and flags

(Above) The SouthWest corner of Speedway and Wilson was filled with troop supporters.

SE Corner - troop support signs, banner and flags

(Above) The SouthEast corner was the beginning of a long line of Pro-Americans.

In front of the recruiting center, many people, signs, flags, traffic

(Above) Over 100 troop supporters eventually filled up the sidewalks in front of the Military Recruiting Center.

Several Protesters Wearing Orange

(Above) There were about 6 orange clad wackos but a couple got lost on the way and were eventually shooed back to their corner by police. These are two of the four still following the fake trooper. Note the man with the sign in front!

Sign - Wearing Orange For Osama

(Above) They did not know what this sign said until they got back!

Sign - Don't Believe Left - Wing Propaganda and Lies

(Above) I follwed behind the trail of propaganda pedestrians. The other side of the sign says "Say No To Communism. As we arrived at Tucson Blvd I was finishing up singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Freaked out ladies in disguise

(Above) At Tucson Blvd and Speedway Blvd we saw left wing extremists attempting to disguise themselves as ordinary grandmothers. They were singing propaganda songs with "clever" lyrics they make up.

Sign - Conspiracy nuts are misguided

(Above) I show my new sign to a moonbat cameraman wearing an MSNBC hat to fool the police. The orange scarf and wacky rhetoric give him away, though.

Sign - Thank you Pres Bush and Troops zero attacks

(Above) A Pro-American thanks the troops and President for zero attacks.

Map and diagram

(Above) Map of the area with arrows and descriptions.

1 posted on 09/15/2007 8:20:08 AM PDT by \/\/ayne
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To: \/\/ayne
Whoops, the Guantanamo Bay Prison Facility Website is not "by Sgt. Serena Hayden." I changed that link from a DoD article by her to the main prison website. Note the white cotton suits the prisoners are wearing at "Club Gitmo."
2 posted on 09/15/2007 8:35:46 AM PDT by \/\/ayne (I regret that I have but one subscription cancellation notice to give to my local newspaper.)
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To: \/\/ayne


3 posted on 09/15/2007 8:46:07 AM PDT by Fudd Fan (hey RINOs and RATs... FEAR THE FRED!!)
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To: \/\/ayne
Way to go!

I love seeing the homefront getting energized again. Keep up the GREAT work!

4 posted on 09/15/2007 8:57:55 AM PDT by Allegra (It's been very, very quiet here for a while...pray that I don't have to change this tagline.)
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To: \/\/ayne

I’d like to see ALL backers of Islamo-Fascism wearing orange jumpsuits....with serial numbers an “D.O.C.” on the back!

5 posted on 09/15/2007 4:49:30 PM PDT by SERKIT ("Blazing Saddles" explains it all.....)
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To: \/\/ayne

Whoops another correction, the fake news cameraman had a CNBC hat, not MSNBC.

6 posted on 09/15/2007 7:55:36 PM PDT by \/\/ayne (I regret that I have but one subscription cancellation notice to give to my local newspaper.)
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To: \/\/ayne

I saw another photo during the summer which showed a prisoner exercising outdoors in full islamic dress.

7 posted on 09/16/2007 1:12:05 PM PDT by Albertafriend
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To: \/\/ayne
Hey \/\/ayne, another great day for the good guys. 90 supporters this week, wow, great support for the good guys.

Thanks for the Report and entertainment. I thought after this weekend’s Walter Reed and GoE III Rallies that I saw and heard all the good stuff. You proved me wrong.

Thanks for being there week after week.

There will not be an Olney Thread this week. we were all down in D.C. But a Halliburton spy satellite showed only 6 moonbats in Olney this week. The resolution was not to great, but I think they all finally had smiles on their faces since we were not there.

[Mr] T

8 posted on 09/16/2007 6:22:42 PM PDT by trooprally (Never Give Up - Never Give In - Remember Our Troops)
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To: \/\/ayne

good job!

tucson has some real whackos.

9 posted on 09/16/2007 6:28:04 PM PDT by ken21 ( people die + you never hear from them again.)
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To: trooprally
Thanks, Trooprally, to tell you the truth we didn't even check on Saturday, heard no word they would be out anywhere. Even if they were, people are getting to know them now as the moonbats that they are.

Correction on link: This is the other side of the sign that says 'Say No To Communism.'

10 posted on 09/16/2007 7:13:50 PM PDT by \/\/ayne (I regret that I have but one subscription cancellation notice to give to my local newspaper.)
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To: \/\/ayne
Great job!

I have always thought it would be fun to infiltrate a bunch of protesting moonbats with signs that read [OSOMA WAS RIGHT] [COMMUNISM NOW] [WE HATE AMERICA] [VOTE FOR HILLARY FOR QUEEN]. We could pretend to be moonbats and say the stuff they believe deep down. Just think of what the bypassers would think. he he

11 posted on 09/18/2007 6:50:07 AM PDT by Ditter
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