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The majority is wrong about Bush
The Charleston Gazette ^ | 4-16-06 | Don Surber

Posted on 04/16/2006 6:50:10 AM PDT by veronica

President Bush’s approval rating is pretty low. He is behind car salesmen, but still ahead of journalists and Congress. A recent Gallup Poll found that only 37 percent of the public approves of the job he is doing as president.

Picky, picky, picky.

Now George W. Bush is too nice to say this, but maybe the problem is with the American people. We are a nation of ingrates.

Let me give you an example. The New York Times painstakingly examined the investment tax break and came up with a list of the counties that benefited most from this change in policy.

Among the chief beneficiaries was Marin County, Calif., outside of San Francisco.

How did Marin County voters show their appreciation? In 2004, 73 percent voted for John Kerry and 25 percent voted for Bush.

Come to think of it, the five most affluent states — Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland and New York — all voted for Kerry.

At the other end of the scale, all 10 of the poorest states went with Bush in 2004.

Increasing the child tax credit to $1,000 and ending the marriage penalty helped drop taxes by an average of $1,083 in 2003 for the nation’s 92 million taxpayers.

And people saw the results in other ways. The unemployment rate shrank from 6.3 percent in 2003 to 5.1 percent in 2005 to 4.7 percent last month.

That is pretty good considering that the attacks of Sept. 11th knocked the stock market out for nearly a week and that oil prices rose to $70 a barrel.

It is even better when one considers the United States just lost a major city to Hurricane Katrina — or rather, New Orleans failed to properly maintain the levee system given it by American taxpayers.

Indeed, the same poll that found 60 percent disapprove of Bush’s handling of the economy found 59 percent of Americans rate the economic condition of the nation as good — and 60 percent said they expect that a year from now the economy will be good.

It is not the economy, stupid. It is the war.

Iraq is not so much Vietnam as it is Korea. Gen. Dwight Eisenhower ran for president promising to end the war in Korea. He did.

Our troops are still there, as is our commitment. Americans surely knew going in that there would be a long-term commitment in Iraq.

In judging the Bush presidency, Americans must not overlook the No Child Left Behind reforms, which shifted the emphasis in education from the bureaucracy back to the child.

Much to my surprise, the convoluted Medicare prescription plan seems to be working. A survey showed three-quarters of those who signed up say they are saving money.

My guess is that 60 percent of them nonetheless would say Bush is doing a poor job handling the prescription program.

The war overwhelms all that, which is not surprising. I would guess that if Gallup asked, 60 percent would disapprove of his handling of the weather.

The president takes it in stride. Bush spoke at Johns Hopkins University earlier this month. He was asked about the polls and the protest.

“Yes, I hear the protests,” Bush said. “And I can understand why. I can understand why people are concerned about war. Nobody likes war, particularly me.

“I knew exactly what was going to happen when I committed these troops into harm’s way. I knew there would be — people would lose their life. And I knew I’d be trying to comfort mothers and fathers and grieving wives. I knew exactly what was coming.

“And if I didn’t think it was the right thing to do, I wouldn’t have sent them. And if I didn’t think we could succeed in Iraq, I’d pull them out.”

President Bush bet his presidency on Iraq. Like Harry Truman before him, Bush had no choice. States that sponsor terrorism must be brought in line.

Truman was not appreciated in his time. Bush is not appreciated now. Most of the time, the majority is right.

This is not one of those times.

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1 posted on 04/16/2006 6:50:13 AM PDT by veronica
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To: veronica

Good read, thanks!!!!

2 posted on 04/16/2006 6:52:33 AM PDT by jdm
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To: veronica
3 posted on 04/16/2006 6:54:46 AM PDT by Tribune7
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To: veronica
if Gallup asked, 60 percent would disapprove of his handling of the weather.

I'd like to see that poll done.

Not an online poll, but an official "scientific" poll.

The results would be revealing.

4 posted on 04/16/2006 6:55:04 AM PDT by Izzy Dunne (Hello, I'm a TAGLINE virus. Please help me spread by copying me into YOUR tag line.)
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To: veronica

Were they wrong when they voted for him, or are they only wrong when they disagree with the author? I'll bet when the polls agree with the author, he's got a few hackneyed cliches about the "wisdom of the American people ready to go."

5 posted on 04/16/2006 6:56:50 AM PDT by Huck (REINTRODUCE THE REID IMMIGRATION BILL!!!)
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To: Tribune7

Something else nobody notices and that is they don't tout their title to get personal bennies. Laura Bush went to Yosemite with friends back in the early 90s and she put her name on a waiting list. We know what Theresa Kerry or Hillary Clinton would have done in that same situation!

6 posted on 04/16/2006 6:57:09 AM PDT by princess leah
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To: veronica

People today tend to live in the present and forget about the long haul. Solutions to some of our problems require the long haul approach.

7 posted on 04/16/2006 6:57:39 AM PDT by deport
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To: veronica

It's the border, stupid. New York City is getting ready to pass legislation allowing illegals to vote in municipal elections. San Francisco is getting ready to do the same i some municipal elections. Any conservative who isn't behind the wall, opposes amnesty, and opposes guest workers simply doesn't understand what is at stake here.

8 posted on 04/16/2006 6:58:04 AM PDT by Old_Mil ( - Forging a Rebirth of Freedom.)
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To: veronica
I agree with the author that overall, Bush is doing a good job. I think there are two reasons why Bush's poll numbers are so low.

One reason is that Bush is constantly bashed by the mainstream media. A steady stream of negative news stories has to have a impact on Bush's popularity with the general, non-political minded public.

The second and more important reason that Bush's numbers are so low is because of Bush's reluctance to get tough on the issue of illegal immigration and border security. Bush is losing his base on this issue.
9 posted on 04/16/2006 7:01:03 AM PDT by Ticonderoga34
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To: veronica

No matter how low the President's poll numbers go, that of congress' will always be lower.

10 posted on 04/16/2006 7:01:35 AM PDT by quantim (If the Constitution were perfect, it wouldn't have included the Senate.)
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To: veronica


11 posted on 04/16/2006 7:01:49 AM PDT by Rennes Templar ("The future ain't what it used to be".........Yogi Berra)
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To: princess leah
These polls are bullship. Rasmussen just had President Bush at 45% approval but you won't see this quoted in the msm. He is doing the best that he can and his first priority is National Security. When the second set of airplanes flew into the Sears towers in Chicago on March 2, 2002..... oh it didn't happen? Why not? When the jihadists smuggled the dirty bomb into San Francisco on June 5, 2004.... oh it didn't happen?

If anyone can truly say that on September 11, 2001 they really thought that we would go five years without another major attack on the USA, they would have been committed.

12 posted on 04/16/2006 7:05:52 AM PDT by USS Alaska (Nuke the terrorist savages - In Honor of Standing Wolf)
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To: zert_28

I disagree, Bush is doing a terrible job and will rate as one of the worst presidents in US history.

We are in a time of war and being invaded by tens of millions of anti-american aliens, yet the last time I saw Bush, he was rock climbing with Vincente Fox.

I regret that I ever voted for Bush.

13 posted on 04/16/2006 7:06:47 AM PDT by wrathof59
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To: Old_Mil
Image hosting by Photobucket
14 posted on 04/16/2006 7:07:27 AM PDT by Dick Bachert
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To: wrathof59

The xenophobic, isolationist right is blind. The obsession with immigration will sink the GOP if things continue this way. I am a lot less concerned about Mexicans than I am about Muslims. Mexicans did not fly planes into buildings on 9-11.

15 posted on 04/16/2006 7:11:02 AM PDT by veronica ("A person needs a sense of mission like the air he breathes...")
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To: veronica
"According to...Ahmadinejad's strategic guru, Hassan Abassi, known as the 'Dr Kissinger of Islam', President George W Bush is an aberration, an exception to a rule under which all American presidents since Truman, when faced with serious setbacks abroad, have 'run away'. Iran's current strategy, therefore, is to wait Bush out. And that, by 'divine coincidence', corresponds to the time Iran needs to develop its nuclear arsenal..."

"The Frightening Truth of Why Iran Wants a Bomb"
By Amir Taheri
The Sunday Telegraph (UK)
April 16, 2006

16 posted on 04/16/2006 7:11:13 AM PDT by Savage Beast (The Spirit of Flight 93 is the Spirit of America.)
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To: wrathof59

I didn't know Pat Buchanan had an account here.

17 posted on 04/16/2006 7:11:39 AM PDT by tlb
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Comment #18 Removed by Moderator

To: tlb

The Pat Buchanan right is as poisonous as the Daily Kos left. Same sort of mental cases, IMO.

19 posted on 04/16/2006 7:14:13 AM PDT by veronica ("A person needs a sense of mission like the air he breathes...")
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To: veronica
What a boatload!

By leaving out unpleasant details Don Surbur has actually justified the nation's displeasure with President Bush.

First he calls US a nation of "ingrates". It's Bush who is the "ingrate".

Surber's first order of business is to shoot down the misconception that "people don't vote for principle, they vote for whoever will give them the most 'pork'" while also illustrating that giving money back to us in and of itself doesn't make us "happy". Bush can't buy my vote or my support any more than he can buy the support of voters in Marin county.

And then he proceeds to illustrate why Bush blew it big time with Katrina. Bush rewarded the corrupt and irresponsible governments in NOLA and LA by giving them billions of our money and then put the blame on his FEMA director by firing him.


20 posted on 04/16/2006 7:17:40 AM PDT by manwiththehands (I'm a single issue voter this year: illegal immigration.)
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