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How do you say No NAIS in Japanese?
various ^ | February 7, 2006

Posted on 02/07/2006 10:13:40 AM PST by Calpernia

How do you say No NAIS in Japanese?

Say no to the National Animal Identification System (NAIS)

The USDA and the agricultural business giants have been crafting a national animal identification scheme that threatens the freedoms of the citizens of the United States of America. The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is the creation of various businesses, such as Monsanto Company, to monopolize American food production by using fear tactics to advance their agenda. The NAIS scheme was not created by any act of our government. NAIS is merely a presumptuous bureaucratic dictate.

So who is Monanto Company?

In the late 1970s, Monsanto developed a longer-term strategy that would enable it to reduce its dependence on low-return petroleum-based products. A central feature of the strategy involved an increase in activity in the areas of nutritional chemicals and agricultural products and a move into the new area of health care. Biotechnology, particularly genetic engineering, was attractive since it affected all three of these areas. In 1979 Monsanto hired Dr. Howard A. Schneiderman, a biochemist from the University of California, Irvine, who became a senior Vice-President and Chief Scientist in charge of the Corporate Research and Development Division. It was Schneiderman who spearheaded the company's drive into biotechnology and genetic engineering. To facilitate its move into new areas, the company's R&D budget was increased considerably, from 2.6% of sales in 1979 to 5% in 1983 and 7% in 1985 (Monsanto, 1985). In 1985, 57% of R&D expenditure was in the area of life sciences. With 1985 sales of $6,747 million, the R&D budget for 1986 is around $470 million, implying a research budget of about $270 million in the life sciences. Monsanto has followed a number of paths in its attempt to build its biotechnology-related capabilities. To begin with, Monsanto has established links with universities. Most important of these has been a link with the School of Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. Monsanto provided the university with $23.5 million over five years in return for cooperative research projects in biotechnology. One benefit the company has received from this relationship is G.D. Searle & Co.'s development of atrial peptides, which control high blood pressure; these compounds were originally isolated and identified by Professor Philip Needleman, Head of the Pharmacology Department at the University. Monsanto has signed research agreements with a number of other universities, including Harvard, Oxford, and Rockefeller Universities. The company's university links were the subject of a congressional enquiry, headed by then Congressman Al Gore, which concluded that the relationship was not detrimental to the university system.

Intellectual Property and Research

The company's univeristy links also show an interesting intellectual property rights issue. Example, with the Monsanto-Washington University link is intended to facilitate cooperative work between company and university scientists working collaboratively on research projects. An eight-member advisory committee divided equally between Monsanto researchers and Washington University faculty makes the final decision regarding research funding. The agreement stipulates that 30% of the research will be basic research, while 70% will be research directly applicable to human disease. The United States Congress, Office of Technology Assessment Report on Biotechnology (1984) summarized the provisions regarding intellectual property rights: 'Washington University faculty members will be at liberty to publish results of any research done under the Monsanto funding. Monsanto will exercise the right of prior review of draft materials, because they may contain potentially patentable technical developments. If they do, Monsanto can request a delay of submission for publication or other public disclosure in order to begin the patent process'. Patent rights will be retained by Washington University but Monsanto will have exclusive rights to licences. If Monsanto chooses not to license a patent then the university will be free to issue the licence to others. Royalties will go to Washington University and not to the individual researchers, but will normally go to their laboratory.

The Database

Monsanto then gives the universities access to their vast corporate digital library initiatives. Monsanto's online solution was a pioneering effort that provides a vast knowledge sharing through the Internet that includes data and solutions for:

Monsanto and Biotechnology

Along with universities, Monsanto has been linking with biotechnology firms through acquisition and mergers, marketing agreements, contractual agreements to provide assets, and joint ventures.

One such company Monsanto has developed a relationship with is Mitsubishi Pharma Corp. Mitsubishi itself has an interesting corporate history. The smaller businesses that eventually merged into Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation are worth mentioning.

Green Cross Corporation was founded in 1950 as Japan's first commercial blood bank and became a diversified international pharmaceutical company producing ethical drugs for delivery or administration by doctors and healthcare workers. It included war criminals such as Kitano Masaji who performed human experimentation in Unit 731 of the Japanese military during World War II.

The company merged into Yoshitomi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd On April 1, 1998, and renamed to Welfide Corporation on April 1, 2000. Finally Welfide Corp. and Mitsubishi-Tokyo Pharmaceutical Inc. were mereged to form Mitsubishi Pharma Corp. on October 1, 2001.

Throughout their history of company names, there follows a history of tainted blood scandals.

Japan's HIV-tainted blood scandal, known in Japanese as, yakugai eizu jiken, refers between one and two thousand cases in the 1980s in which Japanese patients with haemophilia contracted HIV via tainted blood products. The man that was found guilty of professional negligence resulting in these deaths, Matsushita Renzo, former head of the Ministry of Health and Welfare's Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureaum, became president of Green Cross and after serving his jail time.

Nanotechnology Micro-scale machines, such as DNA chips

The term "nanotechnology" was named in 1974 by Tokyo Science University professor Norio Taniguchi, author of "Nanotechnology: Integrated Processing Systems for Ultra-Precision and Ultra-Fine Products".

Before Bill Clinton left office, he authorized an 84% increase in the government's investment in nanotechnology research and development, National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) and made it a top priority.

Genes and the products of genetic engineering can be patented and owned. In 1980, two federal landmark decisions influenced the business side of biotechnology. A Supreme Court ruling allowed patents to be granted for genetically engineered organisms, processes of transforming cells and expressing proteins, and genes themselves. More recently, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a Patent Office decision and ruled that DNA sequences that code for particular proteins are patentable. The Bayh Dole Act rules that all intellectual property resulting from federal funding resides in the university, rather than in the government. Unless, the univeristy link is linked to funding by a company, such as Monsanto.

This is what is fueling the drive for a major restructuring of the agriculture, food, and fiber industries. The Bio and now Nanotechnology sciences have presented fundamental problems for the protection of intellectual property rights. As the main OECD publication on patent protection has put it (Beier et al., 1985):
"In the past the patent system rested safely on a semantically clear [and] objectively defensible separation between (patentable) invention' and (non-patentable) 'discovery'. The recent development of biotechnology where some scientific discoveries could be turned into commercial products almost immediately has blurred this separation. This may have far-reaching legal and practical consequences."

Monsanto has sued hundreds of farmers for saving gene-altered seeds from each year's harvest to replant their fields the following season -- a practice farmers have followed for years. In fact, three-quarters of the world's growers are subsistence farmers who rely on saved seed. Monsanto claims "seed piracy" and said replanting the company's patented, gene-altered seeds violates a three-year-old company rule requiring that farmers buy the seeds fresh every year. Monsanto does not sell its engineered seeds in the traditional sense but "leases" them, in effect, for one time use only.

The Creation of National Animal Identification System

Monsanto and other agricultural business giants have successfully laid the ground work to implement a "lease" on all of the United State's agriculture. The NAIS plan requires two types of mandatory registration for everyone who owns even just one animal. First, owners must register their name, home address, telephone number and Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates of their 'premise' in a vast corporate digital library. Secondly, in order for any animal to leave its 'premise', the owner will be required to obtain an ID number for it which will be kept in a vast corporate digital library and have the animal microchipped.

The NAIS requirements have yet been forthright as to whether DNA samples will be required in the future.

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1 posted on 02/07/2006 10:13:43 AM PST by Calpernia
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To: KylaStarr; Cindy; StillProud2BeFree; nw_arizona_granny; Velveeta; Dolphy; appalachian_dweller; ...


2 posted on 02/07/2006 10:15:06 AM PST by Calpernia (
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To: freepatriot32


3 posted on 02/07/2006 10:16:49 AM PST by tertiary01 (Dems ..the party that repeats history's mistakes over and over and....)
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To: Calpernia


4 posted on 02/07/2006 10:18:24 AM PST by Fiddlstix (Tagline Repair Service. Let us fix those broken Taglines. Inquire within(Presented by TagLines R US))
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To: Calpernia


Don't get me started on the Equine Passport!!

5 posted on 02/07/2006 10:20:25 AM PST by Tyche (It is easier to take life than to give it.)
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To: Calpernia
How do you say No NAIS in Japanese?

My Japanese isn't very good. Would "NAIS dewa arimasen" work??
6 posted on 02/07/2006 10:22:02 AM PST by Zetman (This secret to simple and inexpensive cold fusion intentionally left blank.)
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To: Zetman


7 posted on 02/07/2006 10:24:44 AM PST by Calpernia (
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To: Tyche

8 posted on 02/07/2006 10:27:06 AM PST by Calpernia (
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To: devolve

No NAIS graphic made by freeper devolve.

Thank you!

9 posted on 02/07/2006 10:29:06 AM PST by Calpernia (
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To: potlatch

Bar code by potlatch!


10 posted on 02/07/2006 10:30:18 AM PST by Calpernia (
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To: vrwc0915; muawiyah; snowsislander


11 posted on 02/07/2006 10:34:11 AM PST by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia
One of my neighbors was raising worms commercially.

Not sure how NAIS is going to work out with that sort of livestock.

12 posted on 02/07/2006 10:38:30 AM PST by muawiyah (-)
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To: muawiyah
We raise worms and crickets too.

Maybe they will have them barcoded like the eggs?


13 posted on 02/07/2006 10:44:15 AM PST by Calpernia (
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To: muawiyah
I owned a worm ranch, once. Until the stampede, things were working well.

The only thing I hated was branding season. My brand was "Bob's quality ranch worms".

I had to hire Hispanic Illegal aliens as worm wranglers, because nobody in the U.S. would apply for the job.
14 posted on 02/07/2006 10:44:59 AM PST by Lokibob (Spelling and typos are copyrighted. Please do not use.)
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To: Lokibob

Hey! I know some Beekeepers that you can refer those illegals too, since they have branding experience and are now out of work.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your livestock.



15 posted on 02/07/2006 10:49:10 AM PST by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia

Cross your arms like an X, in front of you, and keep repeating...'No, NAIS...No, NAIS', eventually they will understand. Making a sucking sound with your teeth closed will help also.

16 posted on 02/07/2006 10:50:39 AM PST by stuartcr (Everything happens as God wants it to.....otherwise, things would be different.)
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To: stuartcr

Not complying with the microchipping is a Class C felony. You will lose your rights to bear arms and vote.

17 posted on 02/07/2006 10:51:51 AM PST by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia

"Hey! I know some Beekeepers ..."

Would those be Freeperbeekeepers by any chance?

18 posted on 02/07/2006 10:55:55 AM PST by Anselma (We create a rising call to Impeach The Nastyicrat Leadership.)
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To: Calpernia; Strawberry Blonde; potlatch; ntnychik; PhilDragoo

19 posted on 02/07/2006 10:57:10 AM PST by devolve (<-- (-in a manner reminiscent of Senator Gasbag F. Kohnman-)
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To: devolve


20 posted on 02/07/2006 10:58:35 AM PST by Calpernia (
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