Corrupt Mexican Army at War with California and the Nation

Corrupt Mexican Army at War with California and the Nation – The Explosive Reality of Drugs, Illegal Immigration, Border Insecurity and Colossal Greed and Corruption on Both Sides of the Border

At 2:15 PM on Monday, January 23, a large number of heavily armed Mexican Army soldiers had a standoff with nearly 30 U.S. law enforcement officials near Neely's Crossing, on U.S. soil, 50 miles east of El Paso. According to the Hudspeth County Sheriff's Department and the FBI, Mexican military Humvees were towing what appeared to be thousands of pounds of marijuana across the border into the United States. Mexican soldiers armed with several mounted machine guns on the ground held their position more than 200 yards inside of United States territory. Sheriff Deputies captured a Cadillac Escalade reportedly stolen from El Paso laden with 1,477 pounds of marijuana; as well as one of the Humvees which the soldiers had set on fire. Inland Valley Daily Bulleting reporters Sara Carter and Kenneth Todd Ruiz, in their stunning coverage of this story, quote Chief Deputy Sheriff Mike Doyal as saying that these incidents are common at Neely's Crossing.

In a Homeland Security document uncovered by the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin on January 15 th, it states that 216 Mexican army incursions have occurred in the last 10 years. This is loudly contested by T. J. Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council, the Border Patrol agent's national union, who says that these incursion are far more common and that the Border Patrol agents reports to headquarters in Washington are routinely ignored as is the risks that this armed incursions represent to the agents and area residents. The frequency of the violations has been corroborated repeatedly by the likes of Texas State Representative, John Culberson who earlier this month toured the Laredo area with no less than Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. Rep. Culberson was told by sheriffs and Border Patrol agents that standoffs with “uniformed, machine gun-toting military people”, occur regularly. The secret document points to El Centro, California as the place where the greatest number of dangerous incursions has taken place out of our entire 2000 mile border with Mexico.

In a Daily Bulleting series entitled, Beyond Borders, the newspaper related an incident from 2000 when 16 Mexican soldiers were arrested by Border Patrol agents in a small town west of El Paso, New Mexico after the soldiers fired on the agents. Inexplicably, U. S. State Department officials forced the border agents to release the soldiers and return them to Mexico with their weapons! What the American people do not know about these broken border threats the better; that seems to be what our government thinks is best for us.

Indicative of the influence of the multi-billion dollar border drug trade, the trade in humans and the dependency of major campaign contributors on cheap desperate illegal alien labor, just how huge is the corrupting power of the crime cartels allowed to thrive at our broken borders? An especial CBS News Report on border crime and illegal immigration put the drug cartels as doing a brisk $140 billion annually and trafficking in humans as generating $10 billion or $150 billion combined.

To put things in perspective, California 's entire education budget is a pittance at approximately 40 billion. In fact, California 's state budget is approximately 82 billion. Drug and Human Trafficking at our porous southern border would rank 5 th in the Fortune 500 top companies, only behind Walmart, Exxon, General Motors and Ford. As an expression of gross national product (GNP) this criminal enterprise would rank 53 rd among all nations, just after Finland. Border Crime carries quite a powerful punch and leaves in its wake unimaginable influence peddling on both sides of the border.

The veiling of the truth about border insecurity is compounded by Departmental policy that muzzles the Border Patrol Agents so as not to contradict Whitehouse policy. That policy seems to be to appear tough on terrorism so long as it does not draw attention to the flood of cheap illegal labor through our broken borders. This Administration and some elected representatives of BOTH parties favor not enforcing immigration law for the sake of their biggest and richest corporate donors who are addicted to cheap and docile illegal labor. The U.S. Chamber or Commerce, which represents the mightiest businesses, many of which are lacking conscience but none lacking a lobbying budget, has recently weighed-in in favor, of all things, giving Guest Worker Amnesty to 15 to 20 million illegal aliens rather than insuring border security for the benefit of all Americans.

Two southern California Congressman, Duncan Hunter, R-San Diego, a longtime advocate of border security and the enforcement of immigration law and David Dreier, R-Glendora, who only recently voted for the House of Representative's comprehensive border security bill HR 4437, fired a letter on January 19 th to the House Judiciary Committee, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chernoff, the House Homeland Security Committee and the House International Relations Committee demanding an immediate investigation.

Why this is such is a revelations to the media may seem ironic to Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo, chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus who said in a May 2002 press conference that there were 23 incursions by the Mexican Army in 2001 alone.

On January 10 th Sara Carter and fellow reporter Mason Stockstill of the Daily Bulleting ferreted out a confidential Homeland Security memo that said Mexican smugglers planned to hire violent MS-13 gang members to murder U.S. Border Patrol agents. Yet, many agents, including union chief T. J. Bonner, were unaware of the “Officer Safety Alert” until contacted by the Daily Bulletin, 19 days after the December 21 date on the federal alert.

According to Chris Swedker, Assistant Director, Criminal Investigative Division for the FBI, on testimony before the Congress in April of 2005, said that MS-13 originated in El Salvador and later spread to the rest of Central America and North America; it is considered by the FBI as one of the most dangerous gangs in the United States. MS-13 has over 20,000 members and is now found in 33 states. MS-13 is involved in incidents of murder, rape, racketeering, assault and extortion and alien smuggling. They recruit new members from among the illegal alien population in our cities. Senator Dianne Feinstein on testimony before the Senate Jundiciary committee stated that there were an estimated 6800 gang crimes in Los Angeles County alone. This month, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducted raids in six cities and arrested more than 100 gang members.

Carrying the torch for President Bush's failed border policies may cause the undoing of the Homeland Defense Secretary Michael Chertoff. The President, as illustrated by the latest Mexican military incursion, has failed in securing our borders from armed incursions; has failed in applying the 9/11 Commissions border security recommendations and sadly has failed in taking under considerations the pleads of the 9/11 Families for a Safe America to plug the holes left open at our border for 4 years following their grave loss at the World Trade Center.

A good example of this administration's insensitivity to the Border Patrol men and women is a confidential instruction card issued by the U.S. Department of Customs and Border Protection to Border Patrol Agents working in the Tucson sector in Arizona. First the Department cautions the agents that the “Mexican military are trained to escape, evade and counter-ambush if it will effect their escape”; then the cards ask the agents who come across Mexican soldiers on our soil “to keep a low profile and use shadows to camouflage and hide.” If you would like to see Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff use “shadows and camouflage” to ward against the pointed barrel of a Mexican soldier's weapon, raise your hand!

Deflecting arrows for President Bush, including sharp ones from his own party, Secretary Chertoff may have finally managed to offend all of us by saying in a televised national press conference that reports and concerns over the armed Mexican military incursion this past Monday, where armed criminal aliens held 30 U.S. law enforcement officers at bay, was “over-blown”. Overblown?

Chris Simcox, one of the founders of the Minuteman Project, a volunteer citizen watch group in large measure responsible for exposing America 's vulnerability to terrorism at our borders and President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has called for Chertoff resignation. Quoting Simcox, “If heavily armed members of the Mexican Army are crossing the border with impunity guarding drug shipments, what's to stop al-Qaeda from doing the same thing with weapons of mass destruction?

In February the Senate will debate a comprehensive border security and immigration law enforcement House bill, HR 4437.

HR 4437 is a good start and it does not contain the Senate expected Guest Worker Amnesty that panders to powerful unethical employers who enrich our elected representative's election treasure troves while putting out of business good employers that pay living wages and protect their employees with on the job injury protection.

I am a foreign born Hispanic legal immigrant who attained naturalized citizenship through the legal process. I support legal, regulated and sustainable immigration and oppose illegal immigration. I refuse to continue to accept the $10.5 billion cost of illegal immigration to California as unfixable. I will no longer tolerate drugs and crime to harm our state and our families without a fight. Our government's failed policy on border security prompted me to seek public office. On December 30 th I filed for California 41 st Assembly District.

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