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Meet (Liberal Organization That Urged Restraint After 9/11 Receives Praise from Dems)
Republican National Committee ^ | June 25, 2005

Posted on 06/25/2005 12:06:30 PM PDT by RWR8189



Liberal Organization That Urged Restraint

After 9/11 Receives Praise And

Support From Democrats And Far Left Activists




MoveOn.Org Urged Restraint After 9/11:


Immediately After 9/11, MoveOn.Org Petition Urged "Moderation And Restraint" And Use Of "International Judicial Institutions."


  • "We, The Undersigned, Citizens And Residents Of The United States Of America ... Appeal To The President Of The United States, George W. Bush ... And To All Leaders Internationally To Use Moderation And Restraint In Responding To The Recent Terrorist Attacks Against The United States." (MoveOn.Org Website, "MoveOn Peace,", Posted 9/13/01, Accessed 6/23/05)

  • "We Implore The Powers That Be To Use, Wherever Possible, International Judicial Institutions And International Human Rights Law To Bring To Justice Those Responsible For The Attacks, Rather Than The Instruments Of War, Violence Or Destruction." (MoveOn.Org Website, "MoveOn Peace,", Posted 9/13/01, Accessed 6/23/05)

  • "[W]e Demand That There Be No Recourse To Nuclear, Chemical Or Biological Weapons, Or Any Weapons Of Indiscriminate Destruction, And Feel That It Is Our Inalienable Human Right To Live In A World Free Of Such Arms." (MoveOn.Org Website, "MoveOn Peace,", Posted 9/13/01, Accessed 6/23/05)

MoveOn.Org's Strong Connections To Left Wing Activists Michael Moore And George Soros:


MoveOn.Org Is Michael Moore's Army. "Michael Moore has a war plan to defeat President Bush. With, he now has his army. Speaking to an estimated 55,000 liberal activists by conference call Monday night, packed into 4,600 homes nationwide, Moore asked three things of his devoted listeners." (David Paul Kuhn, "Michael Moore's Army On The Move,", 6/29/04)


  • MoveOn.Org Promoted Michael Moore's Anti-President Bush Movie, Fahrenheit 9/11. "On a Monday night in late June, just after Fahrenheit 9/11's record-setting opening weekend, the liberal group hosted more than 4,000 house parties across the country, at which some 55,000 people showed up to listen to a live webcast featuring Moore. It was the biggest such event in MoveOn's six-year history, according to MoveOn PAC Field Director Adam Ruben." (Jason Zengerle, "Crashing The Party," The New Republic, 7/19/04)

  • Michael Moore Said U.S. Should Not Have Removed Taliban After 9/11.  Moore:  "Likewise, to bomb Afghanistan - I mean, I've never understood this, Tim." (CNBC's "Tim Russert," 10/19/02)

Top Donors To MoveOn.Org Voter Fund Were Herbert And Marion Sandler ($2,505,014), Peter B. Lewis ($2,500,000), George Soros ($2,500,000) And Stephen Bing ($971,427). (Political Money Line Website,, Accessed 3/18/05)

  • Soros Claimed America Should Have Treated 9/11 Attacks As Crime, Responded With Police Work.  "War is a false and misleading metaphor in the context of combating terrorism.  Treating the attacks of September 11 as crimes against humanity would have been more appropriate.  Crimes require police work, not military action.  To protect against terrorism, you need precautionary measures, awareness, and intelligence gathering - all of which ultimately depend on the support of the populations among which terrorists operate.  Imagine for a moment that September 11 had been treated as a crime.  We would have pursued Bin Laden in Afghanistan, but we would not have invaded Iraq.  Nor would we have our military struggling to perform police work in full combat gear and getting killed in the process."  (George Soros, The Bubble Of American Supremacy, 2004, p. 18) 

  • Soros Said The Execution Of 9/11 Attacks "Could Not Have Been More Spectacular."  "Admittedly, the terrorist attack was a historic event in its own right.  Hijacking fully loaded airplanes and using them as suicide bombs was an audacious idea, and the execution could not have been more spectacular."  (George Soros, The Bubble Of American Supremacy, 2004, p. 2)

  • Soros Said War On Terror Had Claimed More Innocent Victims Than 9/11 Attack Itself. "This is a very tough thing to say, but the fact is, that the war on terror as conducted by this administration, has claimed more innocent victims that the original attack itself." (George Soros, Remarks At Take Back America Conference, Washington, DC, 6/3/04)

MoveOn.Org Wielding Power Over Democrats And Receiving Their Praise:


MoveOn.Org Email Claims It Bought And Owns Democrat Party: "Now It's Our Party: We Bought It, We Own It, And We're Going To Take It Back." (Adam C. Smith, "Unshaven, Unbowed And In Our Face," St. Petersburg Times, 2/18/05)


  • "[M]oveOn.Org's Man In Washington ... [Tom] Matzzie Noted How Senior Democratic Senators Eagerly Rearrange Their Schedules To Meet With MoveOn." (Adam C. Smith, "Unshaven, Unbowed And In Our Face," St. Petersburg Times, 2/18/05)

"Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Of California [Was] Among Several House Democrats Who Met With MoveOn ... What They See Is A Potential Ally That Could Help Them Move Votes And Frame Issues - As Well As A Template For The Party's Own Organizing Activities." (John Cochran, "Internet-Based Activist Group Puts Powerful Spin On Politics," CQ Weekly, 10/3/03)


Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) At MoveOn Rally: "We Are Depending On You, We Are Depending On You To Make Sure This Country Stands For What We Learned Many Years Ago When Mr. Smith Went To Washington." (Senator Harry Reid, MoveOn.Org PAC Rally, Washington, DC, 3/16/05)


"MoveOn's PAC Rewarded [Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA)] And ... Reid ... For The Challenge To Ohio's Presidential Vote By Posting An Online Petition To Thank Them And By Giving The Legislators The Names Of About 100,000 Signers -- A Potentially Valuable Fundraising List." (Ronald Brownstein, "Democrats Aren't Giving Bush A Break This Term," Los Angeles Times, 2/11/05)


Assistant Democrat Leader Richard Durbin (D-IL) At A MoveOn.Org PAC Rally: " And Everybody Gathered Here Today, You're Changing America For The Better." (Senator Richard Durbin, MoveOn.Org PAC Rally, Washington, DC, 3/16/05)


  • Durbin To MoveOn: "Keep It Up. MoveOn America. Right On MoveOn." (Senator Richard Durbin, MoveOn.Org PAC Rally, Washington, DC, 3/16/05)

"The MoveOn.Org Rally Featured Several Members Of The Democratic Leadership And One Major Liberal Icon, Sen. Edward Kennedy [D-MA] ... But It Was [Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV)] Who Drew The Most Applause." (Mark Preston, "Feisty Byrd Looks Like A Candidate," Roll Call, 3/17/05)


Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) Raised Over $800,000 For Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) Through A MoveOn.Org Fundraising E-Mail. "19,401 contributors had donated $822,914 to Sen. Robert C. Byrd's 2006 re-election campaign. ... All the money was raised in two days since Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., sent out a fund-raising letter early Tuesday afternoon over the Internet through MoveOn.Org." (Paul J. Nyden, "Donations For Byrd Come To $823,000," Charleston Gazette, 4/1/05)


"[Former Vice President Al] Gore Also Has Formed A Relationship With The Liberal Internet Group MoveOn.Org. The Organization Recently Sponsored Gore's Washington Speech In Which He Denounced Bush's Policies On Civil Liberties And Called For The Repeal Of The USA Patriot Act." (Dan Balz, "Gore Will Endorse Dean," The Washington Post, 12/9/03)


  • "In Recent Appearances Before Democrats Organized By The Liberal Group MoveOn.Org, Gore Has Unleashed A Growling, Yowling, Sweat-Flying Style That Roused Party Activists." (James Kuhnhenn, "Gore Finds More Liberal - And Caustic - Voice," The Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/25/04)

Kerry Campaign Was In "Almost Constant Contact With MoveOn.Org Staffers, Including Advanced Viewing And Reviews Of MoveOn.Org Television Commercials, Online Ads, And Web Content." "[A]ccording to a Kerry campaign volunteer, staff members and volunteers of the Kerry campaign in New York, Washington, and Los Angeles have been in almost constant contact with MoveOn.Org staffers, including advanced viewing and reviews of MoveOn.Org television commercials, online ads, and web content. As well, MoveOn.Org staffers provided the Kerry campaign with opposition research within the past two months, as well as advance looks at speeches made by MoveOn.Org speakers ..." ("The Way It's Done," American Spectator Website,, 8/23/04)


  • Kerry Campaign Hired MoveOn.Org's Zack Exley As Director Of Online Communications And Organizing.   (Sharon Theimer, "MoveOn Staffer Moves On To Kerry Campaign," The Associated Press, 4/7/04)

MoveOn.Org Is Democrat Fundraising Powerhouse:


MoveOn.Org And Other Grass-Roots Contributors "Gave More Than $300-Million To The Kerry Campaign And The DNC." "'In the last year, grass-roots contributors like us gave more than $300-million to the Kerry campaign and the DNC, and proved that the Party doesn't need corporate cash to be competitive,' MoveOn's 24-year-old executive director [Eli Pariser] said in a recent e-mail ..." (Adam C. Smith, "Unshaven, Unbowed And In Our Face," St. Petersburg Times, 2/18/05)


In The Past Two Federal Election Cycles, MoveOn.Org's PAC Has Contributed $236,974 With All Donations Going To Federal Democrat Candidates.  (The Center For Responsive Politics,, Accessed 3/18/03)


MoveOn.Org PAC Gave $203,442 To Democrat Candidates And $0 To Republican Candidates In 2004. (Political Money Line Website,, Accessed 3/18/05)

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KEYWORDS: 911; algore; dean; democrats; gop; moonbats; moveon; moveonpac; rnc

1 posted on 06/25/2005 12:06:31 PM PDT by RWR8189
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To: RWR8189

The sleazebags just keep popping up.

2 posted on 06/25/2005 12:15:01 PM PDT by snowman1
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To: RWR8189

Winston Churchill rebuked Western pacifists by saying the Nazis (jihadist) were driven, “I currents of hatred so intense as to sear the souls of those who swim upon them.”

3 posted on 06/25/2005 12:16:18 PM PDT by FreeRep
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To: RWR8189

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) Raised Over $800,000 For Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) Through A MoveOn.Org Fundraising E-Mail

Here's yo money massa Byrd.

4 posted on 06/25/2005 12:17:37 PM PDT by satchmodog9 (Murder and weather are our only news)
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To: RWR8189
Bush's Fault/Karl Rove made them do it.

ABC CBS NBC CNN its all the SAME, Propaganda.
Might as well call them all AmeriJazerra.
Show them how much Gravitas Hugh Bris has. Vote with your remote! Shut down the Alphabet channels.

He's Got A Plan
Zippo Hero
Seven Dead Monkeys Page O Tunes

5 posted on 06/25/2005 12:18:50 PM PDT by rawcatslyentist ("If it's brown, drink it down. If it's black send it back." Homer's guide to drinking in Springfield)
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To: RWR8189

It's time moved on.

6 posted on 06/25/2005 12:23:36 PM PDT by the anti-liberal (Crap impersonating intellectual discourse is the final fruit of decadence (It's time the Left left!))
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To: RWR8189

"Liberal Organization That Urged Restraint," just like Neville Chamberlain before WWII. One can never understand what drove the men who drove the planes into the World Trade Center and to try to understand will destroy your soul. Winston Churchill said that Hitler (jihadists) was driven by what Churchill called "currents of hatred so intense as to sear the souls of those who swim upon them."

7 posted on 06/25/2005 12:27:39 PM PDT by FreeRep
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To: RWR8189
The more I learn about organizations like MoveOn, the more I am convinced there are groups of Americans out there who absolutely HATE this country, while at the same time have no qualms about partaking in its many fruits.

The big question is whether most Americans will come to see these groups for what they truly are - seditious anti-American scumbags who value international opinions over their own countrymen's lives.
8 posted on 06/25/2005 12:31:58 PM PDT by reagan_fanatic (The theory of evolution is the great cosmogenic myth of the twentieth century - Michael Denton)
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To: satchmodog9

And .. what that proves to me .. If Obama had not done that .. Byrd would have made sure Obama did not get any of Byrd's supporters to donate. It's blackmail - and it's the way the dems do business.

It's not .. you do for me and I'll do for you. It's more like - you do for me or I'll take you out.

9 posted on 06/25/2005 12:32:48 PM PDT by CyberAnt (President Bush: "America is the greatest nation on the face of the earth")
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To: RWR8189

What was that weasel Bill something or other saying about Carl Rove's statement?

I can't remember, all the laughter made me forget.

10 posted on 06/25/2005 12:34:30 PM PDT by Nathan Zachary
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To: RWR8189

Oh, but I thought Karl Rove was all wrong! Dem chickens coming home to roost.

11 posted on 06/25/2005 1:15:11 PM PDT by popdonnelly
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To: RWR8189

Facts don't make an impression on Dems. Only conspiracy theories do.

12 posted on 06/25/2005 1:17:24 PM PDT by popdonnelly
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To: reagan_fanatic

Concerning these "seditious anti-American scumbags..." I doubt most Americans can recognize them for what they are, considering the number of Democrats in public office.

13 posted on 06/25/2005 1:23:49 PM PDT by infidel dog (nearer my God to thee....)
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To: CyberAnt
Byrd used the old Jim Crow on Obama. He called Obama to the Masters quarters and informed him that he was going to do this little task...and since he couldn't lynch him if he didn't he would just make sure he never ever got a cushy assignment on the HILL.

This c**p is in the SOUL (if they had one) of everyone that calls themselves a Dumocrat.

14 posted on 06/25/2005 1:33:01 PM PDT by marty60
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To: FreeRep


15 posted on 06/25/2005 1:34:33 PM PDT by marty60
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To: RWR8189
We need to find the queen ant and destroy the nest. I have them destroy perfectly healthy trees by eating away at the inside while the outside looks perfectly fine until one day the tree just dies and falls over.

Yeah I know, we are talking about but the comparison is striking!
16 posted on 06/25/2005 1:41:01 PM PDT by TheForceOfOne (My tagline is currently being blocked by Congressional filibuster for being to harsh.)
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