Since Dec 26, 2000

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Who am I?

I am a democrat politician's worst nightmare. Why? Because I'm a middle-class working man who doesn't fit the liberal's stereotypical definition of a Conservative Republican since ...

* I'm not rich.
* I don't have offshore bank accounts or a mansion lined with rare oil paintings and priceless vase.
* I only own one home and don't have vacation properties in exotic locales.
* I don't hate minorities.
* I don't want old people thrown out onto the streets and children to starve.
* I often struggle to make ends meet, just like all the other poor, downtrodden working stiffs.
* I don't own a yacht, an airplane and have never vacationed in the Swiss Alps or Paris, France.
* I've never dined with Donald Trump, nor attended a meeting of the Bilderbergers.
* I don't hate gays, although I don't care for what they do either and wish the obnoxious ones would shut the hell up.
* I'm perfectly willing to help those truly in need, while telling those who can work but don't want to to get up off their lazy asses and do something productive.
* I believe that if you earn money, you should be able to keep it.
* I think the democratic party is a criminal organization.

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