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Arizona border checks blocked
The Washington Times ^ | May 31, 2005 | Jerry Seper

Posted on 05/31/2005 5:29:06 AM PDT by Convert from ECUSA

U.S. Border Patrol checkpoints near the Mexican border are essential in stopping the flow of illegal aliens and drugs into America, say law-enforcement authorities, but permanent checkpoints in southern Arizona are not allowed. While Border Patrol agents in Arizona accounted for more than half of the 1.15 million illegals caught last year, Congress -- led by Rep. Jim Kolbe, Arizona Republican -- steadfastly has approved appropriation bills that prohibit permanent checkpoints along a 260-mile section of the Arizona border known as the Tucson sector. Tucson is the only one of 20 Border Patrol sectors nationwide not permitted to set up permanent checkpoints. Last year, according to the Department of Homeland Security, agents working at permanent checkpoints in the other 19 sectors detained more than 51,000 illegal aliens -- about 140 a day -- and seized nearly 450,000 pounds of marijuana and cocaine, valued at more than $700 million. Mr. Kolbe, senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, has vigorously argued that permanent checkpoints are not the best use of available Border Patrol resources, saying: "If it's permanent, then everyone knows where the checkpoint is and they just go around it." In helping to draft legislation blocking the creation of permanent checkpoints in the Tucson sector, which he represents, Mr. Kolbe has said taxpayer funds could better be used "towards additional vehicles, night-vision gear, sensors, lights, fencing or other needed equipment." While Mr. Kolbe has endorsed the use of "tactical mobile checkpoints that move from place to place," Border Patrol Chief David V. Aguilar, who formerly headed the Tucson sector, told a Senate subcommittee last month that permanent checkpoints south of Tucson would help agents apprehend more illegal aliens trying to sneak into the United States.

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1 posted on 05/31/2005 5:29:07 AM PDT by Convert from ECUSA
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To: Convert from ECUSA


2 posted on 05/31/2005 5:31:55 AM PDT by newsgatherer
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To: Convert from ECUSA

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but illegals aliens and drug couriers for the most part do all they can to avoid the checkpoints. The few who are caught there are either terminally stupid or diversions.

3 posted on 05/31/2005 5:32:01 AM PDT by theDentist (The Dems are putting all their eggs in one basket-case: Howard "Belltower" Dean.)
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To: theDentist
drug cartel money reaches very deep into our GOvernment-police-border patrol-politicos

seems to me our border problems benefit only one group

drug cartel and illegal human traffickers

any better explanation of politicos doing nothing on this issue, I would like to hear it.
4 posted on 05/31/2005 5:35:01 AM PDT by ConsentofGoverned (mark rich, s burger,flight 800, waco,cbs's national guard-just forget thats the game)
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To: Convert from ECUSA
This means, of course, that this Kolbe guy has to be watched closely.

Maybe the Minutemen have been "patrolling" the wrong sector eh?!

Just follow this dude around for a few weeks and see who he visits, and then take a very good look at his campaign contributors.

5 posted on 05/31/2005 5:41:32 AM PDT by muawiyah (q)
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To: theDentist
A permanent check-point provides a base of operations.

The math on this is very simple. With few check-points most of your border patrol folks are spending most of their time on the road instead of catching the bad guys. This is a huge area too.

Kolbe knows what he's doing.

6 posted on 05/31/2005 5:44:07 AM PDT by muawiyah (q)
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To: ConsentofGoverned

drug cartel money reaches very deep into our GOvernment-police-border patrol-politicos"

My guess is drug cartel money reaches all the way to D.C.

7 posted on 05/31/2005 5:45:18 AM PDT by philetus (What goes around comes around)
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To: Convert from ECUSA
Sounds like the Immigration 'crats are in full voice - fund us!

Two claims that are laughable are the ones about needing permanent check points due to radio and telephone communication requirements. Hello! Go to Radio Shack.

And if comm services are needed in a remote area shielded by mountains, put in repeater antennas. Just remember to read the instructions and put 'em on the top of the mountain, OK?

Better yet, consider paying a bounty for every illegal found. Pay a small percentage of the actual street value for any drugs found and I'll bet that drug smugglers will become a rare as well as a definitely "endangered" species.

If this sounds similar to issuing letters of marque, you understand exactly. In effect, I am suggesting the partial privatization of border security.

And the ranchers could use the income to offset the damages inflicted upon them by the hordes of illegals now swarming across their lands.
8 posted on 05/31/2005 5:53:25 AM PDT by GladesGuru
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To: muawiyah

We could actually use both methods. Permanent stations every so often and mobile stations in between them. It doesn't take alot of technology to listen in on the scanners to know where the mobiles are. Having fixed sites will allow the border guards to at least pin, or trap the illegals in between them.

9 posted on 05/31/2005 5:54:31 AM PDT by Ron in Acreage (It's the borders stupid!)
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To: newsgatherer

Is he right? Is it better to have a permanant check point or to spend the money instead on fences, lights, nightvision goggles and vehicles?

10 posted on 05/31/2005 6:08:13 AM PDT by BJungNan
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To: philetus
"My guess is drug cartel money reaches all the way to D.C."

Unless someone can come up with a reason for having uncontrolled borders - I must assume that we have a very serious corruption problem in not only government such as border patrol /dea/fbi/local - state - federal plus
MSM execs getting payoffs to avoid this subject-

IF you are making billions spending payoff millions is no problem.
11 posted on 05/31/2005 6:09:07 AM PDT by ConsentofGoverned (mark rich, s burger,flight 800, waco,cbs's national guard-just forget thats the game)
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To: GladesGuru

Bounty for illegals and a % of the drug stash: Best idea I've heard so far. Sounds like it would work!

12 posted on 05/31/2005 6:15:36 AM PDT by doberville (Angels can fly when they take themselves lightly)
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To: muawiyah
This means, of course, that this Kolbe guy has to be watched closely.

Naw, I think Kolbe's okay. And right. Have mobile checkpoints like they do in Iraq. That way, the bad guys never know when they will be stopped. Also, predator-type spy plans (sans hellfire missiles) and fencing would be nice. Kolbe has generally had a tough attitude towards illegals. Besides, we already have a permanent checkpoint in Nogales. Doesn't seem to do more than slow down the illegals somewhat.
13 posted on 05/31/2005 6:25:45 AM PDT by Frumious Bandersnatch
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To: muawiyah

Kolbe's argument might be persuasive if the defense in depth theory managed to get the hundreds of Border Patrol people and their vehicles parked in such spots as Sonoita and Douglas into the field. It also might work if Border Patrol personnel were given random polygraphs and drug tests to reduce the corruption within the organization.

14 posted on 05/31/2005 6:53:53 AM PDT by gaspar
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To: gaspar

Which is why Kolbe's argument is not persuasive. All he's doing is make it seem like he's involved in the illegal alien and dope smuggler racket himself.

15 posted on 05/31/2005 7:09:26 AM PDT by muawiyah (q)
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To: Mister Baredog; HiJinx


16 posted on 05/31/2005 7:22:16 AM PDT by Kokojmudd (Today's Liberal is Tomorrow's Prospective Flying Saucer Abductee)
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To: Convert from ECUSA
No permanent checkpoints in the Tucson Sector?

What about the permanent checkpoints just north of Serria Vista? That is right in the heart of the Tucson Sector and where the Minutemen operation was in April.
17 posted on 05/31/2005 7:31:06 AM PDT by CPOSharky (You are born cold, wet, and hungry. Things get worse, then you die.)
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To: CPOSharky

Checkpoint not checkpoints. There is only one.

18 posted on 05/31/2005 7:34:35 AM PDT by CPOSharky (You are born cold, wet, and hungry. Things get worse, then you die.)
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To: Convert from ECUSA
Kolbe has been meddling in Border Patrol operations for years. His constant micromanagement has disrupted their efforts in his district leading to it becoming a virtual doormat for criminal invaders to cross the border. Both the Border Patrol management, the Border Patrol union (not a friend of management) and the rank and file agents have loudly complained about Kolbe's meddling - especially his shutting down of the critical permanent checkpoints. Obviously Kolbe has no understanding of "defense in depth" nor his limited role in legislating, not directly managing border security operations. Kolbe's been injecting the border checkpoint shutdown language into 7 years worth of "must pass" appropriations bills. It wasn't until last year that Kolbe suddenly said, "Well, maybe we should actually do some sort of study to see if the checkpoints are effective or not - despite whatever the boots on the ground say they need."

Here's what the Union has to say about Kolbe's constant efforts to hamper their border security operations:

From Local 2544 - Border Patrol Union - Tucson Sector:


Local 2544 officers are all Border Patrol agents. We represent Border Patrol agents and other non-supervisory employees in the Tucson Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol, covering most of the State of Arizona. We are the largest Local in the Border Patrol. Border Patrol agents perform the dangerous job of policing our borders without any support from President Bush and many of our local politicians (Jim Kolbe and Raul Grijalva to name a few). President Bush has made it publicly known that he doesn't even want us catching illegal aliens unless they are career criminals or known terrorists. Kolbe endangers agents and hinders the security of this nation through his ridiculous appropriations bill restrictions on our traffic checkpoints. Grijalva is adamantly pro-illegal alien and a vehement open-borders advocate. There are currently 15 to 20 million illegal aliens in this country by many estimates, but the real numbers could be much higher and the numbers increase every day because our borders are not secure (no matter what the politicians tell you - don't believe them for a second).

A Note To Our Supporters

We have recently received a tremendous volume of e-mail. Please understand that we simply don't have time to respond to all the messages. We read them and we deeply appreciate the support we are getting for rank-and-file Border Patrol agents from Americans all over the country. We will keep trying to do the best we can enforcing the laws of this country, and we are hopeful that the politicians will finally give us the full support we need to carry out our mission properly. Please continue to tell the politicians that we need the tools and resources to do our jobs. Some politicians, such as Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe, continue to hinder our ability to effectively patrol the borders. He sits on the House Appropriations Committee. He uses that position year after year to control our funding in the Tucson Sector, and he forces us to continually move our checkpoints against our better judgment. Kolbe is up for re-election soon and we hope he is finally thrown out of office in favor of someone who gives us the real support we need. Kolbe threatens to cut off funding for the Tucson Sector if his continual demands regarding our checkpoints aren't met, showing a serious lack of leadership ability and a completely selfish perspective on border security. We believe law enforcement decisions, such as when and where to set up traffic checkpoints, should be left to the professionals enforcing the laws, not by a politician trying to keep a few of his favorite constituents happy. We also find it inexcusable to threaten a funding cutback to protect this Nation's borders simply to punish us for not moving our checkpoints often enough to suit Kolbe's view of the world. It is akin to a child throwing a tantrum when he doesn't get his way, only with much more serious consequences. Kolbe has also voted in the past to make all Border Patrol agents "at-will" employees, attempting to ensure that we could be fired for no reason. Fortunately, the measure has not passed to date. Such a measure would destroy the morale of the Border Patrol agents who work so hard to protect this Nation. Kolbe also favors massive amnesty programs to reward the illegal aliens who are successful at eluding us. Such programs render our jobs almost meaningless, they have been colossal failures in the past, they are dangerous, and they encourage millions more illegal aliens to come to this country. It is time for Kolbe to go.

What they're referring to when they talk about Kolbe's threats is that a couple of weeks ago Kolbe was interviewed on local television (KVOA-Channel 4). The station reported that the Border Patrol had come up with a few ways around Kolbe's no permanent checkpoint rule to provide a semi-permanent checkpoint between Nogales and Tucson. Upon hearing about this, Kolbe was red-faced and extremely agitated. He threatened Border Patrol, threatened to cut their funding, and said he would take Congressional action that would "sting" them.

Kolbe is clearly and obviously a threat to our national security. He has spent his career in Congress attempting to undermine our nation's border security. He's been successful in doing so especially in his own district. Why do you think the Minuteman Project came right HERE? This is the worst spot along the border - thanks in great part to Kolbe's malfeasance.

And then Kolbe's joins up with Ted Kennedy to push the latest "reward-the-lawbreakers" amnesty plan. Every time they start talking about this garbage, the border invaders come across in greater numbers. It was very irresponsible to bring up amnesty right before the hottest time of the year in the Arizona deserts. How many more came across hearing the siren call of another amnesty who are now dead in the desert from the scorching heat wave we had last week? Kolbe bears some responsibility for that too. If we would stop them right at the border or just beyond the border, and if we didn't promise them anything except apprehension and deportation, they would not be coming across in the first place. Kolbe has weakened our border security AND promised them eventual citizenship. Add that to the equation and you get more dead illegal aliens in the desert.

YOU can help stop this insanity by helping remove Kolbe from officed. Kolbe is being challenged again in next year's Republican primary election by conservative Republican Randy Graf. Graf was an Arizona State Representative, actually the Majority Whip, who did not run for re-election, instead opting to challenge Kolbe because of the problem that Kolbe has become. Outspent 10-1 in the last election, Graf nearly beat well-entrenched, 20 year incumbent Kolbe. Graf was one of the central organizers of the highly successful Proposition 200 which passed in Arizona last year and was a volunteer with the wildly successful Minuteman Project in April. But he needs YOUR support to remove Kolbe from office.

You can find out more about Randy Graf and his campaign, and donate by going to his website at

You can also visit his Send a Minuteman to Congress page at

Randy Graf is a man of the people, one we can trust to do what is right. Graf is a candidate with values and morals; he is not afraid to tackle tough issues with a common sense approach. If you want leadership that responds to you as a constituent and represents Arizona in Randy Graf for congress.

- Chris Simcox
President Minuteman Civil Defense
Publisher Tombstone Tumbleweed

Randy Graf joined me as an unsolicited volunteer on the month-long Minuteman Project… It is refreshing to know that a candidate for public office has the bold tenacity and passion necessary to face the serious challenges of an endless onslaught of illegal aliens invading and occupying U.S. territory. He did more than offer lip service to this clear and present danger to our country. He actually did something about it!

Randy's participation gave The Minuteman Project one of its finest hours and he made each of the 876 volunteers…proud to have served the state of Arizona. I support Randy Graf for Congress.

- Jim Gilchrist
Founder, The Minuteman Project

19 posted on 05/31/2005 9:38:47 AM PDT by Spiff (Don't believe everything you think.)
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To: CPOSharky

The checkpoint you speak of is, thanks to Kolbe's meddling, open only part of the time. They have to shut it down all the time to comply with Kolbe's legislation. There are multiple checkpoints on the only highways leading up from the border area. If the illegals can get to I-10, they're home free. There are checkpoints on I-19, Hwy 90, Hwy 80, and more. The Border Patrol says that these checkpoints are critical to their in-depth defense. Kolbe has done what he can to undermine that defense. The checkpoints needs to stay and stay permanently until the invaders stop crossing the border. And, yes, we also need a few mobile checkpoints to keep moving around.

20 posted on 05/31/2005 9:42:14 AM PDT by Spiff (Don't believe everything you think.)
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