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Liberal Lies ^ | 2004

Posted on 10/09/2004 2:39:34 PM PDT by joevberry333

1. Count Every Vote- This was the mantra of the Al Gore campaign after the 2000 presidential election, when they were hand counting votes in 3 highly Democratic counties, while at the same time trying to disqualify military votes. In effect they were trying to change the rules of the election after the election had taken place, which violated federal election law. A liberal Florida Supreme Court ruled in the favor of the Gore Campaign until the U.S. Supreme Court put a stop to it. To this very day, liberals actually believe George Bush stole the election.

2. There is a vast right wing conspiracy- There is a far right wing in the Republican Party, but it is a small fringe element. However, there is a far left wing in this country and it is a large part of the main stream of the Democratic party. Remember when Hillary Clinton went on the Today Show and responded to the allegation of an affair between her husband (President Clinton) and an intern (Monica Lewinsky) as untrue and blamed it on a Right Wing Conspiracy? Over the past ten years Tom Daschle, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Mario Cuomo, Richard Gebhardt and Jesse Jackson have been the loudest and most influential voices in the Democratic party. Are any of these people Moderates? Also please note, there is a liberal bias in the media. You might make the argument that there is a vast left wing conspiracy.

3. This is a tax break for the rich- This is class warfare at it's finest. If a person earning $40,000 a year gets a 10% tax reduction and a person earning $1,000,000 per year gets a 1% tax reduction- the person earning $1,000,000 will get a much greater tax break. Tom Daschle and Richard Gebhardt once stood next to a car in front of the Capital Building holding up a muffler. They made a statement that a proposed George Bush tax cut would allow the rich to buy a new car and the average American to buy a muffler. This is a strategy Democrats use on every Republican proposed tax cut. They stop everyone from getting a reduction in their taxes by using class warfare. Please note, tax reductions are not an entitlement program.

4. There is no liberal bias in the media- For close to 50 years the news in America was controlled by ABC, NBC and CBS. In the last 20 years CNN came on to the scene. This is pretty much comparable to the BBC in Europe and AL Jazzera in the Arab world today. It was in the last 6 years when Fox News and other cable news networks were born to give a more balanced approach to news analysis. However, if you look at the major networks today, they are still run by the left. Tim Russert, the President of NBC News, at one time worked for Mario Cuomo. The top players at ABC News are Peter Jennings, George Stephanopolous, Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts- hardly conservatives. Lets not forget the statement the President of ABC News made after September 11th. CBS News has Dan Rather and Bob Schieffer- more non-conservatives. All you have to say about CNN is that it was created by Ted Turner. In print media there is the Los Angeles Times in California, The New York Times in New York and The Atlanta Journal Constitution in Georgia. These have been the major newspapers in our most populous cities for many years and their reporting has a liberal bias.

5. Republicans want to cut school lunch programs- This was the attack leveled by Democrats against the Republicans during a budget battle in 1995. Democrats proposed a double digit increase in funding for school lunch programs, while Republican proposed a more modest increase. To put this in perspective, you must ask this question. How many people get a double digit increase in their pay each year? Democrats called the Republican proposal a cut and charged they wanted to starve children, because the proposal was less than what Democrats proposed. Please note, the Republican proposal called for an increase in funding. The media printed the story, never challenging it, even though it was not true. This became famous for when does an increase become a cut- only in Washington DC.

6. I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky- We all know the truth here. There is nothing to be added- except that it was not a vast right wing conspiracy.

7. Republicans are mean spirited and want to throw the poor out on the street- This was a charge leveled by Democrats against Republicans when they proposed time limits for receiving welfare. Polls show that the majority of Americans believe in time restrictions for welfare recipients. Republicans know that to escape poverty it takes education, hard work and discipline. The greatness of this country rests in its freedom and that within one generation a person can rise from poverty to obtain great wealth. Allowing endless dependency on an entitlement program has trapped many in poverty. Why would Democrats want to keep anyone dependent on an entitlement program like welfare? How many people on welfare vote Republican?

8. I support the military- It has been well documented that when it comes to voting for military funding- liberals would much rather spend money on social programs. First you must understand their rational. Approximately 10% of the population in the United States is poor, which is about 30 million Americans. There are approximately one million Americans serving in the military. If only 1 in 5 of the poor vote, that equals about six million votes as compared to one million votes from the military. There are two relevant questions here. What percent of the poor vote Republican? How close was the 2000 Presidential Election? This leads directly to the answer of why would liberals rather appropriate money to social programs than to the defense of our country. Please note, the defense of our country is a primary, if not the primary responsibility of our government. If we don't protect the country, we may not have a country or our freedom.

9. Privatizing social security is risky. Contribute $300 a month to Social Security and you may get $1,800 a month when you retire. Sound like a good deal? There was a story about Dick Gebhardt's mother living on Social Security and having numerous checks she had written returned for insufficient funds. Gebhardt politicized the event by stating that this was an example of why Social Security should not be privatized, because if it were not for Social Security his mother would have been much worse off. Please note that the S & P 500 has returned more than 10% over it's lifetime. Therefore- if you invested $300 a month in an S & P 500 mutual fund for 40 years at the end of that time (enter these numbers into any compound interest calculator) you would have approximately 2 million dollars (Please note that these are conservative numbers). This means you could withdraw almost $200,000 or 10 percent a year and never exhaust your money. Break that down and it is $20, 000 a month. Social Security does not sound so good any longer. Please be advised that the key to obtaining wealth is systematically investing for the long term. There is no quick sure fire scheme to getting rich. If Gebhardt's mother had been investing in mutual funds her entire life instead of Social Security- she would have been much better off at the present. Also, please be advised that privatizing Social Security helps the poor the more than anyone. The rich invest money in 401K plans. The poor, the clerk at a convenience store or a customer service representative doesn't have excess funds to invest and so their only investment vehicle is Security Security, which in reality is just a bond fund.

10. Trickle down economics does not work- Money in the hands of people stimulates the economy, whether they are rich or poor. The problem- how to you put money in the hands of the poor? Transfer of more wealth from the rich to the poor each year? This would only create greater dependency on entitlements and give lessen the incentive to achieve. Give the poor greater tax cuts? You can only cut the taxes for the poor by so much, because they don't pay much in taxes. When Tom Daschle said that the result of a proposed Bush tax cut would mean that a rich person would be able to buy a new car, without realizing it, he proved the theory of Trickle Down Economics. The person selling that car would generate income that he would otherwise not have had. Please note that if that person sells enough cars, he will gain wealth. If tax rates in this county were at 75% what would happen to the economy? The answer is that no one would have money to spend on anything except housing and food. The result would be that businesses everywhere would fail, because no one would have money to buy clothes, electronics, entertainment, repairs for their homes or cars, go on vacation..... If they did buy such things, they would have to go in to debt to do so. How would this help the working class or the poor? Please note the average taxpayer, pays roughly 50% of their income in taxes. After the attack on September 11th, Hillary Clinton said, "come to New York and spend money." She knew if people stopped coming to New York and spending money, businesses would fail and the economy in New York would suffer a great downturn, which would hurt the average working family. This is interesting considering that liberals are for tax hikes and against tax cuts. The only thing that helps the working class is a strong economy. It gives the average worker more freedom and more bargaining power. When the financial sector was booming from 1987 through 1989, workers were getting bonuses, overtime and stock options. When the financial sector suffered a downturn in 1990, it trickled down. There were no more bonuses, overtime, stock options and their were layoffs.

Honorable Mention

11. This is a Bush recession- Liberals blame George Bush for the weak economy and say his tax cut has only made the economy worse. They point to jobs lost, the level of unemployment, the level of the financial markets and slow growth since he took office. The economy was beginning to turn around leading up to September 11, 2001. After the attack on September 11, everything changed. People did stop flying, hurting the airline industry, which in turn hurt hotels, restaurants, theme parks and tourism. There were some businesses that closed for an entire week and some in New York that never reopened. The financial markets were closed for more than a week and the financial services industry was devastated. September 11th hurt all sectors of the economy, which resulted in tens of thousands of layoffs. So how is George Bush is responsible for the poor economy? Liberals would have you forget that the attack on September 11th took place and we must never forget. George Bush is trying to revive the economy by lowering taxes. The irony here, the liberals who accuse him of hurting the economy oppose his tax cuts.

12. The banning of partial birth abortions is an assault on a woman's privacy and right to choose. A partial birth abortion is the termination of a life as a child is being born; hence the term partial birth abortion. The great divide on this issue rests with the circumstance that this procedure should be allowed. Liberals believe it should be allowed when the mother's health is in danger. Conservatives believe the procedure should only be allowed when the mother's life is in danger. Well established law states that deadly force can only be used to meet deadly force. This means that you can only use deadly force when you believe your life is in danger. If someone with the flu coughs on you, your health is danger. If someone berates you, your mental health may be in danger. If your neighbor doesn't take care of their property, it will cause you great aggravation and stress. However, there is no legal cause to use deadly force in any of these circumstances. However, liberals will allow children as they are being born to have their lives ended for the broad definition of health. Republicans tried to pass a bans on partial birth abortions with the exception of when the mother's life was in danger. However, Bill Clinton vetoed their efforts keeping in place the standard that if the health of the mother was in danger the procedure could take place. Another liberal lie with children's life as the casualty.

13. I am against the death penalty, because an innocent person may be executed. However, I am for paroling convicted felons in order to give them a second chance. Liberals say they are against the death penalty, because they fear that an innocent person may be executed. However, they argue for paroling convicted violent criminals in order to give them a second chance. There has yet to be a case where a person was given the death penalty and later found to be innocent. However- argue with a liberal and they will come up with one case. OK- so give them that one. Please be advised that there are thousands of documented cases of convicted violent criminals that were given numerous chances and then murdered innocent women and children. Cases such as Polly Klaas and most recently Carlie Brucia. Remember the 1988 election and Willie Horton? He was convicted of murder and given a life sentence without parole. However, only eleven years later, he was given a weekend pass from prison via a furlough program supported by then Democratic Governor Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts. In 1976 Governor Dukakis vetoed a bill that would have banned the furloughs for first-degree murderers. On the weekend that Horton was released, he broke into the home of Clifford Barnes. He beat Mr. Barnes, cut him 22 times and then savagely raped his fiancee twice. Call liberals soft on crime, that they care more about criminals rights than victim rights and they will call you a cold hearted right wing extremist. Is this backward thinking? If liberals truly cared about saving lives, they would not be fighting for the parole and early release of convicted violent criminals.

14. The people of New Jersey deserve a choice- This was the mantra of liberals when they replaced New Jersey Senator Robert Torricelli on the ballot for Senator with less than 30 days before the 2002 election. New Jersey law bars replacement of candidates less than 51 days before an election, unless for a special circumstance, such as death of a candidate. Torricelli was losing so badly he decided to quit the race and Democrats replaced him on the ballot with Frank Lautenberg just weeks before the election. They stated that the people of New Jersey deserved a choice. The people of New Jersey had a choice and they did not choose Torrecelli.

15. Democrats are for working class families- As Democrats are opposed to every tax reduction this statement is almost ludicrous. The largest obstacle to gaining wealth is taxes. The single biggest issue affecting middle class families on a daily basis is taxes. The middle class taxpayer pays close to 50% of their income in taxes. Please consider the following: federal income tax, state income tax, state sales tax, property tax, gas tax, tolls, taxes on alcohol and cigarettes, utility taxes, automobile registration fees, county surtaxes. Democrats are not for the middle class and break down their support into groups. They get funds and count on votes from women by being pro-choice, minorities for supporting affirmative action, gays for supporting gay rights, unions for not supporting school vouchers, and environmentalists supporting things such as not drilling for oil in Alaska. On the those who don't pay close attention to the issues they use spin- reference the top ten liberal lies!

16. Bill Clinton created millions of jobs- What policy did Bill Clinton implement to create millions of jobs? The majority of jobs that were created under the Clinton Administration were Internet related. The great boom of the Internet led to the creation of millions of jobs, which Clinton had nothing to do with. As a result of so many people working and paying taxes, there were large government surpluses. However, instead of attacking terrorism, Bill Clinton decided to use the Justice Department to attack Microsoft. There is a direct time line link between the decline of the NASDAQ and the ruling to break up Microsoft. As the NASDAQ declined many Internet companies failed or downsized. As a result, millions of jobs were lost and government revenues declined. Bill Clinton was handed a great economy and with his actions only served to undermine it.

17. My opposition to the Bush Administration or America is an act of patriotism because freedom of expression is what America was founded on. Civil discourse and civil disagreement are the founding principals of this country. What many liberals are practicing today is hate speech. I have seen Janeane Garofalo in a speech call Republicans evil, Jessica Lange say that she despises President Bush, Al Sharpton compare President Bush to a gang leader and Ted Kennedy say the war in Iraq was made up in Texas and a fraud. To understand- just switch the word African American with the word Republican or President Bush. What would be the result if someone said that African Americans were evil? Many Liberals name call and make accusations with no factual basis. Some of these individuals would be sued for slander if their statements were made against anyone other than President Bush. Yet- Liberals say their right to speak is being infringed upon by Conservatives. This is spin at its greatest. Hate speech is not civil discourse! Liberals have the right to speak out and express their views(even hate speech)- however- Conservatives have a right to react to that speech.

18. There was a rush to war in Iraq. I would have given diplomacy a chance and created a world coalition. Please note that Iraq violated 16 United Nation resolutions over a period of 10 years. The only reason Saddam Hussein allowed United Nations inspectors back into his country to search for weapons of mass destruction was due to the fact that the United States had Iraq surrounded by war ships and over 100,000 U.S. troops. Many of the troops had been sitting in the desert and on ships for 6 to 8 months before the war began while diplomacy was given a chance. I guess my question to liberals would be- so if we pull our troops back (we cannot leave them there indefinitely) and Saddam kicks out the inspectors again- then what? Do we go through the whole process again? Military leaders had many factors to consider in the timing of the war in Iraq, such as the time of year (weather conditions) and morale of the troops. They could not invade in the middle of summer or in the middle of winter. They also could not leave our men and women in uniform remaining idle and bored for months or years while we try to negotiate with a dictator as countries like France undercut our efforts. If you really want to lower morale and place troops in great danger- leave them sitting stationed idle around Iraq for two years before conducting a war- when after the war is over they will still be needed. I guess this would have been the plan of the Democratic Party.

19. The Enron Scandal- First Democrats attacked the Bush administration demanding to know the extent they were involved in the Enron collapse. Once Democrats learned that they were not involved- they attacked the Bush Administration demanding to know why they did not help to save the company.

20. We don't need to drill for oil in Alaska, because we could save the same amount of oil by increasing the standards for miles per gallon on cars and SUV's- What liberals are really saying is that they care more about contributions from environmentalists than they do about your family. What they are saying is they care more about the caribou than your children. When you lower the standards of miles per gallon, in effect you lower the safety of cars. Please note, America is about freedom of choice. If someone wants to drive an SUV, so be it. I guess liberals would have us all driving around in a Yugo if they had their choice. It wasn't that long ago when liberals were trying to reduce the speed limits on highways, because they said it would save lives. Do you see a contradiction here? Also please note, no one knows how much oil is in Alaska. I know liberals will charge that Republicans are for drilling in Alaska, because oil companiesare a big contributor to their party. I am not even going to go into the National Security implication and benefits of being energy dependent from the Middle East. Lastly, and most importantly, we need to develop affordable alternative sources of energy such as hydrogen fuel cells.

21. The comparison of President Bush to Hitler by liberal extremists such as - Please note that Hitler conducted a war to conquer countries in order to expand his empire. He purposefully enslaved and murdered millions of innocent people. President Bush conducted a war to liberate innocent people and rid the world of a dangerous dictator. A dictator that had started two wars and purposefully murdered his own people. This comparison by liberals would be like comparing a criminal that raided a home for the purpose of murdering its innocent occupants to obtain their possessions and the police raiding a home to capture that criminal.

22. George Bush was not elected by a majority of the American people so he does not have a mandate for his agenda- This was the mantra of Tom Daschle after he became the Senate Majority Leader. Daschle became the Senate majority Leader when Senator Jim Jeffords switched from the Republican Party to the Independent Party, thereby giving the Democrats a one person majority in the Senate. Daschle became Senate Majority Leader not by vote of the American people, but from a Senator switching parties. He used his position to say George Bush did not have a mandate and then blocked straight up or down votes in the Senate by requiring a super majority of 60 votes to pass certain legislation. In effect, Daschle was trying to impose his own agenda on the American people when they did not elect him to do so. As we all know, in the 2002 congressional elections, Democrats lost seats in the Senate and Daschle lost his lost his position as Senate Majority Leader.

23. I am against the death penalty, but for abortion- This is more of an observation on just how backwards liberal thinking really is; however, I felt compelled to add it to the list. How can you support the taking of an innocent life and be opposed to taking the life of someone that has committed acts of evil? Those on death row have hurt innocent people, families, children and society. What acts has an unborn child committed to deserve the fate of being aborted. This is a perfect example of how liberals are on the wrong side of issues. Liberals will claim that abortion is a right to privacy issue - the so called, "it is my body and I can do with it what I wish". Well- a person cannot do whatever they wish with their body if it effects me. You cannot take your fist (which is part of your body) and punch me in the face. A person has the right to privacy in their home, but that does not extend to activities which are illegal. Your rights end where my rights begin. A heart beats at less than 4 weeks. Isn't a heart beat the final determination of death. Why should a heart beat not be the final determination of life?

24. We cannot fight two wars at the same time, there is no link between Iraq and terrorism- This was the liberal mantra on keeping a ruthless brutal dictator in power. Please note that Saddam Hussein was paying the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. Mass graves have been found in Iraq and Saddam was a terrorist.

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1 posted on 10/09/2004 2:39:34 PM PDT by joevberry333
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To: joevberry333
this is the whole democRAT reason for being :

confiscate wealth from those who have (i.e. taxes) and give to those who don't

result :

the have-nots will vote to keep them in office and they can live happily ever after as the royalty they believe they are.

nice game huh ?

2 posted on 10/09/2004 2:51:38 PM PDT by kingattax (FreeRepublic leads...others follow)
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To: joevberry333

Great post. Welcome to FR!!

3 posted on 10/09/2004 2:56:55 PM PDT by international american (Support our troops!! Send Kerry back to Bedlam,Massachusetts!!)
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To: joevberry333

They have followed that one with the actions in NJ for the 2002 election.

1. They chose a man in the primarys who was UNDER investigation for ILLEGAL activities.
2. It became clear that he WOULD be indicted.
3. AFTER the date passed for him to withdraw and a replacement candidate could be appointed, this candidate withdrew.
3. In CLEAR VIOLATION of a law WRITTEN by demoncrats, SIGNED by a demoncrat govenor that there could be NO replacement for this man, the demoncrats appointed one.
4. The Republicans filed suit to prevent the appointed candidate from being placed on the ballot.
5. The NJ Supreme Court ruled in favor of the demoncrats. Stating that a IRGHT to a "CHOICE" for Senator overrode the law.
6. This IGNORED the facts that the demoncrats of NJ HAD a CHOICE and they CHOSE a man who COULD NOT WIN so he withdrew and against ALL applicable LAWS in the state of NJ, they inserted an ILLEGAL candidate.
7. The US Supreme Court SHOULD have ruled this action ILLEGAL.
8l The demoncrats have been working across the nation to DISCREDIT many of the signatures gathered to place the name of nader on the various state ballots.
9. Every ballot should be counted, IF there is ANY way, LEGAL or ILLEGAL that ballot can be counted for a demoncrat.

Remember pitures of the man sitting at a table in Palm Beach County looking up at a card held toward the light? I asked someone why they didn't just go out and hire one of these "psychic readers". They'd be doing just as much LEGALLY. Now, just gave that one some thought. Headlines following the election:


4 posted on 10/09/2004 2:59:46 PM PDT by TheEnigma47 (kerry will NEVER deserve forgiveness for his treachery to America's Military)
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To: joevberry333

Great post and welcome!

5 posted on 10/09/2004 3:00:25 PM PDT by streetrepair
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To: joevberry333

hmmm.... LIbEral = (LIE) LIbeRAl =(LIAR) LIBEraL =(LIBEL)
democRAT =(RAT) LIbEral dEMOcRatS = (MORE LIES) I see some kind of code here....

6 posted on 10/09/2004 3:12:27 PM PDT by infidel29 (Before the political left, we were ALL right.)
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